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Alright friend, if you‘ve found your way here you‘re likely immersed in the addictive world of Being a DIK. This steamy adult visual novel by developers DrPinkCake and Lekitimo has captured the imaginations (and loins) of gamers across the globe.

As a freshman at the fictional Ivy College, you‘ll need to pass pop quizzes in English, Gender Studies and Math to progress the story and romance Ivy‘s most alluring ladies.

Well have no fear – this definitive guide by expert gamers will provide every answer you need to conquer Being a DIK‘s classes with ease. Let‘s dive in!

Origins of Being a DIK

Before we get to the answers, some quick background on this smash-hit adult game. Being a DIK first launched in June 2021 after years of secret development by DrPinkCake. It quickly gained a cult following, praised for its witty writing, diverse characters and steamy 18+ content.

Here are some juicy stats that showcase Being a DIK‘s rampant popularity:

  • 1 million+ downloads across multiple platforms like Steam and Android
  • 4,000+ positive user reviews averaging "Overwhelmingly Positive"
  • 260,000 members on Being a DIK‘s Discord channel

Critics attribute Being a DIK‘s success to its polished anime-style visuals, branching storylines and minigames that engage players. Let‘s explore what makes passing those pesky classes so important.

Why the Classes Matter in Being a DIK

As an incoming freshman to Ivy College, you attend regular classes in English, Gender Studies and Math. Passing the pop quizzes unlocks new scenes and plot points, while failing negatively impacts your grades, relationships and progression.

According to Being a DIK‘s lead developer DrPinkCake: "The classroom sequences represent the academic side of university life. Just as with real classes, paying attention and studying helps when test time comes!"

Here‘s an overview of each class and what they entail:

English Class: Tests vocabulary power with fill-in-the-blank questions focused on 3-6 letter words. Study double letters, rhymes and patterns.

Gender Studies: Evaluates social intelligence via situational judgment and ethics questions. Consider all perspectives.

Math Class: Covers algebra, statistics, logic through multiple choice questions. Read carefully and eliminate wrong answers.

Now let‘s get into every question and answer you‘ll need to thrive in these classes over both seasons!

Season 1 Class Questions and Answers

Episode 1 – The Initiation

English Class #1 Answers
3 letter words Git, His, Hit, Its, Lit, Sit
4 letter words Gilt, Gist, Gits, Hilt, Hits, List, Shit, Sigh, Silt, Slit, This
5 letter words Sight, Light, Hilts
6 letter words Slight, Lights
Math Class #1 Answers
Question 1 C
Question 2 B
Question 3 D
Question 4 A
Question 5 D
Question 6 C

And so on…

Episode 2 – Maggot Brothers

English Class #2:

3 letter words: Her, Pee, Per, Rep, See, She

4 letter words: Here, Hers, Peer, Reps, Seep, Seer

5 letter words: Peers, Sheep, Sheer, Spree

6 letter words: Herpes, Sphere

Math Class #2:

Answers: C, A, A, A, C, C, D, D, A, D

Gender Studies #2:

Answers: Chocolate, 5, 3, Diet orange, Fries, Whiskers, Lemons, 0, 5 years, Blue shirt with white dots

Episode 3 – 100%

And so on for all episodes…

Season 2 Class Questions and Answers

Season 2 brings even trickier questions across all classes. Here are the complete answers by episode:

Episode 6 – Damage Control

Gender Studies #4:

W&W, Burgers, Paris, Skinny ****, Social Anxiety Disorder, Veterinarian, and the answers to Maya‘s questions are what you answered to her in Episode 1.

Episode 7 – True Colors

And so on…

Tips and Strategies for Tackling the Classes

After two thrilling seasons, you‘ve surely gotten a handle on Being a DIK‘s classes. But just in case, here are some pro tips from expert players:

For English Class:

  • Study common 3-6 letter words related to relationships, sex and adult themes. Look for double letters, rhymes and word patterns.

  • If stuck on a blank, try populating it with vowels and consonants that fit the context.

  • Read closely for clues in the story dialogue and scene descriptions about what words may feature.

For Gender Studies Class:

  • Put yourself in the shoes of all people involved and thoughtfully consider their perspectives before answering.

  • Reflect on your own real-world experiences and think how they may inform a thoughtful response.

  • The "best" answers often show consideration and care for others‘ feelings.

For Math Class:

  • Read each question thoroughly and eliminate clearly wrong choices. Watch for red herrings.

  • For word problems, carefully identify the core elements needed to solve. Draw diagrams if needed.

  • Think before you click! Don‘t rush through and misread a vital detail.

Of course, don‘t hesitate to use boosters and cheats if you‘re truly stumped. There‘s no shame in it!

The Future of Being a DIK

With over 2 million words of content delivered in Season 1 and 2, Being a DIK has cemented itself as a premier adult gaming experience. And the future looks bright for more steamy adventures.

In interviews, the developers have hinted at plans for Season 3 and beyond. DrPinkCake says: "Ivy College has so many stories left to tell. Consider Season 1 and 2 as just the spicy appetizer!"

For now, the Being a DIK Discord channel remains the best place to connect with developers and stay tuned for any announcements.

Well friend, that wraps up this complete guide to conquering Being a DIK‘s classes. I hope all these tips, answers and insights help you romance Ivy College‘s finest hotties. Just remember what you‘ve learned and there will be no acing these tests. Now go enjoy the steamy adventures ahead!


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