Top 15 Best Instagram Bots for Auto Followers, Likes & Views


Do you want a better engagement rate for your Instagram posts but don’t know what to do? This article is here to help. This article provides you with the best Instagram bots that can help you with auto followers, likes, and views for maximum engagement.

Business accounts can use Instagram bots to quickly and easily get followers. A business can increase its visibility on social media in a variety of ways. Instagram bots are one such option. To assist businesses get exposure and followers on Instagram, these bots will interact with posts from other accounts on predetermined lists.

Because of Instagram’s recent crackdown, several useful automation tools have been removed, giving bots a bad name. There’s no need to lose hope, however.

Many bots are still in circulation, and businesses are trying hard to find alternatives to services you could have assumed were irreplaceable. Knowing which ones are worth your time and money and which ones aren’t can be a real challenge.

In this article, I will show you the best Instagram bots you can use to boost your Instagram engagement rate without stress.

15 Best Instagram Bots for Auto Followers, Likes, and Views

1. Media Mister — The Most Reliable Instagram Bot Service

Media Markt for Instagram Followers

  • 100 Instagram Followers Cost: 3 USD
  • 500 Instagram Views Cost: 5 USD (for 25 posts)
  • 100 Instagram Likes Cost: 10 USD (for 25 posts)

It’s important to take a step back and assess your progress across all of your social media channels every once in a while. Instagram is an essential channel, but if you’ve got your business on other ones as well, you’ll most likely want to be able to expand them all at the same time.

You can get some assistance with this from an Instagram bot called Media Mister. I like their affordable rates, and I like that they provide distinctive capabilities based on the expansion channel of your choice.

2. Followersup — Best for Managing Multiple Accounts

Followersup for Instagram Followers

  • 100 Instagram Auto Likes Cost: 15 USD monthly
  • 500 Instagram Auto Views Cost: 49 USD monthly
  • 1000 Instagram Followers Cost: 14 USD monthly

Like Network Mister, one of Followersup’s biggest features is the ability to handle many social media accounts at once.

In addition to focusing on your Instagram, they can also assist you with your other social media accounts, such as LinkedIn and Twitter.

They’ve even organized all of their capabilities into several categories, each tailored to a certain support channel.

In addition to competitive prices, they provide helpful customer service. That’s the type of name recognition you need to launch your channels simultaneously.

3. Follow Adder — Best for Real Instagram Followers

Follow Adder for Instagram Followers

  • Price: Charges per account. One Instagram account (with all Instagram growth features) is 24 USD monthly

Due to its consistent hard work, Follow Adder has swiftly risen to the top of the Instagram bot industry. Let’s have a look and discover why it’s such a terrific option: Follow Adder’s ability to manage both Instagram and YouTube profiles is one of the greatest features that sets it apart from the competition.

It’s no secret that Instagram and YouTube are the two most popular social media platforms on the web, and it’s also likely that if you’re here seeking advice on automating your Instagram account, you have a YouTube channel as well.

4. SocialViral – Best for Real and Exclusive Instagram Followers, Likes, and Views

SocialViral for Instagram Followers

  • 100 Instagram Followers Cost:97 USD
  • 500 Instagram Views Cost:99 USD
  • 100 Instagram Likes Cost:67 USD

SocialViral is one of the many Instagram bot services that promise to increase your profile’s popularity by acquiring new followers and viewers for your Instagram stories. They realize that Instagram is continually changing its features, which means that if you want to remain ahead of the pack, you’ve got to react appropriately.

You won’t be able to find the same features anywhere else, and they guarantee the rapid shipment of your purchase. They also claim to have beautiful, low costs so that people of all financial means can take advantage of their offerings.

5. Stormlikes — Best for Fast Delivery of Purchased Instagram Likes and Views

Stormlikes for Instagram Followers

  • 100 Instagram Followers Cost:89 USD
  • 500 Instagram Views Cost:99 USD
  • 100 Instagram Likes:99 USD

A company like Stormlikes, which emphasizes its distinction from others who “just like to sell our client’s ghost accounts,” is not alone in doing so. Stormlikes is capable of assisting you when it comes to followers, likes, and even views without being spammy or phony.

You can reach them using a chat feature on their website. To ensure that everybody can take advantage of this Instagram expansion, they keep their prices low and reasonable. Moreover, they are the kind of business that can promptly deliver customers’ requests.

6. Combin — Provides Genuine and Authentic Instagram Followers

Combin for Instagram Followers

  • Price: Begins at 15 USD monthly

As far as increasing your interaction on Instagram, Combin is the sophisticated and experienced bot service you need. It’s possible to evaluate Combin in the same way as Follow Adder.

