How To Cancel Disney Plus Subscription

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Hey there friend! If you‘ve been considering canceling your Disney+ account, you made the right choice clicking on this article. As a streaming service technology geek and digital marketing expert, I‘m going to walk you through the entire Disney+ cancellation process from start to finish.

I‘ll provide detailed steps for canceling on both desktop and mobile, give you insider tips to save money, share some fun cancellation stats, and answer all your burning questions. My goal is to make you a Disney+ cancellation master by the end of this guide!

Here‘s a quick look at what I‘ll cover:

Table of Contents:

  • Why You May Want to Cancel Disney+
  • Detailed Cancellation Steps for Desktop and Mobile
  • What Happens When You Cancel Disney+
  • How to Save Money When Cancelling
  • Reactivating Your Disney+ Account
  • Deleting Your Disney+ Account Permanently
  • Interesting Disney+ Cancellation Stats
  • Answers to FAQs about Canceling Disney+

So get cozy, grab a snack, and let‘s get started exploring how to cancel your Disney+ subscription!

Why You May Want to Cancel Disney+

With over 137 million global subscribers as of January 2022, Disney+ has become immensely popular thanks to its massive library of Disney, Marvel, Star Wars and other content.

But there‘s a variety of solid reasons you may want to cancel your subscription:

  • You feel you‘re not getting enough value for the monthly cost
  • You want to cut down on streaming services to save money
  • You finished watching your favorite shows and no longer need access
  • You want to switch to a competing service like HBO Max
  • You‘re unhappy with the content selection or user experience

If any of those reasons resonate with you, canceling Disney+ could be the right call. Don‘t feel guilty cutting ties with Mickey Mouse!

Now let‘s get into the step-by-step cancellation process so you can ditch Disney+ with confidence.

Detailed Cancellation Steps for Desktop and Mobile

Let‘s start with canceling Disney+ through the desktop website:

  1. Pull up and login to your Disney+ account. Be sure to login under the primary profile that manages the subscription.

  2. In the top right corner, click your profile icon and select "Account" from the dropdown menu.

Disney+ Profile Dropdown

  1. On the account page, click "Billing Details" in the left sidebar to view your subscription status.

  2. Under your Disney+ subscription, click the "Cancel Subscription" button.

Cancel Subscription Button

  1. A popup will appear to confirm cancellation. Click "Complete Cancellation" to finalize cancelling your subscription.

And you‘re all set! Disney+ will be cancelled at the end of your current billing cycle. Pretty straightforward right?

Now let‘s look at how to cancel through the Disney+ mobile app:

On iPhone/iPad

  1. Open the App Store and tap your profile icon in the top right corner.

  2. Tap "Subscriptions" to view your active subscriptions.

  3. Under "Active", find the Disney+ subscription and tap "Cancel Subscription". Confirm cancellation.

On Android

  1. Open the Google Play Store and tap the hamburger menu in the top left.

  2. Tap "Subscriptions" to see your current app subscriptions.

  3. Under Active subscriptions, tap the "Cancel Subscription" button next to the Disney+ subscription and confirm.

Cancelling via mobile only takes a few taps! And you‘re all set.

Wasn‘t that easy? Now you‘re a cancellation pro whether you‘re on desktop or mobile.

What Happens When You Cancel Disney+

Here are some key things to know about what happens after cancelling Disney+:

  • You‘ll retain access to Disney+ until the end of your current billing period, whether monthly or annually.

  • Any downloaded videos will no longer be available after the subscription ends. Watch them ASAP!

  • Your account profiles, watch history, and other data will be inaccessible after cancellation.

  • You can reactive your account within 180 days to restore your account details and watch history.

  • If you don‘t reactivate within 180 days, your account will be permanently closed.

So in summary – enjoy Disney+ until your billing cycle ends, binge your downloads now, and know your data will be relegated to Mickey‘s vault after those 180 days are up!

