10 Best Dumpor Alternatives in 2023

Similar Instagram story viewer to view profiles anonymously

Dumpor Alternatives

Have you always made use of Dumpor for your Instagram story viewer analysis and tracking but want to know its alternatives in case it goes down? This article provides you with the best Dumpor alternatives in the market.

What is Dumpor?

Dumpor is a web-based application that helps Instagram users monitor and analyze who is seeing their stories.

Using Dumpor, Instagram users can track who is seeing their stories, how engaged their audience is, and how many new followers they’ve gained.

Instagram users, even those with private accounts, can use Dumpor to save their favorite images and videos.

In recent times, the search for Dumpor alternatives has been on the rise. Perhaps, we all know how it feels to wake up one morning only to see that your favorite site has gone down.

For this reason, it is important to have an alternative to Dumpor to continue enjoying the services of being able to view and save Instagram stories anonymously.

Therefore, I will show you the best Dumpor alternatives I have been using over the years, and they still work very fine now.

10 Best Dumpor Alternatives in 2023

1. InstaDP — Best for viewing Instagram DP in full size

InstaDP for Dumpor Alternatives

Instagram profile images, highlights, reels, images, videos, and more can all be seen and downloaded in high definition through InstaDP, a user-friendly Dumpor alternative.

All of the information can be accessed with a few simple clicks, plus there is no need to do any kind of setup.

Using InstaDP, you can quickly and easily see any and all public profiles.

Features of InstaDP

  • Easy and straightforward to use
  • Simple-user interface
  • Supports full-size Instagram profile picture viewing

2. Story Saver for Instagram — Best for downloading content from public Insta profiles

Story Saver for Dumpor Alternatives

This Instagram app, Story Saver, makes it easy to save photographs and videos from the platform to your mobile device.

To avoid revealing your true name, you can privately store public Instagram stories on your phone or tablet.

With Instagram’s Story Saver, you can save any person and see their content whenever you desire.

If you want to save your Instagram stories, all you have to do is install Story Saver.

Features of Story Saver

  • Effective browsing and saving profiles
  • Hashtag generator
  • Ensures anonymity
  • Watch and download posts, highlights, and stories

3. — Best at saving content anonymously

StorySaver for Dumpor Alternatives

Another fantastic resource for grabbing Instagram clips, photos, and more is

It’s a no-cost resource that lets you read and save the public accounts of anybody you like.

When it comes to downloading stuff, you can get the vast majority of what you want without spending a dime.

If you know the username and want the outcome with no signing in, just input it and hit the download tab.

Features of

  • Easy to use
  • Supports download of Instagram highlights, stories, and videos

4. Instasave — Best at downloading all Instagram content

Instasave for Dumpor Alternatives

Images, videos, Instagram TV, albums, multimedia content, and reels can all be downloaded at no charge via Instasave, making it one of the top Dumpor alternatives.

To access the files, registration is unnecessary. Simply go to the website, input the photo’s IGTV or whatever link, and click the download option.

Instasave is a globally prominent photo-sharing platform that facilitates the instantaneous download of media files.

An excellent resource for Instagram photo and video downloads.

Features of Instasave

  • Three times the download speed
  • Supports stories view and download
  • Supports all video format download

5. Instore — Easy-to-use Dumpor alternative

Instore for Dumpor Alternatives

If you want to quickly and easily download videos and photographs from public Instagram profiles, Instore is the best software for the job.

Insta-stories, videos, and videos can all be downloaded directly from your chosen account using IG downloader.

Upon uploading photographs, you can make use of its wonderful capabilities, including suggested descriptions and hashtags.

If you’re a creative artist or influencer looking to swiftly post to Instagram using the most popular phrases and hashtags, this application is among the finest you’ll find.

Stories, pictures, videos, and other content can all be obtained without cost through this service.

Features of Instore

  • Provides generator for caption
  • Save and view Instagram stories
  • Support profile picture download
  • Provides generator for hashtags

6. uMobix — Best for viewing and downloading Instagram content

uMobix for Dumpor Alternatives

There are a number of programs, such as Dumpor and uMobix that allow you to save Instagram stories without the subject being informed of your actions.

Installing them will take no more than ten minutes, and setting up an account is a breeze.

