Top 15 Minecraft YouTubers To Subscribe To In 2023

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Minecraft has cemented itself as one of the most popular video games of all time. With over 140 million monthly active users in 2021, it‘s clear the blocky sandbox game has captured the hearts and minds of gamers everywhere.

One of the reasons for Minecraft‘s enduring success is its vibrant community of content creators on YouTube and Twitch. From seasoned veterans to up-and-coming new talents, these Minecraft YouTubers produce some of the platform‘s most entertaining gaming content. Their videos showcase everything that makes Minecraft great – endless creativity, social collaboration, and good-natured competition.

As a social media marketing expert and Minecraft enthusiast, I‘ve compiled this list of my top 15 favorite Minecraft YouTubers creating must-see content in 2023. Whether you‘re a diehard Minecraft fan or simply enjoy gaming videos, these talented creators are well worth subscribing to this year!

1. Dream – 31.8 Million Subscribers

Dream has skyrocketed to become perhaps the biggest name in Minecraft YouTube. He‘s best known for his suspenseful and exhilarating manhunt challenge videos, where his friends try to hunt him down and stop him from beating the game. Dream holds the world record for most viewed Minecraft video ever with over 118 million views – proof that his expert plays and inventive content keep fans coming back.

2. GeorgeNotFound – 10.3 Million Subscribers

As Dream‘s most frequent collaborator, GeorgeNotFound has also garnered a massive following in his own right. Together their chaotic manhunt battles and other challenge videos make for binge-worthy entertainment. And George‘s fun personality has earned him over 10 million loyal subscribers who tune in for his solo streams as well.

3. SSundee – 22.6 Million Subscribers

With his enthusiastic style and family-friendly sense of humor, SSundee has won over more than 22 million fans. His videos range from playing modded Minecraft and trying new game mechanics to collaborating with other top creators. If you love seeing new twists on the Minecraft formula, SSundee‘s channel is a must-watch.

4. DanTDM – 27.6 Million Subscribers

As the longest-running YouTuber on this list, DanTDM has been creating beloved Minecraft videos for over a decade. He helped introduce Minecraft to younger viewers and his enthusiastically goofy personality keeps his nearly 28 million subscribers entertained. These days you can catch him playing various games, but his Minecraft content remains top-notch.

5. LDShadowLady – 7.07 Million Subscribers

Female Minecraft YouTubers have also made a huge impact, with one of the best being LDShadowLady. A talented builder known for her incredibly creative houses, cities, and more, LDShadowLady has inspired millions with her architectural prowess. She also creates funny roleplaying stories with friends that showcase Minecraft‘s potential for unlimited adventure.

6. PopularMMOs – 17.3 Million Subscribers

PopularMMOs rose to fame thanks to his immensely enjoyable mod spotlights featuring his wife GamingWithJen. Their playful banter and genuine reactions to the wildest Minecraft mods fueled their soaring popularity. Though no longer creating mod videos together, Pat still uploads highly entertaining solo mod content for his loyal fans.

7. CaptainSparklez – 11.4 Million Subscribers

One of the OG Minecraft YouTubers, CaptainSparklez has been uploading epic videos since 2010. He‘s perhaps best known for his genre-defining Minecraft music parodies from years past, some of which have over 200 million views! His current content shows he‘s still a master of Minecraft with great skill and commentary.

8. UnspeakableGaming – 7.65 Million Subscribers

If zany humor and over-the-top challenge videos are your thing, UnspeakableGaming is the channel for you! From battling insane maps to trolling his friends with endless pranks, Unspeakable always cranks the chaos factor to 11 with his wildly energetic personality. His passion for making exciting videos is evident and contagious.

9. PrestonPlayz – 14.7 Million Subscribers

PrestonPlayz rose to prominence with his unique mini-game concepts played with friends. His playful competition videos led to him amassing over 14 million dedicated subscribers. Though he plays various games now, his Minecraft content remains creative and humorous – especially his ongoing "Dragon Escape" series.

10. Aphmau – 18 Million Subscribers

Bringing storytelling and roleplaying to new heights, Aphmau is one of the most popular female Minecraft YouTubers creating scripted series. With over a billion views, her immersive videos exploring character relationships tug at the heartstrings while showcasing incredible build craft. Her channel is perfect for those seeking Minecraft escapism.

