Top 25 Australian YouTubers to Watch in 2023

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Australia has emerged as a hotbed for top YouTube talent over the years. From gamers to beauty gurus, Aussie creators have made a name for themselves with entertaining and insightful content.

As a social media marketing expert, I‘ve compiled this list of the 25 biggest Australian YouTubers who are dominating viewer counts and amassing millions of loyal subscribers. Whether you‘re looking to collaborate with rising stars or get inspiration from established channels, these are the top names to know.

1. Lachlan

With over 19 million subscribers, Lachlan is one of the most popular Australian gaming YouTubers. He initially gained fame by posting Minecraft videos but has since branched out into Fortnite, Call of Duty and VR gaming content.

Known for his entertaining commentary and goofball personality, Lachlan collaborates frequently with other top Aussie gamers. His channels feature daily gaming content as well as vlogs documenting his worldwide travels for various esports tournaments and events.

2. LazarBeam

Another heavyweight in the world of Aussie gaming influencers, LazarBeam boasts an astounding 22 million subscribers. He‘s best known for his Fortnite gameplay videos which showcase his signature brand of humor and rage moments.

While his early rise focused on sports games and random commentary, Fortnite catapulted Lannan to international stardom. In collaboration with other famous gamers, his reboot of the game in 2023 is sure to drive even more views.

3. How Ridiculous

Famous for their crazy stunts and science experiments, this trio of Aussie friends have amassed 16 million dedicated subscribers. Mixing education with entertainment, their viral videos feature giant obstacles, extreme heights and no shortage of things being smashed to smithereens.

While they began by testing the limits of sports equipment, their videos have evolved to extreme stunts and viewer-suggested experiments. Constantly raising the bar for absurdity, How Ridiculous is one of the fastest-growing Australian channels.

4. Wengie

With 15 million subscribers, Wendy Huang, better known as Wengie, is one of the top Asian-Australian influencers on YouTube. As a former accounting consultant, she began creating videos in 2013 to embrace her creative side focused on beauty, fashion and lifestyle topics.

Now her empire has expanded to singing, merchandise and engaging her community across multiple social platforms. For lifestyle tips from hair to fitness and everything in between, Wengie has cultivated a vibrant online persona.

5. Click Crew (Muselk and Loserfruit)

Known for their collaborations in popular multiplayer games, Muselk and Loserfruit of Click Crew have respective followings of over 10 million subscribers each. They‘re famous for playing Overwatch, Fortnite and an array of trending games while providing funny commentary.

Originally from Sydney, this duo continues to upload daily videos separately while collaborating on gameplay and vlogs frequently. For Aussie gaming content with plenty of laughs, Muselk and Loserfruit top the charts for loyal subscribers.

6. Guava Juice

While he moved to the United States at a young age, Roi Fabito, better known as Guava Juice, was originally born and raised in Australia. Garnering over 15 million subscribers, he‘s one of the most recognizable kid influencers on YouTube.

His wacky, fast-paced videos feature harmless pranks, challenges, jokes and pop culture commentary sure to induce giggles. While his content appeals most to younger audiences, his madcap energy and costumed characters have brought him crossover fame.

7. Troye Sivan

Not just a YouTuber but also an acclaimed singer, songwriter and actor, Troye Sivan demonstrates serious multimedia talent with over 9 million subscribers. The openly gay artist has built his following by opening up about his personal and professional journey since his teen years.

While his YouTube fame originated from making music, lip syncing and vlogs, his channels now detail his evolution into a pop sensation with introspective videos about embracing identity. From LGBTQ issues to revealing interviews, Sivan‘s creative integrity drives his soaring popularity.

8. SuperWog

Comedy duo Theo Sidiropoulos and Kai Simmons, better known as SuperWog, are now bonafide digital stars with over 800K YouTube subscribers. Their outlandish humor and parodies poke fun at Australian and Mediterranean stereotypes with provocative skits guaranteed to get a laugh.

While their unfiltered satirical sketches have stirred some controversy, the iconic SuperWog live shows and Meta series testify to their meteoric rise. These unapologetic comedians represent a new generation of uncensored Aussie humor.

9. Skit Box

YouTube comedy troupe Skit Box features a hilarious team of creators that churn out sketches lampooning Australian culture and daily life. Now clocking over 450K subscribers, their farcical videos tackle Aussie dating, sports, radio hosts and workplace humor.

No topic is off limits for parody by this crew featuring Tex Davidson, Dave Duggan, Holly Kazlauskas and Bec Charlwood. Whether satirizing cashed-up bogans or extreme bargain hunters, Skit Box is comedy gold for Aussie viewers.