They take great pleasure in delivering real people as followers to your account, and they use tools like geotagging and hashtags to help you locate your target demographic and get your content in front of them.

You can collaborate with them to develop your ideal Instagram marketing plan while they handle the underlying infrastructure.

Combin also provides daily and weekly reports detailing their progress on your project, which is a great way to see where they’re putting their time and energy and give them feedback on how they can do a better job.

7. Upleap — Best for Massive Outreach

Upleap for Instagram Followers

  • 100 Instagram Followers Cost: 3 USD

When looking for your next Instagram bot for massive expansion, Upleap pretty much has it all. It’s simple to make claims like this, but after you look into it, you’ll see what I mean. These fellas definitely put in the additional effort to make sure that their services are accessible to anybody and everyone who wants to level up their Instagram game.

Upleap provides each customer with a dedicated account manager they can reach out to whenever they need help, which is a huge time-saver. Getting the assistance you need won’t require you to navigate a phone tree of many persons anymore.

8. FollowingLike — Unique Flexibility for Easy Management of Instagram

FollowingLike for Instagram Followers

  • Price: Charges per account. One Instagram account (with all Instagram growth features) is 147 USD (One-time fee)

FollowingLike is up next on the list. It’s not the top Instagram bot, but it has several useful features that put it here. Its adaptability sets it apart from other similar tools, letting you control many social media profiles simultaneously.

The tool works with Instagram, Pinterest, Tumbler, and Twitter, although its capabilities are much more stripped down than those of Follow Adder. It’s an admirable quality since not all bots are as adaptable as this one.

9. Inflact — Best Marketing Toolkit for Instagram

Inflact for Instagram Followers

  • Price: Begins at 54 USD monthly (Basic Plan)

You should learn more about Inflact if you’re interested in purchasing a top-tier Instagram bot. Unlike other Instagram bots, you can really communicate with this one in real-time.

Particularly noteworthy is Inflact’s commitment to constant innovation; recent additions to the platform’s arsenal include the ability to send direct messages in bulk, plan ahead for future postings, and even generate hashtags. They can also help you automate your interactions with other users, increasing the likelihood that they will visit your profile.

10. Kenji — Best Free Instagram Bot

Kenji for Instagram Followers

  • Price: Begins at 49 USD monthly

I respect Kenji’s honesty in describing itself as the top Instagram bot. It’s great that this Instagram bot is available for no cost and can be up and running in a matter of seconds.

They don’t ask for credit card information during their free trial period, so there’s no risk in giving it a try. In addition to being straightforward to set up, their services are optimized for speedy execution without running afoul of Instagram’s policies on the use of third-party apps. As far as I know, these fellas can do it all.

11. Kicksta — Best Organic Instagram Growth Service

Kicksta for Instagram Followers

  • Price: Begins at 49 USD monthly

In the same vein as the aforementioned services, Kicksta is an Instagram bot that offers cutting-edge software to boost your account’s visibility and fan base. Never try to automate your Instagram account on your own. The Kicksta service is great since it doesn’t need any desktop downloads in order to utilize the program.

Kicksta provides a dedicated account manager who will monitor and adjust your Instagram account’s performance to meet your specific goals. The Instagram followers they provide are promoted as being 100% real.

As an added bonus, they also claim to be one of the quickest Instagram services available while also being one of the most reasonably priced.

12. Nitreo — Best for Instagram Account Growth and Reach expansion

Nitreo for Instagram Followers

  • Price: Begins at 49 USD monthly

The phrase “organic” appears many times on Nitreo’s home page. Why? Because they place a premium on being honest and authentic in all of their interactions with customers.

I like that this Instagram bot double-checks that everything is running well before releasing it into the wild, and if there are any problems, they give a refund within two weeks. I can’t dispute that they work and will increase your audience’s engagement.

13. Flock Social — Best Instagram Growth Company

Flock Social for Instagram Followers

  • Price: Begins at 49 USD monthly

They do this by employing actual people to follow your account and then targeting those people based on the content you post on Instagram. They assure you that the followers they provide to your Instagram account will be authentic and that you will not be shadow banned.

To provide you with the best Instagram-managed growth solution possible, Flock Social employs a variety of proven tactics. Locations, hashtags, and the handles of those you see as rivals are all examples of such details. They can win over those who are actively seeking your content by tailoring it to their specific demographics. The fact that the members of Flock Social aren’t here only to have fun is one of our favorite things about this group.

14. Growthoid — Best Easy-to-work-with Instagram Bot

Growthoid for Instagram Followers

  • Price: Begins at 49 USD monthly

Growthoid may not have been around forever, but its impressive capabilities more than make up for its short history. They obviously have a lot to offer their customers, and they put forth a lot of effort to guarantee that everything they provide is of the highest standard.

