How to Post on Instagram in 2023: The Top 3 Ways to Share Like an Expert

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With over 2 billion monthly active users, Instagram remains a dominant platform within the social media landscape. However, fierce competition means standing out with your content is more critical than ever.

Crafting an intelligent posting approach is essential to maximize your impact and reach in 2023.

In this comprehensive guide, we‘ll explore the ins and outs of the top three Instagram posting methods:

  1. Manual posting directly through the Instagram mobile app
  2. Leveraging third-party scheduling platforms
  3. Facebook‘s Creator Studio

I‘ll compare the unique strengths of each approach backed by research and real-world expertise. You‘ll discover which solutions align best based on factors like your posting volume, content mix, analytics needs and more.

Let‘s dive in!

Manual Posting: The Simple Yet Time-Consuming Way

Posting manually directly through Instagram‘s mobile app is the most straightforward way to share content. But it does come with distinct limitations when managing accounts at scale or planning content strategically.

Here is a step-by-step overview of the manual Instagram posting process:

  1. Access the Post Composer
  2. Select Your Photo/Video
  3. Edit and Adjust Media
  4. Craft Your Caption Copy
  5. Add Relevant Hashtags
  6. Share Publically

Seems simple enough, right? Crafting an Instagram-worthy caption and snapping that pic can take under 10 minutes.

However, for those managing multiple accounts or sharing content consistently, manual posting can become extremely labor-intensive.

Let‘s analyze the unique pros and cons of adopting this approach:

The Advantages

Simple, Intuitive Interface

Instagram‘s mobile creation tools offer an accessible posting experience requiring minimal technical skill. Unlike some third-party platforms, no extensive training is needed to share content manually.

Complete Creative Control

The app provides flexible image editing capabilities and full control over captions. You dictate the visual styling and messaging entirely according to your brand standards.

Real-Time Posting

Publishing happens instantly rather than requiring you to schedule content in advance. This allows timely responses to trendsing topics or breaking news events.

The Disadvantages

Time-Consuming Process

Posting quality content daily can turn into a serious time sink without the ability to plan posts in advance. Plus, switching between personal and business accounts grows inefficient.

Lack of Post Analytics

The Instagram app itself provides limited performance metrics. You don‘t gain access to critical data like best post times, top-performing captions, or audience demographics.

Difficult to Scale

While manual posting works for casual personal profiles, it becomes extremely difficult to scale for business accounts posting high volumes across multiple platforms.

For social media managers overseeing dozens of brand accounts and freelancers juggling client content, the thought of manual posting makes them break into a cold sweat!

But what about those looking to streamline efforts? Let‘s explore automating solutions next.

Scheduling Platforms: Automating for Scale

Third-party social media scheduling software aims to simplify systemizing consistent Instagram posting. Top providers like AiSchedul, Hootsuite, and Buffer centralize key capabilities:

  • Content Planning for Mapping Posting Calendars
  • Post Scheduling for Automated Future Publishing
  • Robust Analytics for Optimizing Performance
  • Collaboration Features for Coordinating with Others
  • Cross-Platform Posting to Manage Multiple Networks

Essentially, these tools allow you to get far more strategic and consistent with efforts compared to sporadic manual posting.

You can plot out content calendars spanning months in advance. Set posts to publish automatically on the dates/times you designate without daily upkeep.

Review performance analytics to pinpoint what content types and topics resonate most. Even easily approve or suggest tweaks to posts from a distributed team.

Here‘s a comparison of some of the most popular solutions:

Feature AiSchedul Hootsuite Buffer
Entry-Level Price Free $29/mo $5/mo
Post Scheduling
Analytics Dashboard
Collaboration Tools
Image Editing
Video Publishing Add-on Fee Add-on Fee

However, while scheduling streamlines efforts substantially, potential downsides do exist:

Learning Curve

Platforms have extensive capabilities requiring onboarding time to leverage fully. Those resistant to adopting new technology may find this frustration.

Accessibility Issues

Any automated systems risk encountering tech glitches blocking intended posting. While rare, errors could cause costly downtime.

Instagram Restrictions

If platforms violate Instagram‘s API terms of service by overly aggressive posting/engagement, your account faces being banned or throttled.

With sound judgment and monitoring, you can minimize risks and unlock immense productivity perks. But Instagram management alone rarely tells the full story…

Facebook Creator Studio: Built for Media Publishers

In 2021, Facebook launched its Creator Studio platform specifically catering to the needs of influencers, bloggers, media entities, and public figures distributing content across its apps.

This free suite of tools integrates directly with Facebook and Instagram to power core capabilities for content creators juggling community interactions.

