30 Best Sites to Buy YouTube Accounts


Do you want to know the best places to buy real YouTube accounts for your brand promotion or effective monetization? This article will put you through the top best places to buy YouTube accounts.

Buying YouTube accounts or channels has become quite a thing these days. There are so many reasons why this has picked pace. And one of them is that people don’t have the time to start building a channel up from scratch. If there is an alternative where the bigger part of the work has already been done, people are ready to dole out any amount for it. Buying YouTube accounts can help you earn money on the social platform. This is possible if the account you are buying has been built with YouTube monetization in mind.

There are limited places where one can buy YouTube accounts. This is because the market for this isn’t quite popular. Thus, I have gone around the internet to look for the best place where you can buy legit YouTube accounts of various kinds. These places are mentioned below in no particular order.

10 Best Places to Buy YouTube Accounts

1. Lenos

Buy YouTube Accounts for Lenos

Lenos is one of the best places to buy legit YouTube accounts. You can buy monetized accounts at affordable prices. When you buy from Lenos, your account will be provided with over 2k subscribers and 4k watch hours to help you begin to earn handsomely.

They also provide you with niche-based content, an account website, banners and graphics to showcase your account. When you buy a YouTube account from Lenos, your account will be delivered in a couple of weeks, approved and optimized. Another benefit of buying your YouTube account from Lenos is that they will provide you with free YouTube content, which you would have paid to get.

2. Fameswap

Buy YouTube Accounts for Fameswap

You don’t need readily need an audience on YouTube when you buy a YouTube account from Fameswap. This is because this brand sells YouTube accounts with the audience already in place. It is no news how difficult it is to attract others on a competitive platform like YouTube. Thus, having a big part of the work is already done for you is a great advantage. Fameswap allows you to buy YouTube accounts that have been carefully worked on by experts and professionals who are versed in social media trends.

It doesn’t matter which niche you are focused on; Fameswap will provide you with the right YouTube account. They assure their clients that the audience they provide is real and active and will continue to boost your account’s engagement level for a long time. Fameswap has a great messaging system that allows you to interact directly with sellers and purchase from them.

3. 123accs

Buy YouTube Accounts for 123accs

At 123accs, you are sure to get the best YouTube accounts and of different niches, if you want. This marketplace is regarded as one of the best in the industry. Unlike in other places, the YouTube accounts you will get from 123accs have not been monetized. They only have new PVA accounts for sale.

They have different categories of packages for sale. These include 25 UK Follower accounts, 10 US Follower Accounts and 5 PVA Accounts. If you are looking for a place to buy new high-quality YouTube accounts, 123Accs is a reliable brand for that.

4. Eazy Viral

Buy YouTube Accounts for Eazy Viral

Eazy Viral is another legit place to buy YouTube accounts. They are dedicated to selling YouTube accounts that have been monetized already. This company is equipped with the know-how to create monetized accounts that will stand the test of time to earn from it. Eazy Viral has a great customer support system with personnel always available to help you with any problem. When you buy from Eazy Viral, you won’t need to wait for too long for your account to be verified, approved and delivered accordingly.

Their delivery process is fast. At Eazy Viral, YouTube accounts will cost you around $495. The accounts are safe to use, and there is no risk of you running into trouble with YouTube’s terms and policies. The subscribers to your account will be real and active, thus, ensuring you earn money as quickly as possible.

5. Appsally

Buy YouTube Accounts for Appsally

You can buy YouTube accounts from Appsally without restraints. It is one of the best places to buy legit YouTube accounts. There is no kind of YouTube account you won’t find on their platform. You will find old and new accounts from different popular niches, all available for purchase. This brand has been around since 2006 and has become one of the mainstays in the social media marketing and promotion industry.

They also provide accounts for purchases on other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Therefore if you want to buy YouTube accounts and other social media accounts from a reliable brand, Appsaly won’t disappoint. You can check out their website to see what they have.

6. Audience Gain

Buy YouTube Accounts for Audience Gain

Buying YouTube accounts that can get you quick bucks is hard to find. But one of the places where you are guaranteed to get such is at Audience Gain. Audience Gain provides you with lucrative YouTube accounts. These accounts were carefully built from scratch with effective strategies and verified by their professionals. Thus, one thing you are sure to get from Audience Gain is quality.

