Best Instagram Private Account Viewer That Work With No Survey (2023)

Instagram Private Account Viewer

Do you want to gain access to images and videos of Instagram private accounts? This article provides you with the best tools and apps to view any content of private Instagram accounts without the owners detecting it.

One of the most renowned social platforms where you can share your day-to-day experience via images and videos is Instagram. On the other hand, it can be sad when you wish to view certain content of your favorite Instagram user only to find out that the account is set to private.

The good news is that Instagram users can now utilize anonymizing tools to view user profiles without revealing their true identities. One of the various Instagram private viewer options is at your disposal. Many of them are without cost and work admirably.

The reverse is also true, however, and you should use caution when selecting an actor to hire. The purpose of this article is to recommend some reliable and private Instagram viewers.

16 Best Instagram Private Account Viewers in 2023

1. eyeZy — Best for Accessing and Monitoring of Private Instagram Accounts, Optimized for Mobile Devices

eyeZy overview

This innovative private Instagram viewer eyeZy allows access to Instagram profiles that are set to private on both iOS and Android devices. When it comes to monitoring a mobile phone's location, there is no competition for eyeZy. You can use this application to monitor a specific Instagram account's performance on your smartphone.

That's why they're a great option for parents who want to keep an eye on their kids' digital habits without making them feel constantly monitored. With your own personal Instagram viewer, you'll never again need to worry about missing out on anything important.

2. uMobix — The Most Reliable Method for Monitoring Any Instagram User and Viewing Their Private Content

UMobix overview

UMobix is one of the greatest private Instagram viewers available, so you can finally see those accounts you've been trying to watch for a long time. This secret Instagram viewer is perfect for parents who wish to keep an eye on their kids' social media activity. While there are plenty of other apps and services that can help you in many ways, if you want to zero down on a certain area, these experts can be of great aid.

On an Android smartphone, you can monitor your kids' activities by taking screenshots, and you can restrict their access to inappropriate content. That way, you can stay abreast of all the latest developments by checking the status of their transmissions and receptions every five minutes.

3. Glassagram — The Best Option for Staying Anonymous While Viewing Private Instagram Accounts

Glassagram overview

By using a secret Instagram viewer like Glassagram, you can safely explore private accounts without worrying about the account owner discovering your browsing history or identifying information. Customer profiles on Glassagram are comprehensive, and the program can be up and running in no time. You should not bother about completing any forms or undergoing any kind of “human verification.”

These services are provided at no cost, and you can even try them out before committing. In under a minute, you'll be ready to dive into the app's features. Glassagram provides its customers with near-constant data reporting on the status of their services and information. For this reason, you can follow your favorite Instagram accounts without worrying about missing any updates.

4. xMobi — The Simplest Tool for Accessing Private Instagram Profiles

xMobi overview

Among the few applications, you can use to view Instagram private accounts is xMobi. It is a private Instagram viewer that attempts to make it easier to hack into someone else's account and read their posts and interactions without them knowing.

You don't need to be computer smart to use their services, and they make hacking Instagram accounts a breeze. If you use their flexible technique, you won't need access to the target's phone to see their Instagram feed; you can do it from anywhere with an internet connection.

5. Like Creeper — A Top Choice for Snooping on Private Instagram Profiles

Like Creeper overview

Like Creeper is one of the best private Instagram viewers available online since it lets you watch Instagram without disclosing your true identity. This site allows you to see Instagram content without having an Instagram account. You can use the service immediately and without creating an account for it. All you need to do is to enter the username of the account you want to access, and you will be sent there. Like Creeper is a service that lets you browse the web in complete secrecy.

You can safely and legitimately check out Instagram profiles online. The same as the Instagram app, except you don't need to log in to start using it. Instagram has neither created nor is associated with this page. Instead, Instagram's APIs are used by a third party to create the app. However, there are no repercussions for using it, so go ahead.

6. mSpy Instagram Tracker — A Universal Method of Viewing and Monitoring Instagram Accounts That Are Set to Private

mSpy Instagram Tracker overview

Are you a parent who wants to monitor their kids' Instagram use but not seem overbearing? Then the mSpy program is what you need. This application is a general espionage instrument that can be used to spy on a wide variety of online activities, including but not limited to WhatsApp, Facebook, call history, and text messages.

One advantage of utilizing mSpy is that you can listen in on conversations covertly, thanks to its remote access capabilities. Since such, I don't recommend that my readers use it for spying on other people, as I see it more as a parental control tool than a surveillance tool.

7. SpyHuman — Track and View Private Instagram Profiles Easily

SpyHuman overview

When it comes to keeping tabs on your Instagram buddies, SpyHuman is a terrific solution since its functions are accessible to everyone. Instagram chats, videos, and photos are just some of the features available to customers.

