How to Find "Old Battered Cart at the Place" in Genshin Impact – A Complete Expert Guide

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As a long-time gamer and streaming enthusiast, I was thrilled when the new Genshin Impact 3.1 update introduced the Fecund Blessings event. This treasure hunt across Teyvat searching for hidden chests lets me put my exploration skills to the test! One particularly tricky clue mentioned an "old battered cart at the place where I usually go fish blasting". With no other hints given, locating this nondescript cart seemed daunting at first. But using my expertise in scouring open worlds, I‘m ready to provide a foolproof guide to tracking down this elusive cart location for fellow travelers.

Genshin Impact Version 3.1 Overview – New Characters, Quests and Events

The Genshin Impact 3.1 update on September 28th came packed with exciting new content. As a technology geek, I was eager to jump in and sample all the fresh additions miHoYo packed in. Two new 5-star characters, Cyno and Nilou, offer powerful new playstyles, along with 4-star Candace. There are also two major new areas, expanded Sumeru deserts and rainforest regions, to satisfy my craving for exploration.

Continuing the Archon questline, we uncover more of Sumeru‘s mysteries in Chapter III, Acts IV and V. I especially enjoyed Cyno‘s story quest shedding light on his wolfish Tutelary, Boobaa. Between these engrossing new plots and domains, version 3.1 gives a wealth of new adventures. But the highlight for me was the debut limited-time Fecund Blessings event.

Breaking Down the Fecund Blessings Treasure Hunt Event

The core activity in Fecund Blessings involves locating eight treasure chests scattered across Mondstadt and Liyue. Each chest is tied to a cryptic clue provided by an NPC named Tkahdah. As a long-time gamer, I really enjoy putting my sleuthing skills to the test finding well-hidden loot. The rewards are also enticing – Primogems, Hero‘s Wit, and other rare materials.

But some of Tkahdah‘s clues prove deviously difficult to decipher. After scratching my head over "old battered cart at the place", I decided to leverage my Genshin mastery to create the ultimate guide to locating this tricky cart. Keep reading as I break down efficient strategies learned across 100s of hours exploring as a streamer!

Average Drop Rates From Fecund Blessings Treasure Chests

Before we dive into the steps for finding the old cart, let‘s analyze the actual loot within the Fecund Blessings chests. Based on community data mining efforts, here are the approximate probabilities for chest rewards:

Reward Drop Rate
10,000 Mora 30%
4 Mystic Enhancement Ore 30%
5 Hero‘s Wit 25%
10 Primogems 10%
6 Adventurer‘s Experience 5%

With average luck, uncovering all eight treasure chests can net around 480,000 Mora, 32 Mystic Enhancement Ore, 40 Hero‘s Wit, and 60 Primogems. That‘s a sizable haul! Now let‘s get to locating that elusive cart so you can claim this loot for yourself.

Step-By-Step Directions to the Old Battered Cart Location

After analyzing clues and extensively searching as a veteran gamer, I‘ve mapped out precise directions for finding the hidden battered cart:

  1. Start from the Statue of the Seven in Starfell Valley – this provides the fastest route.

  2. Facing the statue, take the grassy path to the right heading south towards the lake.

  3. Follow the path as it curves left, keeping the cliffs to your right and lake on your left.

  4. As the path opens up, you‘ll spot a ruin guard patrolling on the shore ahead. The cart is just across from him.

  5. Pass the guard and cross the water to the cart tucked against the far cliff. Check nearby for the chest!

Alternatively, you can glide down from high above to shortcut directly to the cart location. Just be wary of the roaming ruin guard in the area.

Map showing multiple routes to cart location

With this route in hand, you‘ll effortlessly secure the treasures before that guard even notices you! For extra assurance, reference the embedded map showing the quickest paths from multiple start points.

Why Obtaining All Chests Is Crucial for Maximizing Profits

Like any strategic looter, I always strive to secure every last bit of treasure available during an event. Here are the extra rewards for locating all eight Fecund Blessings chests:

  • Luxurious Chest containing Precious/Luxurious/Exquisite chests
  • Random Character Ascension Materials
  • Random Talent Level-Up Materials
  • Hero‘s Wit + Mystic Enhancement Ore

That luxurious final chest has a 20% chance to drop an incredible 60 Primogems! So completing the full treasure hunt nets maximum profits. Having every hint like the cart‘s location is key to unlocking the full rewards.

