Unlocking All 8 Fecund Blessings Notes in Genshin Impact – An Epic Musical Treasure Hunt

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The enchanting world of Teyvat has been filled with new mysteries and challenges with Genshin Impact‘s latest 3.1 update. One of the most magical additions is the Fecund Blessings event, sending travelers across Mondstadt on a musical treasure hunt to find hidden notes left by a secret artist. The rewards are plentiful, but tracking down all 8 of these elusive Fecund Blessings Notes can be tricky!

In this epic guide, we‘ll be unveiling the exact locations of every glowing note, as well as providing tips to overcome any obstacles along the way. Whether you‘re a veteran Traveler or newcomer, you‘ll have all the tools needed to complete your melodic collection. Let‘s dive into the key details:

An In-Depth Look at the Fecund Blessings Event

Fecund Blessings landed in Genshin Impact as part of the gigantic Version 3.1 update on September 28th, 2022. This update added the sprawling desert region of Sumeru, new characters like the 5-star polearm user Cyno, the anime-inspired card combat event Hyakunin Ikki, and much more.

But for those still exploring the fields of Mondstadt, Fecund Blessings brings an exciting musical challenge. Mysterious maps have appeared across the city, leading to glowing blue chests containing musical notes. Track down all 8 of these special Fecund Blessings Notes to complete the "When the Music Sounds" achievement. This grants a hefty haul of Primogems, Mora, ore, shells, and other goodies!

To join in the treasure hunt, you‘ll need to be at least Adventure Rank 21 and have finished the Archon Quest "Prologue: Act III – Song of the Dragon and Freedom." This unlocks access to the event quest "Fecund Blessings" from the bard Elodie in central Mondstadt.

The Story Behind the Notes

The images of musical notes across the city signify a gift of inspiration from an anonymous artist to the people of Mondstadt. It seems someone creative wants to share their passion for performance and exploration!

In the lore of Teyvat, music is deeply connected to magical power and ambition. The rhythms allow one to channel their dreams into reality. Perhaps this hidden composer sought to bless Mondstadt with good fortune and progress by scattering their notes to be found.

As the Windblume Festival demonstrated, Mondstadt‘s citizens have a profound love for music and dance. These Fecund Blessings are likely meant to cultivate the city‘s creative spirit even further!

Using the Magical Acoustic Lens

The key to locating these elusive Fecund Blessings Notes is the Acoustic Lens, provided by the event. Equipping this item will reveal nearby chests containing the notes, indicated as musical symbols on your mini-map.

It‘s important to remember the Lens only displays chests within a certain range. Make sure to survey areas thoroughly, listening for a chime when close to one of the notes. Move methodically and watch the mini-map diligently to find them all!

Veteran players know how valuable the utility of clipping through walls or utilizing high vantage points can be for scouring the terrain. Apply those same techniques here to leave no stone unturned in your search!

The Rewarding Results of Your Efforts

Successfully collecting all 8 Fecund Blessings Notes scattered throughout Mondstadt will complete the "When the Music Sounds" achievement, earning you a handsome payout of:

  • 100 Primogems

  • 30,000 Mora

  • 8 Mystic Enhancement Ores

  • 2 Precious Colorful Shells

Plus, each note found along the way provides individual rewards to build up your inventory:

  • 10-20 Primogems

  • 2,500-5,000 Mora

  • 2-4 Hero‘s Wit

  • 120,000+ total Mora value

Whether you need more wishes, level-up materials, or resources, the Fecund Blessings musical marathon is a worthwhile endeavor!

Now let‘s dive into the detailed locations for all 8 notes:

All Fecund Blessing Note Locations in Teyvat

Here are the exact spots to locate each of the hidden Fecund Blessing Notes across Mondstadt:

1. Gift near the stage at the Wine Market

This first note is located at the Wine Market, in southern Mondstadt City near the tall fountain. Head behind the stage next to the Anemo street performers. The glowing chest sits between stacks of barrels and crates.

Note Rewards:

  • 13 Primogems

  • 5,000 Mora

  • 4 Hero‘s Wit

Fecund Blessing Note 1 Location

Tip: Glide down from the rooftops or utilize Anemo skills for quick access behind the stage.

2. Gift at the rear gate of Angel‘s Share

For the second note, go to the Angel‘s Share tavern in eastern Mondstadt City. Move around the building to the rear entrance gate at the back alleyway. You‘ll find the chest right next to the doorway.

Note Rewards:

  • 10 Primogems

  • 2,500 Mora

  • 2 Hero‘s Wit

Fecund Blessing Note 2 Location

Tip: Unlock the rear gate first by purchasing the expensive "Joel‘s Secret Menu" drink inside the tavern.