A user's contact information, including a phone number, is made available upon request. Maximize the value of our exclusive Instagram viewer by making use of all of its built-in functions.

8. PrivateInsta — Best Instagram Private Account Viewer for Viewing Private Instagram Content Without the Owners' Permission

PrivateInsta overview

The only way to see content from a private Instagram account is to first be granted access to it. To see private Instagram accounts without the owners' knowledge, you can use PrivateInsta. All platforms and operating systems are equally supported as long as a web browser that supports JavaScript is used to access the service.

Using PrivateInsta, all you need to do is enter the username of the account you want to see. As a market leader in this space, it has had its product available for purchase for over five years. This website is safe to use since all data is encrypted and stored safely.

9. StoriesIG — Especially useful for accessing restricted accounts and downloading Instagram Stories

StoriesIG overview

The SmiHub or StoriesIG service is a great choice if you'd want to read tales without revealing your identity. It's commonly known that when you see someone else's Instagram story, your name will show up among the list of individuals who have viewed that story.

See people's StoriesIG without their knowledge by using the StoriesIG function. Another useful feature that isn't available on Instagram properly is the ability to bookmark stories you view. Enter the username of the account; choose the tale, and then click “Save” to download it to your device.

10. InstaDP — Best for Viewing Instagram Private Account without Paying a Dime

InstaDP overview

With InstaDP, you can browse Instagram in complete secrecy. There are online versions available for free, but they are supported by advertisements. The app does a lot more than just download Instagram profile pictures, despite the fact that its name implies otherwise.

Features such as a reel downloader, narrative downloader, video downloader, and image downloader are all available. It's important to emphasize that in none of these cases will you be required to reveal your true identity. InstaDP's intended function is carried out effectively, and it succeeds at that. Neither you nor anybody else should be in any danger. TikTok is also supported by Instagram.

11. WatchInsta — The Most Effective Method for Browsing a Private Instagram Account in Complete Anonymity

WatchInsta overview

If you want to know how to see private Instagram accounts, you could also use WatchInsta. There is no other service like it since you can see people's private profiles. WatchInsa can be used if you want to see what a user who has their profile set to private has been publishing.

Using this application, you can see a private Instagram account's photos and videos without being one of the account's followers. The tool protects your anonymity while you work, so you can feel safe using the application. The profile data can be exported in its whole as a zip file, which is a handy extra feature. Downloadable WahtcInsta is always current and well-maintained.

12. Instalookers — Perfect for Spying on Private Instagram Profiles and Posts

Instalookers overview

Since Instalookers was created for the sole goal of seeing private Instagram profiles, this is the term that best describes what it does. As long as you know how to access the account's data and posts, you won't be at the mercy of the individual who banned you or changed their profile's privacy settings to public.

After entering the account's username, you'll have access to the whole contents of the account. You can also avoid revealing your true identity by not registering or signing in. No software download is required to use Instalooker, ensuring that your computer or mobile device will remain uncompromised at all times.

13. IGLookUp — The Most Effective Means of Viewing All Content on Restricted Instagram Accounts

IGLookUp overview

When thinking about secret Instagram viewers, IGLookUp is the first service that comes to mind. It doesn't mean it's any less effective than the alternative, either. Instagram account unlocking-wise, it's on par with similar services. IGLookUp is a great tool for finding hidden Instagram photos and videos.

There is no need to submit a follow-up request that is approved or denied while using this method. The profile is fully accessible with only the username, just as if you were already following the account. Since IGLookUP is open-source and free, there is no need to sign up to utilize it. The fact that it is both secure and easy to use is a bonus.

14. Storiesdown — A Powerful Tool for Viewing Private Instagram Profiles

Storiesdown overview

Storiesdown only works with Instagram stories. But if you use it for what it was designed for, you'll find that it's one of the best options out there. If you require covert access to another person's Stories, you can accomplish it with the use of the Storiesdown service. Due to the online nature of the tool, registration or software download is not required prior to usage.

The ability to download is another feature that sets it apart from Instagram's official app. The software can be used without worry or breaking the law. Although the company relies on advertising for revenue, you will be subjected to them nonetheless.

15. Gwaa — The Most Effective Method for Viewing a Private Instagram Account

Gwaa overview

The best option for private Instagram observers right now is Gwaa. With this new technology, you can see Instagram users' private photos and videos without revealing your true identity. This app might be considered one of the Instagram stalker apps if it allows users to see private accounts without sending a follower request.

Gwaa will also provide you with other data, such as the account's bio, description, and the people it follows and is followed by. Gwaa fits the bill for no-cost software. This program is accessible online and does not need any additional software to run. Even more so than other places, Gwaa is secure.

