The Complete Guide to Changing Your Snapchat Wallpaper

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Want to spice up your Snapchat game and make your chats pop? One of the best ways is by changing your Snapchat wallpaper.

In this comprehensive 2800+ word guide, you‘ll learn everything about customizing your Snapchat backgrounds, from what chat wallpapers are to step-by-step instructions for changing them.

Whether you want to show off your personality, set the mood, or just switch up the vibe, this in-depth Snapchat wallpaper tutorial has you covered. Let‘s dive in!

What Are Chat Wallpapers on Snapchat?

Chat wallpapers, also known as chat backgrounds, are the backdrops of your Snapchat conversations. By default, your wallpaper is a plain white background.

Default Snapchat white wallpaper

With a Snapchat Plus subscription, you can change your wallpaper to one of Snapchat‘s preset designs or use a photo from your own camera roll. This allows you to customize the look of your chats.

Your new wallpaper will become the background that you and your friends see when you open your conversations in the Snapchat app.

Why Would You Want to Change Your Wallpaper?

So why bother changing up your plain white Snapchat background? There are a few excellent reasons to switch it up:

Add Personality

One of the best reasons to change your wallpaper is to showcase your personality! The ability to customize your backdrop is a way to express who you are through images and designs you love.

For example, you can set a wallpaper featuring your favorite band, TV show or hobby. Or use a fun pattern or color that matches your style.

Set the Mood

Wallpapers are also great for setting the vibe of your conversations. You can pick bright, cheerful images for fun, upbeat chats or cool serene backdrops for deeper talks.

Change your wallpaper to match the tone you want for your interactions with different friends.

Mark Occasions

Customizing your wallpaper is the perfect way to celebrate holidays, birthdays, trips and other special events with friends.

Swap your backdrop out for festive wallpapers on holidays like Christmas, Halloween or Pride. Use a photo from a fun trip or celebration to remember good times together.

Share Laughs

For close friends, changing your chat wallpaper to an inside joke or funny meme is a great way to make each other laugh.

Bond over your unique shared sense of humor by setting a wallpaper featuring an iconic moment or hilarious reference.

Aesthetic Appeal

Sometimes you just want a prettier, more aesthetically pleasing backdrop! The default white background can feel boring after a while.

Jazz up your chats by choosing wallpapers with colors, patterns, textures or images you find visually appealing. Find a look that energizes you.

Wallpapers are hugely popular among Snapchatters looking to personalize their experience. Here are some of the top ways people are using chat backgrounds for self-expression:

  • Favorite music genres: Users set wallpapers featuring favorite bands and artists. Pop, rap, hip hop and indie music wallpapers are hugely popular.

  • TV shows and movies: Iconic scenes, characters, posters and quotes from popular TV series and films frequently appear as custom wallpapers.

  • Gaming backgrounds: Gamers use wallpapers displaying favorite games, characters, logos and art. Fortnite, League of Legends and Retro games are favorites.

  • Photos with friends: People often set candid snapshots, group photos or selfies as their wallpaper. Great for reminiscing!

  • Vacation wallpapers: Travel snapshots from dream destinations make for popular chat backdrops. Beach, mountain and cityscape getaways are common.

  • Patterns and textures: Vibrant patterns, natural textures and cool geometric shapes are prevalent. Marble, terrazzo and abstract prints are everywhere.

  • Celebrations: Holiday, birthday, graduation and anniversary wallpapers let Snapchatters share milestones and occasions.

By switching up your wallpaper to match your passions and interests, you can spark deeper connections with friends who share your tastes!

Step-by-Step Guide to Changing Your Wallpaper

Ready to customize your own Snapchat backdrop? Here is a step-by-step walkthrough:

1. Open the Chat

First, open the Snapchat chat with the person or group you want to change the wallpaper for.

2. Access Chat Settings

Tap on the name at the top of the chat screen to open the settings:

Snapchat chat settings

3. Select "Wallpaper"

Scroll down and select the “Wallpaper” option under the “Our Chat” section:

Snapchat select wallpaper

4. Choose Wallpaper Source

You can pick a preset wallpaper under “For Us” or use a photo from your camera roll in “Camera Roll”.

Snapchat wallpaper options

Tap into either option to view all available wallpapers and photos.

Preset Wallpapers

Snapchat provides a wide selection of fun, colorful preset wallpapers to choose from. These feature cool graphics, patterns, illustrations and textures.

Browse through until you find one that catches your eye! The abstract designs and textured patterns are very on-trend.

Camera Roll Photos

You can also select any photo from your camera roll to use as a custom wallpaper.

This is great for personal snaps of you and your friends, vacations, favorite celebrities, pet photos, memes – anything you want!

Get creative with photos that share inside jokes, showcase your interests, mark occasions or just make you happy.

5. Preview and Customize

Once you select a wallpaper, you can tap on it to see a preview. Pinch and zoom on the image to get the crop just right.

You also have the option to blur your wallpaper. Tap “Blur” at the bottom and use the slider to adjust the amount of blur.

Preview Snapchat wallpaper

Blurring is great for softening busy backgrounds or making text/content stand out more clearly. Play around with the blur to find what you like.

6. Confirm Selection

When you have your ideal wallpaper selected and customized, tap “Confirm” at the bottom to make it officially set!

7. See New Wallpaper

You‘ll get a confirmation message "You changed the wallpaper". Open your chat and start messaging to see your new backdrop!

