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15 Best Instagram Ghost Follower Apps to Track Inactive Followers in 2023

Find the best Instagram Unfollow Apps To Remove Inactive Followers


Have you always wondered how to detect ghost followers and inactive followers among your Instagram followers list? In this article, you will learn the various apps for detecting ghost followers and how to get rid of them.

You may be wondering what a ghost follower is if you’re not familiar with the term. A ghost is a kind of user who only lurks around your profile but doesn’t do anything. Instagram ghost followers don’t engage you’re your content; they don’t comment, like, or even perform any noticeable activity on your posts.

Instagram has so many ghost followers that, sometimes, can be difficult to even identify. Ghost followers are synonymous with fake followers. They remain dormant in your account without any form of engagement. They could make your account following add numbers; however, you shouldn’t expect to get anything more than that from them.

You can get ghost followers when you buy fake followers from Instagram growth tools or services. However, too many of them can make your account suspicious and might eventually get blocked if Instagram finds out.

Also, ghost followers aren’t only those you buy from social media growth tools. A real individual can also be a ghost follower. Certain people open an account on Instagram only for social media campaigns or promotions. These accounts only function or stay active for some weeks, after which the owner abandons them without deleting them.

A ghost follower can also be linked to certain people whose accounts are active, but they prefer to only sniff around without engaging your content.

Like I said earlier in this article, identifying and getting rid of ghost followers can be a little daunting; however, I am going to walk you through the various applications you can use to spot a ghost follower account and eventually get rid of them from your account.

Top Best Instagram Ghost Follower Apps

1. Spamguard


Spamguard makes my number one of the top best Instagram ghost follower apps for its efficiency. With Spamguard, you can easily spot a dormant follower who doesn’t engage your posts. What I also love about this app is its ability to automatically detect spam activity or accounts.

The app has a built-in anti-spam monitor that helps you block any unwanted followers or comments.

2. Unfollow Users for Instagram

Unfollow Users for Instagram

If you want to get rid of any form of the inactive follower from your account fast and quickly, you should try Unfollow Users for Instagram. This app quite works differently from Spamguard. It has the ability to detect which follower doesn’t engage your posts, those who don’t follow you, or those you follow but don’t follow you back.

With this app, you can always unfollow any inactive account in mass.

3. Reports+ Followers Analytics for Instagram

Reports + Followers Analytics for Instagram on Play Store

This app comes third on this list because it’s just as efficient as the previous ones we have discussed so far. Reports+ Followers Analytics for Instagram specifically helps your find the most active account among your followers. This, in a way, helps you know which account to focus on and which you should discard with immediate effect.

The app has both paid and free versions. The free version still has some amazing features for your use. If you’re on a budget, you can go for the free version. It gives you a detailed report of your account performance. You can also have a few details about which account has unfollowed you. The more knowledge you have about your account engagement, the better it is.

4. Unfollowers & Ghost Followers

Unfollowers & Ghost Followers from apk

If you want to have an idea of the list of people you follow who don’t follow you back, vice versa, then this app is the best to do so. Unfollowers & Ghost Follower helps you detect accounts who followers you in the last five days as well as those who unfollowed you in the last five days. The app has a whitelist section where you can add accounts you want to stop appearing among your list of unfollowers.

There is a section for Global Shout-out. In this section, you can get featured/get tons of followers by adding your Instagram account to it. The Media Shout-out section of the app enables you to get more likes by adding your picture on the media shout-out. So many things to enjoy from this Instagram ghost follower app.

5. FollowMeter for Instagram

FolloawMeter for Instagram on apps store

This app is one of the fastest, easiest, and most accurate apps to analyze your Instagram account. The app is built in such a way that you can see those whom you follow without following you back. It has a track follower feature to detect those who follow you, who unfollows you and those who are active in viewing your stories.

FollowMeter for Instagram is one of the few apps I often use to see who likes my posts the most, those who are ghost followers among my follower list, track various accounts that might have blocked me, and to view which of my stories or posts have the most engagement.

6. Cleaner for IG

Cleaner for IG

If you want to unfollow ghost followers in bulk, Cleaner for IG has got you covered. The app is user-friendly and built in such a way that enables you to manage your liked and Instagram following media. With a single click, you can unblock or unfollow any user.

7. Mass Unfollow

Mass Unfollow

Mass Unfollow does what its name represents. It helps you unfollow ghost followers in bulk. The app is efficient in managing your Instagram account. With Mass Unfollow, you can delete posts in bulk, unfollow, block, and unblock users in bulk, as well as unlike posts in bulk.

