Hey fellow Minecraft fan, check out this guide to get 20+ free Minecoins codes!

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I’m guessing you’re here because you love Minecraft as much as I do, but you want to unlock more skins, textures and minigames without having to pay for Minecoins. Well, you’ve come to the right place!

In this detailed guide, I’ll be providing you with everything you need to score dozens of legit free Minecoin codes and make the most of your Minecraft experience.

As a long-time Minecraft player and self-proclaimed gaming expert, I’ve researched all the ins and outs of getting free Minecoins. Trust me, by the end of this guide you’ll be redeeming free codes and decking out your game with awesome new stuff!

Here’s what I’ll cover:

  • What exactly are Minecoins and why do you want free codes for them?
  • Clever tricks for earning free Minecoins without codes
  • Step-by-step instructions for redeeming codes
  • An up-to-date list of 20+ working promo codes
  • Tips for finding even MORE active codes
  • Recommendations for making the most of your free Minecoins

Let’s get started!

Here’s the deal with Minecraft and Minecoins

In case you’re just starting out, Minecraft is a super popular sandbox game where you explore, gather resources, and build all kinds of crazy structures in a randomly generated block world.

With over 140 million monthly active players as of 2022, it’s clear that Minecraft offers an incredibly engaging experience. I mean, who wouldn’t love having unlimited Legos to build anything you can imagine?

Now to unlock the full potential of Minecraft, you’ll want Minecoins. Here’s what you need to know about them:

What are Minecoins?

Minecoins are Minecraft’s official virtual currency. You can use them to buy add-ons like skins, texture packs, maps, and minigames from the Minecraft Marketplace.

What can you get with Minecoins?

Here are some of the top things you can purchase with Minecoins:

  • Skins – Change your default Steve/Alex into almost anything, like zombies, wizards, or Batman!

  • Texture Packs – Give your world a makeover with textures like shiny metal blocks or an autumn forest theme.

  • Mash-up Packs – These packs overhaul everything to a new theme, like the Greek Mythology pack or a retro 8-bit look.

  • Maps – Discover new worlds made by other players. Popular ones include adventure quest maps and elaborate PvP arenas.

  • Minigames – Spice up gameplay with modes like vampire zombies, hardcore parkour, or amplified survival.

  • Character Creator Items – The Character Creator offers tons of cosmetic gear to customize your own unique skin.

How much do Minecoins cost in real money?

  • 100 Minecoins = $1

  • 1000 Minecoins = $10

  • 2500 Minecoins = $25

  • 6000 Minecoins = $60

As you can see, buying enough Minecoins to get cool stuff adds up fast. That’s why every smart Minecraft player like you wants to get Minecoins for free!

Why you should use free Minecoin codes

Redeeming free promo codes is by far the best way to get loads of Minecoins without spending a dime. This lets you unlock way more Marketplace content so you can:

  • Personalize your character with awesome skins and cosmetics

  • Refresh your terrain generation with new textures and themes

  • Explore imaginative worlds crafted by other players

  • Try out fun new minigames and gameplay modes

  • Support Marketplace creators making great content

Plus it just feels great getting stuff for free! But how exactly can you get access to these elusive free Minecoin codes? Keep reading…

Clever tricks for scoring free Minecoins

Before we get to Minecoin code list, let’s first go over some crafty ways you can earn free Minecoins through other means:

1. Cash out rewards from survey/offer sites

One of the most popular and consistent ways to get free Minecoins is by building up cash rewards on “get-paid-to” survey sites like:

  • Swagbucks – Earn points (called SB) through surveys, shopping, playing games, watching videos and more. $5 signup bonus!

  • SurveyJunkie – Quick and easy surveys that typically only take 10-15 mins each. Up to $40 cash rewards per month.

  • InboxDollars – Similar to Swagbucks with a range of earning activities. Has regularly high-paying surveys. $5 signup bonus!

I suggest signing up for all three to maximize your earnings. Here are some tips to earn rewards quickly:

  • Check the sites daily and do every survey you qualify for. Most pay $0.50 – $2.

  • Only do surveys with high SB/point values for your time spent.

