4 Strategies to Boost Instagram Live Video Views in 2023

Strategies to Boost Instagram Live Video Views

Looking for effective ways to boost Instagram live video views? Discover valuable methods to enhance engagement and leverage the benefits of purchasing live views. Read on to learn more!

A lot has changed since the creation of Instagram: now, instead of text posts with photos, priority is given to stories and live content, which flooded the entire platform a few years ago.

It may seem that mastering a new content format can be something super complicated, but there is little truth in this. If you were able to get the most out of Stories, why not start using live video for our own purposes?

Live video is an opportunity to stay in touch with your followers or customers always, this option was added quite a long time ago, but nevertheless not all influencers and entrepreneurs use it in their marketing strategy.

Although this is a real chance to showcase your new product or service, announce new fashion collections or establish closer ties with the audience, you need to understand how to promote live videos to get results.

On IG live content takes priority first places in user feeds, therefore, authors who follow trends and present their content in this way can get much more attention and improve engagement and reach in an instant. But how to achieve success and get a bunch of views quickly and simply?

In this article, we’ll share the 4 best strategies to boost interactions, including talking about buying real Instagram live video views and the benefits you can get.

1. Announce live videos through Stories

Announce live videos through Stories

Let your followers know which stream to expect in the near future. Announce the live event in stories : let them know the date, time and topic of your upcoming stream. Ideally, if you make several announcement stories.

As an example, in the first story you can tell what knowledge the viewers of your live broadcast will receive, in the second you can tell the date and time, and in the third you can offer some kind of bonus for viewing (a short guide, a mini-lesson or a discount if you sell goods or services).

Consistent promotion of live videos among your subs will grow the statistics of your streams in the future. Make sure that the lion's share of your followers is informed. Remind them about the upcoming live event 48, 24 and 2 hours before the start.

By the way, a good tool to drive traffic to your live events is clickable stickers. Countdown sticker is one of the best of its kind. Use it to notify interested followers about the start of the stream. By clicking on this sticker, a potential viewer will receive a notification about the start of the stream and will not miss it, and you’ll receive views. Nice!

2. Invite a guest

Guests on your streams are a great opportunity to expand the visibility of your account as a whole and attract as many target audiences as possible. How does it work? First of all, you need to find a niche influencer that would be interesting to your audience.

That is, the influencer must work in the same industry with you. If you sell products or services for women, you can invite a beauty blogger, a psychologist or a travel blog, depending on the interests of your clients.

When you start streaming together with another blogger, your live event will be visible to his audience too, respectively, you’ll receive double interactions from users and significantly accelerate the receipt of organic views.

3. Use third-party incentive

Experienced influencers and entrepreneurs know that from time to time, third-party support of professionals is needed to maintain an image, form a loyal audience and improve engagement. And this is absolutely normal, the services of advertising companies that are provided today are different from the old ones.

Today, PR services are not “evil”, on the contrary, it is good for your page. Decent companies no longer provide fake interactions to their customers and do not deliver bots. In 2023, by delegating some responsibilities to a trusted provider, you risk nothing – your live videos will be viewed by real users.

What are the advantages of buying? At a minimum, you don't have to spend a lot of time and effort to get what you need – providers do everything without your active participation.

Once you have placed an order, all other tasks will be performed by the company's specialists. They’ll inform you about the delivery process, but you won't have to control it.

As a maximum, you’ll instantly improve the engagement and visibility of your content. Having a lot of real views will make it much easier for you to move on, and videos will become more popular on the platform as a whole.

There is something you need to know before buying: not all companies are decent, and sometimes they are scammers. Before placing an order, spend a little time reading reviews, exploring websites and communicating with managers in a chat or email.

4. Do live Q&A sessions

Do live Q&A sessions

If you’re quite active on the web, it is likely that your subscribers may have questions about you as a person, about your creativity or brand. That's why SMM experts recommend doing Q&A sessions from time to time and answering all questions from your audience.

Such live videos attract special attention – they stand out from others in the feed and have a Q&A mark. This is a great chance to make your streams more attractive to users, and you are more likely to get views.

During the stream, you can highlight questions (they will be displayed on the screen) and answer them. This way the audience will see what questions you are answering now and not repeat them in the future.

Summing up

Well, now you have useful knowledge about increasing live video views on one of the most popular social networks in the world. Promotion is not as challenging as it may seem at first glance. Use our tips in your strategy and boost views effectively. Good luck!

Written by Mia Teer