Best YouTube Scraper 2023: Scrape Videos and Channels Info From Youtube

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Do you want to scrape YouTube data like comments, views, and likes, but you don’t know which YouTube scraper to use? This article is here to help. This article provides you with the best YouTube scrapers to help you scrape YouTube data for tracking video ranking and profile analysis.

Behind Google, YouTube is the world's most popular search engine. The volume of videos on YouTube – and the statistics and comments that go along with them – is more important than internet search engine popularity in this case.

You may be thinking, “What's the point of scraping data from YouTube?” Scraped data from YouTube can be used for the creation of a database of video descriptions, emotional analysis of reader comments, and video ranking monitoring. The availability of publicly available data is critical for both YouTube marketers and independent academics.

The data that can be retrieved from YouTube can include in-video advertising, rating, video recommendations, comments, and video data. What do you believe YouTube's thoughts are on scrapers on their website? Web scrapers are not permitted access to YouTube's data.

There is a restricted API that they want you to utilize. Is it, then, unlawful to scrape YouTube's content? No, there isn't. HiQ's lawsuit against them by LinkedIn along with the subsequent actions and judgments clearly out a few things about online scraping. Web scraping is perfectly legal and you can use it without asking for permission.

YouTube's anti-scraping and anti-bot technologies, on the other hand, remain a barrier. One of the most advanced anti-scraping systems for identifying and restricting bot access is in place on YouTube, which is owned by Google.

A YouTube scraper must be used to avoid detection by the anti-bot and anti-spam systems on YouTube in order to scrape the video content. Because of this, there are a considerable number of them available across platforms.

Even if you don't have any programming experience, you can create a YouTube scraper from scratch. To avoid failure, use one of the pre-made solutions if you are not familiar with the process or are unsure of your abilities.

10 Best YouTube Scraping Tools in 2023

1. Bright Data (BrightData's YouTube Collector) — Best YouTube Scraper for Scraping YouTube Data with no Coding Experience needed

  • Price: Begins at 500 USD (for 151k page loads)
  • Data Format: Excel
  • Platform Supported: Web-Based

If you don't know how to code and don't want to deal with the hassle of setting up a YouTube scraper, Bright Data's Data Collector, a web scraping tool, is an excellent choice. YouTube is well supported by Bright Data's Data Collector library.

You can now access a channel's data using its URL in the tool. In addition to extracting comments and video data, it provides a slew of additional YouTube scraping features. With this tool, you'll receive a premium experience and a pay-as-you-go pricing plan like other Bright Data solutions.

2. Apify (Apify’s YouTube Scraper) — Best YouTube Scraper for Scraping Closed Captions for Easy Scraping of Text Data from Videos

  • Price: Begins at 49 USD monthly (49 USD for 100 Actor Compute Units)
  • Data Format: RSS, HTML, XML, Excel, CSV, JSON
  • Free Option (Free Functional account with 5 USD credit monthly)
  • Platform Supported: Desktop, Cloud

The next YouTube scraper on this list is Apify. It is a ready-to-use YouTube scraper from which you can extract data such as video titles, URLs, views, dislikes, and more. Closed captions (CC) and subtitles can also be scraped for text data extraction from the video itself. Search terms, channel URLs, and video URLs can all be used to scrape data from websites. In addition, you can define how many results you want and how far back in time you want to scrape. All input parameters can be modified without writing any code, and alternative configurations can be saved, reused, and planned in advance if desired.

Using Apify's built-in proxy service, Apify's YouTube scraping tool allows you to go beyond the restrictions of the official YouTube API's capabilities.

3. ScraperAPI — Best YouTube Scraper with Provision of Proxies to Simplify YouTube Data Scraping Procedure

  • Price: Begins at 49 USD monthly for 100,000 API Credits
  • Data Format: HTML, JSON
  • Free option (7 days free trial for 5000 requests)

When it comes to scraping YouTube, ScraperAPI is an expert. They claim to be able to assist you with features geared to make your life simpler while using a web scraper for YouTube, but they can also hide your IP address via a proxy.

To avoid revealing your position, you can use this method to get data from YouTube without revealing your location. You'll have access to over 40 million IPs throughout the world, which is fantastic. It’s thrilling that you'll be able to keep your connection stable thanks to a 99.99 percent uptime guarantee.

4. ScrapingBee — Best for Safe YouTube Scraping

  • Price: Begins at 29 USD monthly for 4000 searches
  • Data Format: HTML
  • Free option (1000 free searches)

As a YouTube scraper, ScrapingBee works hard for you so that you don't have to do any of the work yourself. As they claim, you can try them out for free, and they also claim to be able to complete all of your YouTube scrapings safely because they'll be taking care of the proxy end of things.

They claim to be compatible with the most recent version of Chrome, and they also claim that their connections and results are always quick, no matter what browser you're using. Because they go through their features with each customer before the sale, there is no pressure to buy if you don't like what they have to offer. However, I believe that you will enjoy your experience with this YouTube scraper.

5. Octoparse — Best YouTube Scraper for Bypassing Security Checks during YouTube Scraping

  • Price: Begins at 75 USD monthly
  • Free Option (14 days free trial)
  • Data Format: SQLServer, MySQL, JSON, Excel, CSV
  • Platform Supported: Desktop, Cloud

Even the most complex websites' security checks will not be able to stop Octoparse, a new scraper developed for people who are fed up with being blocked: It's safe to say that Octoparse is one of the most effective web scrapers currently available. It can be used to scrape text from YouTube videos that are made available to the public.

As a result of Octoparse's built-in templates for scraping prominent websites, scraping rules and training are no longer necessary on some of these sites. For those who aren't ready to commit to Octoparse's paid service, there is a free trial option.