When you buy YouTube accounts from Audience Gain, you are entitled to a Google AdSense account at no further cost. This account is location-specific and tailored to reflect your niche and the content you will create on your new YouTube account. At Audience Gain, you will get YouTube accounts for around $619. Audience Gain will provide you with further support in the form of helping you find an effective strategy to keep your account up and running.

7. Eazy SMM

Buy YouTube Accounts for Eazy SMM

Eazy SMM deals in monetized YouTube accounts. This company has the right strategy to transform fresh YouTube accounts into something lucrative. They use popular platforms like AdSense or Facebook Exchange to promote these accounts, including attracting subscribers and increasing viewing time. These accounts will become ripe for monetization when they gain over 1k subscribers and 4k viewing hours.

Once these YouTube accounts reach those numbers set by YouTube for monetization, they will be made available for sale. These accounts are based on prominent niches, including VLOG, sports, movies and other forms of entertainment. You will have to pay $339 for a YouTube account, which is pretty cheaper than many on this list. Eazy SMM offers great services that will be hard to find elsewhere.

8. PlayerUp

Buy YouTube Accounts for PlayerUp

PlayerUp is a reliable brand selling YouTube accounts. These are accounts have been carefully verified for quality and come at affordable prices. These accounts have active subscribers and have been fed with unique content that will make them exceptional once you buy them. Thus, if you decide to use these accounts for promotional campaigns or unique concepts, you will get the right results since the accounts have been well-fed.

PlayerUp is a company you can trust to provide you with the right YouTube account you need to promote your business or brand. With their effective filters, you can go through their portfolio of YouTube accounts with a different number of subscribers. These accounts are grouped under various niches and monetization levels. However, prices are not fixed as they depend on how much the owners are willing to sell them for.

9. Trustiu

Buy YouTube Accounts for Trustiu

Clients’ satisfaction is vital when it comes to the social media world. And in buying YouTube accounts, some companies try to ensure they provide their customers with what they want. It is not always easy. However, one brand that has gotten a reputation for providing customers with the right YouTube accounts is Trustiu. They have legit YouTube accounts in virtually all niches you can think of, and they are pretty cheap and affordable.

A unique thing about this company is that they provide YouTube accounts in various languages such as Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese. This will remove the language limitation and encourage clients from other locations to try them. Trustiu provides you with adequate filters to make your search for the right YouTube account an easy activity. Although their prices are fair, they are costlier than other brands. And the reason for this is that quality is one thing this brand does not toy with.

10. Accs Market

Buy YouTube Accounts for Accs Market

Accs Market brings both buyer and seller closer than on any other platform. This brand provides you with authentic YouTube accounts from reliable sellers. At Accs Market, you can get YouTube accounts in any niche you want, ranging from lifestyle to music. With a random search through their rich collection, you can find any account you want. And the accounts you are buying from here have been well checked and are of great quality.

Accs Market’s filter eases your search by using different criteria in the search process such as price, number of subscribers, niches, etc. This brand’s payment system is secure, and you have nothing to worry about when buying from them.


Q. Where can I buy YouTube accounts?

There are lots of markets for YouTube accounts. However, only a few of them are safe. That is why I have listed some of the best places where you can get these accounts from. You can trust the brands above to get you the account you want. But verify any platform for authenticity before buying.

Q. Is buying YouTube accounts safe?

Yes. There are no risks involved in buying YouTube accounts. If you have verified the platform you intend to buy from and found it safe and genuine; you should encounter no problems.

Q. Why should I buy a YouTube account?

There are many reasons you should buy a YouTube account instead of starting one. It saves you time. And most accounts put up for sale usually have a degree of established audience in place. This means you don’t have to start worrying about attracting subscribers on the go since some of the dirty work has been done for you.

Q. What are YouTube’s requirements in regards to monetization?

For your YouTube account to be eligible for monetization, you need to have at least 1k subscribers and more than 4k viewing hours.


Buying YouTube accounts have many advantages. You don’t have to go through the pain of building one from scratch and trying hard to attract subscribers. If you are buying an already monetized YouTube account, everything is already in place for you to start earning through the account.

Also, if you are buying fresh accounts, you are sure to find the best fit for you. Above are some places where you can buy new or old YouTube accounts. I am certain you will find the best brand for you.


Written by Alexis Kestler

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