Crafting the Ultimate Demigod Build in NBA 2K23: The Most Comprehensive Guide

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Hey gamers, are you looking to create an unstoppable offensive scoring machine in NBA 2K23? If so, you‘ll want to build a demigod – a MyPlayer with maxed out ratings and attributes focused on dominating the competition through elite shooting, finishing, and playmaking.

As a longtime NBA 2K fanatic and gaming geek, I‘ve experimented with countless build combinations over the years. In this extensive 2800+ word guide, I‘ll share my expertise on constructing the ultimate demigod build in NBA 2K23, from choosing the right position and body type to attribute distribution, takeovers, badges, and more.

Whether you‘re a veteran 2K player or new to the franchise, you‘ll learn how to make your MyPlayer virtually unguardable offensively with the right setup. Let‘s dive in and turn you into a living legend!

Choosing the Right Position and Body Type

The first key step in building a demigod is choosing the optimal position and base attributes. Through extensive testing and research across multiple 2K iterations, the consensus among top players is that small forward (SF) is best for a demigod build. Here‘s why:

  • Provides an excellent balance of size, speed, vertical, and finishing ability
  • Big enough to bang down low but quick enough to beat guards off the dribble
  • Elite shooting range even with default wingspan compared to guards
  • Better interior/post defense than guards without giving up quickness

Now let‘s fine tune your player‘s size and physical makeup. For optimal demigod stats, here are the key body settings I recommend:

  • Height: 6‘8"
  • Weight: Min weight (190 lbs)
  • Wingspan: Max wingspan (7‘5")
  • Body Shape: Built

This combination gives you elite finishing at the rim, lightning quickness to blow by opponents, and great size to shoot and defend multiple positions effectively.

I experimented with 6‘9" and 6‘10" but found the loss in speed/vertical too detrimental. At min weight with max wingspan, you maximize speed and length to be an absolute menace!

Strategically Distributing Attributes for Offensive Domination

Now comes the fun part – maxing out your player‘s attributes and potentials! Let‘s start with finishing. As a demigod, your #1 priority is finishing strong at the rim for posters, contact dunks, and and-1‘s.

Here‘s my recommended distribution:

  • Close Shot: 60
  • Driving Layup: 80
  • Driving Dunk: 99 (!)
  • Standing Dunk: 54
  • Post Control: Leave at default

Dumping so many points into driving dunk is crucial – anything less than 99, and you‘ll miss out on the most powerful elite contact dunk packages needed to embarrass defenders consistently.

For shooting, you want to maximize your ability to consistently splash jumpers from all over the court. Here‘s my setup:

  • Mid-Range Shot: 76
  • 3PT Shot: 85
  • Free Throw: 65

With an 85 3 ball and 76 mid range, you‘ll be able to hit shots from anywhere, whether spotting up or pulling up off the dribble. You‘re an absolute sniper!

Moving onto playmaking. As a demigod, you need stellar handles and passing to facilitate when necessary:

  • Pass Accuracy: 74
  • Ball Handle: 89
  • Speed With Ball: 80

With an 89 ball control, you unlock all the best dribble packages to break ankles and create space for shots. Speed with ball boosts your transition game for unstoppable coast-to-coast assaults in the open court.

Now for defense and physical abilities:

  • Perimeter Defense: 90
  • Steal: 82
  • Block: 27
  • Speed: 85
  • Acceleration: 81
  • Strength: 40
  • Vertical: 82
  • Stamina: 92

A 90 perimeter D gives you great on-ball pressure against guards and wings. Max speed and acceleration turns you into a Ferrari in the open floor. A 92 stamina ensures you never get tired and can dominate all 4 quarters at a high level.

Here is a summary table of the key attribute ratings to maximize for a demigod:

Attribute Rating
Close Shot 60
Driving Layup 80
Driving Dunk 99
3PT Shot 85
Ball Handle 89
Speed With Ball 80
Perimeter Defense 90
Speed 85
Acceleration 81
Vertical 82
Stamina 92

With this setup, you will have all the tools needed to fill it up on offense through elite shooting, driving, and playmaking. Yet you also have solid perimeter defense and athleticism to hold your own on the other end.