6. ParseHub — Best for Extracting YouTube Data that are Public

  • Price: Begins at 149 USD monthly
  • Data Format: JSON, Excel
  • Free Option (Free Desktop version, but comes with some limitations)
  • Platform Supported: Desktop, Cloud

Additionally, you can utilize ParseHub, an installable scraping tool, to accomplish your YouTube scraping goals. Unlike the other tools on this list, ParseHub is not specifically designed for scanning YouTube for content. However, it has shown to be one of the finest in the market right now when it comes to collecting readily available data from YouTube.

The desktop version of ParseHub is free with limited restrictions if it is your preferred scraper, then you can not even have to pay to utilize it. A lot of functions that aren't supported by the desktop version can be found on its cloud-based platform, but they come with a price tag attached.

7. ScrapeStorm — Best YouTube Scraper Freely Accessible as a Cloud-Based Solution

  • Price: Begins at 49.99 USD monthly
  • Data Format: Google Sheets, MySQL, JSON, Excel, CSV, TXT
  • Free Option (Free Starter plan, but comes with limitations)
  • Platform Supported: Desktop

When it comes to online scrapers, ScrapeStorm is a powerhouse. It's capable of extracting data from a wide range of websites, including YouTube, as well as the most prevalent operating systems.

Because it automatically detects data points and scrapes them without human intervention, ScrapeStorm is an AI-based web scraping tool that doesn't require any training at all to use effectively. If the point-and-click interface doesn't function, you can use it to manually identify patterns. It is capable of exporting data in a variety of formats.

8. Data Miner — Best for Anonymous Scraping of YouTube Data

  • Price: Begins at 19 USD monthly
  • Data Format: Excel, CSV
  • Free Option (Free Starter plan with 500 pages)
  • Platform Supported: Edge browser and Chrome

Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge users can take use of Data Miner, a browser plugin. When it comes to scraping YouTube, Data Miner is one of the better options. Scraping can be done without fear of detection thanks to this tool's tendency to obscure such activities.

Data Miner protects your personal information and is compatible with over 15,000 websites. If you're scraping on a modest scale, Data Miner's free plan can be ideal for you. When you use Data Miner, you'll appreciate how easy it is to access more than 50,000 pre-made queries. Custom scraping and automated scraping are supported by the Data Miner.

9. Helium Scraper — Best for Large Scale Scraping of YouTube Data

  • Price: 99 USD (one-user license)
  • Free option (10 days free trial)
  • Data Format: SQLite, JSON, XML, Excel, CSV
  • Platform Supported: Desktop

Helium Scraper is a great tool for scraping YouTube data, including comments, video ranks, and other publicly available information. Before you can use Helium Scraper, you'll need to download and install it on your computer. Helium Scraper has a lot of characteristics that make it ideal for large-scale scraping, making it a popular choice.

Scraping schedules, quick data extraction, a comparable element detecting algorithm, proxy rotation, and exporting scraped data in numerous formats are just a few of the many features available.

10. Phantombuster — Best for Specified YouTube Data Scraping

  • Price: Begins at 59 USD monthly for Starter Plan (20 hours monthly and 5 Phantom slots)
  • Data Format: JSON, CSV
  • Free Option (14 days free trial with 10 minutes daily)
  • Platform Supported: Desktop, Cloud

With one of the greatest user interfaces in the web scraping industry, this company's website is easy to navigate. For individual YouTube channels and videos, you can scrape data here. Phantombuster can also be used to download YouTube videos.

Five phantom web scraping tools are included in their standard membership package; however, they can only be used for one hour each day. You can upgrade to a Phantombuster subscription that includes more scraping tools and daily operating time.

You can also use one data scraping tool for ten minutes every day on a free account, so you can test it out before you purchase it.

How to Use BeautifulSoup, Requests, and Python to Scrape YouTube

You can create your own web scraper if you're a programmer. However, it isn't as simple as it appears at first glance. As a first step, you need to understand the difference between scraping only one or a few pages and scraping thousands or even millions of pages. Scraping data from 20 pages or more without encountering any restrictions or challenges is possible with simple scrapers, but scraping a lot of pages will necessitate IP blocks and Captchas for web scrapers that scrape a large number of pages. Captchas and IP bans are two of the most effective anti-scraping measures, although there are many others.

A YouTube scraper written in Python is simple, thanks to Python's many modules and frameworks for creating such. In most situations, the library you select is determined by the data you wish to extract from the web. Requests and Beautifulsoup will work if JavaScript execution and rendering are not necessary; Scrapy is also a decent option. Selenium, on the other hand, is the ideal option if JavaScript is necessary to display the relevant data. In general, for YouTube to work, you'll need JavaScript. However, if you turn off JavaScript, you'll only see stuff that doesn't require it.

Building a web scraper to scrape videos from YouTube requires consideration of how to circumvent IP bans and Captchas. When utilizing Captcha solvers, you can prevent IP tracking and bans by employing proxies, and vice versa. If you're scraping a large number of pages, you might also consider using multithreading to speed things up.


Q. Is it illegal to scrape YouTube data?

In other words, if you're scraping YouTube in a legitimate way, it's not unlawful. Many YouTube scrapers propose using their tool in conjunction with a proxy in order to avoid having your IP address exposed and blacklisted by using a proxy service.

Q. Why should I make use of YouTube scrapers?

You can use YouTube scrapers for different reasons; I have talked about some of these reasons at the beginning of this article. Using a YouTube scraper is a great way to gather important market data and organize it in an easy-to-understand fashion.


This shows that the scrapers detailed here aren't limited to YouTube exclusively. There are a few on the market exclusively for YouTube, but if you select the ones I have talked about above, you'll also be able to scrape YouTube effectively without issues.

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