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How Much Is Snapchat Worth in 2023? (Snapchat Net Worth – $20.41 billion)

Snapchat Net Worth: A Comprehensive Examination

Snapchat Net Worth

Snapchat is a popular social media platform with several exciting features. Most investors may be interested in it; Facebook and Google tried to acquire the company, but their offers were declined. We've evaluated statistics and obtained relevant information on Snapchat's net worth to understand if it's a worthwhile investment. Keep reading for more information.

The downward annual net revenue trend recorded by Snapchat over the last three years is worrying. The company has, however, realized a few achievements within those years despite the challenges. It has made several restructuring efforts, like laying off some employees, including additional features to its system and implementing strategic plans to scale up its capability. As such, most people, especially potential investors, are interested in knowing the most current Snapchat Net worth.

Snapchat Net Worth: A Comprehensive Examination

Origin and Early Success

Firstly, we must venture back to 2011, when Snapchat, initially known as Picaboo, was launched by Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown. A year later, the app was rebranded as Snapchat and witnessed a surge in users, crossing 100 million daily active users by 2014.

Initial Public Offering and User Growth

No doubt, Snapchat's popularity was recognized by the market when it completed its Initial Public Offering (IPO) in March 2017, with shares priced at $17 each. This IPO elevated the company's market valuation to an impressive $24 billion. By July 2022, Snapchat boasted 347 million daily active users and over 1 billion monthly active users, illustrating the platform's substantial user base.

Revenue and Major Shareholders

Furthermore, Snapchat reported substantial revenues in 2021, generating $4.12 billion, which marked a 64% increase year-over-year. Notably, advertising formed over 90% of Snapchat's revenue streams. Despite the robust revenue figures, Snapchat's stock price took a hit, experiencing a significant decline since its IPO. As of July 2022, the market cap of Snapchat was around $16 billion, a drop from its post-IPO high of nearly $100 billion.

Challenges and Acquisitions

Although Snapchat still stands as one of the largest global social media platforms, it's clear that the platform has encountered challenges. In Q2 2022, Snapchat reported a net loss of $422 million, largely due to high costs and slowing growth. However, Snapchat made strategic moves to boost its capabilities, one of which was the acquisition of Bitmoji for around $100 million in 2016.

Recent Financial Performance

Moving to more recent events, as of 2023, we can estimate Snapchat's net worth based on various factors such as its market capitalization, revenue, and user base. As of July 24, 2023, Snapchat's market capitalization stood at $20.41 billion, slightly up from $20.31 billion as of June 2023. In Q1 2023, Snapchat reported a revenue of $989 million.

Snapshot of Snapchat's Worth

Lastly, here's a brief summary of Snapchat's worth, based on different aspects:

  • Market capitalization (July 2023): $20.41 billion
  • Market capitalization (June 2023): $20.31 billion
  • Revenue (Q1 2023): $989 million
  • Daily active users (Q1 2023): 383 million

These figures are estimates and can vary depending on the source and the methodology used to calculate them. Although the actual net worth of Snapchat is not publicly disclosed, these figures provide a general understanding of its financial standing in the industry.

Snapchat Market Cap

Market Cap

One of the things investors want to know is a company's market capitalization. It enables them to evaluate the value of a company as it represents its net worth. Market Cap is computed by multiplying the current stock price per share by the number of outstanding shares. The current market Capitalization of Snap Inc. is approximately $18 billion.

How much is Snapchat worth right now?

Snapchat worth right now

Snapchat's net revenue has consistently decreased for the past few years. In the first quarter of 2023, the company realized a 329 million loss which went up by 41 million from the $288 million recorded in the last quarter for the year ended 2022. According to Macrotrends, Snapchat's net worth was $16.95B by June 21 2023.

For the year ended December 31, 2022, Snapchat's annual revenue increased by 12% ($4.6 billion) as compared to the previous year. The company was also able to maintain a positive operating and free cash flow for the 2nd year. Additionally, it was the third year of a consecutive positively Adjusted EBITDA of $378 million. However, it made a Net loss of $ 1430 million, up from $488 million in 2021. While announcing the results, the company's CEO, Evan Spiegel, indicated that though 2022 was challenging, Snapchat managed some achievements and is committed to accelerating revenue growth despite the challenges.