10. How To Cook That

Aussie food scientist and dietitian Ann Reardon combines tastemaking with science education for her 5 million subscribers. Debunking dangerous kitchen hacks and demystifying confectionary arts on her Baking Channel, she provides savory knowledge for connoisseurs and novices alike.

With viral videos tackling everything from photorealistic cakes to macaron towers, her expert tips help home cooks elevate their skills and safety. For tasty recipes tested by a professional, How To Cook That hits the sweet spot.

11. Chloe Ting

Aussie entrepreneur Chloe Ting has inspired millions with her YouTube workout and diet programs focused on holistic health. Relatable, sympathetic and sporting her own post-baby transformation, she tackles fitness for real women balancing busy lives.

Her structured challenges and meal plans approach goals through body positivity empowerment. Now branching into app development and merchandise, this self-made businesswoman practices what she preaches to her 4 million plus subscribers.

12. Roller Girl

While still a teen, roller skater Strawbhany Gott has spun fame on wheels into real influencer stardom. As Roller Girl, her YouTube channel of skating videos has accrued over 270K dedicated subscribers who live for her gravity-defying moves.

With sponsors like Monster Energy drinks and Rockin’ Frames propelling her popularity, the street and vert skater collabs with fellow athlete influencers worldwide while showcasing the sport’s creativity. For impressive tricks and feel-good fun, Roller Girl soars.

13. RackaRacka

When it comes to mastering chaotic comedy, the RackaRacka brothers know no limits or social filters. Danny and Michael Philippou have accumulated over 7 million loyal followers reveling in their crude anarchic humor and horror parodies.

Testing stunts and examining pop culture to ridiculous degrees, their risqué videos feature crotch hits galore. While not for the fainthearted, their DIY gore, mayhem and music earn them money and notoriety. Their newly launched energy drink RACKA even fuels more zany antics.

14. Dylan Alcott

As a three-time Paralympic gold medalist in wheelchair tennis, Dylan Alcott has also slammed his share of YouTube fame with over 70K subscribers. As an advocate for disability awareness and confidence, Dylan‘s vlogs offer behind-the-scenes access to elite sports training, travel and triumphs.

Working with brands like Uniqlo and Adidas, Dylan‘s down-to-earth personality shines as he interviews fellow athletes, musicians and stars who inspire him. Both on and off court, his positive mental outlook empowers his audience.

15. Ozzy Man Reviews

With his signature bloody ripper ocker humor, Ozzy Man has delivered uncensored commentary across YouTube on everything from wildlife and sports to news and reality TV since 2016. His unfiltered and uniquely Aussie reactions have scored over 3 million larrikin subscribers.

While highlighting the best and worst from Australia and abroad through his blunt baritone lens, Ozzy stands out from polished influencers. His profanity-laced responses resonate thanks to his authenticity, edgy insights and delivery with comedic gold timing. Crikey!

16. Joel Berghult

Flying under the radar beyond 5 million subscribers is Dickson College teacher Joel Berghult, better known as Mrwhosetheboss. Breaking down complex tech concepts around innovative gadgets and apps, his videos offer the ultimate user guide reviews blending facts with entertainment.

Delivered with apt metaphors and dry Aussie wit, these productions burst the jargon bubble around understanding devices and digital trends. Whether sparking robot battles or evaluating aviation-inspired electric kettles, his curiosity invites audiences along for the exploratory ride.

17. Scammer Payback

Cybersecurity professional Pierogi helps the vulnerable foil money-hungry scammers through hidden camera vigilantism. Gaining over 2 million subscribers since 2017, his YouTube videos turn the tables on con artists through cashless payments, tech tactics and verbal traps.

Drawing on Pierogi’s ethical hacking and IT expertise, these clever counter setups waste scammers’ time, thwart bank deposits and warn would-be victims. His impact earns support from patrons and anti-fraud fighters worldwide.

18. Jamie‘s World

Proving life has endless possibilities, 19-year-old fashion icon Jamie proves everything is cooler in a wheelchair. Tapping her creativity living with spina bifida and hydrocephalus, the Australian designer impacts over 340K subscribers through vlogs capturing her non-stop hustle.

Distilling positivity, Jamie takes fans behind the scenes creating her accessible Active Wheelies designs, running her small business, traveling for gigs plus adventures with friends, family and her assistance dog Nero. By valuing ability within disability, Jamie leaps mercilessly over hurdles, literal and figurative alike.

