Best Instagram Scraper 2023: Scrape Instagram Followers Data (without code)

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Do you want to create better content and fine-tune your Instagram workflow with the best Instagram scrapers in the market? This article is here to help. This article provides you with the best Instagram scrapers that you can use for your Instagram analysis and data scraping.

There are no ambiguities about Instagram's policy on scrapers, crawlers, or other automated tools. Using web scrapers on Instagram is forbidden, according to the terms of service of the platform. The official Instagram API doesn't help issues, yet individuals are still aggressively collecting data from Instagram despite this. The fact that no one else is doing this does not indicate that you can do the same. One of the most powerful and clever anti-bot mechanisms on Instagram is in place to keep automated traffic off of their site.

A number of sites, including the popular Mass Planner, have been shut down as a result of their efforts to combat bots. However, with the correct technology in place, you can scrape data from Instagram at any size without being identified or restricted. Proxies are the most critical instrument you need to keep an eye on. It's true that Instagram keeps track of IPs and is quite good at spotting proxies, which is why mobile proxies are so popular. There is an alternative, however: you may utilize proxies at home.

You don't need to be a developer to use Instagram scrapers to get the data you need from the platform. What you need to focus on is picking the right tool for the job. If you don't configure your bot appropriately, you'll still be flagged and barred by the system. Here are the best Instagram data scrapers you can utilize for scraping Instagram.

11 Best Instagram Scraping Tools in 2023

1. Smartproxy (Smartproxy’s Social Media Scraping API) – Best Instagram scraper for extracting profiles, followers, usernames, posts, photos, hashtags, and so much more.

  • Begins at $50 for 25,000 requests.
  • Data format: HTML and JSON
  • Platform Supported: Web-based and API-level
  • Free option: 3,000 requests valid for 1 month

If you're seeking to harness the power of Instagram data collection, look no further than Smartproxy's Social Media Scraping API, your go-to solution for extracting publicly available Instagram data. As a part of Smartproxy, a pioneering figure in the proxy industry, their Instagram scraper is the key to unlocking a treasure trove of Instagram profiles, posts, and hashtags.

If Instagram influencers are on your radar, this service offers a well-defined dataset tailored to your needs. Getting started is a breeze; simply sign up and try it out for free. Say goodbye to the worries of being blocked – with Smartproxy's Social Media Scraping API, you'll enjoy seamless access to the data you desire.

2. Bright Data (BrightData's Instagram Collector) — Best Instagram Scraper for Scraping Publicly Available Instagram Data

  • Price: Begins at 500 USD (for 151k page loads)
  • Data Format: Excel
  • Platform Supported: Web-Based

Data Collector is one of the greatest ready-made Instagram scrapers if you are aiming to extract openly available data from Instagram. Instagram scraper from Bright Data, a pioneer in the proxy industry. Instagram is well-represented in Bright Data's Data Collector, which contains Instagram profiles, posts, and hashtags.

If Instagram influencers are what you're looking for, they can provide you with a predetermined data set. To begin utilizing this service, you only need to register, add money, and log in. You won't have to worry about being blocked if you use this service, and you'll have quick access to the information you want.

3. Apify (Apify Instagram Scraper) — Best for Extracting Instagram Hashtags, Comments, and Profiles in the form of API for Easy Integration into Custom Programs

  • Price: Begins at 49 USD monthly (49 USD for 100 Actor Compute Units)
  • Data Format: JSON
  • Platform Supported: Cloud-Based (Accessible through API)

The Instagram Scraper is one of several actors hosted by Apify, a platform that provides a slew of online automation tools. Data such as posts on profiles, comments, locations, and hashtags can be scraped using the Apify Instagram Scraper. Even search phrases are supported, and a list of URLs are provided.

It's easy to incorporate Apify's automation tools (such as Instagram Scraper) into your own bespoke programs because they are all APIs. Alternatively, scraped data can be saved as Excel or CSV files.

4. ScraperAPI — Best Instagram Scraper for those on a Budget

  • Price: Begins at 49 USD monthly for 100,000 API Credits
  • Data Format: HTML, JSON
  • Free option (7 days free trial for 5000 requests)

When it comes to Instagram scraping, ScraperAPI is a strong tool that can do just about everything you need it to do. The free plan, however, has certain limits. For those just getting started in the realm of Instagram scraping, this is an excellent alternative.

One thousand requests a month are included in their free plan; no further fees will be incurred if the request fails. It's possible to keep retrying queries until they're finished; however, the timeout is 60 seconds.

