How To Use Reddit To Promote Your Youtube Channel

promote youtube video on reddit
Do you want to promote your YouTube channel in a legit way? We know the answer. Every channel creator wants to grow their YouTube channel. Social media communities are the best self-promotional platforms.
TL;DR – To promote YouTube videos on Reddit effectively, focus on creating high-quality content, research and engage with relevant subreddits, and follow the rules for self-promotion.
  • Reddit is a useful platform for promoting various media, including YouTube videos.
  • Posting a link to your video on Reddit is not enough; you need to understand how to use the platform effectively.
  • Good content is crucial for successful promotion on Reddit, as user votes determine visibility.
  • Research relevant subreddits by searching for keywords associated with your video to find target communities.
  • Before posting, carefully read the rules of each subreddit to avoid violating self-promotion guidelines.
  • Engage with the community by commenting on posts and sharing non-self-promotional content to build a reputation.
  • Share your video on relevant subreddits, following the rules and guidelines, to increase exposure.
Reddit is one of those social communities that has approximately 1.7 billion unique users. Today we will teach you how to use Reddit to promote your YouTube channel.

Many people promote videos through Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Reddit is not that different from these social communities. It is just a combination of social media and community forums. It has become many ordinary users' favorite place to solve their problems with anything.

Promoting a YouTube channel is tough. But you can get a solution from Reddit. Let's see how to use Reddit to promote our YouTube channel.

Difference Between Reddit and Subreddit

Reddit is a social community forum where you can post on multiple topics and ask your questions to get a solution, like Twitter or Facebook. It is a place where you can find plenty of topics. Almost 2 billion Redditors use it actively.

Subreddit is just an online community created by Reddit. Basically, Reddit is made up of millions of niche forums, which are called subreddits. Here, people mainly discuss memes, science, and technology. You can use it similarly to Reddit.

A question that can arise here is, “Should we promote a YouTube channel on Reddit or a subreddit?” Both Reddit and the subreddit are the same platform. Reddit is just a portion of Reddit. Someone may think that he is posting on a subreddit, but it is Reddit.

You may see some people focus on a subreddit for YouTube promotion because it is an active niche for the tech section. It is logically true but does not make any difference. So, you do not need to confuse Reddit and the subreddit. Both are on the same platform. Posting YouTube videos on a subreddit means Reddit YouTube promotion.

Can I Promote YouTube Videos on Reddit?

You can promote YouTube videos on any forum or social media. All these platforms are safe for promoting a YouTube channel. Reddit is not a massive platform like Facebook or Instagram, but it is better for YouTube promotion.

Facebook and Instagram are not only social media but also video platforms like YouTube. So, if you share your videos on Facebook, that will only increase your reach on Facebook. Your YouTube channel will not get much benefit here.

But Reddit is different. It is beneficial to promote YouTube videos when you are a starter and struggle to reach 1K subscribers. You can share your best YouTube videos on Reddit for better promotion.

Many Redditors have YouTube channels. Some of them started their YouTube channel from here.If you start to promote a YouTube channel on Reddit, you will see progress very soon.

But you must post on Reddit and follow all the rules and regulations. Recently, spammers have become very annoying. They spam every subreddit with unnecessary videos. You should not commit such violence.

How to Use Reddit to Promote YouTube Videos?

To promote YouTube videos on Reddit, you must know how Reddit works. Every social forum works on different algorithms. So, you must follow the hidden technique of a particular forum to achieve success there.

Understanding How Reddit Works

Reddit is a community-based platform where people share their knowledge. It is not like Facebook, where people post cringe-worthy things. Also, self-promotion is not very acceptable on Reddit. So, you have to understand the subreddit guidelines and follow them. This way, people will not think of you as a spammer.

This is probably the most similar word-of-mouth type of marketing you will find online.

Use Subreddits Properly

Choose a subreddit that has 10k–15k members. If you select a big subreddit, your post will disappear within a short time. On medium-sized subreddits, your post will remain on the front page. So, you can get some instant views.

Also, do not share your post on the Irrelevant subreddit. If the subreddit members are close to your product or content, you can attract more visitors soon.

Otherwise, they will count your post as spam.

Comment Opinions and Get Opinions

It is an excellent strategy to get more attention to your post. You can use multiple Reddit accounts to do this. You can comment with an opinion about your post using another Reddit account.

For example, the post is about the iPhone 14. You could say something like, “Dynamic Island is an incredible innovation. Android companies are in line now. ” You will get many similar reactions within a short time.

Take Admin Permission to Run Giveaway

A Giveaway is one of the most remarkable techniques to get more views and subscribers on your channel. You can arrange a giveaway in the subreddit where you post your video.

It will encourage people to interact with you. Besides, you can arrange a contest as well. This will increase your value. Do not forget to get permission from the subreddit admin. If the admin approves you, you will become more trustworthy.

What Not to Do While Posting on Reddit?

Reddit is a great place to promote a YouTube channel. It is permissible to post your video link to the group. But there are some rules. First of all, do not spam your YouTube video link. You have to maintain consistency. Do not do anything until you become part of the community.

Secondly, most communities on Reddit hate self-promotional posts and comments. No need to fight with them if they do not allow you to post a YouTube link.

Posting similar videos multiple times will decrease your value. If you are in a medium-sized subreddit, you will not need to post multiple times to keep it on the front page. So, keep away from repetition.

What Are The Best Subreddits for YouTube promotion?

You have to know which subreddits are the best to use for YouTube promotion. On Reddit, there are thousands of niche groups. You cannot post your video link in every group. If you post, then you will be marked as a spammer.

Here is a list of 14 effective subreddits you can use to promote your YouTube channel.


You can also search for this kind of subreddit to promote your YouTube channel on Reddit. Hopefully, this list will keep you away from spamming on Reddit.

Final Verdict

We are at the end of the article. Hopefully, you will read all the pro tips we give in this article. If you read the article with attention, you can use Reddit to promote your YouTube channel. We have discussed clearly “What to do” and “What not to do” on Reddit while promoting your YouTube channel.

So, register on Reddit, create your value, and use different subreddits or niche groups to promote your YouTube channel. You must find the relevant small communities on Reddit to post your videos, and do not spam videos.


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