Do You Really Know How to Use Pinterest for Content Marketing?


Pinterest has 416 million monthly active users. It is every day proving that it is a powerful marketing tool. That makes it a train you need to catch. Here, we’ll go over how to Use Pinterest for Content Marketing Strategy.

My customers aren’t using Pinterest. How many times did you hear something similar? And why is such belief still spread among the marketers, even the growth of Pinterest is higher every day?

It has 416 million monthly active users. Even people (who don’t use it) still think it is all about women’s stuff and quotes, Pinterest is every day proving that it is becoming a powerful marketing tool. That makes it a train you need to catch… Now.

Why is that? Everyone who has been using Facebook and Instagram for some time may have noticed the effect of their algorithm changes. Facebook has been pushing aside the reach of business pages and supporting the development of groups and other community acts that connects people and brings them together. (We wrote about it in our previous post.) And Instagram is temporarily blocking every account that seems “suspicious”, which can be truly annoying.

Too many followings or likes, contacting users you don’t know, and similar stuff can take you to the point where your account is banned. (We wrote about it here.) It doesn’t surprise that 27% of marketers are planning to use Pinterest for marketing. And in this post, we’ll help you to better understand how.

Changing the Perception of Pinterest


If you are serious about digging into this, first you need to get rid of the prejudices connected to Pinterest. This platform is different than everything else but think of it as a challenge rather than an obstacle. People visit Pinterest for motivation and learning. Even it is classified as a social network, in the end, it isn’t truly social. So, all you know about Facebook and Instagram isn’t working here.

What I mean when I say it isn’t social, it is not a place to show our lives and stuff we do, and certainly not a place to chat with friends. (Although it has an option of sending DMs.) It is a place where we come to fantasize and plan things, such as travel destinations, home redecorating, searching for inspiring social media content, etc.

Another thing you should know is that Pinterest is acting like a search engine. That means your content will show up in results if you optimize it well. And you need to do that anyway, if you want it to be discovered, so you can get multiple results by pinning stuff.

Pinterest Marketing is a Long-Time Thing

If you ever tried to observe how fast the news feeds refresh in different social media networks, you might notice the slight difference, but you think in the end it is pretty similar. The struggle of staying in Instagram’s latest posts, Facebook’s “escaping” content if you just blink, and not to mention Twitter which spins like crazy. It may seem the same for Pinterest, but there is a big difference.

The pins you see are not the latest pins posted, but the content that is tailored by the things you are interested in. It can be months old, even years, and it is still out there. For marketers, that means content once posted can bring you traffic long after that.

And the bonus is – it actually takes a lot less effort than other networks. With a smaller number of followers, you can get better results.

How to Create Great Marketing Content

We already explained a lot about making content for Pinterest in a post The best Pinterest marketing guide for 2020, so if you are interested please read it. I will just say a few basic things here.

Your content must be adjusted to the platform, which means images must be in a 2:3 ratio (for example 1000x1500px). Use clear and high-resolution photos, and avoid selfies (except if your brand is you as a person). As I already mentioned, Pinterest is nothing like other social networks and it won’t work the same way.

Keep things positive and always use lighter photos or lighten them with a filter. Make it attractive to people who are there – as we said – to discover something. Also, you should do serious research for keywords and hashtags related to your brand. Searching on Pinterest is important, yo make sure your pins are popping up.

I have my Pinterest account so long that I don’t even remember when I created it. (And I couldn’t find an option to find out that information, so if anyone has the idea that you’ll like to share, welcome!) It was certainly many years ago because I was still into drawing and I was looking for some inspiration.

I have to admit I wasn’t hooked at first, but how years went by and more excellent content started to show up, I turned it into the first place I’ll look for something. That means inspiration for my posts, social media content, writing tips, color palettes and so much more. And, with 416 million users like me, there are so many chances that your content will be the one that’ll awake interest in people. Don’t miss this opportunity.


Written by Alexis Kestler

A female web designer and programmer - Now is a 36-year IT professional with over 15 years of experience living in NorCal. I enjoy keeping my feet wet in the world of technology through reading, working, and researching topics that pique my interest.