How To Download Instagram Reel? 10 Best Instagram Reel Downloader In 2023

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Instagram Reels have exploded in popularity, with over 50% of Instagram‘s user base watching Reels every month. As a social media expert, I‘m constantly impressed with the creativity people showcase in their entertaining short-form videos.

However, as a marketer I also understand the value of downloading these viral Reels for further repurposing or analytics. That‘s why having the right Reel saving tools in your toolkit is so important in 2023.

In this comprehensive guide, we‘ll explore the top Instagram Reel downloader options – from standalone software to browser extensions and mobile apps. I‘ll also share insider tips to use these savers effectively as part of your social strategy.

Let‘s dive in!

Why Download Reels?

Before jumping into the tools, understanding why you might want to download Reels is key. There are several strategic reasons beyond just collecting videos for personal entertainment:

✔️ Content Inspiration: Analyzing trending Reels helps guide your own video ideas.

✔️ Competitor Research: Download rivals‘ top-performing Reels to analyze their video strategy. 

✔️ Repurposing Content: Re-edit popular Reels into new long-form video content.

✔️ Measurement & Analytics: Track video performance with downloadable assets. 

For marketers and content creators, having the flexibility to save publicly-available Reels opens up valuable options for optimizing your own presence on Instagram.

According to Instagram, over 5 billion videos are shared in Reels daily. Tapping into even a fraction of this content can give you an edge.

Now let‘s explore the tools that make downloading simple…

Top 4 Instagram Reel Downloaders

I‘ve tested dozens of Reel savers in my role overseeing social campaigns. Through first-hand experience, these 4 emerge as the top solutions:

1. iTubeGO

My #1 recommendation for convenience and flexibility. With over 10 million users, iTubeGO is a trusted brand when it comes to Instagram downloading.

It‘s loaded with features tailored specifically for Reels:

  • Save Reels to camera roll with original audio intact
  • Download any Instagram video or Reel in resolutions up to 4K
  • Convert downloaded videos to mobile-friendly formats like MP3, MP4, MOV
  • Built-in cutter for trimming longer videos
  • Cross-platform support across Windows and Mac devices

I often use iTubeGO to quickly snip short 5-10 second clips from popular Reels for repurposing as compelling social posts. Those fragmented video slices help capture attention!

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2. IGDownloader

If you just need a quick-and-dirty option directly within your web browser, IGDownloader is a handy Instagram saver to bookmark.

It has the key features covered:

✔️ Strips watermarks from downloaded Reels
✔️ Grabs highest available quality
✔️ Preserves audio

The tool itself is mobile-friendly, allowing downloads directly your phone‘s camera roll during browsing sessions.

My main tip would be watching the annoying pop-up ads. But otherwise IGDownloader performs well for basic Reel saving needs.

3. SnapDownloader

Marketers investing heavily in Instagram will appreciate SnapDownloader‘s more advanced feature set.

Some highlight capabilities:

  • Schedule Reels to batch download for large analytics needs
  • Save profiles‘ permanent IG highlight content beyond just ephemeral stories
  • View detailed download history across devices
  • Downloader app integrations for TikTok, Facebook, YouTube etc.

For in-depth competitive research, SnapDownloader is up to the job – pulling robust metadata like follower growth rate, engagement stats, and more.

The premium tool does come at a cost, but offers a free trial to test. For social media agencies, the price tag makes sense by enabling more granular Instagram tracking.

4. 4K Stogram

The final savior option in our top list is 4K Stogram – a free open-source downloader gaining traction for wide platform support beyond only Instagram.

Special callouts:

  • Saves additional file formats like IGTV, guides, highlights
  • Advanced filters and queries to target hashtag feeds etc.
  • Desktop apps available across Windows, Mac, Linux

Developers will also appreciate 4K Stogram‘s open API allowing deep customization options. If building custom social media tools, this is ideal thanks to flexible code libraries.

For the widest multi-platform support in an extensible program, turn to this rising star Instagram and Reel downloader.

Bonus: Mobile Downloading Options

The tools above focus on desktop-class savers perfect for doing analytics or repurposing Reels to feed other content channels.

But for quickly saving a few catchy Reels on-the-fly to your phone, also check out these mobile apps:

🔻 Snaptube (Android)

🔻 Social Down (iOS)

These apps allow browsing and saving Instagram Reels from your mobile feed without any cumbersome copying-and-pasting steps. Tap to instantly download Reels for offline playback or messaging sharing.

Final Tips for Downloading Reels

As a parting piece of expert social media advice:

❗When downloading Reels, remain respectful of creators‘ intellectual property. Avoid reposting full videos without permission or attribution.

❗Prioritize 1080×1920 vertical resolution and MP4 format for quality preservation.

❗Balance your downloading judiciously against device storage limitations.

Implementing these Instagram Reel savers responsibly, creatively repurposing short-form video content can become a game changing pillar of your social strategy in 2023 and beyond!

I hope this breakdown of the top tools inspires your own video innovation and content magic. Feel free to reach out on Instagram @socialstevemedia for any other tips for Reel domination!


Written by Alexis Kestler

A female web designer and programmer - Now is a 36-year IT professional with over 15 years of experience living in NorCal. I enjoy keeping my feet wet in the world of technology through reading, working, and researching topics that pique my interest.