Let‘s analyze the key features setting Creator Studio apart:

Post Scheduling

Like standalone scheduling apps, Creator Studio allows planning Instagram posts in advance with ease. Bulk upload images, craft captions, designate publishing dates/times, and queue content.

Comment Management

Custom tools help creators organize and monitor responses to posts efficiently. Assign tags, filter by keywords, and automate common replies.

Audience Insights

Robust analytics provide creators visibility into top-performing content based on reactions and demographics. Review trends across past posts to guide your strategy.

Collaborative Multi-User Functionality

Add editors, community managers, and stakeholders to accounts to streamline approvals and feedback. Includes built-in conversation features.

Long-Form Video Publishing

Additional capabilities cater specifically to sharing long-form video content optimized for Facebook/Instagram algorithms.

For digital publishers, influencers, and personal brands distributing content widely, Creator Studio aims to simplify multi-channel management.

However, disadvantages to weigh include:

Limited Feature Set

Creator Studio trails leaders in the social media management space regarding advanced scheduling, global teams, image editing, etc. It focuses specifically on community interactions.

Facebook Platform Restriction

You must connect directly to an associated Facebook presence. Solo Instagram accounts don‘t qualify currently to access Creator tools.

So while Creator Studio marks an exciting evolution specifically for content creators distributing across Facebook‘s universe of apps, standalone scheduling tools still reign supreme for versatility.

Next, let‘s switch gears to strategic optimization best practices applicable to all posting methods…

Maximizing Your Impact on Instagram

While solid posting tools set the foundation, additional optimization around content, engagement, and community building takes your presence to the next level.

Here are my top pro tips for amplifying your Instagram influence and results in 2023:

Craft Share-Worthy Captions

Compelling wordplay transforms posts from forgettable to viral sensations. Strategize hashtag integration, embraced conversational tone, and hooks driving engagement.

Adopt Intentional Visual Branding

Nail down a consistent editing style, color palette, framing, and visual effects tailored to your niche. Bankable aesthetics skyrocket recognizability.

Engage With Your Community

Reply to comments, like posts from followers, facilitate conversations via Stories and Live. Building relationships anchors durable growth.

Obsess Over Your Analytics

Evaluating performance data around best times/days, top posts, traffic sources and more spotlights optimization areas.

Run Ads to Expand Your Reach

Instagram advertising provides unmatched targeting capabilities and cost-efficiency for raising awareness beyond your current followers.

Capitalize on trending topics, reactions to news events, seasonal opportunities, and memes to create timely content.

Choosing the Right Posting Approach

By this point, the differences across manual posting, scheduling platforms, and Creator Studio are clear regarding use cases.

But how do you definitively determine the best solutions for your Instagram presence?

Ask yourself these key questions:

What‘s Your Current Posting Volume?

If you only share content occasionally, manual may suffice. But if you post multiple times per day, scheduling is a must for efficiency.

How Much Time Can You Dedicate to Posting?

Remember, consistent manual posting demands significant effort. Scheduling alleviates the burden substantially.

What Level of Analytics Do You Need?

Manual posting offers minimal performance data. Schedulers and Creator provide more tracking.

Do You Publish Video Content?

For consistent video, Creator tools add value. For broader multimedia, stick with robust scheduling apps.

Do You Manage Multiple Other Networks?

Opt for versatile all-in-one scheduling solutions rather than Creator‘s Instagram/Facebook-only feature set.

Consider your unique habits, resources and objectives to narrow suitable options. Many social media experts use a hybrid approach based on content types for maximum control.

Key Takeaways to Dominate Instagram Posting

We‘ve covered plenty regarding potential posting methods. Let‘s tie together the essentials:

🚀 Manual works well for casual personal profiles. But limitations emerge for creators and brands managing multiple accounts.

🚀 Scheduling platforms automate publishing so you can plan ahead. Tools like AiSchedul, Hootsuite and Buffer provide analytics and collaboration features to systemize efforts.

🚀 For publishers and influencers active across Facebook apps, Creator Studio homes in on content insights, comment management and video analytics.

🚀 Beyond posting mechanics, crafting compelling content, engaging your community and tracking data form the foundation for Instagram excellence.

Equipped with this 360 degree view of professional posting approaches, you now have the blueprint to develop your complete Instagram strategy.

As you evaluate options and establish effective workflows, don‘t hesitate to reach out with any questions. Stay tuned for more social media insights!


Written by Alexis Kestler

A female web designer and programmer - Now is a 36-year IT professional with over 15 years of experience living in NorCal. I enjoy keeping my feet wet in the world of technology through reading, working, and researching topics that pique my interest.