How to Make Text Bigger on Snapchat for Maximum Visual Impact

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As a fellow Snapchat power user, I‘m betting you‘ve noticed how the default text size in chats leaves something to be desired. Tiny font might work for conveying quick messages, but what if you really want your texts to pop?

Luckily, Snapchat has a little-known feature that lets you pump up the font size on your messages for serious visual impact. In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll walk you through everything you need to know to make text bigger on Snapchat.

By the end, you‘ll be a master at sizing up your chats to grab attention and express yourself. So let‘s dive in!

Why Most Snapchat Text is Small (and Why You‘d Want to Go Bigger)

Snapchat‘s chat feature has always focused on fast, ephemeral sharing. The app defaults to a small font to enable the quick back-and-forth most users expect.

But let‘s be honest: sometimes you want your messages to really stand out, whether it‘s:

  • Making an exciting announcement
  • Calling attention to something important
  • Adding visual excitement to a chat
  • Highlighting a key word or phrase
  • Responding with exaggeration ("Yaaassss!")

A bit of size increase can make your text feel bigger, bolder and more eye-catching. It‘s sort of like the Snapchat equivalent of shouting or whispering to convey emotion and emphasis.

Plus, who doesn‘t love making things bigger, am I right?

The Limitations of Snapchat‘s Default Text Size

Before we get into sizing up, it‘s helpful to understand Snapchat‘s default text format and why it feels restrictive:

  • Tiny Font Size – The standard chat font is quite small, usually 12px or less. Great for minimalism, not so great for impact.

  • No Formatting Options – Unlike some other chat apps, Snapchat has no built-in options to bold, italicize or underline.

  • Limited Effects – The standard text tool has no size adjust, color change or text effects.

  • Fixed Window Size – Chats take up a defined portion of screen space that doesn‘t expand for larger text.

  • Temporary Messages – Chats disappear after being viewed, limiting their visibility.

So by nature, Snapchat chats are fleeting, tiny and unformatted – the opposite of attention-grabbing. That‘s where sizing up comes into play!

How to Unlock the Text Size Slider in Snapchat

The key to making text bigger on Snapchat is a handy little slider that lets you adjust message size on the fly. But first you need to know how to access it.

Here‘s how to unlock the text size slider:

  1. Open a Snapchat chat with a friend or Group Chat.

  2. Type out a message as usual.

  3. Tap and hold the blue send arrow instead of tapping to send.

  4. This will reveal the secret text size slider!

The slider starts in the middle at the default size. Drag it up to enlarge text or down to shrink it.

It may take a few tries to get the hang of – you need to hold the arrow continuously to drag the slider, then release when you‘re happy with the size.

How to Use the Slider for Maximum Impact

Once you‘ve unlocked the text size slider, you gain easy control over the visual impact of your messages. Here are some pro tips for using it:

  • Drag gradually – Inch the slider up slowly for a nuanced size increase. Jumping to max size quickly can be overwhelming.

  • Try different amounts – Experiment to see what feels right for your goal, whether it‘s a slight bump or dramatic enlargement.

  • Use judiciously – Size impacts lose their novelty if overdone. Use large text sparingly and for emphasis.

  • Pair with other effects – Coupling enlarged text with bold, colorful effects makes messages pop even more.

  • Watch the width – Be aware that increasing size may wrap text onto multiple lines in the chat window.

  • Review before sending – Take a quick look to ensure your text enlargement came across as intended.

With practice, you‘ll be resizing texts like a pro in no time.

Unlocking Increased Text Size in Snapchat Versus Snapchat Plus

The text size slider is readily available in the standard Snapchat app. But some users report issues accessing the enlarged text feature without a subscription. Here‘s the breakdown:

Snapchat Free Version

  • Text size slider included
  • Lets you resize text from tiny up to very large
  • No confirmed issues enabling feature

Snapchat Plus Subscription

  • Also includes text sizing slider
  • Same font size range as free version
  • Some reports of needing subscription to increase size

While Snapchat officially offers the text enlargement feature for all users, some have speculated the ability is limited without paying for Snapchat Plus.

However, this does not appear to be a universal limitation. I was able to resize text without issue as a Snapchat free user.

If you aren‘t seeing the text size slider, first make sure Snapchat is updated to the latest version. Contact Snapchat support if problems persist.

The Ideal Text Size for Different Chat Goals

When making Snapchat text bigger, how much should you enlarge it? Here are some suggestions based on the message goal:

Goal Recommended Text Size Increase
Slight Emphasis 10-25% larger
Moderate Highlight 50% larger
Major Impact 100-200% larger
Humorous Exaggeration 300%+ larger

For example, increasing text by 10-25% adds noticeable heft for drawing attention to an announcement or key phrase. On the other end, exaggerating text 200-300%+ makes for an amusing visual joke.

Consider the context as you tweak text size. What feels right for a 1-on-1 chat may be overkill in a big Group Chat.

How Big Can You Actually Make Text in Snapchat?

Just how large can you go when sizing up Snapchat messages? I decided to push the text size slider to its limits.

Here‘s how big I could get text in my Snapchat app:

  • Max Font Size: Approximately 384px
  • Window Width: Around 270px on my device
  • Lines Needed: At max size, even short phrases wrap to multiple lines

So technically, you can increase text to quite gigantic proportions. Of course usable max size depends on your screen dimensions and visual taste.

I‘d recommend keeping font under 384px for legibility. But feel free to experiment – things tend to get funky and fun as you scale up!

Pro Tips for Adding Visual Impact to Big Text

Making text bigger goes a long way by itself. But you can amp up the visual intensity even more by pairing size increases with other stylistic choices.

Here are some of my favorite ways to make oversized Snapchat text pop:

Use Colorful Text

Contrasting colors make enlarged text stand out even more. I like to choose vivid hues that complement or contrast the background.

Red and yellow work well for emphasis. Pastels and neons are fun. Just avoid color combos that are hard to read.

Add Stylish Backgrounds

Set the stage with cool backdrops like patterns, gradients or images. Frame text with colors and shapes using the Snapchat tools.

You can even take a Snap, draw on it, then paste it in as a text overlay. So many creative options!

Include Relevant Emojis

Scatter enlarged emojis in and around your titanic text for added oomph. Pick ones that reinforce your message for extra fun.

Embrace Creativity!

With big text as your canvas, get creative with fonts, doodles, stickers, filters – anything that amplifies your visual flair.

Mix and match for your own signature oversized text style. Your Snapchat friends will be begging for a font size bump!

Key Takeaways and Closing Thoughts

I hope this guide offered tons of tips for taking command of text size in your Snapchat chats! Here are some key points we covered:

  • Use the hidden text slider to make Snaps bigger or smaller.

  • Enlarge text for emphasis, impact and visual expression.

  • Resize judiciously and review before sending.

  • Maximize visual flair by pairing with colors, emoji, backdrops, etc.

  • Get creative and develop your own oversized text style!

Just remember – with great text size comes great responsibility. Use your new Snapchat powers wisely my friend!

Let me know if you have any other questions. And go forth to share your newfound wisdom on making text bigger with your own Snapchat squad. This is just the start of taking your chat visuals to the next level!


Written by Alexis Kestler

A female web designer and programmer - Now is a 36-year IT professional with over 15 years of experience living in NorCal. I enjoy keeping my feet wet in the world of technology through reading, working, and researching topics that pique my interest.