17 Best Instagram Auto Liker Apps You Can Trust

Maximizing Your Instagram engagement: A Comparison of the Top Instagram Auto Liker Apps for Boosting Your Likes and Followers


Do you want to get rid of the stress of having to like every post you like on Instagram but don’t know how? This article will guide you through some of the best Instagram auto liker apps you can use.

What are Instagram Auto Liker Apps?

Instagram auto liker apps are a way to increase the relevance of your posts. These applications provide you with automatic likes, making other people want to see what your content is all about. This is a good way to foster engagement on the social platform.

This may be a sad one if you haven’t heard it before, but uploading content you have painstakingly created on Instagram is no longer sufficient to give you the kind of exposure you have always envisaged. This is due to the increase in popularity of Instagram, which has caused an increase in competition among users.

However, the good news is that automation applications are available to solve that problem. One among them is Instagram Auto Liker apps. Below are some of the best automation liker apps that can help ease the engagement burden on Instagram.

Best Instagram Auto Liker Apps

1. Stormlikes

Stormlikes overview

Stormlikes is one of the best Instagram auto liker tool out there. They offer you both auto likes and typical likes at affordable prices. One thing that makes Stormlikes stand out is delivery time. Their delivery time is quick, and the engagement they deliver is of genuine quality.

After fashioning out your content and publishing it, all you need to do is to allow them to deliver your order on the prescribed post and thus, grow your engagement reach.

2. Upleap

Upleap overview

Upleap is another credible Instagram auto liker tool that is efficient and reliable. They can help you improve your Instagram engagement levels in a short space of time. Aside from providing automatic likes on your posts, they can help grow your followers. And guess what? They have a free trial period which allows you to enjoy their services without paying anything, and you are not required to provide any credit card detail.

Their prices are cheap and affordable as well. Thus, if you want to grow your account at a good pace and have enough time on your hands to do other things, Upleap will prove to be a good choice in the long run.

3. autolike

If you desire to get automatic likes for your Instagram posts without stress, offers the best service for that. Its services ensure your posts get the best engagement they can.

4. Jarvee

Jarvee instagram-marketing-automation

Jarvee is an Instagram auto liker and social scheduling software that is very popular in the industry. And like Follow Adder, they have been around for a while. When it comes to growing your account, their speed and efficiency are rarely rivaled by any other Instagram growth tool. Their features are tailored to help you gain relevance and exposure on Instagram.

Their Instagram auto liker feature is just a little part of what they can offer. They can help generate more views and followers on your content. The only downside is that they are only compatible with Windows; thus, not everyone will be able to use their services.

5. Inflact

Ingramer overview

When it comes to speed, Inflact is up there with the best in the industry. And aside from that, their services are of good quality and reliable. Apart from providing you with automatic likes on Instagram, they can also help you with direct messaging, comments, post scheduling, and auto-follow and unfollow.

It is easy to get started on their platform as well. Their packages are not expensive, and they have other great features that you will find quite useful, such as their hashtag generator. Their payment methods include PayPal ad credit cards which are secure. The only problem is that some users have complained that the follow and unfollow feature is not always efficient. That could be just some usual glitches because I have tried their services a couple of times, and I encountered no such problem.

6. Kicksta

Kicksta overview

Kicksta is one of the most influential Instagram growth tools in the industry. And they have proven their worth by being reliable and offering quality services to their clients. There are so many glowing reviews on the internet to back their claim. They promise their clients genuine engagement and don’t use fake followers or bots.

With their efficient technology, they assure clients that they will provide them with unprecedented Instagram growth. They will provide clients with automatic Instagram likes, among other services. And like some of the apps in this article, they don’t offer any free trial.

7. Nitreo

Nitreo overview

Nitreo is a household name in the social media growth tool industry. It is a great Instagram auto liker that can take your Instagram account to the next level. This tool also provides you with real followers too. Getting started with Nitreo is not complicated, and you are guaranteed to get great results in a short time.

Nitreo can fully take charge of your account, help generate targeted engagement and give you the chance to focus on other things. They have a well-secured site to ensure the safety of your information.

8. Social Boost

Social Boost overview

In terms of Instagram engagement and auto like, Social Boost is 100% reliable. With Social Boost, it is practically easy to grow your brand on social media because they help you handle everything necessary for your growth like auto likes, views, followers, and lots more. It’s one of the best when it comes to online marketing.

9. Follow Adder

followadder autolike

Follow Adder is an auto-liker app that has been in the industry for a very long time. And I believe you do not survive or thrive in a challenging terrain if you are not doing something right. Follow Adder’s longevity and reliability are among some reasons it is regarded as one of the best auto liker applications. They will automatically like posts and generate quality followers for you. They are versed in the ins and outs of Instagram engagement growth.