11. Jelly – 23.5 Million Subscribers

Dutch YouTuber Jelly brings non-stop chaos and fun with his outlandish challenge videos. Whether battling giant Minecraft mods, taking on impossible parkour maps, or collaborating with other creators, Jelly‘s high-energy hijinks are always turned up to 10. His contagious enthusiasm makes every video binge-worthy entertainment.

12. JeromeASF – 6.37 Million Subscribers

As part of the legendary Team Crafted squad alongside YouTubers like BajanCanadian and SSundee, JeromeASF has cemented himself as one of Minecraft‘s most iconic personalities for over a decade. While he plays multiple games now, his earlier Minecraft content full of hilarity and camaraderie is still a nostalgic treat for millions of longtime fans.

13. Wilbur Soot – 4.63 Million Subscribers

Though known these days for his chart-topping music and insane improv comedy on Twitch streams, Wilbur Soot first cultivated his fanbase with Minecraft videos. His engaging vlogs, offbeat builds, and collaborations with other creators like TommyInnit built an audience that now follows him everywhere. And his talent continues shining through in all avenues.

14. SmallishBeans – 2.8 Million Subscribers

Focused purely on the art of Minecraft building, SmallishBeans creates architectural masterpieces for his nearly 3 million fans. From classical structures to pop culture icons, he recently even constructed the entire Friends apartment building! For brilliant blueprints and sheer build talent, SmallishBeans‘ tutorials can‘t be matched.

15. GeminiTay – 1.67 Million Subscribers

Last but not least, GeminiTay is my top pick for lesser-known rising Minecraft stars. Her expertly edited timelapses of stunning mega-builds are awe-inspiring and addicting to watch. And her genuine, bubbly personality further fuels her soaring popularity – which now includes over 1.6 million devoted subscribers and counting!

With so many entertaining Minecraft YouTubers producing such popular content, it raises the question – how do they actually make a living? Well, top Minecraft creators have a few key monetization methods:

  • YouTube Advertising Revenue – This is the most straightforward option. By allowing ads to play on their videos, YouTubers earn a percentage cut of the money generated. Top creators easily clear 6 figures or more annually from YouTube ads alone.

  • Sponsored Videos – Popular Minecraft YouTubers often get lucrative brand deals to promote products in custom sponsored videos. Companies know the immense reach gaming creators have with coveted younger demos. An integrated sponsored video can pay thousands of dollars.

  • Merchandise Sales – Nearly every top YouTuber offers merch from simple t-shirts to collectible figures, toys and more. Passionate fans happily flaunt their favorite creator‘s brand and merch provides another healthy revenue stream for YouTubers.

  • Donations During Livestreams – Livestreaming platform Twitch has donation and subscription options. Loyal fans can support their favorite Minecraft YouTubers by subscribing monthly or donating directly during streams, with creators earning a share.

With one or more of these money-making avenues, it‘s no surprise that the very top Minecraft YouTubers earn 7 figure salaries annually! They turn their gaming passion into truly full-time careers through smart monetization and audience-building.

Are there any age limits for creating Minecraft YouTube content?

Like all YouTube creators, Minecraft YouTubers must follow the platform‘s age and content guidelines. But children can certainly begin creating kid-friendly Minecraft content under proper parental supervision. YouTube Kids also provides a safer environment. Once they hit 13+, teens can manage their own channel.

Can I become a Minecraft YouTuber if I‘m new to the game?

Absolutely! Some of the most popular Minecraft YouTubers started out with zero Minecraft experience initially. The key is having a genuine passion and willingness to learn all the gameplay mechanics. Combining that curiosity with an engaging on-camera presence is a recipe for growth and success as a fledgling creator.

What‘s the best way to promote my new Minecraft YouTube channel?

Leveraging social media is crucial when first starting out. Sharing your newest Minecraft videos across platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Reddit helps them find an audience. Collaborating with other small creators can introduce each other‘s audiences to your content. And interacting genuinely with your budding fanbase fosters loyalty.

I hope this breakdown of the top Minecraft YouTubers creating great content in 2023 gives you some entertaining new channels to check out! And who knows…maybe it will even inspire you to start your own Minecraft YouTube journey. With dedication and consistent uploads, anyone can build an audience around their unique passion and personality. So gear up, get recording, and create something awesome!


Written by Alexis Kestler

A female web designer and programmer - Now is a 36-year IT professional with over 15 years of experience living in NorCal. I enjoy keeping my feet wet in the world of technology through reading, working, and researching topics that pique my interest.