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Unlocking the Secrets of the CH7 Secure Records Room in Warzone 2 DMZ

Have you parachuted into Warzone 2.0’s new sandbox mode DMZ yet? Are you looking to uncover some of the top secret locked rooms scattered across the sprawling battleground of Al Mazrah? Well friend, you came to the right place. Grab your weapon of choice and let’s get ready to drop in. I’m going to show you how to track down and unlock one of the most valuable keys in DMZ – the CH7 Secure Records Room key.

First, what exactly is this new DMZ mode?
DMZ is the brand new open world extraction shooter within Call of Duty’s Warzone 2.0. This sandbox experience focuses on narrative progression, where Operators complete missions and unlock new content over time. Matches start by infiltrating Al Mazrah to collect gear, loot for keys, take on side objectives or AI targets, and finally extract by helicopter, vehicle or evac flare.

You take nothing but your wits in at first, scavenging for weapons and equipment across a massive battleground. Here’s where it gets interesting – any guns, gear, keys or rewards you extract with are yours to keep and build up a formidable arsenal over time. But if you die before extracting, you lose everything. This creates tense, high stakes raids where survival is key.

DMZ draws inspiration from other tactical shooters like Escape from Tarkov and Hunt: Showdown. You have free rein to pick objectives, explore the open world, engage in firefights or avoid conflict to extract. There’s a strong risk vs reward element based on what loot you seek out. Let’s talk about the rewards waiting in Al Mazrah’s locked rooms…

The Vast Scale of Al Mazrah
Al Mazrah is the largest map ever seen in Call of Duty, dwarfing even Warzone’s Verdansk and Caldera. Players are dropped into a diverse urban and rural landscape, including:

  • Al Mazrah City – sprawling downtown core with skyscrapers, plazas, and markets

  • Sawah Village – coastal city with charming architecture

  • Zarqwa Hydroelectric – dam and facilities set in lush forests

  • Ahkdar Village – mountainous mining town

  • Al Bagra Fortress – ancient structure turned military base

  • Cemetery – eerie graveyard and church grounds

With over 200 points of interest to explore, you’ll want to learn the hotspots for loot and keys. Certain buildings marked “Restricted Area” on your tac map hold special rewards but require a key to access. These locked rooms have some of the most powerful guns, rarest blueprints and high value items.

This brings us to the CH7 building – an inconspicuous location on the map, but home to elite tier loot for those who acquire its key. Let’s go over how to track it down.

Finding the CH7 Secure Records Room
The CH7 building is located on the north end of Al Mazrah City, marked as “TV Station” on your map. Look for the massive Channel 7 broadcast tower, then head south to a smaller office building with a sewer entrance outside. You’ll see the “Employees Only” door – this is your spot.

Head inside and upstairs to find a gray door with an X spray painted on it. This door leads to the CH7 secure records room which contains heaps of high value loot. But it remains locked shut until you obtain the key.

You can spot the building here:

[Map showing location of CH7 building]

Acquiring the Coveted CH7 Key
Keys don’t have fixed spawns in DMZ, so getting the CH7 key requires some work. Here are the ways it can drop randomly:

  • Eliminating AI Enemies – 14% drop rate from Heavy Armored units

  • Completing Contracts – HVT contracts have a 10% chance to reward a key

  • Looting Weapon Crates – 6% chance for a random key

  • Looting Players – 5% chance enemy players drop their keys

With an entire squad focused on the mission, your chances go up. Target high value contracts to earn keys for your team. Scavenge weapon crates in hot zones like Downtown Al Mazrah. And be ready for fights at the TV station – someone else may want the CH7 prize.

Top 10 Keys in DMZ
Here are the rarest and most valuable keys in Season 1:

  1. CH7 Secure Records Room
  2. Al Bagra Underground Access
  3. Sawah Village Police Lockup
  4. IHTAQ Warehouse Supply Room
  5. Airport Customs Room
  6. Cemetery Mausoleum
  7. Ahkdar Village Hidden Cache
  8. Zarqwa Hydroelectric Control Room
  9. Al Mazrah City Major’s Office
  10. Sawah Village Tax Records

With top tier loot like killstreaks, armor, cash piles and legendary guns, the CH7 key should be one of your top priorities for keys to acquire.

Unlocking the CH7 Room
Once you finally grab that key, make your way to the CH7 building and unlock the door. Head downstairs to a room filled with rewards. Here’s a taste of what you could find:

  • Legendary Weapon Blueprints – 10% chance

  • Epic Rarity Guns – 30% chance

  • $3,000 – $5,000 Cash Piles

  • 10+ Armor Plates

  • Weapon Attachment Unlocks

  • Intel Documents for DMZ Missions

You could walk out with a fully customized LMG ready to mow down enemies, piles of cash to purchase killstreaks, and new cosmetic items. Plus weapon XP tokens to level up guns. Make sure to watch your back – leave a squadmate at the door in case enemy teams try to force their way in.

Extracting Your Rewards
Getting the goods is only half the battle – now you need to successfully extract with them. Call in a helicopter pickup at one of the landing zones, or make a break for the nearest vehicle extraction point. Stay sharp and don’t take unnecessary risks on the way to exfil. Consider paying for a UAV killstreak to scope out the route ahead.

Here are some tips to extract safely with your shiny new loot:

  • Use suppressors to avoid attention at hot spots

  • Toss smoke grenades to conceal your movement

  • Equip the Double Time or Lightweight perks to stay quick

  • Don’t engage enemies unnecessarily, retreat if you lack advantage

Stay low, move fast and get to extraction. Then you can truly celebrate unlocking the CH7 room and building your DMZ arsenal.

Embark on a Quest for Loot
It may take attempting multiple DMZ raids before you finally acquire the keys needed to unlock Al Mazrah’s secrets. But the journey of exploring this massive battleground, fighting AI foes, and competing for lucrative rewards makes every match a new experience. Keys open up new quests, missions and exclusive loot to discover.

So drop in with some friends to watch your back, pick your targets wisely, and see what fortune finds you within those restricted area rooms. With the strategies provided in this guide, you now know one of the most valuable keys to seek out during your travels. Next time you parachute into Al Mazrah, set a course for the CH7 building to unlock an arsenal of elite gear. Stay sharp out there, and happy hunting!


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