All about Snapchat Streak Lost: Step-by-Step Guide in 2023

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As a social media marketing expert with over 10 years of experience, I often consult with brands and influencers on best practices for engaging audiences on visual platforms like Snapchat. In that time, I’ve seen firsthand how treasured Snapstreaks are for creating deeper bonds between friends.

That‘s why I put this comprehensive guide together – drawing on my expertise in the space to help you recover lost streaks and prevent future heartbreak!

Why Do Snapchat Streaks Matter So Much?

Before we dive into the restoration process, it’s important to understand why Snapstreaks carry so much meaning in online friendships for 150 million daily active Snapchatters.

  • Snapstreaks Represent Relationship Investment

    The consistent back-and-forth of snaps exchange signifies dedicated effort between pals. You make time every day to visually check in, no matter how busy life gets.

  • They Measure Authentic Intimacy

    Lengthy streaks spanning months or years equate to intimacy established over shared memories and inside jokes. That history becomes precious.

  • Streaks Encourage Playful Connection

    Sending creative snaps keeps conversation fun versus just trading generic “how’s it going?” texts. You get to be more vulnerably goofy versus polished.

When streaks suddenly vanish – especially 100+ day leviathans – it can create feelings similar to losing touch with real-life best friends.

The good news? There’s still hope for resurrecting recently expired Snapstreaks if you act quickly and leverages tricks I’ll share later. First, let‘s examine what causes these heartbreaking losses in the first place.

What Makes Streaks Disappear?

While glitches do occasionally happen, most vanished Snapstreaks result from simple user errors disrupting the intricate point system tracking your friendly exchanges.

The Snapstreak Point System

Here’s a quick primer on how the behind-the-scenes streak scoring setup works:

  • 1 point per snap sent back and forth
  • 1 bonus point for every day consecutive snaps exchanged
  • Must total ≥ 3 points daily to maintain streak

This means you need to send at least 1 snap daily for 3+ days to start and sustain a streak long term.

Easy enough so far!

But there’s more nuance…

Top 5 Causes of Vanished Streaks

With a fragile 3 point system, there are a common ways streaks accidentally get disrupted:

1. Forgetting to Snap Within 24 Hours

Unfortunately, the most straightforward way to lose a Snapstreak hits most users – simply forgetting to uphold your end of the snap bargain for 24 hours.

Life gets busy and before you know it, you blew the daily 1 snap minimum. Just like that, emoji gone!

  • 23 hour gap? Still okay!
  • 25 hours snap-less? Streak evaporated!

2. Blocking or Unfriending Each Other

Did you have a silly disagreement and momentarily block your BFF? Whoops – block instantly erased your treasured streak too!

Same goes for deleting/unfriending during relationship drama. Streak = Casualty

3. Issues With Date/Time Settings

The intricate streak scoring relies on Device A and Device B both having properly synced date and timestamp settings.

If either party experiences wonky automatic date changes, timer errors, or daylight savings time glitches, it throws off the tandem streak count on each end. Sad day!

4. App Glitches or Update Errors

While rare, Snapchat isn‘t exempt from pesky technical bugs just like any app. Problems on Snap‘s server backend can cause failed notifications between users that inadvertently break established streaks.

Usually updating both apps resolves, but glitches do happen randomly and can prematurely wipe streaks (Big mad).

5. Switching Phones or Accounts

Finally, a simple device changeover can instantly shatter your streak, unfortunately. Unlike platformjs like Instagram, Snapchat streaks don’t automatically transfer between phones.

Same goes for logging out of your account and into a different Snapchat account on the same device.
Poof goes your precious streak!

Now that you know what sabotages Snapstreaks, let’s explore how to resurrect recently vanished ones…

Reviving Your Snapstreak in 3 Simple Steps

Have no fear! Snapchat‘s developers understand we all accidentally screw up our treasured streaks now and then.

So they built in a handy 24 hour grace period to restore erased streaks instantly.

Here‘s how to redeem your "Get Out of Jail Free" card:

Step 1: Update Your Snapchat

First, visit your device app store ensure you‘ve installed the latest Snapchat version. Critical for proper streak restoration capabilities!

Step 2: Rush to Your Chat History

Open Snapchat immediately and tap into your private chat with the now-streakless friend.

Look for the "snapstreak expired" indication.

Step 3: Tap That Restore Button!

You should see a "Restore Streak!" option visible for only 24 hours. Tap faster than you‘ve tapped anything in your life!

It really is that easy…when you catch the tiny window in time!

But There‘s A Catch!

You only get one FREE Snapstreak restore before Snapchat starts charging you cold hard cash for any subsequent mess-ups.

Yes, You Have to PAY to Restore Extra Snapstreaks!

Let me repeat: After you use your 1 freebie revival, Snapchat makes you pay REAL money every time you need additional streak rescues.

This upset a lot of users at first. But hey – maybe it will make us value our streaks instead of taking them for granted!

Here’s more intel on Snapchat Restore Streak premium fees:

  • Price varies but hovers around $1.99 USD per redemption
  • Testing shows fees ranging $.99 to $5.99
  • Fee matches your native app store currency
  • No stated “lifetime limit” on restorations
  • Get your credit card ready!

Obviously those little charges add up if you’re as reckless as me losing streaks left and right. So I committed to ending my streak-killing ways using the following preventative hacks…

5 Pro Streak Saver Tips

Through much trial and even more error, I devised reliable ways to safeguard your stellar streaks from another RIP:

1. Turn On Snap Push Notifications

Don‘t let snaps get lost unopened! Enable notifications so you NEVER miss your BFF‘s check-in.

2. Obsessively Monitor Streak Status

Get in the habit of checking on your streak‘s health so surprises don‘t ambush you. Watch for the vanished emoji early!

3. Use Snapchat Memories as Inspiration

When you forget what to snap, peek at saved Snaps in “Memories” to spark fun ideas! Get creative.

4. Save Chat Screenshots

Occasionally save pics of your streak count while it‘s active as proof, should you need to investigate expired status later.

5. Sync Up Secondary Contact Channels

Swap other ways to reach each other as backup like phone numbers or emails in case someone‘s account gets temporarily deactivated.

Honestly, these prevention pointers WORK when applied diligently day after day. Feel the pride watching your streak rack up months and years through attentive teamwork!

Which brings me to my final thoughts…

Concluding Thoughts

Losing a 100+ day Snapstreak that took months or years of bonding to build can indeed feel crushing in the social media era…especially for nostalgic Millennials like me!

But when both parties value continuing your unique digital friendship – streak expiration doesn‘t have to mean relationship termination.

  • Reach out directly if you notice their streak flame disappeared unexpectedly.
  • Check if everything is cool between you two emotionally.
  • Then restore that streak back to life before 24 hours concludes!

Moving forward, put protections in place through good communication habits and tools. Celebrate mini milestones when you rank up # of days.

If you accidentally mess up, brush it off and rebuild together. True friendships always endure life‘s ups and downs.

Over time, you‘ll have reminisced so many shared moments that no vanished flame emoji can sever the bond you‘ve formed. And that‘s what Snapchat friendship is really all about!

I hope these tips help you avoid and recover from lost streaks in the years ahead. Just remember quality > quantity when it comes to conversation and caring.

Happy streaking, friends!


Written by Alexis Kestler

A female web designer and programmer - Now is a 36-year IT professional with over 15 years of experience living in NorCal. I enjoy keeping my feet wet in the world of technology through reading, working, and researching topics that pique my interest.