Top 15 Discord Bots You Need In Your Server


Have you been searching for automation tools to give your Discord server more life? Then you have come to the right place. We have a list of discord bots that can keep you glued to the server and afford you a lasting experience.

Discord has gone on to be one of the most relevant social platforms for gamers. Discord's flexibility and strategic features have proved endearing to the gaming community. This is where people from distant geographical locations and diverse backgrounds interact with each other, who share a common hobby.

Discord's vital quality is that their server can be modified to taste, which includes adding automation service tools for further enhancement.

Discord bots help you manage your Discord server more efficiently. There are so many kinds of these service tools out there. We have put together a list containing some of the best Discord bots you may find interesting. You can find them below.

Top 15 Discord Bots

1. GAwesome Bot

GAwesome Bot

GAwesome is a versatile Discord bot that you would love merging up with your server. It is efficient and can be tailored to meet your needs. It comes with some exciting features that can keep you engaged. It can take charge of your chats and conduct so many activities on your behalf.

GAwesome's versatility is remarkable. It can access results from other internet sources like Google, YouTube and Wikipedia.

2. Tatsumaki

Another Discord bot that has caught the eyes of gamers is Tatsumaki. It contains so many features that can be modified as desired. This bot is also versatile as it can assess the internet, help you stay current, and take charge of your Discord server. All you need to do is to alter the settings from the bot's panel.

Tatsumaki is known to attract users with XP and Levels rewards when they are more active. Users' Positions on the Discord server are depicted as beautiful cards that can be modified with real currency if you want.

3. Dank Memer

Dank Memer

Dank Memer is a highly rated Discord Bots on the list. Their placing is well-earned. This is a bot that specializes in memes. You would be readily drawn to Dank Memer if you are a fan of memes. Dank Memer takes only a few seconds to create memes.

They can transform visual content and gamble with memes. They also have their kind of monetary exchange system, which makes everything fun. Features such as gambling, stealing, bank-robbing can all be modified.

4. FreeStuff

FreeStuff bot

Another Discord bot that you can't ignore is FreeStuff. They specialize in alerting you about available updates for games and games that you can get for free. All you need to do is attach it to your Discord server, and they will begin to send you messages whenever there is a free game up for grabs.

5. Mudae


Mudae is one Discord Bot you should include in your Discord server if you are into anime and extensive gaming. They have a cache riddled with anime and gaming characters that are flexible to use during gaming. They boast of about 35,000 characters, among which are waifu and husband. They also have 100,000 images and GIFs.

With Mudae, it is possible to partake in multiplayer games like catch Pokémon. They also have an anime quotes generator feature. You can also modify their features to meet your needs.

6. Rythm


This is a music-oriented Discord bot. It is unarguably one of the best Discord bots available. It promises high-quality sound and playtime and no lag. This makes it one of the best music bots on Discord. Rhythm gives you a unique music experience from various platforms such as YouTube, SoundCloud, and Twitch. There are features that give you song lyrics and autoplay.



If you are looking for a Discord bot that can help take charge of some tasks on your server, then YAGPDB is a credible option. Its initials stand for ‘Yet Another General Purpose Discord Bot.' Thus, it is clear what they are capable of doing.

YAGPDB shares the same developer with another Discord bot called MEE6. Where these two bots differ is in the aspect of features. YAGPDB seems to be like an upgrade on MEE6 because it has many new features that MEE6 lacks.

YAGPDB supports Reddit and YouTube. Manual configuration of other webpages you may love is possible. This Discord bot has a vast array of features that is why it is the choice of many.

8. Sesh

sesh bot

One thing that Discord lacks is a feature that gives you date or calendar themes. That is why a calendar bot like Sesh would be a good addition to your server. This can help you make schedules, set reminders, and carry out activities promptly. Sesh is very flexible to use.

One other Usefulness that Sesh would have for you is in the area of setting the right time when engaging with gamers from different locations and time zones. And the fact that it has a timezone conversion feature makes it more interesting. Google Calendar can be merged with Sesh to make things smooth for you.

9. Dyno Bot

Dyno Bot

Dyno is another Discord bot with a vast array of features that would definitely interest you. It is ideal for anyone who is relatively known on the Discord platform. Attaching this bot to your server gives your server more enhancement. Dyno bot is very flexible and allows you to modify its features as much as you want.

Dyno can help keep tabs on who is joining, leaving or has gotten banned from the server. Dyno bot boasts of Cleverbot integration which is used in sharing Overwatch stats, Google results and stream music from YouTube.



It is hard not to mention Epic RPG when talking about the best Discord bots out there at the moment. Epic RPG lets you play text-based RPG games as a way of gaining ground in tougher fights. One highlight of Epic RPG is that you can turn into a trader of ammunitions to other server users.

To unravel new features on Epic RPG, there are over 15 dungeons, each having its boss who you must all defeat.

To start enjoying the Epic RPG application after installation, all you need to do is to type “rpg start” so that the server will get you acquainted with all that concerns the game. The application also possesses adventure and hunting game features which makes it all the more interesting.

11. Karuta

Karuta bot

Just like Mudae, here is another anime automation service tool you will surely love to have attached to your Discord server. This anime bot boasts of a whopping 70,000 anime characters. With these characters, you can sweat it out and win cards which you can further table in exchange for more.

That must sound exciting to any lover of such games. It is possible to exchange your earnings for money. And you can also use your earnings on different servers. This is one of the reasons why Karuta has grown into a force to reckon with on Discord. Good management is behind their success.

12. PokeMeow

PokeMeow bot

PokeMeow has an enviable place when it comes to the best Discord bots available. This bot tasks you to catch Pokemon. It is very engaging more than you may think, if you don't know how it works. It is possible to play this game with others. And as you try to arrest your target, you get rewards along the way.

There are assets or weapons to be gotten while engrossed in this game. Pokeballs, Ultraballs and Masterballs can be purchased using PokeCoins. There is also the time-based mission where you have two hours maximum to catch Pokemon.

13. TacoShack

TacoShack bot

This money economy Discord bot involves selling Tacos to earn money and other rewards. And as you keep earning, you can purchase upgrades to improve the condition of your shack. This will attract more customers. More customers mean more earnings and more upgrades. But you have to be intelligent about how you spend your earnings.

The good thing about this bot is that it teaches you money management.

14. Arcane

Arcane bot

This is another interesting Discord bot. With Arcane, you can assign roles to members in your Discord server level up. If you need a Discord bot that can give you YouTube new content notifications, then you should choose Arcane. It can help you keep tabs on exits and arrivals on the server.

Arcane boasts of having the right tools your server needs to stay vibrant. There is also the Arcane Premium with extensive features: limitless reaction and booster roles, modifiable XP, and extended logging.

15. GameStats

GameStats bot

If you are looking for a unique bot to help you set up your gaming profile, GameStats should be your choice. After creating your smart profile, you can share it with others on the server. You can use the bot to keep track of your stats across different games like Seige, PUBG, Paragon, World of Worships, and many more.

GameStats' features are a bit complex, but you are sure to become conversant with them with a bit of time and practice.


1. What are Discord bots?

Discord bots are auxiliary service tools that you can use to manage your Discord more efficiently.

2. Are Discord bots safe?

Your account and devices are safe when you use discord bots. However, your personal data could be vulnerable when the servers running the bots are compromised.


Discord bots are numerous and help to improve a person's Discord server. They also have other interesting features that can keep you entertained for as long as possible. Given that Discord is a gaming platform, most of these bots are tailored to meet the demands and interests of gamers on the Discord platform. Hence, we hope that this list containing some of the best Discord bots available out there will help improve your experience on the Discord platform.


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