Finding the Hidden Caretaker‘s House Key in Warzone 2 DMZ

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Hey friend! Have you heard about the secret Caretaker‘s House key hidden somewhere in Al Samman Cemetery? Unlocking it gives you access to a jackpot of high-tier loot in DMZ. As a streaming gamer and Warzone expert, I‘ve done the research to help you locate this key and complete the quest.

In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll provide everything you need to know to grab that key and gear up with elite weapons and items other players only dream of. Let‘s get started!

Introduction to DMZ Mode

For those who may not know, DMZ is an all-new open world, sandbox-style experience within Warzone 2.0. Up to three squad members can team up to take on objective-based missions, AI enemies, and rival players.

The goal is to collect loot, complete contracts, level up your operator, and extract safely from the massive map. Everything you unlock carries over between DMZ matches, creating a continuous feeling of progression and rewarding investment.

There are five large zones to explore, each with a unique environment and structure. The diverse areas include:

  • Al Mazrah City – urban downtown with skyscrapers

  • Hydroelectric Plant – industrial area with machinery and pipes

  • Quarry – rocky mining pits and tunnels

  • Observatory – high altitude cliffs and research labs

  • Al Samman Cemetery – our key location today!

You have free rein to choose your objectives, approach enemies tactically, and navigate the zones however you see fit. This freedom is incredibly engaging but also challenging to master.

Why the Caretaker‘s House Key Matters

As you explore the DMZ map, you‘ll discover certain buildings that are locked and inaccessible without specific keys. These strongholds contain rare loot and powerful gear that gives you a major advantage.

But you can‘t just blast your way inside – you‘ll need to track down the matching key which takes time and effort. The keys are hidden around the map inside loot containers, on downed enemies, and other secret spots.

The Caretaker‘s House in Al Samman Cemetery requires its own special gold key to enter. I‘ll cover exactly how to get it soon. But first, let‘s look at why you should care about this particular location:

  • Exotic Weapons – Keys grant access to exotic weapon blueprints you can‘t find anywhere else, like the one-shot kill Basilisk pistol.

  • Legendary Loot – Top loot tier weapons like the Rapp H and Victus XMR are locked inside certain key buildings.

  • Great Cash Payouts – Key chests are loaded with hard cash for completing contracts and redeploying squadmates.

  • Powerful Attachments – Key locations have attachments like 10x zoom scopes, extended magazines, and more.

  • Rare Cosmetic Items – You can unlock weapon skins, sprays, charms, and operator outfits.

  • Valuable Equipment – Key chests can contain armor satchels, gas masks, munition boxes, and other vital gear.

Simply put, if you want to dominate DMZ matches and build the strongest possible loadout, acquiring keys needs to be a top priority. Now let‘s dig into locating the Caretaker‘s House key hidden within Al Samman Cemetery.

Overview of Al Samman Cemetery

Sprawling Al Samman Cemetery is situated on the southeastern border of Al Mazrah City. It‘s one of the larger initial exploration zones available in DMZ, with ample buildings, ruins, trenches, and tunnels scattered among the rows of weathered headstones.

Tall mausoleum structures tower over the cemetery, providing vantage points. However, these also expose you to enemy detection. Fog often rolls through the area, reducing visibility and adding to the creepy, haunting atmosphere.

The environment is open but dotted with cover like walls, trucks, and dug-in fighting positions. Thick smoke plumes rise from burning wreckage deeper in the cemetery. You‘ll need to be extremely alert to spot enemies at range before they see you.

Speaking of enemies, you can expect light resistance from AI combatants like armored AQ soldiers or White Lotus operatives in the area. But the real threat comes from up to 49 other players in rival squads hunting for loot in the same location.

Keep your head on a swivel, watch the skies for incoming players, and stay close to cover during firefights. Retreating and repositioning is often better than stubbornly holding your ground when engaged.

There are also some benefits provided at the safe Forward Operating Base just northwest of the cemetery. I highly recommend stopping here first to buy affordable loadout items, refill ammo, and maybe get a squad revive if needed. Gear up before braving the graveyard!

Pinpointing the Caretaker‘s House

Let‘s get to the good stuff – the exact location of the Caretaker‘s House key building. It sits tucked against the eastern exterior wall of Al Samman Cemetery, near a road that borders the area.

Look for a small, slightly worn down stone building with a brown door. There are no major indicators or signs outside – you‘ll need to rely on environmental cues and landmarks.

When approaching from the west through the rows of graves, hang a right once the headstones start thinning out. Hug the wall as you move east, watching for enemies. Keep your weapon ready.

Up ahead on your right will be a cluster of buildings near the southeast corner. This is where you‘re most likely to encounter hostile players also hunting the key. Listen for gunfire and footsteps. Consider using a UAV drone if you have one.

The Caretaker‘s House itself is set back slightly from the nearby road, next to a blue dumpster. Clear the area before approaching and watch the windows for any nasty surprises from enemies.

I highly recommend frequent tactical sprinting between cover as you move through the cemetery‘s eastern side. Don‘t expose yourself needlessly in open ground. Safely reach the Caretaker‘s House area.

If you stick to this sequence of landmarks and directions, grabbing that key will be a breeze. Now let‘s review the possible methods to actually acquire it.

