Super Simple YouTube Tricks you Want to Know


Do you want to pitch in the world of YouTube tricks? It has the second greatest reach (after Facebook) in general use, so it may be worth it!

To pitch into the world of YouTube tricks, I would like to suggest that you first read our post YouTube Marketing for Beginners. If you are already an expert in Youtube marketing, looking for some fresh ideas, skip it, and keep reading.

It seems that YouTube has been shaded with large social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram. At least when it comes to marketing. Only a certain amount of marketers whose focus is on publishing videos uses it as its number one choice. But that might be a mistake. YouTube has the second greatest reach (after Facebook) in general use.

Youtube overview

There is a lot of YouTube tricks that you maybe even don’t know about. To help you make the most of it, I have put together this list of simple and fun stuff you can do with YouTube.

Turn your Videos into GIFs

Did you know that you can create GIF from a YouTube video? Choose a video you want and find the URL in your browser. Add the word “gif” in front of the domain name so it looks like this: “”.

Gifs overview

That action will redirect you to with your video ready to be edited. You will see the options on the left and at the bottom of your video, such as cropping, duration, adding captions, etc. When you are finished, click “create GIF” at the top right corner and it will redirect you to enter the title and tags for your new GIF.

Upload a Transcript

Upload a Transcript

We have explained the detailed process on how to add transcripts to your video in the post about YouTube optimization. This is actually a very important trick that helps Youtube to rank your video higher.

The transcript will “tell” YouTube what your video is about. That’s the second most important thing, after video description which algorithms really like. Some experts recommend that you paste your transcripts into descriptions, but that depends on how long they are.

A relatively new feature is to type transcripts while your video is playing, and you can set it to pause when you are typing, so this can be a piece of cake.

Create Playlists

You can create playlists on YouTube, to organize and store yours or other’s videos. These playlists can be private or public and can be shared. It is one of the most useful YouTube tricks, not just to organize your favorite songs. For example, you can save recipes, different learning courses, useful how-to videos, and anything you might need and want to watch again sometime.

It is also great for people who run their channels. Let’s say you are creating courses in the social media marketing niche. Maybe you will divide them into “Instagram courses”, “Facebook courses” and so on… This will help your followers to find what they are looking for easily.

Go to your account (icon in the upper right corner), click “YouTube studio” and then select the tab “Playlists”.

You can also add a video that you like directly by clicking “save”:

As you can see, you can add it to some of your existing lists, or create a new one. This may be an easier option if you add other’s videos, so you don’t have to look for them, instead just saving them while watching.

Create a Custom YouTube URL


You can apply to get your own custom URL for your channel. (Same like it’s possible for FB pages, e.g.) You can put the name of your channel, your website, or anything you think it’s recognizable. So your link will look like this:

This is very convenient if you use the same name over all platforms and want it to become recognizable as a part of your brand. However, before you do this, be sure that you have chosen the one you want because you can not change it later.


  • You have to have more than 100 subscribers
  • Your account needs to be at least 30 days old
  • You have to have a channel icon

Use YouTube Library

Use YouTube Library

One of the tricks that are not so known to everyone is that YouTube has a library full of free, high-quality audio tracks, and sound effects. You can download them and add them to your videos.

You can access YouTube library by clicking here.

As you can see, you can browse through them, or search for something specific you need.

Live Stream Videos

Live Stream Videos

Live streaming has become popular in the last few years, and especially this year during the time of lockdown. This extensive growth has also influenced YouTube, so they added this feature.

You have to be logged in your account, and in the upper right corner click the camera icon.

When you click “go live” it will direct you to the verification page.

After you enter your phone number and verify the account, you will need to go back to the camera icon and click go live. But, they haven’t made it easy, though. You will need to wait for 24 hours to be able to stream live videos.

Once your account is all set, you should be able to stream. If you experience any issues, you can visit YouTube live FAQs.


Did you know that you can use Google Trends to look for popular YouTube searches? When you enter the keyword you are interested in, click “Web Search”, which will open a drop-down window, and there you can choose “YouTube Search”.

This can be very useful to YouTubers who have some freedom in choosing what kind of videos they will create. It is a great marketing tool.

Clear YouTube History (if you need to :- )

If you want to delete items from your YouTube search history, you can do that easily now. There are few great tricks: not just deleting it, but you can also pause it to not remember what you search for and watch, and delete just certain searches. To do that, just open YouTube and you will find the “history” tab on the left side:

When you click on it, it will open a new window with the options I mentioned.

We sincerely hope that you learned some new YouTube tricks in this post, or the ones you may forgot about. Let us know how did it go!


Written by Alexis Kestler

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