28 Top Amazon Influencers To Boost Your Sales In 2023

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Amazon has become a mega online shopping hub with people across the globe using it daily to purchase everything from household items to luxury products. While selling on Amazon as a third-party seller can help boost your ecommerce sales, standing out among millions of other sellers remains challenging. This is where partnering with the right influencers comes in – they can help expose your products to their engaged follower base, driving more traffic, sales, and revenue for your business.

So if you’re looking to maximize your reach, authority, and of course sales on Amazon in 2023, collaborating with the platform’s top influencers should be your key priority. But first, let’s understand –

What is an Amazon Influencer?

Amazon influencers are content creators, experts and thought leaders in their niche who have enrolled in the invite-only Amazon Influencer Program. As part of the program, they get their own dedicated page called the ‘Amazon Storefront’ where they recommend their favorite products across categories like fashion, beauty, electronics, home decor, etc.

Every time their followers purchase a product recommended by them, these influencers earn an affiliate commission. However, to qualify for the program, creators need to meet certain criteria set by Amazon:

  • Have a website/blog/social media following in a specific niche
  • Produce consistent, high-quality and engaging content
  • Have a good reputation and represent brands ethically

The exact follower requirement is not disclosed by Amazon publicly. According to some estimates, you may need ~5000+ followers to gain entry into the program.

So in a nutshell – Amazon influencers are niche experts/content creators who recommend products they love on their own Amazon store that people can directly shop from. It’s a win-win for both influencers and the brands they partner with.

Now let’s look at the top 28 Amazon influencers spanning different niches like lifestyle, fashion, beauty, home decor and more that you should consider partnering with.

1. Ryan Mulvany (@Mr. deals)

![mr deals amazon influencer](image link)

Niche: Discounts, deals

Followers: 500K on TikTok

As his name suggests, Ryan Mulvany shares the best Amazon deals for his followers to help them save money on their purchases. His short, fun videos showcase products like tech gadgets, kitchen tools, furniture and more available at slashed prices or discounts.

2. Lisa Cameron (@Adventures in Familyhood)

Niche: Lifestyle, families

Followers: 12K on Instagram, 30K on Facebook

Lisa creates useful tips, activity ideas and recommendations for families through her blog and social media. She has curated an extensive storefront of products for parents and children, spanning categories like books, toys, car seats, carriers, clothing and more.

3. Chanel Oldham (@Chanel Oldham)


Niche: Lifestyle

Followers: 45.5K on Instagram

Chanel is an influencer focused on all things lifestyle including beauty, fashion, home decor, business and motherhood. While not exclusively a mom blogger, most of her product recommendations cater to female audiences looking for affordable home, self-care and kids products.

4. YviG (@Retail Nomad)

![amazon storefront](image link)

Niche: Fashion

Followers: 53K on Instagram, 73.2K on TikTok

YviG also known as ‘Retail Nomad‘ is a fashion and beauty influencer renowned for her trendy clothing hauls and styling advice Videos. She models clothes, accessories, makeup products from her favorite brands for followers and directly links to purchase them from her Amazon store making shopping seamless.

5. Anca (@Gracefully Glam)

Niche: Lifestyle, beauty

Followers: 295K on Instagram

Fashion and beauty blogger Anca creates content on styling, makeup, skincare, home decor and more for women audiences. Alongside her Instagram page, she also has an Amazon store where she links her favorite fashion, accessories, self-care, fitness and home products.

6. Justin Sunseri (@JustinLMFT)

Niche: Relationships, personal growth

Followers: 78K on Instagram

Justin is a licensed marriage counselor who creates a lot of interesting and helpful content on relationships, trauma, mental health issues. Alongside digital courses and books, Justin also sells his two widely popular podcasts ‘Healing Broken Trust‘ and ‘The Polyvagal Podcast‘ on Amazon.

7. Lori-Lee Elliott (@Lori-Lee Elliott)

Niche: Lifestyle, fashion, tech

Followers: 107K on Instagram

Lifestyle vlogger Lori creates helpful tech tips, fashion lookbooks, hauls, beauty tutorials and more for her largely female viewers. On Amazon, you can find a mix of affordable women’s clothing items, accessories, beauty products and cool tech tools featured or used by her.