Obtaining the Coveted Key

Unfortunately, the Caretaker‘s House can‘t simply be breached – you‘ll need to track down its matching gold key to get inside. This key can potentially spawn in a few different locations:

  • On eliminated AI enemies within Al Samman Cemetery
  • By completing High Value Target (HVT) contracts focused on the area
  • Inside loot caches and containers scattered around the environment
  • Potentially off dead players who already acquired it

By far the most reliable method is taking on HVT contracts specifically targeting enemies within the graveyard. I‘ll explain how these special contracts work:

  • activation requires $1500 at a Buy Station

  • completes when you eliminate a named elite enemy

  • payout depends on the target‘s difficulty level

  • markers guide you toward the target‘s location

The HVT enemies have an increased chance of dropping important loot when killed – like the Caretaker‘s House key! This removes the guesswork and frustration of wandering the huge cemetery hoping to randomly find it.

I recommend playing a few normal DMZ matches to earn cash, then activating the HVT contract as soon as possible in your next match. Focus only on hunting down your high value target and scoring that key.

You can also get lucky with key drops from standard enemies you take out within the cemetery. Don‘t rush – thoroughly loot each corpse. There‘s a small possibility of finding the key this way.

Finally, open any chests, lockers, and loot caches you find in the environment. There‘s a low chance of the key randomly spawning inside. Not reliable, but you might get very fortunate early on.

Overall the HVT contract strategy is definitely your best bet for swiftly and directly acquiring the Caretaker‘s House key. Now let‘s make sure you‘re ready to take on the intense fight necessary to take down an elite HVT enemy.

Optimal Loadout to Dominate

Gearing up effectively with the right loadout is crucial before attempting to secure the key. As a Warzone veteran, I recommend equipping these weapons and items:

Long Range Rifle

The M13B or Victus XMR are ideal. They allow precision fire across the open cemetery and can take out distant targets silently when paired with a suppressor.

SMG or Shotgun

Have something hard-hitting for close quarters when enemies push or you breach buildings. The Fennec 45 or Bryson 890 will quickly shred opponents.


Stay stealthy by keeping silencers equipped on all weapons – this avoids alerting more enemies to your position.

Heartbeat Sensor

This tactical gear picks up nearby enemy locations so you aren‘t caught off guard. Super useful against sly real players.

Smoke Grenades

When things get hairy, pop smoke to obscure vision and allow you to reposition undetected. Smart players will disengage rather than die needlessly!


For perks, Tracker highlights enemy footsteps and traces, while Spotter identifies enemy equipment through walls to avoid nasty surprises.

This loadout provides the perfect blend of rapid lethal firepower up close, with mid to long range capabilities to win initial engagements against the living and undead enemies within Al Samman Cemetery.

Securing the Loot Inside

You‘ve finally got the Caretaker‘s House key in your inventory. Excellent work! Now it‘s time to reap the rewards inside this mysterious locked building.

Slowly approach the brown door on the small stone exterior. Be ready for any enemies camping within throwing distance. Carefully insert your newly acquired key and listen for the satisfying click that indicates it worked.

Breach and clear the interior, weapons ready. Sweep the rooms to ensure it‘s fully secured. Once the area is safe, it‘s time to get looting!

Based on reports from the DMZ community, here are some of the awesome items you can expect to find inside:

  • Exotic Basilisk revolver – This handcannon deals massive damage and can one-shot downed enemies.

  • Legendary Victus XMR & SP-R 208 sniper rifles – Ideal for long range combat and headshot highlights.

  • Fennec 45 & VEL 46 SMGs – Room clearing powerhouses.

  • Thermal scopes – Let‘s you spot enemies through smoke and darkness. Incredibly strong attachment.

  • Gas masks and armor satchels – Essential survival equipment to raise your odds in dangerous situations.

  • Weapon charms and skins – Unique cosmetics to show off your accomplishments.

  • Munition boxes – Restock your ammo and lethal equipment from these handy packages.

  • Hefty cash piles – Fund your next objectives, contracts, and loadouts.

Grab every last bit of loot you can feasibly carry. Just keep an eye on your encumbrance level when snagging heavier weapons like LMGs or sniper rifles. You don‘t want to be weighed down and move slowly when exfiltrating the area.

Once you‘ve extracted all the goodies from the Caretaker‘s House, it‘s time head out. But make sure you aren‘t getting greedy and overconfident! Stay alert on your way to the western road exit, carefully watching for any remaining enemies between you and escape.

Keys to Completing the Quest

Let‘s quickly recap the major tips I have for successfully snagging the Caretaker‘s House key:

  • Pack long range and CQC weaponry – win those initial engagements

  • Move tactically and use cover – don‘t expose yourself needlessly

  • Equip suppressors – avoid alerting more enemies when firing

  • Activate an HVT contract – this shortcuts directly to the key

  • Loot all enemies – don‘t miss the key sitting on a body

  • Breach carefully – secure the Caretaker‘s House before grabbing loot

  • Exfiltrate cautiously – getting the loot means nothing if you die escaping!

Follow these steps and you‘ll have the best odds of securing that sweet Caretaker‘s House loot for yourself.

To Sum It Up

Acquiring the Caretaker‘s House key should be a top priority during your DMZ matches. The exotic weapons, attachments, and other gear inside give you a major leg up on the competition.

It will take some time and effort to successfully locate the key within Al Samman Cemetery while avoiding or eliminating dangerous AI and player enemies.

But use the strategies I‘ve outlined here to optimize your loadout, take on an HVT contract, breach the Caretaker‘s House, and extract safely. You‘ll gain an awesome arsenal that keeps paying dividends in future DMZ matches!

Now get out there, grab that key, and start dominating DMZ! Just watch your back and keep an eye out for my squad – we may be coming for you next!


Written by Alexis Kestler

A female web designer and programmer - Now is a 36-year IT professional with over 15 years of experience living in NorCal. I enjoy keeping my feet wet in the world of technology through reading, working, and researching topics that pique my interest.