19. Patrick Starrr

Although now living in Los Angeles among top beauty YouTubers, influencer Patrick Simondac remains proud of his Cebuano-Australian heritage. Better known as Patrick Starrr to his 7 million subscribers, the former MAC Cosmetics artist brings expertise polished with unwavering optimism.

Delivering transformative makeup wizardry tutorials interwoven with compassionate life lessons, he coaches fans to embrace their inner fierce-ness through inspirational storytimes. With collaborations from cutting-edge brands like Clinique, he generously guides viewers to highlight their unique beauty, inside and out.

20. Brodie Moss (Hi5 Studios)

Young innovator Brodie Moss first tackled coding and 3D animation experimentation on his YouTube channel at age 9. Now CEO of Hi5 Universe and boasting 1.2 million subscribers for his educational STEM videos as Brodie of Hi5 Studios, the Brisbane-based teen is a prodigy businessman.

Guiding curious kids through hands-on science and technology lessons with step-by-step workshops, Brodie lives out loud fostering creativity. Combining smart entrepreneurism with social conscience, Hi5 Studios is both a passion project and force for boundless innovation that empowers his peers worldwide.

21. Lazyron Studios

Melbourne-based artists Ron and Jeremy take viewers through their creative process designing whimsical clay models, intricate dioramas and Tiny Terrarium Worlds across two popular channels on YouTube. With comfy banter matching their quirky crafts and custom creature creations, their chill workshop vibes draw almost 2 million combined subscribers needing to unwind.

Offering shelter from digital noise and chaos, tuning into these talented tiny house architects and designers transports audiences into an imagination oasis encouraging calm and inspiration. Both meditative and motivating for hobbyists, Lazyron Studios deliver artistic asmr minus any sleepiness.

22. Jordan Watson

Despite living with cerebral palsy and diagnosed legally blind, Jordan Watson refuses to be defined by limitations. Now boasting over 200K YouTube subscribers, the disability advocate spotlights technology and tools enabling independence to empower people facing barriers.

Seeking creative hacks for universal access from video games to cooking, Jordan overrides ableism through innovation reviews, personal stories and collaborations amplifying inclusion. From Google Glass to customized controllers, this optimist embraces emerging advances allowing him to boldly pursue his dreams.

23. Alex Hayes

With her lively vlogs drawing over 480K subscribers, model and actress Alex Hayes welcomes fans down under into her world of fashion, beauty, travel and lifestyle pursuits across Australia and the USA. The refreshing influencer celebrates body positivity and her proud Curvy Queen status as she navigates career ups and downs with tenacity.

Regularly dishing out inspiration, relationship advice and keeping it real in Q&As, Alex proves that through self-acceptance, everyone can be comfortable in their own skin. By embracing her natural quirks and killer curves as assets, she encourages women to feel fabulous as their best unapologetic selves.

24. Outback Pug Guy

Adventurous Aaron creates smiles worldwide alongside his four-legged best friend Bagel the Pug. Roaming the Australian Outback and beyond to showcase unique travel, Aaron‘s cinematic vlogs invite his 210K YouTube subscribers to ride shotgun absorbing gorgeous views and hidden gems off the beaten track.

Exploring bustling cities, beaches, rainforests and the desert red center beyond tourism hotspots, this duo discover freedom in nature‘s simple joys together. For scenic pitstops boasting local secrets, following these friendly nomads guarantees memorable virtual vacations.

25. Nicole Shiraz

Beauty boss and savvy businesswoman Nicole Shiraz rocks her influence status helping over 190K YouTube subscribers navigate real life beyond the camera. With her Glam Fam vlog squad and podcast No Filter, the popular influencer makes ambitions accessible with tips for actually making it big as an entrepreneur.

Detailing lessons learned directing Shiraz Management talent agency and developing her namesake makeup line Shiraz Cosmetics, Nic brings substance beyond selfies. From handling haters to budgeting and networking know-how, Nicole lifts the veil off portrayals promoting entrepreneurial confidence for aspiring creators.

So there you have it – the top 25 Australian YouTubers that are killing the game with their entertaining and compelling content. From niche passions to mainstream topics, these talented Aussie creators are dominating view counts while scoring legions of dedicated subscribers.

I highly recommend all social media marketers study these highly engaging channels closely for strategies and best practices. Connecting with one of more of these influential stars or up-and-comers can provide awesome collaborations for cross-promotional success too.

The future looks bright for more Australian YouTubers to capture worldwide attention in 2023 and beyond!

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