The Complete Guide to Dance Influencers on Instagram in 2023

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Dance is having a moment on social media, especially Instagram. More people than ever are turning to Instagram dance influencers to be entertained, inspired, and taught new choreography. For brands, partnering with the right dance influencers aligns brilliantly with 2023 marketing goals.

In this comprehensive guide, we will analyze the opportunities around dance influencer marketing on Instagram, profile over 40 top talents, and provide best practices for collaborating in this space. Whether you are a brand, agency, or fellow creator, this article will illuminate how to maximize partnerships with these powerful artists dominating the ‘Gram.

Why Dance Influencers Are Skyrocketing

Before diving into our expansive list of top dance Instagrammers, let‘s examine why this is such a valuable and timely partnership opportunity for brands:

Captivating Content Connects With Audiences

Dance is a visual art perfect for Instagram‘s format. Influencers utilize the platform‘s features to produce stellar videos, Stories, posts, and Reels showcasing their talents. Slick transitions, close-up angles, slow motion effects, and music integration result in captivating performances that earn likes, shares, comments, and new followers.

This content not only entertains, but forges connections between creators and fans. Dance is about expressing emotion through movement – feelings viewers relate to on a human level. Audiences invested in these creators enthusiastically engage with anything they post.

Impressive Reach and Influence

Top dance influencers have cultivated immense, targeted reach on Instagram:

  • Matt Steffanina – 3 million Instagram followers
  • Dytto – 832K Instagram followers
  • Keone Madrid – 648K Instagram followers
  • Kalani Hilliker – 6.9 million Instagram followers

These figures indicate the incredible visibility partnering with a dance influencer can provide brands. What‘s more, these creators actively engage with fans in comments and Direct Messages. They‘ve built communities – not just aggregated eyeballs. This translates into higher than average engagement rates when they post branded content.

measurAbility and Attribution

Instagram provides robust analytics and tracking. Brands can closely monitor engagement metrics on sponsored dance influencer content to optimize efforts. UTMs track traffic driven to destinations like product pages or email lists. Pixel tracking and affiliate links allow you to connect awareness to actual conversions.

Authenticity Resonates

Dance influencers share raw, genuine glimpses into their lives and creative processes. Fans feel personally invested as they witness the behind-the-scenes dedication to perfecting routines, overcoming obstacles, and making art. This perceived authenticity fosters deeper bonds and higher engagement rates.

When aligned influencers post branded content, they incorporate products into narratives rather than awkwardly inserting product shots. This native approach resonates better with both creators and audiences, translating into results.

Clearly, there are manifold strategic reasons dance influencer marketing ticks all the boxes for brands in 2023. Now let‘s explore over 40 rising and top talents to consider.

40+ Dance Influencers Dominating Instagram

The following influencers represent prime collaboration opportunities for brands seeking exposure to dance audiences on Instagram.

We assessed factors like followers, typical engagement rates, content style/quality, audience demographics, opportunities for strategic integrations, reach potential, and more to curate this extensive list.

1. Matt Steffanina

  • 3M Instagram followers
  • 12M YouTube subscribers
  • Typically delivers 8-10% IG engagement
  • Active audience skews young female
  • Slick hip hop choreography & tutorials
  • Sponsored by So Danca, Capezio

Matt Steffanina is one of the top celebrity dance instructors on social media. His precise styles and skills instructing hip hop have attracted a huge global following. Matt actively engages fans across platforms, delivering reliable visibility and conversions for sponsored content.

Top content: Classes, brand collaborations, dance videos dissecting popular choreography

Why he converts: Authority in hip hop space, highly engaged young female audience

2. Dytto

  • 832K Instagram followers
  • 17M global followers
  • Delivers 10-20% engagement on sponsored posts
  • General audience, strong presence across platforms
  • Sensational popping and hip hop content

Dytto is THE name in popping dance, commanding attention with eye-popping isolations and contortions. This energetic Atlanta native boasts an audience passionately invested in her signature dance style. As an undiscovered influencer gem with strong cross-platform presence, Dytto offers prime opportunity.

Top content: Dance covers, events, brand promos, popping how-tos

Why she converts: Virality power – shares drive awareness

3. Keone and Mari Madrid

  • Keone – 648K Instagram followers
  • Mari – 395K Instagram followers
  • 7-15% engagement rate on sponsored content
  • General audience interested in dance and creativity
  • Inventive conceptual routines incorporating variety of styles

This married dance duo produces theatrical masterpieces integrating contemporary and hip hop elements. They first went viral in 2013 and continue creating innovative narratives that inspire and delight viewers. Sponsored content fits seamlessly with their artsy aesthetic.

Top content: Short films, branded variety showcases, events

Why they convert: Audience invested in their journey – high authentic engagement

4. Kalani Hilliker

  • 6.9 million Instagram followers
  • Up to 15% engagement on posts
  • General audience, especially aspiring dancers
  • Won titles across competition styles – flexible repertoire

Originally famous from the show Dance Moms, Kalani has blossomed into an influencer powerhouse. Her feed provides insider peeks into the life of a dancer along with impressive tricks and combos across genres. Savvy brand integrations align well with her aesthetic.