In a press release, they included a forward-looking statement that identified the risk factors that could hinder its business in terms of financial performance, ability to generate and sustain profitability, retaining stakeholders and even complying with new laws and regulations. Some of the “Risk Factors” identified include and are not limited to the COVID-19 pandemic, macroeconomic uncertainties and political conflicts as filed in the U.S. Securities Exchange Commission.

Summary of the Year Ended 2022, Financial Results.

  • Daily active users (DAU) at $375 million, indicating a 17% increase.
  • They managed a full-year annual revenue of $4.6 billion.
  • They maintained a full year of positive operating cash and free cash flows for the second consecutive year.
  • Snapchat had an adjustable EBITDA of $378 million for the third consecutive year. EBITDA is the net income (loss) when interest income expenses, net income tax benefits, depreciation and amortization expenses, payroll and other non-monetary or non-recurring items that impact the net income are excluded.

Snapchat Valuation

Snapchat Valuations

In 2017, Snapchat valued itself at about $24 billion at IPO, but since then, the value dropped until the last quarter of 2021, when it went extremely higher by 350% to about $100 billion. That did not last; since then, Snapchat has recorded annual losses of 70% up to date. Controversies from influencers like Rihanna and Kyler Jenner in 2018 saw the company lose about 1 billion in net revenue. The change of features also caused an uproar from its users, which must be attributed to the company's losses.

Summary of Snapchat's Net Worth since 2013-2023

Year Net worth estimation (Billion)
2013 0.83
2014 10
2015 14.8
2016 17.5
2017 24
2018 18.5
2019 16.1
2020 19.4
2021 100
2022 90.9
2023 16.95

What Strategic Measures Has Snapchat Taken to Expand its Revenue Growth?

Strategic Measures Has Snapchat Taken to Expand its Revenue Growth

Expansion and diversification are some of the great ways to increase a business's net revenue. Snapchat has introduced several strategies that will see it expand its revenue and become the most profitable social media platform. Snapchat's CEO Spiegel explains that; they are working on offering more innovative products, investing in direct response advertisements and cultivating more sources of revenue to scale up its performance. Other measures include and not limited to.

  • The recently launched Snapchat+ that offers exclusive features for its subscribers. With the Snapchat+ version, one can view friends who re-watch their status, access Snapchat planets and custom story expiration, to name but a few. And by the end of the last quarter of 2022, it had attracted over 2 million subscribers.
  • Access to Conversion API (CAPI) is more accessible through third-party partners. This has attracted more advertisements on the platform.
  • The company's commitment to accelerated commerce integrations. In partnership with BigCsommerce, Snapchat allows merchants to sync catalogues and run dynamics Ads seamlessly.
  • They offer real-time Ads automation in partnership with
  • It coordinates with a wide range of brands that connect with their audience, thus generating more organic revenue.

Moreover, the company has invested in an augmented reality platform in partnership with several renowned brands like Walmart, Adidas, H&M and The Institute of Digital Fashion and New Balance.


Q: Who is the CEO of Snapchat?

A: The former Stanford University Students Evans Spiegel and Bobby Murphy are the founders and CEOs of Snapchat, with un-dilutable but transferable voting shares between them if one retires or dies of 48% and 47%, respectively. The duo founded the company in 2011, and in 2016, they rebranded it to Snap Inc. from Snapchat Inc.

Q: Has Snapchat even been profitable?

A: Yes, although Snapchat has recorded losses over the past years, in 2021, it managed an increase of 350% in net worth valued at approximately $100b.

Q: Does Meta own Snapchat?

A: No, Facebook offered 3B to acquire Snapchat but its CEO, Evan Spiegel, declined the offer, including that by Google of 4B.

Q: How long do an average Snapchat users spend on the app?

A: On average, Snapchat users spend about 30-40 minutes on the app.


Snapchat’s Net worth has been decreasing over time while its annual revenue increases year after year. With the notable increase in its users and the measures put in place to revive the company’s annual valuation, we hope it will realize its potential and become one of the leading social media platforms globally. It requires good strategies and restructuring to unleash its full potential.


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