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17 Best GetInsta Alternatives That Actually Work in 2023


Have you always loved GetInsta and used it for your Instagram followers and likes but want to know about its alternatives? This article will provide you with the top best GetInsta alternatives that operate just like GetInsta.

What is GetInsta?

GetInsta is an app that provides free Instagram followers and likes. The app contains many users who make this unique process of getting likes and followers possible, which is a platform that allows users to gain Instagram followers and likes.

It is a third-party service that utilizes a coin system where users can earn coins by following other Instagram accounts or by liking other Instagram posts. These coins can then be used to gain followers and likes for their own Instagram account.

GetInsta's users earn coins by simply liking posts recommended by the app. they can use their earnings to pay for Instagram followers and likes. That is a simple and great strategy if you ask me. Since millions of users on the platform exchange likes on posts, you can easily gain growth through this medium and use your earnings to buy more engagement.

Therefore, this free app allows you to interact with other people who share the same ideas and goals by exchanging likes on posts. The app also runs other fun activities where you can make more earnings, such as Daily Rewards, Lucky Box and Lucky Draw. There are not many free apps like GetInsta offering free Instagram likes and followers.

Is it safe to use GetInsta? (Unbiased GetInsta review)

GetInsta is a platform that claims to help users gain Instagram followers and likes. However, in our experience, we found that the followers and likes provided by GetInsta were not genuine and were not active. In addition, the platform's customer support service was not responsive and failed to address our concerns. Furthermore, using third-party services like GetInsta may be against Instagram's terms of service, and it may result in the account being penalized or banned.

If you are looking for alternatives to GetInsta, there are many other ways to gain followers and likes on Instagram, such as creating quality content, engaging with other users, and using hashtags. Additionally, there are other legitimate services that claim to provide real and active followers and likes, but be sure to research them thoroughly before making a decision.

Best GetInsta Alternatives For Free Followers & Likes

Thus, this article will focus on some of these tools. Some of them are free, and their uses are diverse. I believe that Instagram is not all about likes and followers; there are other aspects such as content planning, scheduling, and hashtag generation.

Thus, this article will be as encompassing as possible. Below are some GetInsta alternatives that can boost your Instagram presence.

1. Buffer

GetInsta Alternatives for Buffer

Buffer is an Instagram App that acts as a social media scheduling tool. Its free plan allows you to work on three different accounts across several social media platforms. This tool allows you to create your post, coordinate all your activities, and schedule your content for publishing at a fixed time.

You can schedule multiple contents and fix their times of uploading. Buffer will do the rest by ensuring you don't miss any schedule. This will increase your posting consistency, which is one thing an Instagram account needs to thrive.

However, with the free plan, you are allowed to have a maximum of 10 scheduled contents at a given time. Subscribing to a paid plan will definitely remove that limitation if you require more.

Other features you will enjoy from the paid version include reporting, account management, advanced scheduling, analytics, and more.

2. Later

GetInsta Alternatives for Later

Later is a social media marketing tool and a great GetInsta alternative. Although this tool accommodates many social media platforms, its main focus is Instagram. The app comes with a free version that allows you to add as many social media accounts as you wish. You are allowed to add a single account from one social platform. For instance, you can add an account each from Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn and TikTok. This app is great for those promoting a business on several social media platforms.

The free version of this tool allows you to schedule up to 30 posts in one month for each account. The app comes with a Visual Instagram Planner that gives you a demo of what your content may look like when uploaded. You will also get an analytics feature to provide you with basic statistics. However, subscribing to its paid version will be a nice option if you want more enhanced features.

3. Agorapulse

GetInsta Alternatives for Agorapulse

Agorapulse is another Instagram management app that provides you with content scheduling and analytics. They also provide you with social CRM features that provide your most active followers and more data. Agorapulse comes with a free plan like other social media management tools on this list. This free plan allows you to manage 3 accounts. It allows you to schedule about 40 posts in one month.

Other things you can do include comment monitoring and post-campaign tracking. They also allow you free access o their educational hub: Agorapulse Academy. However, if you feel you need more than the free plan offers, you can opt for their paid version.

4. Turbo Like

GetInsta Alternatives for Turbo Like

Turbo Like is an app that provides you with genuine Instagram likes and is a great GetInsta alternative. The app has a community of active users that make this happen, and it is one of the easiest and most effective strategies to obtain real engagement for your Instagram account. Like Turbo Followers, this app uses a coin-based strategy to get its users to actively like Instagram posts of other users on the app.