8. ChattyMoney (@Chatty Money on Amazon)

Niche: Finance, Investing

Followers: 13.3K on Instagram

A finance influencer and Etsy shop owner, chatty money creates content simplified investing, taxes, budgeting and overall money management. She sells useful courses like ‘Learn to Budget’ and her bestselling book ‘Easy Peasy Budget Squeezy’ via her Amazon storefront.

9. Jalissa Queen (@Jalissa Queen)

Niche: Lifestyle, photography

Followers: 66K on Instagram

Jalissa is a creative Instagram influencer and blogger covering topics like fashion, beauty, photography tips, motivational content and more for aspiring influencers. On Amazon, you can shop useful photography tools and e-books featuring creative tips recommended by her.

10. Chelsey White (@Chelsweets)

Niche: Baking

Followers: 102K on Instagram

A baking blogger since 2009, Chelsey shares recipes, tutorials and reviews of baking tools, appliances, ingredients for audiences passionate about baking. Alongside her blog and YouTube channel ‘Chelsweets‘, she also recommends her favorite baking essentials Amazon storefront.

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11. Pixie Pocket (@Pixie's Pocket)

Niche: Herbalism, Wellness

Followers: 15.7K on Instagram

Pixie creates interesting and informational content on the various benefits of herbs, essential oils, flower essences and apothecary tools for brewing. Her Amazon store is a treasure trove featuring her favorite herbs, DIY ingredients, crystals, incense, altar tools and more.

12. Pierre Nicholson (@Pierre Nicholson's Luxury Home Selection)

![amazon storefronts](image link)

Niche: Home Decor

Pierre is a well-known luxury home decor influencer renowned for his elegant interior design taste and ultra-luxe product selections. His Amazon store and social media features gorgeous home office accessories, outdoor furniture, lighting and more in keeping with glitzy Hollywood aesthetics.

13. Justin Braun (@Overtime Garage)

Niche: Automotive, tech

Followers: 428K on YouTube

Justin creates engaging videos on cars, tech gadgets, tools and lifestyle products for men. Known for his exceptionally detailed product reviews and comparisons, he tests and recommends useful auto accessories, car electronics and tech innovations via his Amazon storefront.

14. Mako Ccino (@makoccino)

Niche: Arts & Crafts

Followers: 2M+ on YouTube

Mako is a celebrated artist and face painter renowned for mesmerizing body art and colorful makeup looks. She hosts workshops and sells her specialized makeup palettes, brushes as well as guides and books featuring artistic techniques on her Amazon store.

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15. Koree Ream (@kickinitwithkoree)

Niche: Fitness, women’s health

Followers: 10K on Instagram

Health and mindset influencer Koree creates content focused on mental health, fitness and overall well-being for women. Her Amazon store features workout equipment, gym accessories, books and courses on developing inner strength, defense tools for safety and more.

16. Felicia Day (@Felicia Day)

Niche: Pop culture, gaming

Followers: 500K+ across social media

A popular actress and web show creator Felicia Day creates quality content in comedy, sci-fi and gaming niche. Known for starring in shows like ‘Supernatural‘, ‘Buffy‘, her Amazon store features figurines, gaming merch, accessories, books and more for pop culture lovers.

17. Leticia Gardener (@Leticia Gardener)

Niche: Fashion, lifestyle

Followers: 2M+ on TikTok

Former beauty queen turned social media influencer Leticia creates engaging fashion try-ons, hauls and beauty content primarily on TikTok. With her influence and aspirational style, she can seamlessly promote fashion, accessories, makeup, skincare and home products across platforms.

18. Brad Kowitz (@UnlimitedRecon)

Niche: Photography, adventure

Followers: 159K on YouTube

Off-roading expert Brad takes audiences on crazy adventures across the country while capturing stunning outdoors videography. Along with vlogs he also reviews useful photography tools and 4×4 trekking, hiking gear for travel junkies on Amazon storefront.

19. Trisha Hershberger (@Trisha Hershberger)

Niche: Gaming, entertainment

Followers: 1.55M on YouTube

Popular gaming personality, Trisha makes videos on Twitch streams, anime recommendations, reacting to entertainment news/trailers and more. She endorses merchandise, accessories of popular games, anime along with books, tech products useful for live streamers on her Amazon page.

20. Kristin Johns (@Kristin Johns)

Niche: Lifestyle

Followers: 680K on Instagram

Lifestyle blogger Kristin creates content spanning makeup, skincare, fashion, motherhood, cooking, pet care and more. A digital creator since 2011, she endorses products she trusts and uses herself across verticals like tech, home appliances, accessories, clothing on Amazon store.