8. Followers Tracker for Instagram

Followers Tracker for Instagram from apk

One of the best Instagram ghost apps for tracking those who’ve unfollowed you without your knowledge. The app helps you optimize your posts to garner tons of followers. Followers Track for Instagram is an all-in-one application for tracking ghost followers, unfollowers, and likes in real-time.

If you need a reliable Instagram ghost follower app for tracking fake Instagram bots and new followers, Followers Track for Instagram is your sure bet.

9. Followers Chief

Followers Chief from apk

An indispensable Instagram ghost follower app for analyzing your Instagram account. Followers Chief helps you run a check on your Instagram account and come up with detailed statistics on the number of ghost followers or unfollowers in your account.

The app boasts of other useful features like detecting your most engaging photos. Most commented photos, and those whom you follow but don’t follow you back. An amazing app worth trying out.

10. Unfollowers+


One of my best apps for finding mutual friends on Instagram. This Instagram ghost follower app is most useful for analyzing ghost followers on your list. You can as well use the app to keep a tab on those you follow but don’t follow you vice versa. It is a simple app for use.

11. Unfollow Fast for Instagram

Unfollow Fast for Instagram from apk

We can’t talk about Instagram ghost followers app without Unfollow Fast for Instagram. Though not many people know about this app, it is still useful for our topic of discourse. Outside helping you fish our inactive followers, you can use the app to clean up your Instagram account by unfollowing those whom you follow but don’t follow you back. You can also use the app to block and unfollow multiple followers with a single click.

12. Follower Insight for Instagram

Followers Insight for Instagram from apk store

This app is a product of MonoMosaic and functions on both iOS and Android devices. It’s a free app for monitoring and tracking inactive followers on your list of followers. It helps your monitor the growth of your list of followers. Its services are free.

13. Follow Cop

Follow Cop

This Instagram ghost follower app is free to use. If you want to keep track of the number of ghost followers you have on your list of followers, Follow Cop is the best for that. Like Mass Unfollow, Follow Cop helps you unfollow ghost profiles in bulk. Its massive unfollow feature is what sets this app apart from others.

14. Unfollower for Instagram

Unfollower for Instagram

Like Follow Cop, Unfollower for Instagram is free to use. This means you have unrestricted access to its features. With Unfollow for Instagram, you mass-delete or unfollow multiple inactive accounts as well as those whom you follow but don’t follow you back.

15. My Ghost Followers

My Ghost Followers from apk

My Ghost Followers comes last on this list of top best Instagram ghost follower apps. Though it comes last, it doesn’t speak less of what the app offers. In fact, My Ghost Followers is one of the best Instagram ghost follower apps you can use for powerful analytics of your inactive followers.

It boasts of powerful analytics used for running a thorough check on your Instagram account to fish out ghost followers. You can as well use the app to gain more followers in real-time.


1. How do I know the best Instagram ghost follower app to use?

There are many Instagram ghost follower apps out there. However, only a few perform what they say. Some of the best Instagram ghost follower apps you can use are My Ghost Followers, Spamguard, Cleaner for IG, Mass Unfollow, etc.

2. Are Instagram ghost follower apps free to use?

Not all Instagram ghost follower apps are free. Some offer premium features that require you to subscribe before you can have unrestricted access. However, there are still some free ones out there. Try them out and see which works for you.

3. How do I know the inactive followers among my list of Instagram followers?

There are many apps that help you fish out ghost followers and inactive followers among your follower list like Unfollow Users for Instagram, Unfollowers and Ghost Followers, FollowMeter for Instagram, Cleaner for Instagram, etc. You can try any of these apps to find those who don’t engage your posts.

4. Do I need to register to use Instagram ghost follower apps?

Yes. You’re required to sign up with these Instagram ghost follower apps before you can use them.

5. Is it illegal to use Instagram ghost follower apps?

No, it is not illegal.


Finally, we’ve come to an end of our amazing list of top best Instagram ghost follower applications. There are so many Instagram accounts out there filled with ghost followers and inactive followers. However, many users may not know how to fish them out or which is really fake or real.

This is the major reason I decided to curate this list to serve as a guide to finding those inactive Instagram accounts that only add to your list of followers without actually engaging your posts. You can try out any of these apps and see which works best for you.


Written by Alexis Kestler

A female web designer and programmer - Now is a 36-year IT professional with over 15 years of experience living in NorCal. I enjoy keeping my feet wet in the world of technology through reading, working, and researching topics that pique my interest.