Instagram Story Viewer Order 2023: How Instagram Ranks Your Story Viewer


 Have you been wondering about the criteria Instagram uses to rank who views your story? Then you have come to the right place! This article will help you crack the mystery behind how viewers on an Instagram story are ranked.

About Instagram Story Viewers

Instagram came into existence just over a decade ago. Social media application has grown to become an integral part of our social lives and businesses. One of its main features contributing to the application’s global acclaim is the Instagram Stories feature.

Instagram Stories was added to the Instagram application in 2016. And ever since its inception, it has gone on to be one of the app’s highlights. It is currently estimated that over 500 million people use this story feature daily to share information on Instagram with other users.

Despite the popularity and frequent use of the Instagram Stories feature by users who want to give their followers occasional glimpses of their lives or what they are up to, certain things aren’t clear about the feature, which so many people would love to figure out.

Although Instagram is very strict regarding privacy, there are some statistics that it provides, among which is the ever confusing list of people who view your Instagram Stories.

This confusion stems from the order of those who have engaged with your story. These viewers are not arranged in alphabetical order using their names or some other pattern easily recognizable. This lack of clarity is why people are quite confused. No one seems to know what criteria go into assembling viewers of a story. Instagram users have always wanted to unravel this mystery.

This issue is why we have created this article to lay to rest the mystery behind how Instagram ranks story views. Thus, we have organized this article under several subheadings to make it understandable as best as possible so that you can grasp the whole issue with ease.

How Instagram Ranks Story Viewers

How Instagram Ranks Story Viewers

Due to the confusion that has surfaced from the lack of a comprehensive method for how the story viewer ranking is being done, users have tried to figure it out for themselves. This mystery has led to lots of experimentations and tweaking by many users of the social media platform.

And the results obtained from these efforts have proposed that the ranking of the viewers’ of an Instagram story occurs in reverse chronology.

However, this is not permanent. The pattern changes when the list of viewers grows and contains more than 50 people who have viewed the story. From this point, Instagram does something different with the list. Those who interact more with you tend to be found near the top of the list.

Instagram achieves this ranking pattern by employing the use of an undisclosed system. This system would probably consider comments, likes, and profile checks to arrange the viewers on the viewed story list.

Thus, it can be said that this ranking is influenced by how others engage with you on Instagram and not how you engage with them. The users who engage more with your content are found higher up the list.

How Instagram Organizes Story Views

How Instagram Organizes Story Views

In the beginning, when the Instagram story feature was only taking shape and trying to warm its way into the heart of the app users, things were pretty straightforward. Users were given what they wanted.

The order of view was chronological, and everyone seemed to be sure of how it worked. But that is not the case today. The feature seems to keep evolving along with the app itself. Users now tend to see posts based on those that they engage more with. This observation is quite practical if you observe closely the way Instagram Stories appear on your page.

It doesn’t come as a surprise that people are confused about how the list of story views appears. You may believe that those who rank top on the list must have viewed your story more than once. This assertion is wrong.

There is no way you can know who has viewed your story multiple times. The platform has no provision to make such data available to users. The only data available is that a single view is recorded when a viewer accesses your content. Thus, the story views ranking isn’t fashioned to reflect who has viewed your story the most. The users ranking top aren’t those who tend to keep a detective eye over you.

We believe that Instagram ranks your viewers using the criteria of relationship. They tend to figure out who they think is closest to you. This strategy translates to who you interact with more often, even on sister applications like Facebook, which means that even your activities on Facebook influence how the viewers of your story are being arranged.

But the first method at the beginning, when you post your story, is usually clear. Before the list of viewers grows, the few ones are first assembled chronologically. But when the viewers become many, the list becomes ranked, considering the level of interaction with those on the list.

Why is Instagram Order of View Such a Big Deal?

Why is Instagram Order of View Such a Big Deal

One of the main questions we should ask is why we are so worked up about this story viewers ranking thing. From a layman’s point of view, it looks absurd, childish even. But there is more to it than meets the eye. Brands and marketers have realized the inherent potentials social media platforms have in growing and reaching their targeted audience.

Thus, a popular platform like Instagram is certainly a place to achieve its numerous aims. And one of the credible means of doing so is through the use of the Instagram story feature. With this, businesses can reach out and engage with people who may be their customers. This observation is why it is important to know who views their content to know the progress.

But for the average user, giving an elaborate reason for why the order of view is of real concern may sound too far-fetched. We can come up with that many people may tend to look at the list of viewers to gauge their relevance to others on a platform like Instagram.

And this seems to have a psychological effect on the individual. For instance, knowing that many people are engaging your content can build confidence and have that feel-good momentum. This concept is surely a valid reason.

Thus, we now understand why people want to get to the bottom of this mystery.

What Insta Story View Order Mean

What Insta Story View Order Mean

Humans are quite curious. Social media has become such an integral part of our lives that it seems quite impossible to think of a life operating smoothly without all they have to offer.