Top content: Dance covers, behind-the-scenes clips, flexibility feats, brand promos

Why she converts: Enviable life glimpses excite young audience – they convert to emulate

5. Bailey Sok

  • 2 million Instagram followers
  • Over 7% average IG engagement rate
  • General audience interested in dance
  • Specializes in fluid hip hop grooves

Boasting technical precision and musicality, Bailey first went viral for a 2020 dance cover. She‘s since expanded her slick hip hop performances into branded collaborations with the likes of Designer Shoe Warehouse.

Top content: Choreography breakdowns, branded dance promos, events

Why she converts: Virality, ambassador partnerships

6. Warren Egypt Graham

  • 36K Instagram followers
  • Small, targeted dance community audience
  • Tutting specialist, precise finger and hand articulation
  • Creative director and industry choreographer

Warren drives engagement through his specialized tutting and waving skills, rather than a mass following. His iconic finger dexterity amazes fellow dancers and newcomers alike. Unknown in the brand world – a prime opportunity to tap into the commercial dance space.

Top content: Tutting performances, behind-the-scenes choreography

Why he converts: Credibility attracts strong attention from niche audience

7. Antoine Troupe

  • 40K Instagram followers
  • High engagement rates on posts
  • Specialized dance audience
  • Fanny Pak crew member, classes, brand collaborations

Antoine‘s mesmerizing popping animations have won industry accolades. While continuing to travel for workshops, he provides instructionals to eager followers. Antoine‘s movement quality and credibility present fruitful avenues for relevant brands to explore conversions.

Top content: Dance covers, tutorials, brand promos

Why he converts: Niche authority status drives niche audience excitement

8. Sam Allen

  • 66K Instagram followers
  • Industry choreographer for artists like Charli XCX
  • General audience interested in music and dance
  • Trained in urban and commercial genres

UK talent Sam Allen brings followers into the glamorous world of touring and music industry choreography. His consistent high-quality sponsored content integrates relevant brands seamlessly while driving strong engagement.

Top content: Dance covers, music video behind scenes, classes

Why he converts: Strong industry credibility, seamless integrations

9. Leon Burns IV

  • 16K Instagram followers
  • High sponsored post engagement rate
  • General audience interested in dance
  • Member of elite Origin Dance Company

With artistic spirit and formal training, Leon offers followers a cool blend of candid behind-the-scenes moments and sleek choreography clips. His positive presence provides a fruitful platform for aligned brands targeting a dance viewership.

Top content: Clips across genres, dance covers, events

Why he converts: Positive authenticity builds audience bonds

10. Charlise Castro

  • 189K Instagram followers
  • Typically 8-12% engagement on posts
  • General audience, female skewing
  • Trained dancer branching into modeling/acting

Rising multitalented teen sensation Charlise wows her loyal followers with gorgeously filmed contemporary routines in between modeling gigs. Thoughtful brand partnerships could drive strong visibility among her expanding Gen Z female audience.

Top content: Dance covers, photoshoots, short films, events

Why she converts: Audience motivated to emulate her success

11. Dana Foglia

  • 128K Instagram followers
  • Industry leader – classes, brand deals, media appearances
  • Targeted dance community audience
  • Faculty at top studios, boosts client content

Dana provides an authentic insider glimpse into the dance industry grind, between glittering choreography moments. For relevant brands, sponsoring Dana‘s feed offers exposure and influence dancing up her engaged niche following.

Top content: Industry news, workshops, performance clips

Why she converts: Niche authority with demonstrating power

12. Lia Kim

  • 1.4M Instagram followers
  • Choreographer for K-pop stars like TWICE
  • Massive, targeted audience – strong Asian presence
  • Content highlights precise movements

As founder of 1Million Dance Studio, Lia Kim has earned international renown perfecting K-pop artist choreography. By sponsoring Lia‘s feed, brands gain direct access to her millions of engaged dance-loving fans.

Top content: K-pop artist choreography, classes, brand deals

Why she converts: Direct access to massive, targeted audience

13. Kathryn Burns

  • 18K Instagram followers
  • Award-winning industry dancer/choreographer
  • Inside look at commercial dance scene
  • Major motion picture work

With her prestigious list of movie choreographer credits, Kathryn provides coveted behind-the-scenes access to entertainment industry dance fans seek. Aligning with Kathryn associates brands with Hollywood magic in a meaningful, measurable way.

Top content: Film industry insights, choreography moments, collaborations

Why she converts: BTS Hollywood vibes captivate targeted niche

14. WilldaBeast Adams

  • 2.3M Instagram followers
  • Globally famous choreographer – BlackPink, JLo
  • Posts generate 500K+ views
  • Urban dance authority, artists‘ go-to

As one of the elite celebrity choreographers today, WilldaBeast boasts massive visibility power for his sponsors between touring. Aligning with his urban, hip hop brand status offers international reach potential.