5. ScrapingBee — Reliable Instagram Scraper for Effective Scraping of Data from Instagram

  • Price: Begins at 29 USD monthly for 4000 searches
  • Data Format: HTML
  • Free option (1000 free searches)

ScrapingBee is the solution if you're looking for an Instagram scraper that can assist you in getting past blocks that you're more than likely going to come across. They can assist you in rotating your proxies for you, and they can even help you with headless browsers. For a limited time, you can use them for free, and more than 30 customers have given them a 4.9-star rating.

As a result, you can quickly scrape all the essential Instagram data without having to spend a lot of time doing so, and it won't take you a long time to do so too. As a result, if you need to change your proxy connection frequently when scraping Instagram data, you can do it with the help of these services.

6. Octoparse — Best Instagram Scraper with Instagram Templates to make Instagram Scraping Easy and Effortless for Non-coders

  • Price: Begins at 75 USD monthly
  • Free Option (14 days free trial)
  • Data Format: SQLServer, MySQL, JSON, Excel, CSV
  • Platform Supported: Desktop, Cloud

A web scraper that has been thoroughly tested and proven to work for Instagram data extraction is what you need. To be on the list, Octoparse must exist. Why is this so? It includes Instagram scraping templates to make the process go more smoothly.

Aside from Apify Instagram Scraper, all of the other programs on this list (excluding Octoparse) require no coding skills to use. You can use Octoparse online or on your computer using either option. Even if it provides a free trial option, you can be confident that Octoparse works.

7. ScrapeStorm — Best Instagram Scraper with the use of AI for Easy Detection of Instagram Data Points

  • Price:99 USD monthly
  • Data Format: Google Sheets, MySQL, JSON, Excel, CSV, TXT
  • Platform Supported: Cloud, Desktop

If you're looking for an Instagram scraper, ScrapeStorm is an excellent option. A generic web scraper, ScrapeStorm, can be used to extract data from any page on the internet. It helps in scraping websites undetected by scouring the web for the information that is visible to the public. ScrapeStorm is the only one on this list that doesn't require any training because it uses Artificial Intelligence to autonomously discover data points. ScrapeStorm is a cross-platform application that can be used on nearly any major operating system, as well as on the cloud. It's a premium app, but you can try it out for free first.

8. — Best Instagram Scraper for Handling the Issue of Instagram Infinite Scroll

  • Price: Free
  • Data Format: JSON, XLSX, CSV
  • Platform Supported: Firefox and Chrome (Browser Extension)

An excellent browser plugin for Instagram scraping is You can use this tool to scrape any website, old and new because it was built for the current web.

To scrape Instagram, you can make use of this add-on, which renders JavaScript flawlessly and handles the Instagram endless scroll problem. When installed as a browser plugin,, unlike the other two, is completely free. While cloud scraping overcomes these restrictions, it costs money.

9. InstaScrape — Best Instagram Scraper with the Use of Python for Effective Scraping of Instagram Data

  • Price: Begins at 49 USD monthly
  • Data Format: JSON

This Instagram scraper tool utilizes Python to quickly and simply extract data from Instagram and is specifically created and optimized for this purpose. Having a lightweight file size implies that you can conserve space on your computer by downloading stuff quickly. You can also use it to acquire embed codes for HTML in your articles. Make the most of this Instagram scraper tool for your next scraper session, whether you want to extract photos, videos, or text.

10. ZenRows — Best Instagram Scraper for Upselling your Brand on Instagram

  • Price: Begins at 49 USD monthly

If you want to reach a large portion of your target market, having the ability to scrape Instagram is a must-have internet marketing tool. When it comes to Instagram scrapers, ZenRows is a great choice since they can assist you not only scrape Instagram but also with proxies, so you don't have to worry about your IP address being revealed while you scrape.

There is no need to provide your credit card information because they claim to give a free trial. This is an excellent method to learn more about a company before committing to anything. Using their proxies and webscraper tools, they claim, it has never been easier to acquire the work from the Instagram accounts you are looking at. Your location will not be disclosed, so you can concentrate on data. The fact that they provide limitless bandwidth is another advantage.

11. Phantombuster — Best Instagram Scraper for Accessing Data from Instagram

  • Price: Begins at 59 USD monthly for Starter Plan (20 hours monthly and 5 Phantom slots)
  • Data Format: JSON, CSV
  • Free Option (14 days free trial with 10 minutes daily)
  • Platform Supported: Desktop, Cloud

Data extraction and platform actions can be carried out for you by Phantombuster's bots. In other words, if you're seeking a way to scrape data from Instagram or any other social networking platform, this is the tool you need. In addition, you'll be able to test it out for free.