How to Save Money When Cancelling Disney+

Since we‘re on the topic of cancelling, I wanted to share some insider tips to save money on your Disney+ subscription before fully committing to cancellation:

  • Downgrade your plan. If you‘re on the 4K Premium plan, drop down to the basic $7.99 monthly plan. Every bit of savings counts!

  • Switch to annual billing. Paying annually rather than monthly saves you about 15% over the course of a year.

  • Bundle with Hulu and ESPN+. Disney offers a $13.99 bundle with all 3 services – much cheaper than paying separately!

  • Use discounted gift cards. Buy discounted Disney+ gift cards on sites like Raise or eBay to lower the out-of-pocket cost.

  • Upgrade with Verizon. Some Verizon wireless plans include Disney+ for free. Check their latest promos.

Hope this gives you some creative ways to keep Disney+ if you‘re still on the fence about cancelling entirely. You‘ve got options!

Reactivating Your Disney+ Account

Did you end up with post-cancellation regret? Not to worry – reactivating your Disney+ account is super simple:

  1. Head to and click "Login" in the top right.

  2. Enter your email and password to sign back in.

  3. Click "Resume Subscription" on your account page to reactive your membership.

  4. Input your payment details when prompted to restart your subscription.

As long as you reactive within 180 days of cancellation, all your Disney+ data including profiles, preferences, and watch history will be restored! So you have plenty of time to change your mind.

Deleting Your Disney+ Account Permanently

On the flip side, if you want Disney to completely delete all your personal data from their records, you‘ll need to request account deletion:

  1. Visit Disney‘s Help Page and click "Contact Us".

  2. Fill out the contact form and put in a request for full account deletion in the message box.

  3. Disney‘s team will initiate permanent account deletion within 30 days.

Once fully deleted, your data is gone for good, so only pursue this if you‘re absolutely certain. You won‘t be able to reactive your account.

Interesting Disney+ Cancellation Stats

Now that you know how to cancel Disney+ like a pro, I have some fascinating cancellation and streaming stats to share:

  • 24% of US streaming subscribers cancelled at least 1 service to save money in Q3 2021 according to Antenna.

  • Streaming cancellations spiked 32% higher in Q2 2021 compared to 2020 according to ChurnZero.

  • Disney+ 1-month cancellation rates remain below 4%, far less than Netflix‘s ~7% churn according to Antenna.

  • 45% of consumers say they‘ll cancel a streaming service after 1 month of non-use according to Deloitte.

  • Streaming churn rates peak around 3-4 months of membership according to data from Recurly.

So in summary – streaming cancellations are rising overall as consumers trim back optional services. But Disney+ continues holding strong with some of the lowest cancellation rates across on-demand video platforms.

Still, don‘t feel bad about cancelling Disney+ if it no longer suits your needs. You‘ve got to do what‘s right for your wallet!

Answers to FAQs about Canceling Disney+

I know canceling any subscription service brings up questions, so let‘s tackle some common Disney+ cancellation FAQs:

How much notice do I need to give Disney+ before cancelling?

You can cancel Disney+ at any time – no advance notice required! Cancellation takes effect at the end of your current billing period.

Can I get a refund if I cancel Disney+ mid-subscription?

Disney does not offer prorated Disney+ refunds if you cancel mid-billing cycle. You‘ll retain access until the renewal date.

What happens to my downloaded Disney+ videos if I cancel?

Any downloaded videos will no longer be accessible after cancellation goes into effect. Be sure to watch them beforehand!

Will my Disney+ profiles and watch history be saved if I reactivate later?

Yes, Disney stores your account details for 180 days after cancellation. If you reactivate in that window, your data will be restored.

Does Disney+ offer an annual plan I can cancel and get a refund?

Disney+ does not currently offer refunds on any portion of an unused annual subscription. You can cancel renewal going forward.

And there you have it amigo! You should now be fully equipped to cancel your Disney+ subscription with no stone left unturned. I hope breaking down the step-by-step process here provided value. Never hesitate to reach out with any other Disney-related questions!


Written by Alexis Kestler

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