Top content: Music video choreography, events

Why he converts: Household name among target demographic

15. Matt Borchert

  • 133K Instagram followers
  • Gone viral for ballet/trap fusion dances
  • General audience, Southern US skewing
  • Industry insider view energizes audience

Rising star Matt provides commercial dance fans a fun glimpse into his Atlanta-based scene, alongside his signature boundary-pushing routines. His credible niche influence offers fertile testing ground for on-trend regionally relevant brands.

Top content: Dance blends, events, branded content

Why he converts: Strong regional presence and credibility

16. Leon Lee

  • 99K Instagram followers
  • Millions of YouTube subscribers
  • General audience fascinated with body movement
  • Specializes in precise isolations/articulations

While known for thrilling millions of subscribers on YouTube, Seoul-based dancer Leon engages his fans on Instagram as well. Sponsors gain access to Leon‘s precise, mesmerizing movement style that keeps viewers hungry for more.

Top content: Dance covers, instructionals, sponsored showcases

Why he converts: Movement quality allures fans of the form

17. Josh Killacky

  • 15K Instagram followers
  • High engagement rates per post
  • Renowned across platforms among dancers
  • Specializes in precise tutting digits

Josh‘s commanding finger and arm tutting skills have earned industry accolades. By aligning with his specialized niche authority status, sponsors also associate their brand with technical excellence in the eyes of fellow dancers.

Top content: Niche tutting performances, behind-the-scenes

Why he converts: Cred invests niche audience in collaborations

18. Bailey Muñoz

  • 138K Instagram followers
  • Typically 8-10% engagement rate
  • General audience – female skewing
  • Training across genres, now focused on heels choreography

With fiery confidence and commercial appeal, Bailey attracts an engaged Gen Z female following seeking fashion inspo and femme fatale vibes. Strategic brand collaborations deliver strong visibility among her expanding audience.

Top content: Sultry photoshoots, dance covers in heels

Why she converts: Audience motivated to emulate lifestyle

19. Jake Kodish

  • 238K Instagram followers
  • General audience passionate about dance
  • Known for smooth POPping and isolations
  • Travels internationally teaching

Jake‘s buttery waves, isolations, and body articulations have captivated hundreds of thousands online. By sponsoring his globetrotting adventures, brands gain access to passionate dance lovers worldwide seeking inspiration in their niche.

Top content: Dance covers and tutorials during travels

Why he converts: Quality movement intrigues the niche

20. Dana Alexa

  • 212K Instagram followers
  • Up to 20% engagement per post
  • General audience skewing female
  • Specializes in fast paced, sultry jazz funk

With fiery hair and moves to match, Dana keeps followers satiated with energetic jazz funk routines and body positive inspiration. Strategic brand collaborations provide strong visibility among her growing engaged female base.

Top content: Jazz funk dance routines, photoshoots

Why she converts: Movement and spirit captivate fans

21. Melvin Timtim

  • 280K Instagram followers
  • Among top IG dancers since age 15
  • General audience, especially aspiring dancers
  • Known for seamless blends across party dance styles

A prodigy making waves since his teens, Melvin‘s playful multimedia dance collages have captured over a quarter million engaged followers. His brand deals deliver strong visibility among rising Generation Z talent looking to emulate success.

Top content: Creative edits combining dance styles, events

Why he converts: Gen Z appeal – fans aspire toward his success

22. Mariel Madrid

  • 300K Instagram followers
  • Member of popular MM creative duo
  • Targeted dance community audience
  • Director/choreographer across genres

As director/choreographer for elite hip hop crew Choreo Cookies, Mariel boasts industry credibility that invests her niche following. Consorting with Mariel associates sponsoring brands with technical excellence meaningful to fellow dancers.

Top content: Film productions, classes/workshops

Why she converts: Credibility attracts niche audience

23. Lauren Yalango

  • 40K Instagram followers
  • Member of Dancer‘s Alliance collective
  • Primarily dancers in-the-know
  • Glimpse into professional hustle

From photoshoots to dance gigs, Lauren provides an authentic peek into the commercial dancer grind. For relevant brands, aligning with Lauren grants insider exposure specifically among passionate industry hopefuls looking to get their foot in the door.

Top content: Gigs, dance jobs, pros in the space

Why she converts: Niche audience aspires toward success

24. Derek Mitchell

  • 8K Instagram followers
  • High ER from small, targeted audience
  • Dancers passionate for art form
  • Rising star earning competition accolades

Promising talent Derek offers sponsors access to fellow dancers who appreciate his gifts and follow his ascending journey. By partnering early, forward-thinking brands pave inroads while benefiting from Derek‘s foreseeable exponential growth.

Top content: Convention/class clips, behind scenes

Why he converts: Small niche, high ER now for future brand equity

This analysis clearly demonstrates the diverse range of partnership opportunities dance influencers provide brands seeking to engage audiences on Instagram in 2023. Whether aiming for mass exposure through celebrity choreographers, or targeted visibility via aspiring pros, there are prime options for every niche and goal.

We hope this guide illuminates pathways to collaborating with dance influencer talent in grounded, mutually rewarding ways. For specific partnership advice, further influencer recommendations, or brainstorming creatively integrated campaigns, don‘t hesitate to reach out.


Written by Alexis Kestler

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