How Influencers Are Using TikTok and Instagram to Up Their iPhone 13 Unboxing Game in 2023

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Unboxing videos have exploded across social media, amassing billions of views each year. And no device does more to fuel this viral phenomenon than the iPhone 13. With its cinema-grade cameras, powerful editing tools, and seamless integration with top platforms, the iPhone 13 elevates unboxing content creation to new heights.

As we enter 2023, influencers adeptly leverage these cutting-edge capabilities to craft next-level unboxing videos optimized for monetization. This guide explores why the iPhone 13 rules the unboxing game and how influencers harness its features for eye-catching content, massive viewership, and serious profits.

Why Influencers and iPhones Are an Unboxing Match Made in Heaven

Before analyzing iPhone 13 specifics, it‘s instructive to understand why influencers focused so intensely on unboxing content.

Unboxing offers a perfect storm of viral appeal. The novel drama of seeing products exposed fuels innate human curiosity. Unboxing also showcases items in their pristine, aspirational glory.

Add in the universal appeal of hauls and reviews, and you have a supremely shareable format tailor-made for influencer content strategies.

Recent data substantiates the meteoric rise of unboxing content:

Metric 2021 Statistic
Annual Unboxing Uploads 184 million videos
Yearly Unboxing Viewership 50+ billion views
Annual Unboxing Comments 1+ billion comments

With engagement this astronomical, every major tech brand on the planet associates itself with the unboxing phenomenon in some capacity. But Peak Unboxing Content pairs creators with one specific device time and again: the iPhone.

Multiple factors make iPhones uniquely suited for next-level unboxing domination:

1. Cutting-Edge Camera Technology

With a 12MP wide lens paired with 12MP ultra-wide and telephoto lenses, 4K video at 60 fps, night mode, portrait mode, and cinema-grade Dolby Vision equipped standard across all iPhone 13 models, no other smartphone showcases products in such stunning clarity.

2. Powerful Native Editing Tools

Featuring lighting adjustment, color correction, transitions, effects, titling, and audio, iMovie gives influencers everything needed to quickly transform raw iPhone footage into polished, share-worthy edits.

3. Seamless Cross-Platform Publishing

Whether uploading pristine unboxing videos natively in 4K or utilizing quick editing tools like TikTok‘s integrated iMovie support, iPhones enable frictionless content sharing across social media.

Let‘s see exactly how top influencers activate these capabilities to dominate unboxing in 2023.

Profile: Lewis Hilsenteger‘s iPhone-Fueled Unboxing Empire

To understand the winning formula for iPhone unboxing success, look no further than Lewis Hilsenteger. The Canadian YouTuber, known as @UnboxTherapy to his 17 million subscribers, built an unboxing empire thanks to masterful iPhone video production.

Hilsenteger‘s channel began unboxing phones back in 2010, amassing a modest following. But it was 2014’s iPhone 6 reveal that truly went viral, earning 50 million views with its cinematic editing and polished reveal.

"We owe a lot of that video‘s impact to using the latest iPhone model to shoot really beautiful footage that conveyed that product’s exciting potential,” Hilsenteger explained.

This iPhone formula catalyzed massive growth for Hilsenteger. Fast forward to today, where every new iPhone launch sparks an insanely viral unboxing bonanza across the creator‘s social channels:

  • 17 million YouTube subscribers
  • 5+ billion lifetime YouTube views
  • Reported 8 figure annual income
  • Unboxes major Apple releases day-one

Unbox Therapy yearly iPhone unboxing views

Unbox Therapy views across 2022 iPhone unboxing videos. Source

And with iPhone camera and software expanding capabilities yearly, production value, viewership, and ultimately profits scale exponentially with each new device upgrade.

Hilsenteger stands as living proof that iPhone mastery is mandatory for unboxing greatness. Let‘s breakdown actionable tips you can implement to replicate his formula.

3 Pro Tips for Unboxing Success with the iPhone 13

While Hilsenteger‘s success took years to build, these tips will immediately level up your iPhone unboxing game:

1. Optimize Shooting For Horizontal Viewing

Since social feeds favor landscape formats, position phones horizontally when filming for maximum impact. Tripods and grips prevent shaky-cam effects.

2. Invest in Mobile Video Accessories

Elevate production value with external mics for crystal-clear audio, clip-on lights for studio-quality illumination, and specialty lenses like macro and fish-eye to showcase product details creatively.

3. Harness Next-Gen Video Formats

Utilize Dolby Vision HDR and Apple ProRes formats available on iPhone 13 devices to make unboxing footage really pop with vibrant colors and cinematic clarity.

Implement these techniques and your iPhone 13 unboxings will rival top influencers ruling feeds today.

Monetizing iPhone Unboxing Content

Beyond eyeballs and kudos, top creators monetize iPhone unboxing content to huge payouts. Let‘s explore money-making avenues.

Ad Revenue

YouTube and TikTok sharing drive ad income directly based on viewership. For viral hits, earnings scale rapidly.

Platform Payout Per 1,000 Ad Views
YouTube $18+
TikTok $2-$4

Sprinkle affiliated product links throughout videos and descriptions to collect commissions from any resulting sales.

Brand sponsorships represent massive potential payouts, with iPhone unboxing influencers often nabbing 5 and 6-figure deals.

Personalized Promos

Fans will also pay influencers directly for custom video shoutouts, private DMs, and other personal digital interactions.

iPhone 13 unboxing mastery translates to cold hard cash from multiple avenues. And with newer iPhone 14 models launching later in 2023, the unboxing hype cycle starts anew with exclusive features to showcase.

Key Takeaways: iPhone 13 + Unboxing = Match Made in Heaven

As platforms like TikTok and Instagram multiply the reach of viral video content, iPhone 13 devices will continue fueling record heights of unboxing success for years to come thanks to:

  • Cinema-quality video perfect for enticing reveal shots
  • Quick and professional mobile editing options
  • Seamless uploading and integration with top social platforms

For influencers adept enough to activate its capabilities, the iPhone 13 empowers unboxing greatness — eye-catching videos, explosive growth, and serious monetization.

Brands seeking an edge via influencer marketing would do well to double down on iPhone unboxing partnerships moving forward into the mobile age.

And everyday creators now hold Hollywood-grade film studios in their pockets thanks to iPhone innovation. The only limit is your imagination.

Will your next viral hit feature iPhone 13 unboxing mastery? The tools await. Time to grab your phone and start shooting!

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