5 Flvto Alternatives 2023: Download & Convert Youtube Video

For most internet users today, YouTube is the best place to discover new music. Thanks to being powered by Google, YouTube's content matching algorithm is the best in class. Hence, many internet-savvy users now use YouTube to pick out new songs that are an exact fit for their listening profile.

Furthermore, YouTube's search feature and their extensive database quickly help you find albums, live performances, remixes, and lyric videos from all genres. Also, you have limited control over playback features like playlists in the standard YouTube interface compared with other full-feature music players.

However, the major pitfall of using YouTube as a music player is that is you have to deal with ads that interrupt playback and significantly reduce your enjoyment. One way around this problem is to opt for one of YouTube premium subscriptions like YouTube Red or YouTube Music.

Alternatively, you can decide to rip an MP3 version of the music video for use on your OEM music players. However, YouTube does not make this easy, and that is where sites like Flvto come in handy.

Flvto and other similar sites provide services that let you convert any YouTube video into a more manageable MP3 file that gives you more playback flexibility.

What Is Flvto


Flvto is a free YouTube converter that lets you convert YouTube media into MP3 files. You can also use this service to download videos from YouTube platform in AVI or MP4 and standard resolution or HD.

The name of the website says it all—FLV is YouTube default media format, while “to” signifies the ability of the service to convert content into other file types.

Since Flvto is an online converter, you can use this service on any device and any operating system. For the converter to work, all you need are the URLs to all of your favorite videos, and you get high-quality tracks delivered directly onto your device.

Since you get to download the files with this service, Flvto untethered you from the need to have an internet connection (like you would using YouTube) whenever you need to listen to your favorite tracks. Hence, with Flvto, all your preferred playlists can come with you on all your offroad hikes.

Furthermore, the powers of the Flvto video downloader is not limited to YouTube alone. With Flvto, you can download videos and convert MP3 from other top sites like Vimeo, Dailymotion, Metacafe, and Facebook. Like with YouTube videos, all you need to get things started is the direct video link.

How to Download Media with Flvto

YouTube is the home of video, and everyone has their selection on favorite clips on the platform. However, that's all good and dandy only when you are connected to the internet. Do you want to save a few of your favorite videos for offline playback, copy them onto a USB stick, or burn a selection to a DVD as a gift? Flvto has got your back.

With the Flvto web app, you can download standard or HD version of any clip or rip the audio to add to your workout playlist. Even more, Flvto lets you download playlists in one go for ultimate convenience.

Downloading Videos with Flvto

To download videos from YouTube, Dailymotion, or Vimeo with Flvto, all you need is the video or playlist link. Once you have the URL, use the following steps to download:

  • Go to biz and paste the media link in the text box
  • Next, choose the file format in which you'd like to download the clip. You can choose between MP4 and AVI in standard resolution or HD
  • Click on the “Convert To” button to begin the conversion process
  • Once the conversion completes, download your video by saving it to a location on your hard drive.

Ripping Audio with Flvto

If you would instead opt for an audio MP3 version of your favorite YouTube clips, Flvto is up to the task. To download the audio of any video, use the following steps:

  • Choose the video or playlist you want to convert and copy the direct URL
  • Paste the link into the main input field on Flvto homepage and leave the format selection on “MP3.”
  • Turn off any ad blockers you have installed as these may affect the conversion process
  • Click on the “Convert To” button to begin the conversion process. This process can take anywhere from 20 seconds to 3 minutes depending on your internet connection and the current Flvto server speed
  • At the end of conversion, hit the “Download” button to save the new file to your hard drive or select the “Send to Email” option instead.

Alternatives to Flvto

If for any reason you can't access Flvto, or you need a replacement, several websites offer a comparable service.



If you need a worthy alternative to Flvto, Dirpy is arguably your best choice. Dirpy is one of the most popular online video converters and one of the few that can rival Flvto in terms of features and performance.

The Dirpy homepage is a lightweight barebones page optimized for performance. The main feature on this page is a textbox for all your media URLs from YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, and other similar sites. To begin converting a file on Dirpy, paste the URL in the text field and hit the “Dirpy” button.

The Dirpy button takes you the conversion page where you can set a few options before you begin downloading. This conversion page is one of the platform's best features and is arguably an upgrade over Flvto.