16. Instagram++ — Free Instagram Private Account Viewer

Instagram++ overview

You can use this app to access Instagram in private for free. Instagram++ allows users to access their personal accounts without alerting the social media platform. With this software, you don't have to wait for results, and there's no need to verify anything. The interface is easy to use.

I found just one drawback: you may need to install two other apps on your phone before you can use this one. Once you download the Instagram++ application, the next thing is to input the username of the Instagram account you want to view, then you can click on the ‘view profile’ option to view the account content.

Tips to View Instagram Private Account

1. Follow the Account

The easiest approach to view posts from a private Instagram account is to send a follow request to the account's owner. If they have made their profile public, you can view their posts and stories. When you use this strategy, you won't need to worry about viruses or fraudulent schemes.

Nothing here violates Instagram's rules or the law. In a nutshell, it's the only rational choice available. Before requesting to be followed, it can be wise to reconsider why you care to view that user's content in the first place.

2. Open an Instagram account that is fake

For whatever reason, if you want to follow a private Instagram account without anyone knowing, you can simply make up a fake account and request to follow.

To be clear, Instagram's terms of service expressly forbid such conduct. Doing so may lead to an indefinite ban on further app use. Catfishing need not be immoral simply because it is unethical. As expected, please exercise caution.

3. Perform a Google Image Search to find Images from Instagram Private Accounts

Using Google Image Search, you can uncover photos from hidden Instagram profiles. This is because the guarantee would only apply to images uploaded before the account was made public, which is obviously impossible. If the account has always been set to private, it will not show up in a Google search.

But every once in a while, it's worth a try. The easiest and most direct method for seeing content on private Instagram accounts is to send a follow request. The solutions available are all problematic from a moral standpoint and could even be criminal.

4. Find the User’s Account on Other Social Media Platforms

As far as social media is concerned, you can easily find other users on other social platforms, provided they are using their real names.

If you don't have any luck locating someone after a search on Instagram, you can try looking for them elsewhere on the web to see if they've shared the link to their account there.

One such restriction is the throttling of their other social media accounts. It's possible that you won't be able to see their content on other sites, but it doesn't hurt to try.

5. Make use of Third-Party Applications

An abundance of applications provide “private profile viewing features” for Instagram. Most of these applications aren't what they seem to be, and they're actually attempting to steal your personal details or corrupt your devices with viruses or malware. You can refer to the applications I have shared above to be able to view Instagram private accounts without stress.


Q. Can I view a private Instagram account without paying a dime?

Access private Instagram accounts without paying a dime with the help of our curated assortment of private viewer apps.

Which one you choose and which one shows the greatest promise in helping you achieve your Instagram objectives is what really counts. You have to make the decision for yourself.

Q. How secure are Instagram viewer apps for viewing restricted profiles?

There are so many “private Instagram observers” available that I can't possibly recommend them all. However, the ones I mentioned in the text are risk-free.

Only mSpy requires its users to physically install software on their device. All of them can be seen without an Instagram account.

No security holes or breaches have been discovered as a direct consequence of using the tools. Instagram “hacks” are mostly just programs that provide legal access to the service's private APIs.

Q. When viewing a private Instagram account, would my device be at risk of getting a virus?

Another concern is that the vast majority of Instagram's private viewers are really hosted online programs.

A virus is much more likely to infect your computer now that you've exposed it to the outside world. While it's more difficult to acquire a virus on a phone than it is on a computer, you still run the risk of putting your data at risk and being a victim of phishing or hacking.

No private Instagram viewer that requires surveys or human verification has my recommendation because they all require engaging with potentially malicious third-party sites. The App Store does not provide any alternatives.

At the end of the day, I was unable to find any additional reliable Instagram followers other than the ones I've already mentioned. It's possible that the vast majority of your private Instagram viewers are really just a sophisticated scheme to steal your identity and your money.

If you want to avoid getting scammed or putting your phone at risk, I only recommend the most trustworthy applications on this list.

Q. Is it morally OK to use Instagram private account viewers?

The advantages and disadvantages of social media are well-known. This question has a complex solution.

Whether your audience consists of intimate friends and family or die-hard fans of your work or brand, social media platforms are a great way to reach them and generate money, launch a business, or spread the word. It's probably not a good idea to use a private Instagram viewer to snoop around on a stranger's profile without their permission.

You need to reconsider whether or not your current course of action is immoral before continuing it. Use a private Instagram viewer if you want to see the content of a friend or family member's private Instagram account.


There are a plethora of private Instagram viewers available for a variety of purposes, such as viewing static anonymously, downloading photos, and accessing secret accounts. All of them are no-cost and require no sign-up to try, so you won't have to wait to find out if they help.


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