Takeovers That Further Amplify Your Scoring

In NBA 2K23, takeovers provide a huge boost to select attributes when activated during gameplay. As a relentless scoring demigod, I recommend choosing these takeovers:

  • Primary: Spot Up Precision
  • Secondary: Finishing Moves

The deadly spot up precision takeover boosts your shooting abilities to otherworldly levels, making you practically unguardable on the perimeter. I‘ve hit dozens of 30+ footers with it activated!

Meanwhile, finishing moves takeover makes you unstoppable attacking the rim. It enhances your player‘s dunking and layup abilities for some epic highlight reel slams in traffic.

Having these two offensive-focused takeovers gives you unlimited scoring potential from anywhere on the court. They take your demigod to even greater heights!

Badges to Unlock Your Scoring and Playmaking Arsenal

Badges are critical for bringing your MyPlayer‘s abilities to their full potential. To maximize your demigod‘s scoring prowess, I recommend equipping these highly effective Hall of Fame (HOF) offensive badges:


  • Giant Slayer (HOF) – Dominate against bigger defenders
  • Slithery Finisher (HOF) – Avoid contact on relentless drives
  • Posterizer (HOF) – Throw down ferocious dunks on all who dare defend you


  • Blinders (HOF) – Knock down contested shots off the dribble with ease
  • Difficult Shots (HOF) – Drill off-balance fadeaways over tight coverage
  • Hot Zone Hunter (HOF) – Become automatic from your favorite scoring spots


  • Quick First Step (HOF) – Explode past defenders with speed bursts
  • Space Creator (HOF) – Craft space from your defender with killer combos
  • Unpluckable (HOF) – Securely handle the rock against swiping steal attempts

I also recommend equipping Core badges like Giant Slayer, Limitless Range, and Mouse in the House which provide bonus attribute points to your key skills.

With the right takeovers and badges amplifying your strengths, no defense in the NBA can contain your offensive onslaughts!

Dominate in MyCareer with Pick and Rolls

Once you enter MyCareer and step on the virtual hardwood, one of the best strategies to fully utilize your demigod scoring abilities is spamming pick and rolls (or pick and pops if you made a shooting-focused build).

The pick and roll is an NBA bread-and-butter play for good reason – it puts the defense in scramble mode and often creates mismatches to exploit.

Here are some tips for dominating with the pick and roll:

  • Call for a screen close to the three point line or elbow
  • Burst off the screen for an open jumper or driving lane
  • If your defender goes under the screen, pull up for an easy three
  • If your man fights over the top, drive hard and dunk on the big
  • If they double team you, pass to the roll man for a dunk or kick out for three
  • Use screens from your best shooting or rolling bigs for maximum effectiveness

By mastering the pick and roll dance, you can put up crazy box scores on a nightly basis. It‘s the best way to fully capitalize on your demigod‘s diverse scoring abilities.

Closing Thoughts: Build Your Demigod and Achieve Legend Status

Thanks for reading my comprehensive NBA 2K23 demigod build guide! I hope these tips help you create an unstoppable offensive juggernaut that strikes fear into the hearts of virtual ballers across the league.

Here are some closing recap tips:

  • Build a Small Forward for optimal size and athleticism
  • Max out finishing, shooting, and playmaking attributes
  • Choose takeovers that boost scoring abilities to insane levels
  • Equip HOF shooting, slashing, and playmaking badges
  • Spam pick and rolls to put up crazy numbers every game

Now get in the lab, fine tune your creation, and start dominating in MyCareer and Park! With the right demigod build, you can achieve legend status and go down as one of the greatest ballers ever. Thanks for reading and let me know if you have any other NBA 2K questions – always happy to help fellow hoops nerds and gamers!


Written by Alexis Kestler

A female web designer and programmer - Now is a 36-year IT professional with over 15 years of experience living in NorCal. I enjoy keeping my feet wet in the world of technology through reading, working, and researching topics that pique my interest.