The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Perfect Brochure Template for Your Business

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Hey there! If you‘re looking to create an eye-catching brochure to promote your business, you‘ve come to the right place. As a fellow entrepreneur and design enthusiast, I‘m excited to share the best brochure template sources I‘ve discovered through extensive research and trial and error.

Let me walk you through why using a quality template is key, where to find the best options for your needs, and tips to customize it to perfection!

Why Start With a Brochure Template?

In today‘s digital age, you may wonder if brochures are still effective. I‘m happy to report that brochures are still going strong!

  • According to a Printing Industry Midwest survey, over 70% of companies still use brochures to communicate with customers. Clearly, they deliver results!

  • Brochures make information memorable. According to research from JDA, 40% of people will remember a brand after seeing a brochure, catalog or magazine ad vs only 15% remembering digital ads.

  • Brochures allow businesses to communicate their brand story in a tactile, engaging way that digital content can‘t always replicate.

But creating an effective brochure completely from scratch is no easy feat. That‘s where brochure templates come in clutch!

Benefits of Using a Brochure Template

Starting with a professionally designed template offers many advantages:

  • Save tons of time and effort by skipping past the conceptualizing and layout phases of design

  • Achieve a polished, visually appealing brochure without needing advanced design skills

  • On brand right from the start by selecting a template that aligns with your industry, aesthetic and messaging

  • Cost effective – pre-made templates are way cheaper than hiring a designer from scratch

According to statistics from Vistaprint, small business owners report that templates:

  • Save 4+ hours typically spent designing
  • Increase productivity by 27%
  • Reduce design costs by 23% on average

With numbers like those, starting with a template is a smart time and money saving move!

Where to Find the Best Brochure Templates

Okay, let‘s get into the good stuff! I‘ve scoured the web and curated the ultimate list of template sources for brochures of every style and budget.

For Design on a Budget

If you want quality without breaking the bank, these sources offer great free or low-cost templates:

  • Canva: My #1 pick for easy brochure design! With a user-friendly drag and drop editor and many free templates, photos, illustrations and fonts, it‘s the perfect free tool for non-designers.

  • Freepik: Massive selection of over 90,000 brochure templates available for free download (just credit Freepik). Hard to beat for free customizable templates!

  • Adobe Express: As expected from the design leaders at Adobe, their free online brochure maker produces sleek, professional results. Great for beginners.

  • Venngage: Starts at just $19/month for their Premium plan with unlimited access to images, fonts and templates.

For Premium Quality

These paid sources offer more variety with top-notch brochure templates guaranteed to impress:

  • Envato Elements: My favorite paid template source with unlimited downloads for $16.50/month. Gorgeous, modern designs that are easily customizable.

  • Creative Market: Over 12,000 brochure templates starting at $3, created by independent designers. Great quality at reasonable prices.

  • Graphic River: Part of the Envato network, focused just on brochure templates. Single templates start at around $5.

  • Shutterstock: Known for stock imagery, but also offers a large collection of brochure templates starting at $29/month. Top notch quality.

For Total Customization

If you want a completely one-of-a-kind brochure, hire a freelance designer:

  • Fiverr: Affordable freelance designers with brochure gigs starting at just $5. Review portfolios and communicate your vision.

  • Upwork: Larger freelance marketplace with extensive brochure designer profiles. Post a job for designers to bid on based on experience.

  • Dribbble: Post a job for free as a client and get matched with top-notch designers who specialize in brochures.

  • Behance: Similar to Dribbble, browse designer portfolios or post a job to hire for your brochure project.

For Printed Brochures

If you need help with professional printing, these sites design and print brochures in bulk:

  • VistaPrint: Trusted brochure printing starting at 25 quantity. Design your own or use their templates.

  • Staples Print & Marketing Services: Get quality brochure printing integrated with design services starting at 50 quantity.

  • GotPrint: Print brochures, with design assistance if needed, starting at just 10 copies. Lots of paper, size and finishing options.