Knowing who and who is engaging with our content happen for so many reasons. It could be that you are marketing a business and would love to know who is engaging with your brand to perfect your strategies. The average user may want to see the extent to which people are interested in their ideas.

Perhaps, that is among the reasons why allowing users to know who is engaging with their content became worth considering by Instagram. Thus, swiping up your story to see the list of those who viewed your story has always seemed an impulsive desire. Although Instagram does not show how it ranks the list of viewers, the order is more likely than not based on exchanges on the application.

Thus, the ranking depends on the following factors: how well you relate with certain users, this includes checking out their profiles, viewing their stories, and engaging with their posts (giving likes and comments).

This assertion means that changing your interaction pattern with fellow users may directly affect the order of story views. This strategy may mean more to business brands and marketers whose success is hinged on the Instagram app.

The ranking of Instagram views can help businesses and marketers work on their strategies and help them realize whether their methods are giving them the desired effects or need more tweaking.

Instagram Stories Algorithm Change

Instagram Stories Algorithm Change

Instagram Stories first came in in 2016 and has become the most prominent feature on Instagram. What makes it stand out further is its potential to act as a marketing tool for businesses to reach audiences who are prospective customers. And because Instagram keeps fine-tuning its methods of operations, it has become necessary for users to understand and adapt to these changes so that they can achieve their goals.

One of the recent changes on Instagram includes providing users with certain content that may seem potentially important to them. And this sifting of contents is influenced by a user’s former activities or engagements.

Thus, the stories algorithm no longer follows a chronological order. And this new algorithmic change looks strange and difficult to grasp. Thus, Instagram mixes frequency, interaction, and engagement. Therefore, it is apparent that brands and marketers should note these things when they advance with strategies.

Why You’re Likely to Get Fewer Likes on Instagram

Get Fewer Likes on Instagram

Some users may be facing many unusual issues on the Instagram platform. Someone that was used to getting hundreds of likes may be facing a certain bad patch where likes have gotten somewhat expensive. Watching something like that plummet can be hard to swallow. But the main reason why such a thing may occur is that Instagram keeps fine-tuning its methods of operation to match the exponential growth of the application.

These changes have affected the number of likes you can get for stories and other content. And this anomaly stems from the fact that Instagram uses likes, comments, and profile views to grade users. Thus, if your account is dimmed-worthy or optimized, it would be put out there for more people to engage with your ideas and content.

The possibility of other reasons for the disappearance of likes remains, but the biggest culprit is the change in ranking method on Instagram. This new method that has come into play has been described by many as the categorization method.

This method operates so that contents and stories that mostly appear on your home feed are from users you have a close relationship with on the platform and not those you do not often engage with. In a way, this is a good development as your ideas would last longer on the platform.

Now that you know the reason behind your low likes, how can you solve it? The only way to solve the problem is by accepting this change in approach that Instagram has suddenly come up with.

All you can do is focus on creating valuable content and establishing good communication and interactions with others, which will help grow your account. Although you may see it as a slow process, honestly, that is the only credible option. Growth is assured sooner or later if you stick to this.


1. What is the usual length of an Instagram story?

An Instagram story is usually fifteen seconds long. If you have a longer story, the app breaks it into smaller fifteen-second shorts to accommodate the entire content.

2. What are Instagram Story Viewers?

Instagram story viewers are software that provides you with enhanced access to Instagram stories and other content. They are a way to engage with other users’ content without getting detected and are also used as a marketing and growth strategic tool.

3. Are Instagram Story Viewing Services worth it?

They are worth it as it gives you access to other users’ content. And as a marketing tool, they give you an edge against competitors and help you grow. And if you consider the cost of having an influencer take charge of your marketing, you would realize that these third-party applications are more efficient and cost-effective

4. Is there a way an Instagram user can figure out how many times a particular viewer hasviewed their story or any other content?

The short answer is no. The platform has no provision to make such data available to users. The only data available is that a single view is recorded when a viewer accesses your content.

5. Can you view stories on Instagram without an Instagram Story Viewer?

It is possible to do so. By staying in ‘Airplane Mode’ on your Android device, you can access stories on Instagram without being detected. But the downside to this method is that other Instagram features won’t be available to you, such as saving a story you may wish to.


Of all the possible permutations that people have come up with in trying to crack the Instagram mystery that is the order of story viewers, the chronological theory and the user interaction theory seem to hold sway to an extent. But it is no news that the social media platform possibly relies on multiple factors to organize the order of story viewers.

At the moment, there are only insights as to how the system works but no concrete answer as to why a certain viewer ranks ahead of another. So, we can only presume that those who constantly rank on our viewers’ list are our real fans until Instagram decides to divulge the criteria they use. Thus, we are certain that this article has helped you realize so many things concerning this issue.


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