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The Best 7 Social Media Management Tools

Social media can get a little overwhelming. You have to update your Facebook, post pictures on Instagram, remember to re-pin things on Pinterest, come up with witty things to say on Twitter, and post your best business-related content on LinkedIn. You want to have an active presence on the different …

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Social Media Marketing and Its impact on Business

The influence of social media is successful in changing the relationship between brands and consumers. These days strategies are created by the companies after understanding and analyzing the demands of their target audiences. The impact of social media is huge when it comes to the changing structure of world business. …

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Social Media Marketing Strategy: The Complete Guide

Social Media Marketing in simple terms is the marketing of your company’s products or brand through Social Media. There are various social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. The main motive of companies or firms is to connect with customers, increase awareness of their brands and make …

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A/B Testing in Paid Social Marketing

In the world of paid social marketing, A/B testing allows users to test different variables against each other. The goal is to find the best combination of visuals, copy, timing, and more that drives your target audience to click, purchase, visit your website, or whatever else is baked into your …

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Facebook Tips

Facebook is a social networking website that has made the world a much smaller place. With Facebook, you can reconnect with friends from high school, long lost family members and coworkers. You may even be surprised by finding distant relatives you never even knew you had. There are essentially two …

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Why using Facebook can be Unhealthy

Facebook is a great way to keep in touch with family, friends and colleagues.  Every day millions of people log in to chat, network, distribute photos, share links they like, play games, join groups and interact in a variety of ways on Facebook. With all the benefits the social network …

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