Follow Adder will take charge of your account, and you are sure to see great results within a short time. You will find great features that are very useful. These features include comments, post scheduling, targeted following, and more. And one good thing is that they are quite flexible since you can dictate what features and activities you want to go into your account.

10. Like4Like

Like4Like overview

Like4Like simply works the way their name goes. They provide you with likes from those you have also provided with likes. This is an effective strategy to grow your Instagram account.

The app helps clients to find real Instagram users with whom they can exchange likes. When you like their posts, they will automatically return the favor.

11. Kenji

Kenji overview

Kenji is an automation tool that describes itself as the best in the land. And backed by credible technology, they assure clients that they are safe and won’t put their accounts at any risk. Kenji will give you Instagram auto likes, but that isn’t all. They will also serve you with followers that can help your account grow. The app accommodates several devices. One good thing about Kenji is that they offer a three-day free trial, and they do not demand any credit card info for you to gain access to it.

I recommend going for Instagram growth apps or services that offer free trials to help you determine if they are efficient or a good fit for you. The only problem here is that they use bots, which can be risky; thus, I advise anyone who wants to try their services to be careful.

12. Growthoid

Growthoid overview

Growthoid call itself the safest and quickest auto liker app around. They provide clients with real Instagram engagement. And they can go as far as helping you generate a working method that can put your Instagram account in the forefront.

You should expect from this Instagram service a monthly increase in general growth. They offer their clients real followers and thus, is a good tool to improve your Instagram account’s fortunes. The only downside with Growthoid is that they do not offer any free trial.

13. Growthsilo

Growthsilo overview

With Growthsilo, you can grow your Instagram account, albeit slowly because they want to help you organically achieve that. It is an Instagram auto liker app that will help you grow your Instagram account. Growthsilo won’t offer you fake followers, and they do not use bots. Their goal is to help clients develop their Instagram account in the long term and foster a good working relationship with them.

They help you take charge of your account and give you the time to create rich content. In the fast world of bots, it is great to see a growth brand that wants to help you do the dirty work as best as it can.

14. autolike is unarguably one of the best Instagram auto liker apps around. You are guaranteed an increase in engagement when you use their services. They know how to develop the right technique for you to increase your Instagram engagement and, thus, ultimately grow your account. And you need not worry about any risks as their methods are quite safe.

They work using artificial intelligence to meet clients’ needs. However, there is enough room to make adjustments to suit each client’s specific needs. They have a good customer care system which provides clients with round-the-clock support. They work anonymously; thus, your account won’t be put at risk.


15. Trusy Social

Trusy Social autolike

Trusy Social is a relatively new face in the Instagram growth service industry. You may think their being new will limit their chances, but they have proven that they can hold their own. They have slowly won over hearts with their great services and good customer support system. They are an Instagram auto liker app that knows the right means to help you achieve growth on Instagram.

They believe that their unique strategies can help you exit Instagram stagnation in engagement and help you reach the right audience. Their packages are quite affordable with the basic, which costs $97 per month.

16. Phantombuster

Phantombuster overview

With Phantombuster, you can have likes automatically applied to your Instagram content. And that is not all this Instagram auto liker can help you do; they can locate rich content from other users and like them on your behalf.

This strategy is a way of drawing other people to your content because users whom you have engaged with their posts will naturally want to return the favor. This makes Phantombuster one of the best auto liker apps out there.

17. Ampya

Ampya autolike

You will enjoy Ampya’s services; this is because I tried them once to see what they have to offer, and I was not let down. They are an Instagram auto liker that will help you with real engagement and generate genuine Instagram followers. Thus, they can grow your account easier than you can think.

Getting started with Ampya is not difficult. There is ample information on their site to guide you and let you know what they do and how they operate. Ampya boasts a devoted and committed team to help your account grow in the long term.


1. How Can Instagram auto liker apps help grow my account?

Instagram auto likes can help your account gain exposure and relevance. When you like other people’s posts, some may return the favor, and it is a chance to engage with them. in the long run, this can prove effective.

2. Are Instagram auto liker apps safe?

Some are safe, while some are not. Ensure you research well and find a credible and reliable auto liker app to use.


Instagram has become very influential in our daily lives and businesses. If you want your ideas and brand to reach many people out there, it is an efficient tool. But succeeding on the app has become quite challenging. This is why Instagram engagement tools have come into existence.

Using an Instagram auto liker app will not only save your time but also help your account grow. I have provided some of the best Instagram auto liker tools above, and I hope you find the right one for you.


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