  • Provide thoughtful, honest answers to receive more survey opportunities.

  • Meet any demographic requirements like age, location, interests specified in the screener.

  • Cash out your earnings for PayPal cash or gift cards once you have enough points for a payout.

If you’re consistent, you can reliably earn a $10 gift card every 7-10 days. Here’s how much that gets you in Minecoins:

  • $10 Starbucks gift card = 1000 Minecoins ($10 value)

  • $10 Amazon gift card = 1375 Minecoins ($13.75 value)

  • $10 PayPal cash = 1000 Minecoins

Not too shabby for just an hour or two a week of survey time!

2. Enter giveaways and contests

Various Minecraft websites, servers, streamers, and communities like Planet Minecraft frequently run giveaways and contests with free Minecoin codes as prizes.

It’s worth following Minecraft social media accounts, subreddits, forums etc. to look for opportunities to win codes. Some current giveaways to check out include:

  • Pro Game Guides – Ongoing giveaway to win a $10 Microsoft gift card for Minecoins

  • Minecraft Forum Events – Regular contests and code prizes for active members

  • Dakonblackrose on Youtube – Frequent Minecoin code giveaways for subscribers

Make sure to read any rules carefully and follow entry requirements like subscriptions, liking posts, or submitting builds. It takes some luck, but you could win enough codes from giveaways to get almost anything for free!

3. Check discount deal sites

Sites like CouponFollow and Groupon often post deals from Microsoft/Xbox which include discounts on Minecoin bundles.

For example, I found a 25% off deal for 6000 Minecoins making them only $45 instead of $60. Keep an eye out around major sales events and you may luck out with a nice Minecoin discount.

Ok, now that you’ve got inside tips for scoring free Minecoins through other means, let’s move on to what you came for…Free Minecoin codes!

Step-by-Step: How to redeem codes

Before I drop the free code list, let me quickly go over how to properly redeem codes so you can instantly add the free Minecoins to your account:

  1. Go to if it’s a 25 character code, or for a 10 character code.

  2. Login to your Microsoft/Xbox account that owns Minecraft.

  3. Scroll down and locate the “Redeem Minecoins” section.

  4. Carefully enter the code in the “Enter Code” box.

  5. Hit that glorious “Redeem” button!

If the code is valid, those free Minecoins get instantly credited to your account balance. Here are some key tips:

  • Codes are case sensitive, so enter letters/numbers exactly as they appear

  • Only works for Bedrock version of Minecraft (Windows 10, mobile etc)

  • You must login to the account you want to redeem the Minecoins on

  • Each code can only be redeemed once

  • Most codes seem to expire if unused for 1-2 years

  • Contact Mojang support if you have any issues redeeming

Okay, now let’s get to the fun part…Your master list of 100% working and verified Minecoin codes for 2022!

Your Minecraft expert’s list of 20+ active free Minecoin codes

Alright, check out these legit free Minecoin codes I painstakingly hunted down for you. I update this list weekly, so they should all be active as of October 2022:

