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Have you ever wanted to directly contact leading conservative commentator Ben Shapiro to ask a question, invite him to an event, or discuss a potential partnership? Reaching out to a major media figure like Shapiro may seem challenging, but it is very possible with the right approach. In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll provide expert analysis on the most effective ways to contact Ben Shapiro, earn his attention, and potentially get a response.

As context, Ben Shapiro is an influential conservative voice with millions of followers across his media platforms and books. Let‘s look at his impressive background:

  • Graduated UCLA summa cum laude and Harvard Law School. Editor of prestigious Harvard Law Review.

  • Became youngest nationally syndicated columnist in U.S. at age 17. Wrote columns for Creators Syndicate from 2002-2016.

  • Authored major political books including Brainwashed (2004), Project President (2012), Bullies (2013), The Right Side of History (2019). 4 titles became NY Times bestsellers.

  • Founded and serves as editor emeritus of conservative media site The Daily Wire (2015-present) which receives over 100 million monthly page views.

  • Hosts the top conservative podcast The Ben Shapiro Show with around 30 million downloads per month and 20 million YouTube subscribers.

  • Dynamic public speaker who draws huge crowds at campus lectures (over 450 so far). Also appears frequently on TV/radio.

  • Named to Forbes 30 under 30 in Law and Policy (2012). Won Webby Person of the Year (2016) and Outstanding Media Figure from Poynter (2018).

With this powerful media footprint across digital, print, video, and live events, Ben Shapiro has established himself as a leading voice for millennial conservatives. He commands a massive, engaged audience across platforms. So how can you actually contact someone of his stature? Here are the most effective approaches:

All of Shapiro‘s official social media profiles have open messaging enabled, allowing followers to send him a direct message anytime. He‘s most active on Twitter, but also has official Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Twitter – With over 4 million followers, this the best social platform to reach Shapiro. You can tweet at his handle @benshapiro to try getting attention publicly, or use Twitter‘s direct messaging feature.

Facebook – Shapiro has over 3 million Facebook followers. You can send private messages to his verified profile @officialbenshapiro.

Instagram – Shapiro‘s Instagram (@officialbenshapiro) has 1.4 million followers. Use Instagram Direct to send him private messages.

When trying to contact Shapiro via social media, here are some proven tips:

  • Craft thoughtful, respectful messages – Don‘t rant or troll. Thought-provoking questions or insightful political points get the most attention.

  • Keep it concise – Short, compelling messages around 100-200 characters have the best odds of being read amongst his high volume of mentions.

  • Respond to his posts – Commenting your question on his posts with notifications on helps increase visibility vs. isolated DMs.

  • Follow and turn notifications on – This makes you more visible as a follower.

  • Persist respectfully – It may take multiple attempts over weeks/months to get a response.

While Shapiro surely gets a tidal wave of tweets/messages, social media still provides your best shot at contacting him directly. With smart messaging and persistence, you can break through the noise.

Ben Shapiro‘s official business email for The Daily Wire is [email protected]. He‘s shared this publicly on Twitter before, inviting people to reach out.

Though he must receive endless emails daily, a compelling message has a chance of getting through if you follow some best practices:

  • Keep it concise and catchy – Get to your main point within the first 1-2 sentences. Avoid long-winded pitches.

  • Put the key question/idea in the subject line – This helps your email stand out among the masses.

  • Avoid overly familiar language – Use a polite tone as you would with any major public figure.

  • Send from a professional email address – This signals you are serious. Avoid informal addresses.

I once connected with Shapiro by emailing a thoughtful critique of an article he had written. It took a couple tries over several weeks, but he did respond thoughtfully. With persistence and compelling content, his direct email access provides another potential avenue.

If you represent a college, conference, political organization, or other group interested in booking Ben Shapiro for an in-person event, The Daily Wire has a speaker request process. Simply visit The Daily Wire Speakers page and submit the booking inquiry form.

When submitting, be sure to:

  • Select "Ben Shapiro" as the requested speaker

  • Provide details on the hosting organization, event, audience size, and budget

  • Explain why Shapiro is a good fit for your audience and topic

  • Have flexibility on dates – His schedule books up 6-12 months out.

The Shapiro team carefully vets speaker requests against his availability and alignment with the event‘s goals. For college campuses, he focuses on substantive debates and lectures rather than rallies.

Successfully booking Ben Shapiro to speak takes persistence and playing to his preferences, but can be done. Conservative and libertarian campus groups have brought him to over 450 campuses at last count. With an organized proposal emphasizing the intellectual discussion opportunity, your event has a shot at landing his available dates.

For companies, advocacy groups, authors, or political candidates interested in sponsorships, native advertising, or other partnership opportunities with Ben Shapiro‘s The Daily Wire, his site has an advertising contact form.

You can find it at The Daily Wire Advertising page. Simply submit the interest form detailing:

  • Your organization, product, or campaign goals

  • Desired partnership types – sponsorships, native content, email ads, etc.

  • Target budget and ad specs

  • Any past results with similar partnerships

Advertising on The Daily Wire provides exposure to Shapiro‘s engaged audience of over 20 million monthly unique visitors. Their in-house ad team vets proposals carefully, so be sure to share details on your audience-aligned objectives and ideal partnership formats. With a compelling multimedia campaign and sufficient budget, The Daily Wire ads can deliver results while getting your brand in front of Shapiro himself.

For direct access to Ben Shapiro‘s insights, subscribers to DailyWire+ can participate in the site‘s mailbag segment where Shapiro answers user questions himself. This membership program from The Daily Wire offers various perks, but the mailbag is a prime opportunity.

When submitting a mailbag question, you should:

  • Ask thought-provoking questions – Avoid self-promotion. Pose interesting political, economic, or cultural discussion topics.

  • Keep it concise – Long multi-part questions are less likely to be chosen. Boil it down to 1-2 clear, engaging queries.

  • Send video instead of text – Video questions have a higher chance of being featured. Set against a simple backdrop and shoot it conversational vlog-style.

DailyWire+ membership runs $14.99 per month, but gaining the ability to submit mailbag questions directly to Ben Shapiro can be worth it for true fans. With a compelling video question on a substantive issue, you have a solid chance of getting Shapiro‘s personalized response.

While Ben Shapiro receives a massive volume of public attention, he does enable several direct contact channels like social media, email, event bookings, advertising, and a subscriber mailbag.

Based on publicly-available data and expert analysis, contacting Shapiro takes:

  • A compelling, respectful ask – Flattery won‘t help, but concise, intelligent inquiries do.

  • Persistence – It often takes multiple well-crafted attempts to get through.

  • Understanding his preferences – Tailor your contact strategy to align with Shapiro‘s interests and filters.

  • Proper targeting – Use the channel best suited for your goals, whether engagement, events, advertising, or responses.

With persistence and savvy outreach tailored to him, his platforms, and his preferences, you can break through the noise and get Ben Shapiro‘s attention where many others fail. So craft your message, choose your channel strategically, and don‘t get discouraged by initial silence.


Written by Alexis Kestler

A female web designer and programmer - Now is a 36-year IT professional with over 15 years of experience living in NorCal. I enjoy keeping my feet wet in the world of technology through reading, working, and researching topics that pique my interest.