21. Ashley Marquez (@Teach Create Motivate)

Niche: Education

Followers: 27K on Instagram, 21K on TikTok

Ashley is a teacher who makes content motivating other educators with classroom organization and management tips. Alongside education-focused products, her Amazon storefront also features fun prints, bag organizers and accessories cherished by working women.

22. Jamye Hunter (@Jamye’s “Just Gotta Have Its”)

Niche: Wellness, home organization

Followers: 18K on Instagram

A fitness coach and motivational speaker, Jamye creates content focused on inspiring women to get healthier in mind, body and home. Her product recommendations include workout equipment, meditations guides alongside home organization tools and office supplies.

23. TbonesTech (@Shade Review / Tbonestech Store Front)

Niche: Photography, tech

Followers: 71K on YouTube

A tech YouTuber since 2015 TBonestech makes in-depth reviews on cameras, photography gear, gadgets and accessories for shutterbugs. Alongside comparisons of the latest cameras, drones, his Amazon store features photography books, camera bags, tripods and more.

24. Laura Fuentes (@Laura Fuentes – MOMables)

Niche: Food, parenting

Followers: 55K on Instagram

Laura makes practical recipes focused on making cooking easy for busy parents and families. Alongside recipe books and kitchen ware, her Amazon storefront also features useful storage containers, bento lunch boxes and picks for fussy kids.

25. Nicole Sposato-Torres (@It's All In My Head)

Niche: Parenting, lifestyle

Followers: 11K on Instagram

Influencer Nicole makes relatable content on motherhood, parenting hacks, beauty, lifestyle and mental health for moms. Alongside children‘s books and developmental toys, she also recommends self-care, beauty, home decor essentials on her trusted Amazon storefront.

26. Shana J Ray (@Shana J Ray’s Faves)

Niche: Fashion, beauty

Followers: 3k on Instagram

A fashion and beauty influencer renowned for her effortless street style and luxury taste. Shana promotes must-have clothing pieces, designer dupes, makeup and skincare suitable for all ages through colorful graphics and Reels on Instagram.

27. Holland Paterno (@hollandsmithstyling)

![home influencers](image link)

Niche: Fashion, Jewelry

Followers: 7k on Instagram

A fashion stylist and jewelry designer Holland influences audiences with her ultra-glam aesthetic and love for standout accessories. Along with jewelry and hair accessories, her Amazon store also features stylish finds across clothing, handbags, beauty, home decor and more.

28. What's Up Moms (@whatsupmoms)

Niche: Parenting, lifestyle

Followers: 238K on YouTube

A channel started by 4 moms What‘s up Moms creates videos on parenting hacks, family travel, product reviews, activities, recipes and more engaging content for modern moms. Their fun, vibrant Amazon store features toys, books, arts, crafts supplies and other products enjoyed by kids.

So these were the top 28 Amazon influencers spanning diverse niches and interests that can help expose your brand to their engaged follower bases. The right influencer partnerships will not only boost your product visibility but also establish you as an authority in your niche.

To recap, here are the key benefits of partnering with these leading Amazon experts:

  • Targeted reach – Opportunity to get your products discovered by audiences genuinely interested in your niche
  • Boost SEO – Influencer content and links to your Amazon products can improve search visibility
  • Drive sales – Followers convert into customers organically by shopping via influencer storefronts
  • Gain credibility – Expert endorsements signals social proof and builds brand trust

Ready to leverage these benefits? Sign up on Ainfluencer to access 17M+ Instagram and TikTok influencers waiting to partner with brands like yours!


How Do Influencers Increase Sales?

Influencers boost sales by showcasing brands to their engaged followers who trust their recommendations and make purchases. Their content creates awareness, curiosity and intent which converts into sales.

How Many Followers Do You Need to Be an Amazon Affiliate?

Amazon has no fixed follower requirement but applications are evaluated based on account quality and content relevance to Amazon products. Typically 5000+ followers indicate influence and good reach.

Is an Amazon Affiliate the Same as an Amazon Influencer?

No, anyone can join Amazon‘s affiliate program however the influencer program requires a certain level of niche expertise and follower count along with an invitation-only online storefront.

What is an Amazon Influencer Storefront?

An exclusive webpage on Amazon where accepted influencers recommend their favorite products across categories to followers who can purchase items featured there.

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