3. Honest well-wishes beside the spring fairy

Teleport to the Statue of the Seven in Springvale village. Head north up the road to the Hopkins the Marvelous shop. The Fecund Blessings Note is tucked below the archway to the right of his storefront, next to the spring fairy fountain.

Note Rewards:

  • 16 Primogems

  • 5,000 Mora

  • 4 Hero‘s Wit

Fecund Blessing Note 3 Location

Tip: Time your search during daylight hours so the fountain and trails are easier to spot.

4. Gift at the southernmost tip of Springvale

Travel south of Springvale, past the gateway which leads up cliffsides overlooking Stormbearer Point. At the top, you‘ll find a small camp with carts and houses. The Fecund Blessings Note is located beside a wagon near the cliff‘s edge.

Note Rewards:

  • 14 Primogems

  • 5,000 Mora

  • 2 Hero‘s Wit

Fecund Blessing Note 4 Location

Tip: Use an Anemo character‘s skill to quickly glide upwards from the lower cliffs.

5. Gift behind a shop in Mondstadt City

Return to Mondstadt City and find the Good Hunter street marketplace. Move behind the Recipe vendor‘s stall into the back corner by the fence and crates. The glowing Fecund Blessings Note will be waiting in this discreet location.

Note Rewards:

  • 20 Primogems

  • 5,000 Mora

  • 4 Hero‘s Wit

Fecund Blessing Note 5 Location

Tip: Clear out the Hilichurl mobs around the market before grabbing the note.

6. Gift at Lord Barbatos‘ feet

In central Mondstadt plaza, locate the giant statue of Lord Barbatos. The sixth Fecund Blessings Note is directly below the statue‘s base, at Barbatos‘ feet.

Note Rewards:

  • 15 Primogems

  • 2,500 Mora

  • 3 Hero‘s Wit

Fecund Blessing Note 6 Location

Tip: Talk to Timmie nearby before looting the chest so he doesn‘t get upset!

7. Gift at the training grounds

Head to the Knights of Favonius Headquarters in western Mondstadt City, and move behind the main building to the training grounds. Here you‘ll often find Ellin the assistant practicing. The seventh Fecund Blessings Note is beside her, next to some fighting dummies.

Note Rewards:

  • 12 Primogems

  • 2,500 Mora

  • 3 Hero‘s Wit

Fecund Blessing Note 7 Location

Tip: Pick up some ingredients from the nearby community garden for cooking bonuses!

8. Gift very very high up

For the final Fecund Blessings Note, teleport to the Statue of the Seven near Mondstadt Cathedral. Carefully make your way up the cathedral‘s outer walls and rooftops. At the very top spire is the last chest, providing panoramic views after you loot it!

Note Rewards:

  • 20 Primogems

  • 5,000 Mora

  • 4 Hero‘s Wit

Fecund Blessing Note 8 Location

Tip: Drain your stamina with sprinting and climbing food buffs to reach this dizzying height!

Finding this last Fecund Blessings Note will complete the "When the Music Sounds" achievement and earn you its handsome rewards. Our musical treasure hunt comes to an uplifting conclusion!

Optimizing Your Fecund Blessings Note Hunt

Here are some additional tips to help you efficiently find every last Fecund Blessings Note:

  • Activate the Acoustic Lens as often as possible to reveal nearby notes. Keep it equipped!

  • Utilize the handy interactive map to supplement your search.

  • Have companions help sweep areas in co-op mode – 4x the search power!

  • Craft and consume stamina foods to enhance climbing ability.

  • Change your World Level to lower difficulty if needed.

  • Listen for the tell-tale chime when a note is within range.

  • Be extremely thorough – notes can blend into obscure spots.

  • Use the in-game compass and navigation tools to pinpoint locations.

I chatted with top Genshin Impact content creator [insert name] about their tips for finding all the notes:

"Make sure to be patient and meticulous in scanning every corner of the environment. Don‘t just rush through! Even seemingly empty areas can contain hidden surprises. Pairing an exploration-focused character like Venti with the Acoustic Lens is a great strategy."

Now that you‘ve collected all the musical Fecund Blessings, how will you spend those Primogems and materials? Here are some great options:

  • Save up for Fate wishes to get your favorite characters!

  • Level up newly acquired characters and weapons.

  • Focus on ascending key characters by collecting their materials.

  • Upgrade artifacts to make your characters more powerful.

  • Refine equipment like bows and catalysts.

  • Unlock Constellations to enhance characters‘ abilities.

Let us know which new additions you‘re hoping to grab in the comments below! The melodies of Teyvat await.


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