Best Instagram Travel Hashtags to Use in 2023: The Ultimate Guide for Wanderlusters

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From tropical beaches to misty mountain peaks, Instagram opens a portal to diverse landscapes and cultures around the globe. But simply sharing wanderlust content isn‘t enough these days. You need to optimize posts with strategic hashtags to cut through the social media noise and engage new audiences.

As a social media marketing expert specializing in the travel industry, I‘ve developed an in-depth guide on effectively using Instagram travel hashtags in 2023.

Why Do Instagram Travel Hashtags Matter?

Instagram currently has over one billion monthly active users, with travel being one of the most popular niches. Most users discover new accounts through hashtags and Instagram‘s Explore page instead of their main feed. In fact, posts using at least one Instagram hashtag achieve 12.6% more engagement on average, according to Sprout Social [1].

Hashtags essentially work as a cataloguing system allowing content to be discovered by broader communities. For example, someone searching #roadtrippin or following the #vanlife hashtag is much more likely to encounter relevant photos and videos utilizing those tags.

So if you want to expand your audience and reach fellow wanderlusters, strategic use of travel hashtags is crucial. Let‘s explore the most popular options trending upwards in 2023.

General travel tags work for all types of locations and cover major themes like adventure, nature, and photography. These run the gamut from ultra-popular hashtags with huge volumes to niche tags attracting very specific interests:

1. #travel 26. #traveldeeper
2. #vacation 27. #worldtraveler
3. #wanderlust 28. #travellover
4. #adventure 29. #travellifestyle
5. #explore 30. #travelblog

As you can see, mixing specific tags like #worldtraveler alongside ultra-popular hashtags like #travel helps content get maximum visibility. Let‘s analyze #travel performance.

The #travel hashtag has over 538 million posts at the time of writing, making it highly competitive. But posts using it receive 22% more engagement on average. Why? The tag is closely aligned with Instagram‘s key travel demographic and risks lower visibility without it.

50 Luxury Travel Hashtags For Glam Vacations

Want to engage luxury voyagers and highlight high-end experiences? These luxury travel hashtags speak to refined tastes:

1. #luxurytravel 26. #luxuryforless
2. #firstclasstravel 27. #condenasttraveler
3. #luxurygetaway 28. #roomwithaview

The #luxurytravel hashtag attracts a very aspirational audience, though with 1.5 million posts, standing out poses a challenge.

As my clients have discovered, pairing it with niche luxury tags like #roomwithaview helps travel content spark engagement. Make sure to geo-tag exclusive destinations as well.

50 Adventure Travel Tags For Thrill-Seekers

Showcase outdoor exploits and wanderlust life using these adventure travel hashtags. They help connect with fellow adrenaline junkies and nomads:

1. #adventuretravel 26. #intothewilderness
2. #exploremore 27. #thehikelife
3. #lifeofadventure 28. #intothemountains

Hashtags like #lifeofadventure and #exploremore speak to the priority adventure travelers place on exploration over amenities.

I always advise clients to conduct hashtag research to identify rising niche tags in this category, which evolves quickly based on new outdoor activities and destinations.

Conclusion: Key Tips for Travel Hashtags

While this guide outlined popular Instagram travel hashtags for 2023, keep these pro tips in mind:

  • Use a mix of popular & niche tags – Include broad hashtags but also more targeted ones attracting specific travel communities
  • Stay on top of trends – Frequently analyze hashtags gaining traction to maximize discovery
  • Add localization – Geo-tag destinations and attractions when possible to appear in localized feeds
  • Align visuals & text – Show what your hashtags reference; mountain tags on beach photos will confuse

Hopefully you now feel empowered to boost travel content engagement this year! Let me know in the comments if you have any other questions.




Written by Alexis Kestler

A female web designer and programmer - Now is a 36-year IT professional with over 15 years of experience living in NorCal. I enjoy keeping my feet wet in the world of technology through reading, working, and researching topics that pique my interest.