With this ultimate list, you‘re sure to find the perfect template source to create a brochure you‘re proud to share far and wide!

How to Select the Ideal Brochure Template for You

With endless template options out there, how do you choose? Follow this criteria to zero in on a design that fits your brand:

Focus on Your Industry, Products & Brand Personality

  • For a tech company, prioritize modern, clean designs with plenty of negative space.

  • Nonprofits tend to benefit from more formal, conservative templates with an emotional appeal.

  • Retail brands can showcase products beautifully with image-focused trifold brochure templates.

  • For print, make sure the template includes a high-res PDF optimized for professional printing.

  • If creating a digital brochure, you have more flexibility. Look for interesting scrolling, motion graphic or interactive elements.

Size, Layout & Orientation

  • Standard print brochure sizes include 8.5"x11", 8.5"x14", 11"x17". But you can get creative!

  • Portrait orientation works well for company/product overviews while landscape accommodates detailed feature lists.

  • Multi-panel folds allow you to organize information across sections. Popular options are bi-fold, trifold, z-fold and gate folds. Know your printer‘s folding capabilities.

Image-Focused or Text-Heavy?

  • Product catalogs and portfolios benefit from image-based designs with clean text.

  • For long content like thought leadership articles, choose text-focused templates with easy flow between sections.

  • Find a balance with templates that seamlessly blend engaging visuals, concise copy and strategic use of white space.

Built-In Customization Tools

Look for templates with:

  • Editable text that‘s easy to swap out
  • Image placeholders to quickly insert your own photos
  • Recolor options to match brand palettes
  • Changeable fonts for quick styling updates
  • Resizing capabilities for images, sections etc.

Prioritize templates that give you creative control. Avoid overly complicated programs if you‘re not design-savvy.

Tips for Customizing Your Template Like a Pro

You‘ve found the perfect base template. Excellent! Now let‘s transform it into a masterpiece that wows your audience.

Lead With Your Brand

  • Insert your logo, brand colors, tagline and other identity elements right away for instant cohesion.

  • Maintain brand consistency in fonts, tone of voice and messaging throughout the brochure design.

Spotlight Your Products or Services

  • Hero images of products in action, service case studies and client testimonials make powerful openers.

  • Use additional images of products, facilities, processes and people to visually engage.

Guide With Clear Headlines, Subheads & Text

  • Craft bold headlines that quickly tell readers what‘s in it for them. Catch their attention!

  • Break up dense paragraphs into scannable chunks with descriptive subheads.

  • Use concise, friendly language that explains value, not just features.

Incorporate Charts, Icons & Graphic Elements

  • Relevant stats, data visualizations and comparison charts help simplify complex info.

  • Icons draw the eye and can hit key messages home.

  • Graphics like quotes, sidebars and callout text break up copy-heavy designs.

Mind the Details

  • Review carefully for typos, formatting issues and clarity. Don‘t let easily fixed details undercut your hard work!

  • Ensure contact information, links and QR codes go to the right destinations.

With a polished template as your foundation and strategic customizations, you can produce a brochure that makes your brand shine!

Go Forth and Design, My Friend!

Well, that wraps up my complete guide to creating beautiful, effective brochures using pre-made templates. Thanks for joining me on this journey!

I hope you feel empowered to start designing and getting your messages out there in brochure form. Don‘t be afraid to get creative and use these templates as springboards to share the soul of your business.

If anything was unclear or you have an awesome template source I‘m missing, I‘d love to hear from you! Just reply to this email. I aim to help fellow entrepreneurs showcase their brands in the best light possible.

Here‘s wishing you success in all your design endeavors! Talk soon,

[Your name]

Written by Alexis Kestler

A female web designer and programmer - Now is a 36-year IT professional with over 15 years of experience living in NorCal. I enjoy keeping my feet wet in the world of technology through reading, working, and researching topics that pique my interest.