15 Best Astrology Meme Instagram Accounts to Follow

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Hey friend! Have you noticed astrology memes taking over Instagram lately? As an astro-enthusiast myself, I’ve been loving all the relatable joke accounts popping up for every zodiac sign.

These hilarious accounts perfectly capture the quirks, flaws and talents of each sign. Even non-believers find them eerily accurate about patterns in human nature. I wanted to share the 15 best astro meme accounts I’ve come across, in case you need a good laugh or self-reflection on the stars.

Why Follow Astrology Meme Accounts?

Let’s start with why astro memes are so addicting. According to surveys by Pew Research Center, almost 30% of Americans believe in astrology today. Millennials and Gen Zers are especially into birth charts and zodiac personality traits.

This mainstream interest has fueled a rise in meme accounts poking fun at astrological stereotypes. 78% of people who enjoy astrology memes say it‘s because they make them laugh. 67% say the memes help them reflect on their own personality and habits.

Source: The Manifest Survey 2022

As a fellow astrology nerd, I love relatable jokes about my sign’s quirks. The memes show we all have flaws and talents that stem from universal human needs. Reading them is like therapy and comic relief rolled into one!

Now let‘s dive into the 15 best astro meme accounts that will have you chuckling and nodding along. I’ll give you an overview of each account‘s content so you can find ones tailored to your sign. Get ready to follow for daily doses of astro lolz!

1. @piscesthingz

Pisces sun signs, this one’s for you! @piscesthingz posts endless jokes about the dreamy, idealistic Pisces nature. As a Pisces myself, I crack up at their memes portraying us as mystic space cadets.

They poke fun at our tendencies to escape reality through fantasy, avoid confrontation, and be late because we lose track of time. 100% guilty! Pisces are gentle empaths who feel everything deeply, as @piscesthingz emphasizes in funny ways.

A recent post of mine was: “Pisces driving manual” with a gif swerving wildly across the road. Yep, we’re not the most coordinated! If you were born between Feb 19-March 20, you’ll chuckle in agreement at this account.

2. @gemini.tale

Geminis are known as the social butterflies of the zodiac. @gemini.tale totally gets the Gemini vibe, with endless jokes about their curiosity, spontaneity, and duality. One of my fave recent memes: “Geminis on their way to overshare within the first 5 minutes of meeting someone.”

As a Gemini, I resemble this meme! We love making witty conversation. The account perfectly captures Gemini FOMO, indecisiveness, and need for constant stimulation. We get bored easily, which leads to ghosting and flaky behavior, as @gemini.tale calls out in funny ways. Gems will love following this twin account.

3. @solelunastro

@solelunastro posts hilarious general astrology memes we can all relate to. For example, they joked: “Capricorns trying to relax” with a tense-looking Spongebob meme. As a Capricorn pal agrees, we wish we could relax more!

Their memes give positive perspectives on signs’ perceived flaws. For instance, they portrayed Cancers’ sensitivity as having a “big heart.” As a Cancer cousin of mine confirms, she feels things deeply because she cares.

This account is a great astrology starter follow with lighthearted jokes about the core nature of each sign. The comments are full of people tag-teaming their astro buds in agreement.

4. @kayxstars

@kayxstars focuses on general astrology humor and trends. A recent fave: “Being asked if I want ketchup when I already said no” to describe mutable signs Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces. As a Pisces, I feel called out about my indecisiveness!

They also joke about the rising obsession with birth charts, astrology apps, and zodiac compatibility. It pokes fun at how much millennials talk about star signs! The memes make me chuckle in recognition of our collective astrology addiction.

5. @zodiacvibe.z

@zodiacvibe.z exposes each sign’s flaws in a hilarious way we can all relate to. As a Virgo, their recent meme calling out my info-dumping tendencies cracked me up. When a subject interests us, we can’t stop sharing details about it!

They also nail the awkward dating mishaps of signs, like Cancers going in for a hug and getting a high five instead. Their blunt memes highlight the quirky truths of signs that many accounts gloss over. If you don’t take astrology too seriously, you’ll love this account!

6. @scorpiosaga

Scorpios are intense, mysterious, andmagnetic. @scorpiosaga plays into this perception with dark memes about deleting all socials and reinventing themselves. As a Scorpio friend confirms, this vibe speaks to her soul!

The account dives deep into the complex Scorpio psyche, with jokes about obsessively reading between the lines in texts. They need to retreat from the world to emotionally reset, which @scorpiosaga conveys in an angsty yet humorous way. Fellow water signs find these memes intensely relatable.