You will surely get likes on your own posts as well. Also, the coins you earned from liking other posts can be used to buy more likes for your posts. This is a great strategy, which makes this app one of the best GetInsta alternatives on this list.

5. Everliker

GetInsta Alternatives for Everliker

Everliker is another great GetInsta alternative worth its place on this list. This tool is a Google Chrome extension that works uniquely. This tool can automatically like posts and view stories on your behalf. These activities can draw attention to your own account. And one good thing is that the extension does not require your login information to work effectively. The app employs an API to carry out its activities. This is a time-saving strategy with the potential of helping you gain more visibility on Instagram.

However, this does not mean that this extension takes full control of your account. You are still to determine the kind of posts you want to engage with. When you engage with other users' posts, the favor is possibly returned, which will boost your image on the social platform.

6. Ampya

GetInsta Alternatives for Ampya

If you are looking for an automation tool that has seen it all and has built a great reputation for itself in the social media growth industry, then you should look no further than Ampya. This great GetInsta alternative is popular for its ability to foster growth on Instagram.

Due to its success on Instagram, the service tool has expanded to accommodate other social media platforms such as Twitter, TikTok, and Facebook. Ampya provides Instagram users with views, likes, and followers at affordable deals. Therefore, if you require a quick surge in followers, Ampya can help you with that.

7. Turbo Followers

GetInsta Alternatives for Turbo Followers

Turbo Followers is a free app that provides you with free followers and is one of the best GetInsta alternatives on this list. This app relies on a coin strategy to persuade its multitude of users to follow other users and engage with their content. Getting started is very easy. All you have to do is sign up on Turbo Followers' app and instantly begin to earn coins by simply following other users on the app and liking their posts. Others who want to earn will also come across your account and follow it.

You can then use your earnings to boost your account by buying more followers. Turbo Followers say they have a community with more than a million users, who all have the same goal of exchanging likes and follows. They assure you that you will get genuine followers through this unique strategy.

8. Plann

GetInsta Alternatives for Plann

Plann is a social media management tool and a worthy GetInsta alternative. This Instagram app provides users with a free scheduler feature for Instagram. Whether you own a brand or promote your ideas on the Instagram app, this app will help make your content creation and posting less stressful. You need to make your content and prepare it for posting. Plann will do the rest by ensuring your content gets uploaded at the instructed time.

This app allows you to schedule up to 30 posts in a month. And another advantage of using this app is that it gives you access to Canva to improve your content creation. There is the analytics feature available for free in one week, which provides you with vital reports on the progression of your posts. The app is available for iOS and Android devices.

9. AutoHash

GetInsta Alternatives for AutoHash

With AutoHash, you can bid goodbye to your Instagram hashtag troubles. It is well-known what hashtags mean to Instagram. Your posts stand better chances of reaching your audience with the right hashtags. And a great app that can provide you with an effective hashtag strategy is AutoHash. This app will automatically incorporate relevant hashtags into your content using sophisticated techniques. With this tool, your hashtags are optimized to remove the probability of ineffectiveness.

This means they will give you the hashtags suitable to each post you make. Also, this will reduce the stress of going about in search of proper hashtags to use. Ultimately, you will save time with this tool. Other activities that this app lets you do include keeping count of your hashtags, marking important hashtags and copying all hashtags to easily paste on your content.

10. Combin

GetInsta Alternatives for Combin

Combin allows you to combine the benefits of two Instagram growth tools. Growthoid and this tool can work together to help you grow your Instagram account. A reliable analysis of your followers can reveal who isn't following you, how to build relationships with those followers, as well as new strategies for improving your targeting approach. You can use this information to improve your engagement and interaction levels, thus increasing your visibility, with the help of a tool like Growthoid.

Combin's high rating among automation tools is largely due to this approach, in which one tool can work with another to spur growth. In addition to the free option, Combin's services are available in three tiers: starter (free), personal ($15/month), and business ($30/month).

11. Thunderclap

GetInsta Alternatives for Thunderclap

Thunderclap is another popular social media marketing brand available to Instagram users and a great GetInsta alternative. This tool provides users with instant Instagram followers, likes, and views. Thus, it will help you manage your time properly and afford you the chance to take care of other things.