From this page, you can set options like the file name as well edit the ID3 tag data. Furthermore, for video downloads, you can select from any of at least three available resolution presets. For audio, on the other hand, you can choose from 5 presets of quality based on the bitrate. Also, you can set timestamps to download the audio for only a portion of the media file in question.

Once you have figured out the file option, hit “Record Audio” or “Record Video” to begin the conversion process. Once the conversion completes, you can then proceed to download and save the file to your computer. Please note that Dirpy only support files that are 30 minutes or less in length.



Another excellent alternative to Flvto for converting online videos into MP3 files is Apowersoft free video to MP3 converter. This tool is a web-based application that lets you convert videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Vevo and other similar sites into convenient MP3 files.

From the site's main conversion page, you gain access to textbox where you can paste links to all your favorite videos. Alternatively, from this page, you can choose to upload and convert local videos from your disk storage or download an offline version of the Apowersoft web app for use on your computer. The page also lets you search the web for specific videos directly from the primary input field.

To convert a video to MP3 with Apowersoft, paste the URL into the textbox and hit “Convert.” The conversion process will begin immediately, and depending on the file size, it will only take a few minutes.

Once the conversion completes, you can download the completed file in MP3 or other formats like WAV, WMA, FLAC, AAC, and OGG.

Furthermore, Apowersoft lets you customize your audio channels and sample rates for each file. The online converter is 100% free to use with no restriction, file size limits, and time download limitations. However, you will need to register an account with an email to get started.



If you need an online converter that gets you to an audio file version in the shortest possible time, Video2MP3 is the one for you. With Video2MP3, there are no file options to set, no registration needed, and no gimmicks on the site. Enter the link and begin downloading in seconds.

From the site's lightweight homepage, you only need to paste your link in the textbox and hit download. Hence, of all the services we tried, Video2MP3 is the fastest both during setup and file conversion.

However, using this site comes with a couple of pitfalls. First, the platform only supports links from YouTube, so if your media is from another video site, you should consider any of the other converters on this list. Furthermore, Video2MP3 does not let you set the bitrate quality of your final audio. And while the site automatically opts for the best quality it can provide, Video2MP3 only support up to a maximum of 192 KB/s.

Video2MP3 has addons for your browser as well as mobile versions that work well on both Android and iOS.



YTMP3 is another lightweight converter that helps you download videos from YouTube or convert them to MP3 in only a few minutes. While the site's barebones interface means that you are limited for customization options, YTMP3 more that makes up for it in speed and efficiency.

Since YTMP3 does not allow you to set any download preferences, the site automatically opts for the highest available quality on YouTube. Conversion on the web app typically takes a maximum of a couple of minutes, and you can begin the download immediately after. However, YTMP3 only support files that do not exceed 2 hours in length.

To download video files, paste your link in the textbox, select “MP4” from the menu directly underneath and begin the conversion. Alternatively, for conversion to audio files, select the “MP3” option.

YTMP3 is entirely free to use, and it does not require any software or registration.



MP3hub is another essential tool to download YouTube videos or convert them into MP3 audio files. This converter web app is also compatible with several other websites like Soundcloud, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Dailymotion, and Vimeo.

To begin downloading a file with mp3hub, you can use the search box on the homepage to search for video files by name or paste the video link into the text field to get started. MP3hub will check the media URL to verify and will present you with a download button if everything checks out.

Hitting the download button takes to the final page from where you can download the completed file. On this page, you also have the option of choosing between an MP3 (audio) or MP4 (audio+video) file. Furthermore, you can also adjust the timestamps to download only a portion of the original video.

MP3hub is entirely free to use, and it does not require any software or registration.



Y2mate is yet another YouTube converter that lets you rip audio and video files onto your computer. Y2mate outputs converted YouTube videos in several formats to match all your needs. For audio, you can convert YouTube videos into MP3, M4A, WMA, OGG, AAC, and WAV. Furthermore, you can download video content in MP4, AVI, MOV, MKV, M4V, WEBM, FLV, 3GP, and MPG.

To begin conversion on y2mate, select the “YouTube Converter” or “YouTube to MP3 Converter” option from the main navigation bar depending on your needs. Next, search for the video by name or directly paste the link of the video you want to convert into the text box. Click “Start” to begin converting process, then select the video/audio format you want to download, then hit “Download” to save the file.

Y2mate offers unlimited downloads and is entirely free to use. Furthermore, the site is fully compatible with all device types and operating systems, and it does not require any software or registration to get started.


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