This phantom is free to use for as long as you like; however, you can only use it for 10 minutes during the trial period. For 30 USD monthly, you can utilize five phantoms for an hour a day in these smaller bundles. In terms of quality and pricing, Phantombuster is a solid option. If you want to get the most out of your Instagram account at the lowest cost, look no further than this Instagram scraper.

How to Use Selenium and Python to Scrape Instagram

In the absence of a way to mimic the Instagram mobile app's demands, you should concentrate your efforts on the Instagram online app. There are a lot of XHR and AJAX queries to deal with because the Instagram online app was largely designed with JavaScript to deliver an almost natural and responsive experience.

Because of this, it is inadvisable to use Requests and Beautifulsoup to scrape Instagram as a duet. Headless browsers can render and execute JavaScript, which is exactly what you need. If you are a Python developer, Selenium is the most widely used and powerful tool for automating the operation of web browsers.

As you may have guessed, there is some publicly accessible information on Instagram that you can view even if you are not a member. Profiles, posts, hashtags, comments, and locations are all included. I suggest you concentrate on this and other non-login options. Why is this so?

Using an automated tool while signed in to Instagram makes it simple for the anti-bot system to identify you, and if that happens, you run the danger of both your IP being blacklisted and your account being blocked. Creating accounts to employ for scraping is one thing; creating a bot that can successfully avoid the check on logged-in profiles and their activity is another.

Jarvee (Jarvee Instagram Scraper) — Best Instagram Scraper for Gaining Total Control of Instagram Scraping Procedure

  • Price:95 USD monthly
  • Data Format: Excel, CSV, JSON
  • Free Option (5 days free trial)
  • Platform Supported: Windows, Desktop

Those who use Jarvee, an Instagram automation tool, are familiar with its amazing features. Over time, it has withstood upgrades intended to discourage botting and is still one of the greatest and most effective Instagram scrapers available. As a bonus, Instagram data scraping has never been easier with this tool.

To get the most out of Jarvee, you need to choose the ideal settings and be sure you know what you're doing because it gives you complete control. You can learn more about how to use Jarvee for Instagram scraping by checking out this guide from the company. Jarvee isn't only for Instagram; it can be used on a variety of other sites as well. It's a Windows-based premium program.

Updated on Oct 16th, Jarvee have closed.


Q. How does Instagram scraping function?

First, you need to know what you want to do before you can begin extracting data from Instagram. Your goals for using Instagram's data must be clear. If you want to extract data from a certain account, you need to consider which keywords to use, whether to use a specific hashtag, and whether to extract data from the accounts of individuals who have commented on a given post, among other things.

Immediately after you have figured out what you want to do, you can begin the extraction process. You'll first need to install an API because Instagram's API is not going to allow you to scrape data from the platform. Instagram logins might result in your IP address being blacklisted and your account being reported if you use an API that requires an Instagram login.

You can also instruct the Instagram scraping tools on this list to scrape videos, posts, or images from a specific URL. Additionally, you can configure several additional settings, such as comments, likes, captions, and posts. Restrictions and parameters like less than 1000 requests must also be configured in Instagram scraper programs since the social media platform enforces scrape limits and blocks scrolling of more than 1000 comments or posts.

All that is left for you to do is sit back and relax while your Instagram web scraper does the rest. It's possible to store the information you've successfully retrieved from Instagram on your computer's hard drive for later use.

Q. Why should I scrape Instagram data?

Instagram is a goldmine of activities. It is a smaller database than Facebook, but it nevertheless has valuable details about the people who use its many different services and platforms every day. There is also a tremendous degree of personalized connection to this data. This data comprises images, videos, and the comments that accompanied them. This information is critical for businesses and social scientists to evaluate and analyze.

This will help them streamline their processes and better understand their target market. They'll be able to do more in terms of research and content creation. The official Instagram API, on the other hand, only permits access to your personal data. In addition, API data and call limits impose a number of constraints. If you want to access data that isn't associated with your account, you'll have to deviate from the API's expected path.

Automated tools known as “Instagram scrapers” will be created as a result of this work. It's possible to automate the entire process of extracting data from social media site using these scrapers. Sending HTTP queries to the pages of interest for downloading is how this application accomplishes this. Data is then extracted from the page and stored in a database according to specifications.


To date, Instagram stays one of the most challenging platforms to crawl due to its robust anti-botting measures. Instagram has put in place anti-scraping measures, but expert coders are still able to evade them. It's possible to scrape Instagram data using one of the scrapers mentioned above if you don't have adequate scraping knowledge.

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