You can choose the exact number of followers, likes and views you need, and Thunderclap will deliver them through its diverse and affordable plans that are tailored to meet specific Instagram goals that you may have. When it comes to flexibility, Thunderclap is ahead of many Instagram tools.

12. Planoly

GetInsta Alternatives for Planoly

Planoly is another popular social media management tool for Instagram and a great GetInsta alternative. This app is efficient in generating effective strategies for content creation and increasing your follower count. And one good thing is that it is compatible with several devices such as iPhone, Android, and desktop. This app allows you to create and edit content and schedule them for posting on Instagram.

Planoly comes with several features such as unique templates and stickers, multiple content creation drafts, post scheduler, analytics, save and import posts, favorite template saver and more. This automation app offers a free plan and three other paid plans. The free plan has limitations. It can only allow two accounts, including an Instagram account and another from Pinterest. Also, you can only make a maximum of 30 posts per account. The paid plans give unlimited and enhanced features, costing around $7-$23 per year.

13. Followers & Unfollowers

GetInsta Alternatives for Followers & Unfollowers

Followers & Unfollowers is an app for Instagram users that helps to effectively manage your Instagram followers. It is not easy to understand your followers or know what is happening with your follower count if you aren't keeping tabs on them. It is more difficult if you have many followers on Instagram.

However, this app is an easier way to achieve this. Followers & Unfollowers provides you with information such as those who are following you users that have stopped following.

Keeping an eye on these activities helps you work on your strategy and improve your content creation decisions. This app allows you to unfollow about 50 accounts at once.


GetInsta Alternatives for Turbo Followers

Followers+ is another Instagram app and a great GetInsta alternative. It is compatible with Android devices. It is a free Instagram app that provides you with effective follower management. This app will show you certain statistical data concerning your followers, such as those who unfollowed you, visited your account, those who have blocked you and more. With this tool, you will get vital details on your followers.

This will give you more insights into their habits, which can help improve your strategies. Followers+ also provides you with other info such as your best content, most viewed, commented and liked posts. There is the Instagram Stories' analytics feature, which you will find helpful.

Task Ant

GetInsta Alternatives for Task Ant

If you want a great hashtag-based strategist for your Instagram growth, I believe using Task Ant is the best decision you can make. Hashtags are very necessary to achieve visibility and increased engagement on Instagram. Task Ant provides users with unique hashtag creation methods and incorporates them into your generated content to aid easy posting.

Task Ant comes with a search feature that allows you to conduct searches for relevant and trending hashtags unique to your field. It offers enhanced filtering and search features needed for your Instagram growth.

8. Growthsilo

Growthsilo is another credible GetInsta alternative tool that you will enjoy using. This brand works well and shares some similarities with Growthoid. The tool provides organic Instagram arrangements by using AI technology. If you like what Growthoid offers, you'll also enjoy Growthsilo.

It similarly implements organic Instagram engagements through advanced AI technology and fully-managed service. Growthsilo offers you real Instagram followers, Organic interactions and engagement and more.


GetInsta Alternatives for Growthoid

If you want to grow your Instagram followers, you should consider using Growthoid. This social media growth tool is regarded as one of the top marketing tools for Instagram and a great GetInsta alternative. This tool utilizes AI technology in collaboration with expert managers to move your Instagram account forward.

Growthoid comes with nice filters, user interface and features. The tool comes with two different plans. They have a free trial which you can use to get familiar with how they work and determine if they are good enough for you.


Q. What is the best GetInsta alternative?

There are many GetInsta alternatives. The ones listed here are among the best. However, if we are talking of direct replacements in similarity, Turbo Followers and Turbo Likes are two options that share a similar strategy.

Q. How can I get more followers on Instagram?

Buying Instagram followers from third-party marketing companies is the easiest way to gain more Instagram followers. However, some of these companies are not safe. This is because some sell fake engagements or operate in a way that can put your Instagram account at risk.

You can also choose to use certain strategies to attract more followers. These include creating great content, using relevant hashtags, interacting with others, engaging with their posts, etc.


GetInsta is a free online app that provides users with a unique way to get real Instagram followers and likes. However, no matter how effective a social media tool is, it is always advisable to have an alternative should the need to try something different arise. That is why I have brought to you some of the best GetInsta alternatives in this article.

As you can see, some of these tools are diverse in what they can help you accomplish. Some of them are free to certain capacities. Thus, it is important to know what they can offer, especially if you promote a brand on Instagram and other social media platforms.


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