New Snapchat wallpaper set

Success! You‘ve officially customized your Snapchat chat.

Pro Tip: If you want to change the wallpaper again later, just repeat the steps above at any time. You can edit the chat wallpaper as often as you like.

Does the Wallpaper Change for Both People?

When you change your Snapchat wallpaper, it updates the background for both (or all) people in that chat.

So if you update the wallpaper in a chat with your friend, they will see the same new backdrop on their end when they open your convo.

Here are some key things to know about how updating your wallpaper impacts others:

  • The other person does not need to be a Snapchat Plus subscriber to see the new wallpaper. Only one person in the chat needs Snapchat Plus to change it.

  • However, if your chat partner does not have Snapchat Plus, they can only view the wallpaper – not edit or change it themselves.

  • In group chats, the new wallpaper will change for all members of the group.

  • You can customize the wallpaper for each individual chat. So your backdrop with one friend can be totally different than the wallpaper with another.

  • Anyone in the chat can change the wallpaper again at any time! It‘s easy to keep things fresh.

So in summary, when you tweak that backdrop, it updates universally across the chat so you see the same personalized space.

Do You Need Snapchat Plus to Change Wallpapers?

Yes, having an active Snapchat Plus subscription is required to change your chat wallpapers.

The ability to customize your backdrops is an exclusive feature only available with Snapchat Plus.

However, you do not need Snapchat Plus just to view or see wallpapers that other people change. For example:

  • If you change the wallpaper, your friends will see it, even if they don‘t have Snapchat Plus.

  • If a friend with Plus changes your shared wallpaper, you‘ll see the new backdrop without needing Plus.

So to recap:

  • To change the wallpaper: Snapchat Plus is required
  • To view/see new wallpapers: Snapchat Plus is not required

Snapchat Plus runs $3.99 per month in the U.S. It‘s the best way to unlock wallpaper editing powers along with other neat features like:

  • Selecting who can reach you
  • Seeing who rewatched your Stories
  • Pinning a BFF to the top of your chat list

You can subscribe directly through the Snapchat app under Settings > Snapchat+. Well worth it for chat background personalization perks!

Creative Wallpaper Ideas and Inspiration

Once you start customizing your backdrops, you‘ll find so many creative ways to use wallpapers for self-expression and fun with friends.

Here are some ideas to spark inspiration for your own Snapchat wallpaper designs:

Shared Memories

  • Vacation photos
  • Trip souvenirs
  • Selfies with friends
  • Birthday party snaps
  • Recaps of fun outings

Inside Jokes

  • Silly photos
  • Funny memes
  • Shared memories
  • Weird face snapshots
  • References friends will get


  • Quotes
  • Movie/TV scenes
  • Music lyrics
  • Celebrity photos
  • Sports team logos

Mood Setting

  • Bright colors for upbeat chats
  • Rainy landscape for deep talks
  • Black background for serious vents
  • Nature views to relax

Aesthetic Walls

  • Cool abstract art
  • Geometric shapes
  • Moroccan tiles
  • Marble texture
  • Rainbow colors

Mix and match to find combos that speak to you! Change it up for holidays, birthdays, new memories or just because.

Expert Snapchat Wallpaper Tips and Tricks

Take your wallpaper game to the next level with these pro tips:

Match wallpapers to conversations. Pick bright, cheerful backdrops for fun friends and use moodier wallpapers for serious chats.

Celebrate milestones. Mark birthdays, graduations, trips and holidays with a custom wallpaper.

Rotate regularly. Change up your wallpaper weekly or monthly for a fresh feel.

Use prompts. Let the wallpaper reflect how you’re feeling that day or ask friends questions with the background.

Size correctly. Choose vertical wallpapers that fit the chat window shape.

Add your own text. Use editing apps to overlay custom text like friends’ names on your wallpaper photo.

Stay on-trend. Use relevant wallpapers for cultural moments like popular memes or TV show launches.

Blur when necessary. Add blur to busy wallpapers so text remains readable.

With the right custom wallpapers, you can take your Snapchat chats to the next level. Get creative!

FAQs About Snapchat Wallpapers

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about customizing your Snapchat backgrounds:

How do I change the wallpaper back to default white?
Just select the “Reset to default” option instead of choosing a new wallpaper. This will revert to plain white.

Can I set different wallpapers for individual chats?
Yes! You can customize the wallpaper for each separate conversation. Mix it up.

Is there a limit to how often I can change my wallpaper?
Nope! You can change your chat wallpaper as frequently as you want. Feel free to swap them daily.

What’s the best size for wallpaper photos?
Vertical images around 1080×1920 pixels are ideal. Horizontal photos can work but may get cropped.

Can I use animated wallpapers?
Unfortunately not. Snapchat wallpapers must be static images at this time. No GIFs or videos.

What happens if I unsubscribe from Snapchat Plus?
Your existing wallpapers will remain set, but you’ll no longer be able to edit or change them without re-subscribing.

Elevate Your Snapchat Game with Custom Wallpapers

As you can see, changing up your Snapchat wallpaper is an awesome way to express your personality, celebrate friendships, set the mood, and add aesthetic appeal to conversations.

With this complete step-by-step guide, you have everything you need to customize your Snapchat backgrounds like a pro.

So mix up those chat backdrops and watch your Snap game improve exponentially when you make the switch from basic to fun, personalized wallpapers. Your friends will love the transformation.

Now get creative with designing wallpapers that speak to you! Change them frequently to keep your chats looking fresh.


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