I really like that they provide video guides on their site to help users learn the ropes, and they also have a chat feature right there on the front page in case anybody gets stuck or has any questions. As you can see, there is plenty to like about Growthoid, and for this reason, I give them my highest recommendation.

15. Seek Socially — Best AI-powered Instagram Bot for Instagram Followers

Seek Socially for Instagram Followers

  • Price: Begins at 49 USD monthly

For those of you who want to expand your Instagram following, Seek Socially is the option for you. They don’t believe it’s a good idea to purchase Instagram followers, but they instead assist you in getting actual people to follow you with remarkable engagement tactics.

Monthly billing is standard for their marketing subscriptions. When you consider how genuine they are and how dedicated they are to doing real promotions for your Instagram account, their prices are shockingly low.

Steps to Gain More Instagram Followers, Likes, and Views without the Use of Instagram Bots

Step 1: Get your Profile Properly Set Up

Spend some time making your profile seem good before you start using Instagram as part of your plan. Please provide a detailed link and bio. Don’t waste any of the 150 characters allotted in the bio section. If you can, use hashtags in your bio. Avoid becoming a spammer.

Step 2: Know Enough about your Target Audience

It’s critical to publish information that your audience can relate to if you want to connect with genuine people who are enthusiastic about your industry, but if you don’t understand your audience, you might be spending a lot of time and effort putting out the incorrect stuff.

If you want to know how you stack up against the competition and whether or not you’re doing anything out of the ordinary, it’s a good idea to look at how other businesses are utilizing Instagram as part of their marketing strategy.

Always keep in mind that Instagram is equally split between male and female users and that the majority of Instagram’s audience is comprised of young individuals (under the age of 24).

Step 3: Ensure you Engage your Follower More

Engaging with your followers in the right way on Instagram can help you gain the trust of your target audience. Sharing visual content is a strategy that will lead to your followers emotionally connecting with your business since it is generally known that photos trigger emotions.

If you are not making compelling photographs, then you’re not going to motivate people to follow you. However, don’t forget that posting short video clips is also a terrific way to interact with your followers, in addition to posting interesting images. Figure out when your target demographic is online and stick to that schedule.

Step 4: Make use of the Correct Hashtags

To increase your chances of being noticed by your intended audience, you should perform some hashtag research utilizing the various search engines available and then choose hashtags that are of interest to that group.

Step 5: Perfect the Use of Instagram Features

Insightful use of Instagram’s location and tagging tools, together with the increased visibility afforded by Instagram stories and live videos, will increase the likelihood that other users will see and interact with your content.

Step 6: Be Consistent with your Instagram Posts

After putting in a lot of time and seeing an increase in your following, you may start to question how often you should be making new posts. It’s time to strike a balance between publishing too often and alienating your followers and not posting frequently enough, and having your messages go unnoticed. Maintaining this equilibrium is a skill that can be developed.

Increase or reduce the length of time you share your material and see what happens to the number of people interacting with it, the number of people following you, and the number of people that unfollow you.

Step 7: Cross-promote

Having a steady stream of visits to your website means you have an audience for an Instagram widget or follow button. WordPress is a widely used content management system (CMS) that provides many plugins that can be used for this purpose. Email newsletters are a great way to stay in touch with your subscriber base and can easily be enhanced with the addition of a follow button or widget.

Share on other social media like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Instagram photos can be used in posts as well. Don’t forget to make use of the other social media accounts you already have, such as Pinterest and Pocket, to share your content.


When used in accordance with Instagram’s Platform Policy, bots can be used legitimately. Due to the proliferation of false accounts and inconsistencies in bot behavior, Instagram has cracked down on so-called “follow bots” and “like/comment bots.”

Q. Is it safe to use Instagram bots?

There is a stigma attached to bots. If you misuse them or abuse them, Instagram can terminate your account. It’s a violation of our TOS to do so. In this regard, if you use bots properly, your interactions will seem natural, and you will remain undetected at all times.

Q. Will my Instagram account get banned for buying Instagram followers?

You won’t get banned for purchasing likes and followers. Every year, millions of users buy followers to artificially inflate their popularity, yet no one is ever removed for doing so.


You should treat reviews with caution since the market is in a constant state of flux, and new developments and systems are always being introduced.

That’s why it’s important to get the most bang for your buck and take advantage of any upgrades or new features that become available. Taking advantage of the free trials offered by the majority of bots is also strongly suggested.

There’s strong logic behind this because it lets you calculate your whole cost before committing to anything. Knowing and experiencing what it’s like to work with each option gives you a much better chance of selecting the right one in the end, which is particularly helpful given that there are quite a few options out there, which can make choosing potentially difficult.

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