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How to Find an Organic Audience on Twitter


How difficult is it for you to find an organic audience? Small business mostly choose other platforms, even Twitter is an awesome marketing tool!

How difficult is it for you to find an organic audience on Twitter?

New businesses frequently encounter this problem. They want to effectively market what they do but yet trying to keep their budget low. The competition is merciless, and you need to advertise on multiple platforms, just to be noticed. It is a real struggle.

Twitter overview

Most companies choose Facebook and Instagram, especially if they don’t consult with an expert. Because that is just what seems logical to do. The prices are affordable, and you can regulate them. So, there is not a lot of small companies advertising on Twitter, even it is one of the best marketing platforms for sure.

Why Twitter?

Hastag on Twitter

There is a huge difference between Twitter and other platforms, which makes it easier to reach an organic audience.

Let’s take Instagram, for example. The main focus is visual, so you can rely on good photos/videos, and it spreads through the so-called “one-to-many model”. That means that your post will spread from you to your followers. And, eventually, several non-followers if you use hashtags wisely.

On the other hand, Twitter works on the “many-to-many model”. The same tweet can be sent to multiple accounts/users, using the retweet feature. And that means that not only your followers but their followers will be reached also. Its focus is not on visual content, but on good writing skills and the possibility of relating to your content. So, if you are handy with words (remember, you only have 280 characters) you will reach a much higher number of organic audiences.

What is An Organic Audience?

Organic Audience

Basically, anyone who engages with your content, whether is your follower or not. On Twitter, engagement means:

  • Liking your tweets
  • Retweeting
  • Responding to your tweets
  • Mentioning you
  • Clicking on your link

Tips for Better Engagement

Interact With Other Users

Interact With Other Users

If you want others to engage with your content, you have to do the same. Like, comment and answer. Retweet their posts when you can (which means when fits in with your brand). Follow the accounts you like without calculation.

When you start to interact with other users, they will more likely notice you. And also you will start building relationships, which can only lead to something good.

Retweet Often


One more time: this is very important. Most Twitter users appreciate this a lot, and this is why you need to take it seriously. It is almost one level higher than just liking someone’s tweet, which means you are one step closer to gaining an organic audience. And, it will bring your content to that person’s audience, as we mentioned before. You should retweet as fast as you can because being first (or among the firsts) you have better luck of being noticed.

Keep it Simple

Keep it Simple

As you know, Twitter limits its posts to 280 characters. No matter how weird this sounds – you don’t actually have to use them all. 🙂 Studies show that the best length is somewhere between 80 and 110 characters. Including hashtags, tags, and links. Sound’s impossible? Not at all. Sometimes just one sentence is enough to call users to action, and that is what you want to do.

Post Various Links

Post Various Links

You probably want to drive traffic to your website, and Twitter is a great place to do that. But posting the same link, again and again, is not the best choice. Share other links, like interesting blogs, or a sale you just stumbled upon. If you are frowning just by reading this, you should seriously reconsider your strategies. Never make any social media (and that includes Twitter) only about your brand and promotion. You will bore people and get the contra effect. By posting other links (related to you, of course), you show something bigger than just advertising your business.

Give Value

Give Value

That doesn’t just mean high quality of your photos, and great content you reshare. That also means you need to avoid posting anything that crosses your mind. What you do with your personal account, you can not do acting like a brand. That means not showing your every meal, accepting any challenge you see, asking what you should wear today, etc. Your content needs to be informative, entertaining, and inspiring. Because value is what will keep your organic audience, and bring new to you.

Use Hashtags

Use Hashtags

Just like on Instagram, using hashtags on Twitter has become a basic thing. Put at least one relevant hashtag in your tweets. It will increase your engagement and help the right audience to find you by searching posts under that hashtag. However, don’t overdo it. Not just because your character number is limited, but also because statistics showed that tweets with one hashtag are more likely to get retweeted than those with two.

Scatter your Tweets

Scatter your Tweets

Even Twitter feed is moving rapidly and experts recommend posting a lot, try to keep in mind that quality is preferred over quantity. Try to post between 1 and 3 times per day. (Without retweets.) You mustn’t post all of your tweets at once. Scatter them throughout the entire day.

These things require a little of your time and effort but are free. and can bring you back a lot more that you may even expect. We are certain that you will see the benefits of Twitter if you stay persistent. Let us know how that went!


Written by Alexis Kestler

A female web designer and programmer - Now is a 36-year IT professional with over 15 years of experience living in NorCal. I enjoy keeping my feet wet in the world of technology through reading, working, and researching topics that pique my interest.