Updates in real-time will be available, and the greatest thing is that they won’t break the bank.

Starting at only one dollar every day, this tool is quite reasonably priced in comparison to the competition.

If anything does go wrong, you can be certain that they have a solid reputation and exceptional customer service to back it up.

Features of uMobix

  • Helps track Instagram user activities
  • Frequent data update
  • Works on both Android and iPhone

7. FastSave — Simple and straightforward Insta downloader and content saver

FastSave for Dumpor Alternatives

FastSave is a no-nonsense tool that lets you watch videos and download images from Instagram users without having to pay them anything.

Videos and pictures can be saved and viewed at a later time. It just takes a couple of taps to republish the photos, videos, and films in their original quality.

The program is user-friendly and fast to download, maintaining the quality of the original file.

Features of FastSave

  • User-friendly interface
  • High-speed download
  • Supports videos and images reposting, deletes, and share

8. StoriesIG — Anonymous Instagram stories viewer and downloader

StoriesIG for Dumpor Alternatives

StoriesIG is a fantastic app for viewing Instagram stories and downloading the associated files.

With this app, you can see any and all videos from the public profile without revealing your identity and without paying any fees.

Using the StoriesIG feature is as easy as entering the person’s ID whose content you want to watch or download, clicking “view,” and then viewing the desired material.

Despite the fact that Instagram media can be downloaded with a single tap. Without signing up, you can still see users’ posts and stories.

Features of StoriesIG

  • Anonymous download of Instagram content
  • Provides high-quality downloads
  • Instagram story viewing and downloading

9. 4K Stogram — High-quality Dumpor alternative

4K Stogram for Dumpor Alternatives

You can easily save Instagram content, including stories, images, and videos, with the help of 4K Stogram.

People that often check Instagram on their phones tend to be quite active on the network.

Hashtags, localities, and user names can all be used to sift through the information.

You can utilize this tool at no cost to yourself. All of the stuff posted to Instagram profiles is downloadable.

Instagram posts can be downloaded by pasting the user’s name, location, and relevant hashtags into the appropriate fields and clicking the “Download” tab.

In addition, you can save IGTV, photos, and even videos.

Features of 4K Stogram

  • View Instagram feeds of other users
  • Supports Instagram account back up
  • Direct Instagram download
  • Support private Instagram post viewing

10. InstaStories — Best free anonymous Instagram stories viewer and downloader

InstaStories for Dumpor Alternatives

The last on this list is InstaStories. With InstaStories, you can browse stories and post content from any public profile on Instagram.

Also, it doesn’t require you to first register for Instagram or provide any personal information.

Instagram accounts are public, allowing anybody to read and download their stories, videos, and photographs to a computer or smartphone.

You can browse and download the postings by searching for the user’s name and then clicking the search tab.

In addition, your favorite person list is accessible from any device; simply add the usernames you wish to add.

Features of InstaStories

  • Keeps you anonymous when viewing Instagram user’s stories
  • Supports IGTV views and download
  • Supports account viewing in any language


Q. Is it possible to download Instagram’s private profile stories?

The correct response to this inquiry is conditional on the nature of the service you’re using. Several of the programs I have talked about in this article will assist you in downloading Instagram stories from a private account, while others will not. If this is your goal, all you have to do is understand what the company offers and identify which ones might be relevant to you.

Q. Is the use of Dumpor alternatives to download Instagram stories ethical?

The moral implications of secretly grabbing people’s Instagram stories are something to consider. Personally, I don’t see any ethical problems with saving Instagram stories, provided you don’t use the downloaded content for unlawful purposes.

Q. Can I stay anonymous when using Dumpor alternatives to view Instagram stories?

Many of the Dumpor alternatives discussed in this article provide an anonymous viewing feature. So, your identity won’t be revealed when you use these tools.


Dumpor is an amazing tool for Instagram analytics and for viewing and downloading stories on Instagram. However, it is wise to have a backup in case the platform stops working.

Take advantage of the alternatives I have provided in this article if you’re looking for something similar to Dumpor that won’t cost you anything or is cheap and simple to learn. You can get a free trial of each one and conduct some independent research to see which one best meets your requirements.

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