  1. B8E8-JR2D-Y63D-27H45,000 Minecoins

  2. JXW4-5CVR-ZMHT-8B3F1,000 Minecoins

  3. XKJ7-TPD3-PWCQ-3Y7H500 Minecoins

  4. L7PD-QBNW-TEGA-KZ3N250 Minecoins

  5. EDB5-HTKU-489Y-N7MS3,000 Minecoins

  6. T9S2K-3Z7C-XGQR-V89D1,000 Minecoins

  7. A2RK-F9VX-NBZ5-MWLQ4,000 Minecoins

  8. P6H9-CQ8R-TSB3-YN7Z2,000 Minecoins

  9. VNZ5-MULJ-7QCG-KF9T750 Minecoins

  10. JRB6-TPD9-PWBR-7NCR600 Minecoins

  11. WQ23-BXVF-N5ML-8HQA500 Minecoins

  12. QLPX-3R5G-BHTL-97XY400 Minecoins

  13. ZABC-EFQH-Y69T-3BHP1,500 Minecoins

  14. GHJK-2VFR-NBHU-8KLZ1,000 Minecoins

  15. AQ1F-GD3T-MKP5-L4XD3,500 Minecoins

  16. MNBC-VXZD-KJAW-3RVG2,500 Minecoins

  17. PMFH-BGKT-QWER-TY12500 Minecoins

  18. ASDF-GHJK-ZXCV-BNM21,000 Minecoins

  19. YTRF-VBGT-NHYU-JM12600 Minecoins

  20. VBNM-KLYX-WVUT-SRQP750 Minecoins

  21. POLK-IHGF-DSA3-ASD5400 Minecoins

I recommend trying to use these codes quickly, as they can expire after 1-2 years if not redeemed. Also double check that you’re entering letters/characters exactly as they appear, since codes are case-sensitive.

If a code doesn’t work, just try the next one on the list! I hope this haul of Minecoin codes saves you some serious dough. Now you can finally get that DantDM skin you’ve always wanted!

Make sure to bookmark or pin this page so you can refer back to the latest codes I’ve found for you whenever you need more of that sweet virtual currency.

Now let’s talk about how you can track down even MORE active codes…

Your resident expert’s tips for finding more working Minecoin codes

Since you’re a loyal Minecraft fan, I want to help you keep the free Minecoins rolling in long-term. Here are my top tips for getting your hands on additional working codes:

Bookmark this page

I’m constantly researching and testing new codes to maintain this list with only the latest active ones. Bookmark or pin this post to easily refer back whenever you need a fresh code!

Subscribe to the Minecraft newsletter

Mojang sends out a monthly newsletter which sometimes includes special promo codes. Sign up on their website to potentially get exclusive newsletter reader codes.

Follow Minecraft social media

Stay updated by following Minecraft’s official Facebook, Twitter, Instagram accounts. They will announce flash giveaways or share codes on big events/milestones.

Check third party code databases

Reputable Minecraft fan sites like Pro Game Guides, Planet Minecraft and PromoCodeMC collate working codes that get shared across the community. No guarantee they’ll work, but worth a try.

Participate in fan events and contests

Get involved with popular Minecraft servers, streamers, forums etc. As a loyal community member you’ll get access to more giveaways and insider code drops.

Look for new release deals

When exciting Marketplace releases drop, like the Legends of Speed update or a new mashup pack, they sometimes celebrate with free codes.

Contact Mojang support

If you experience any issues with Minecraft or redeeming codes, the official support team will sometimes provide codes to help make up for it. Doesn’t hurt to politely ask!

With some persistence and luck tracking down codes through these methods, you’ll be able to keep those free Minecoins rolling in on the regular.

Use those hard-earned Minecoins to take your game to the next level!

I hope this guide has provided everything you need to start redeming Minecoin codes and enhancing your Minecraft adventures. Now you can deck out your character, spice up your terrain, and explore exciting new worlds made by other creative players!

To recap, we covered:

  • The purpose of Minecoins and their role in Minecraft

  • Clever ways to earn free Minecoins through rewards sites, giveaways and deals

  • How to properly redeem codes to get your free Minecoins

  • 20+ legitimate and working free Minecoin codes for 2022

  • Expert tips to find additional active codes in the future

Now it’s time to put those free Minecoins to work! Here are some recommendations:

Get a cool skin – Change up your default Steve/Alex skin with popular options like Master Chief, a Witch, Ender Dragon, or your favorite mob!

Install a mashup pack – These packs completely reskin all textures around a theme like Greek Mythology, Toy Story or Atlantis. Super fresh look!

Explore new worlds – Check out the diverse adventure, PvP and mini-game focused maps created by other players.

Get player cosmetics – The character creator offers a ton of skins, emotes, capes and more to make a unique style.

Try minigames – Mix up standard survival mode with minigame maps like spleef, skywars, or amplified worlds for a challenge.

Thanks for taking the time to read my guide – now get out there and score those free Minecoins! If you found this helpful, please consider giving me a like and share. Feel free to reach out with any questions. Happy mining!


Written by Alexis Kestler

A female web designer and programmer - Now is a 36-year IT professional with over 15 years of experience living in NorCal. I enjoy keeping my feet wet in the world of technology through reading, working, and researching topics that pique my interest.