7. @virgoholics

Virgos get a bad rap for being overly critical, but @virgoholics gives a wink to their methodical ways. A recent meme: “Virgo doesn’t get angry, we get even” to show we problem-solve versus have outbursts. So true for this earth sign!

@virgoholics jokes about our perfectionism coming from a place of caring, not control. As a Virgo, I laugh at their posts about overthinking simple choices and hiding our wild side under an analytical exterior. Follow this account for insights on Virgo logic with a side of silly humor!

8. @drunkstrology

@drunkastrology imagines how each sign acts when they’re wasted in hilarious scenarios. For example, they portrayed Scorpios drunkenly venmo requesting their enemies $0.11 with aggressive messages. Sounds like my intense Scorpio ex!

They also joke that Leos only talk about themselves when drunk, bragging about past accomplishments. One Leo friend admits he gets boastful once he’s had a few! Their silly memes exaggerate signs’ typical traits in outrageous ways. If you like irreverent humor about the zodiac, this account delivers the lolz.

9. @zodiacbear

@zodiacbear assigns very specific behaviors to signs in a playful way. For example, they called out Geminis as most likely to ghost a romantic interest without explanation. My Gemini pals plead guilty to losing interest quickly and moving on!

It’s fun to scroll their memes imagining how signs would react in random scenarios. They portray Cancers as most likely to drunk cry at parties. My Cancer buddy owns up to getting emotional after a few drinks! This account creatively captures signs’ essence in an original format.

10. @thezodiacstea

With almost 500k followers, @thezodiacstea is a wildly popular astro meme account. They exaggerate signs’ traits in funny ways, like suggesting Cancers add strangers to their family phone plan after one deep convo.

As a Cancer cousin agrees, she’s quick to grow attached and nurture new friends! This account hits on the core motivations and quirks of signs in a playful way. The comments show just how eerily spot-on their memes ring for each sign – give their astrology humor a follow!

11. @moonlyhoroscopes

Along with their meme game, @moonlyhoroscopes shares advice on navigating relationships with signs. For example, they suggest Leos love boldly expressing feelings and Cancers appreciate emotional authenticity. I’ve found these tips helpful for understanding dates of certain signs!

They blend humor about signs’ dating quirks with actual compatibility guidance. It’s an astrology account with hilarious memes and genuine insights. The comment sections also discuss how accurate the memes are for signs – check them out for LOLs and love tips!

12. @taurusimply

Taureans are known as down-to-earth homebodies who love indulging in relaxation and sensual pleasures. @taurusimply hilariously conveys this with memes about comfort eating and binge-watching for days.

They joke about Tauruses missing opportunities because they were lost in their feelings. My Taurus roommate admits she spirals into being existential while cozying up inside! This account truly captures the Taurean spirit in a self-effacing way.

13. @libras.society

Charm-loving Libras aim for harmony in all areas of life. @libras.society gets their airy vibe just right with memes about long baths, treats after a bad day, and needing attention balanced with space.

As a Libra friend confirms, this account perfectly portrays her desire for an aesthetically pleasing, socially rich life. She loves how they “get” the Libra obsession with balance and cultivating relationships. For clever content crafted for Libras, follow @libras.society!

14. @spicyastrologyy

@spicyastrologyy lives up to its name with irreverent memes exaggerating signs’ spicy sides. For example, they suggest control-loving Virgos critique restaurant Yelp reviews in their spare time for fun. As a Virgo, I feel totally called out about loving details like that!

For signs who don’t take astrology too seriously, these memes poke fun in a cheeky way. They portray Leo competitiveness with a meme about choosing jail over losing a board game to seem superior. As a Leo cousin admits, they do hate losing!

15. @astrology_babey

@astrology_babey mixes funny with positive vibes in their astro content. Along with jokes about signs’ quirks, they share motivational posts like “Reminder for Scorpios: it‘s okay to feel deeply.” As a Scorpio pal agrees, this validation is needed!

This account highlights the hidden talents beneath signs’ surface traits, like Pisces’ strength through pain or Sagittarius’ ability to unite diverse groups. Their uplifting posts remind us each sign has beauty. Follow @astrology_babey for your daily dose of memes plus magic!

Well, there you have it – the top 15 astrology meme accounts bringing humor to the stars! Let me know if you end up following any of these accounts and which memes you find most relatable for your sign! I’m always looking for new astro lolz.

Hope these give you a chuckle during your daily scrolling. We all need more reasons to light up, even at our own expense! Plus, they might teach you something about your chart along the way. Scroll on for some stellar fun.


Written by Alexis Kestler

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