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All About Twitter and Growth Strategies


Twitter Marketing – All About Twitter and Growth Strategies: Most of the successful businesses worldwide embraced the use of Twitter as a marketing tool

With more than 300 million worldwide users and over 100 million daily active users, Twitter has developed into one of the leading social platforms in online marketing.

Most successful businesses are now using Twitter as their social media marketing tool due to the endless benefits it offers. Twitter, just like any other social marketing tool, involves planning, developing strategies, posting relevant content, and many more.

At first, this might seem tedious, but the final results are always appealing. Likewise, increasing the twitter engagements and followers organically doesn’t happen overnight as it takes time to implement various feasible strategies.

Growth hacks are imperative when it comes to Twitter engagement and luring new followers into your platform. Growth hacking can be defined as a marketing strategy used to enhance the visibility of your Twitter, using conventional and analytical skills to attract and engage prospective users.

If you’re looking to increase number of Twitter followers and enhance your visibility, here are the growth strategies to attract more followers and promote the growth of your business.

Optimize Your Twitter Profile

Optimize Your Twitter Profile

Once you successfully signup for a twitter account, the next step is to complete and optimize your Twitter profile.\

Off late, Twitter has undergone several changes with regards to design, giving it a completely new look.

Previously, profile photos used to be square in shape, but nowadays, things have changed, and they are round in shape, and this helps to differentiate user profiles from the square images that are common in tweets.

These changes are not only meant to give Twitter a new look but also to make it user friendly.

Twitter for business should be up-to-date will profiles along with professionalism; otherwise, it will turn off prospective followers. To increase your following, ensuring your business profile is up-to-date.

Use Twitter Analytics Tools to Analyze Your Tweets

Twitter analytics tools help you to apprehend your target audience, well-performing tweets, below par tweets, and how you can enhance engagement and improve your following. The analysis is meant to help you develop a robust Twitter strategy that will aid you to improve engagements and lure new followers.

Twitter has comprehensively changed social media marketing, as you only need to learn about the most effective tools to apply in order to grow your following and boost engagements. There are numerous Twitter analytics tools that you can use to analyze your tweets and, thereafter, improve your online business presence along with visibility.

Create and Share Pertinent Content

Create and Share Pertinent Content

Create informative and pertinent content to tweet often. Posting unique and up-to-date content on Twitter is the most effective way to get your followers retweeting, and this keeps them engaged, while at the same time attracting new followers.

Besides, creating your content, you can also organize and tweet pertinent content that will entice your followers and encourage them to retweet. To some extent, it can help to improve your credibility in your area of specialization. There are several curation tools that you can depend on to create and share relevant content to promote your Twitter growth.

Use Pertinent Hashtags

Hashtags are paramount when it comes to determining your tweets coverage.

How to create and use hashtags

The use of relevant hashtags ensures your tweets do not only reach your target audience but also help you to lure more followers. It is worth noting that tweets with hashtags are more likely to receive more engagements than those without.

Although hashtags are vital, it’s not recommended to overuse them because they can deter the followers from reading them. In most instances, do not exceed two hashtags.

Learn the Appropriate Time to Tweet

Learn the Appropriate Time to Tweet

Not all times are appropriate for tweeting. According to studies, weekends are the most appropriate times to tweet matters regarding brands since the level of engagement is quite promising. Besides, weekends and afternoons display the best twitter CTRS.

You can opt to post your tweets on weekends if your schedule is tight. There are multiple applications that you can use to schedule your twitter posts. It’s crucial to find the most convenient time to publish your tweets when most of your target audience has access to them, as this is likely to engage them fully.

Follow and Get in Touch with Twitter Influencers

Follow and Get in Touch with Twitter Influencers

Off late, Twitter marketing has witnessed a rise in popularity. It’s all about reaching out to a celebrity or people who have an enormous following and incredible reputation for letting their followers know more about your brand.

Studies have revealed that over 70% of marketers perceive influencer engagement effectual in garnering both the existing and prospective customers’ loyalty.

Twitter influencers play a significant role in growing followers and enhancing customer loyalty. Any business intending to increase its Twitter followers should engage with influencers.

Note that Twitter influencer marketing plays a crucial role in enhancing brand engagement. Over 90% of marketing professionals in collaboration with influencers have seen a considerable improvement in the visibility of their brands. It’s undoubtedly that the easiest way to increase your followers is by reaching out to Twitter influencers, follow them, and retweet their tweets as well.

Create Charming Images to Match with Your Tweet

Besides, being a virtual tweeter, you should endeavor to create charming images. Studies have revealed that tweets with captivating images receive more clicks than those that don’t have.

Furthermore, they outdo ones without images in terms of engagement. It’s also important to note that creative designs such as GIFS do well. This highlights the significance of creating captivating images to boost your Twitter engagements.

Retweet Your Tweets

Retweet Your Tweets

Nowadays, it is possible and effortless for users to retweet or quotes themselves. Twitter launched a new feature that allows the users to retweet their previous tweets and captivating ones to their target audience, thereby improving engagements.

For instance, if your tweet gets a sizeable number of retweets, you quickly get it indexed by Google, allowing it to be displayed in search results. The good news about this feature is that it notifies the users whenever there is a retweet, which allows responding promptly.

Generally, you need to create a list of followers who retweets you often. These are persons who find your content helpful, and they probably network with others who find your content relevant. These are people you can’t miss to follow and retweet often.


The influence of Twitter as a social media marketing tool cannot be underrated. Most of the successful businesses worldwide embraced the use of Twitter as a marketing tool for quite some time. This is due to the numerous benefits it offers.


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