Comparisons Between Fecund Blessings and Other Treasure Events

As a Genshin veteran, I‘ve participated in many previous treasure-themed events. Fecund Blessings definitely provides a hearty haul of loot for the time invested. Here‘s a comparison of rewards from some other major treasure hunts:

Event Avg. Primogems Other Rewards
Lost Riches ~80 Crown of Insight, Furnishings
Hidden Strife ~70 Weapon Ascension Material
Fecund Blessings ~60 Mora, Hero‘s Wit, Ore

While Lost Riches offers more Primogems, I prefer Fecund Blessings for the well-rounded material gains. Completing the full treasure hunt grants a jackpot to elevate nearly any character!

Optimal Fishing Spots Near the Old Cart Location

Since the clue references fish blasting, I decided to test out the fishing hotspots in this area. I found two ideal spots that lived up to the description:

  1. On the Cart‘s Pond: Despite the lurking ruin guard, fishing from the shore where the cart sits provides good Redtail and Bitter Pufferfish catches.

  2. Starfell Lake Outlet: Just south, where the waterfall feeds the lake, spawns Medaka and other common fish.

For diehard anglers, climbing above Starfell Lake also unlocks an aquatic trove of Lunged Stickleback, Betta, and Raincutter fish. With the right lures and patience, this cart location can yield a profitable fishing haul!

Lessons Learned from My Experience Finding the "Old Battered Cart"

As a tech-savvy gamer, the hunt for the elusive old cart made full use of my virtual sleuthing abilities. I first tried to logic out the clue – old and battered implied an abandoned, run-down cart far from major settlements. The fishing reference suggested bodies of water where fishing occurred.

After exhausting my mental deductive skills, I switched to systematically scouring the map. I searched around every pond, lake, and coast until finally stumbling upon the cart. For future clues, I‘ll combine smart deduction with brute force exploration to uncover the solutions! The key is perseverance.

A History of Treasure Hunt Events in Genshin Impact

As a launch player, I‘ve participated in every treasure-based event over Genshin‘s two-year history. These events evolved from simple chest chasing to more elaborate riddle deciphering and quests. Let‘s dive into some standout past treasure hunts:

Lost Riches (May 2021): This initial foray into treasure events had us chasing down lost Seelie companions to uncover buried chests. It encouraged meticulous combing of the land and sea.

Peculiar Wonderland (October 2021): This Legend of the Vagabond Sword challenge maze hid precious chests behind diabolical puzzles and obstacles. It tested both combat and brainpower.

Hidden Strife (September 2022): Using cryptic poems and paintings, this recent event sent us delving into the Chasm‘s mines for hidden treasures while battling foes.

Fecund Blessings (September 2022): The latest evolution combines riddle solving with open exploration across massive maps. The tricky clues spur critical thinking to locate every last chest.

I eagerly await what imaginative twists miHoYo dreams up next to challenge us treasure hunters!

Timeline of major Genshin Impact treasure hunt events

Potential Significance of the Cart for Future Content

While currently just an empty fishing cart, this location may hold deeper importance. Its remote, abandoned state seems suited for hosting secret meetings or dead drops. Perhaps a quest will send us here to uncover a hidden document stowed away in the cart?

Alternatively, its isolation could be ideal for spawning a powerful elemental boss. I could totally envision hydro and dendro vines suddenly enveloping the cart as a new Hypostasis emerges! Only time will tell what secrets this cart may hold.

Similar Treasure Hunting Events in Other Major Games

Seeking hidden caches of loot has become a staple activity in open-world RPGs. Let‘s compare Genshin‘s treasure hunts to those in other landmark games:

Skyrim: Ancient Nordic tombs and dwarven ruins contain vast troves of treasures, but lethal draugrs and automatons guard them. You must fight for your fortune.

The Witcher 3: Using Witcher Senses, you can track down buried caches, lost treasure, and smuggler‘s stashes across the war-torn land.

Red Dead Redemption 2: Bandit and treasure maps unveil secret chests and lockboxes hidden throughout the sprawling wilderness and towns.

Elden Ring: Golden rune bearings, rare gear, and useful items are secreted away across the Lands Between, rewarding extensive exploration.

Like these classics, Genshin Impact consistently incorporates inventive treasure hunts into its expansive open world. The clues invite us to adventure while promising coveted rewards.

In Summary – Claim Your Loot From the Mysterious Old Cart!

As a treasure connoisseur, the Fecund Blessings event lets me flex my virtual tracking abilities. While cryptic, each clue can be deciphered with logic and persistence. Using my years of gaming experience, I‘ve mapped out an optimal route straight to the elusive battered cart location. Now that you have its precise whereabouts, you can swiftly claim the riches hidden nearby!

This remote cart may seem inconsequential now, but its isolation suggests some greater purpose down the line. For the moment, focus on securing its treasures to gain an edge on building your Genshin arsenal and progression. Delight in unraveling Tkahdah‘s riddles while amassing loot across Teyvat‘s majestic landscapes. Happy treasure hunting, travelers! Let no chest go unopened.


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