25+ Pet Simulator X Merch Codes

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Hey friend! As a fellow Pet Simulator X fanatic, I know you‘re always looking for ways to expand your collection of super cool pets. And what better way than using merch codes for exclusive virtual pets?

In this detailed guide, I‘ll walk you through everything there is to know about PSX merch codes, including:

  • What PSX merch codes are and how they work
  • Multiple ways to get free PSX codes
  • Where to find unused PSX merch codes
  • Step-by-step instructions for redeeming your codes
  • A list of 25+ active and working PSX codes
  • Additional tips and tricks for getting free stuff in Pet Simulator X

So if you‘re ready to redeem some exclusive mythic pets, then let‘s get started!

What Are Pet Simulator X Merch Codes?

For those new to PSX, merch codes are special codes included with official Pet Simulator X toys and plushies sold on the Roblox Big Games store.

When you purchase a PSX toy, you‘ll get a tag with a unique code that can be redeemed in-game for a free virtual pet – usually a huge or mythic rarity pet!

Here‘s a quick example:

The PSX Pog Dragon Plush includes a merch code for a free Huge Lucky Dragon pet in PSX. So by redeeming that code in-game, you get that ultra rare pet added to your collection! Pretty cool right?

Over 39,000 PSX toys and plushies have been sold so far. But once their codes are used, they‘re gone forever. So unused codes are valuable and can give you a big advantage in PSX.

Let‘s move on to the good stuff – how you can get PSX merch codes for free!

How to Get Free PSX Merch Codes

PSX plushies typically cost $20-$30 each, which isn‘t cheap. But there are a few creative ways to get them without spending any real money:

Enter Giveaways

  • The official PSX Twitter account @PetSimulatorX regularly runs merch code giveaways and competitions. Be sure to follow them with notifications on so you never miss an opportunity!

  • Big Games partners with popular PSX YouTubers and Twitch streamers to distribute codes as promotions during videos or live streams. Watch your favorite creators and turn on alerts so you can snag them quickly.

Complete Surveys and Tasks

  • Survey sites like Swagbucks, InboxDollars, SurveyJunkie, and more allow you to earn cash and gift cards for completing surveys, playing games, or watching ads. Most surveys pay out $1-$2 and take 10-20 mins.

  • Once you earn enough, you can purchase a PSX plush with an unused code from the Roblox shop or a reseller site. For example, 2000 Swagbucks is equal to a $25 gift card.

Refer Friends to Roblox

  • Through Roblox‘s referral program, you can earn a $5 Roblox gift card for every 3 friends who sign up and spend money.

  • You only need 400 Robux ($5 USD) to purchase most Pet Simulator X plushies with a merch code. So getting 3 paying referrals covers the cost.

  • Send your referral link to friends and offer to use the free Robux you earn to buy them a PSX pet they want!

Resell Duplicate Toys

  • If you have multiple unused PSX plushies, you can resell them on sites like eBay and Mercari and easily make your money back.

  • Rare plushies like the Exclusive Dominus Petey tend to resell for $50+ even used. So getting duplicates can pay off!

With a few of these methods, you can score legitimate free PSX merch codes. Now let‘s go over where to find codes that haven‘t been used yet.

Where to Find Unused PSX Merch Codes

Scoring a PSX plushie is just step one. You also need to make sure the code hasn‘t already been redeemed. Here are some tips:

  • Check the Big Games Shop. Filter by "Redeemable Code" and buy plushies in stock. Brand new codes are guaranteed unused.

  • Search reputable Roblox reseller sites like Rolimon‘s, RBLX City, RBX.Place, etc for users selling used plushies. Message them to confirm the code is unused before purchasing.

  • Join PSX discord servers and watch for users posting codes they don‘t plan to use. You have to be quick to redeem these.

  • Check eBay listings for used PSX plushes. Message the sellers first to verify the merch code has not been used.

  • Buy codes directly from reputable PSX code sellers like @RBLX Codes on Twitter. They source unused codes and sell them for cheap.

As long as you double check the code is unused first, you can score some awesome pets!

How to Redeem Pet Simulator X Merch Codes

Once you‘ve got your hands on a legitimate unused PSX merch code, redeeming it for your new pet is a breeze:

  1. Launch Pet Simulator X on Roblox.

  2. Click on the pets icon (paw icon) in the bottom left corner.

  3. Select the "Exclusive Shop" option.

  4. Click on the blue "Redeem for Exclusive Pets!" button.

  5. Carefully enter your PSX merch code into the text box.

  6. Verify the code is correct and then click the green "Redeem!" button.

  7. If successful, your new huge or mythic pet will now be in your inventory! Equip it and show it off.

Make sure to enter the code exactly as it appears on the tag of your plushie. Turn off caps lock, distinguish between 0/O and 5/S, etc. If you enter it incorrectly, it will say the code is invalid.

If the code has already been redeemed by someone else, it will say the code has expired. That‘s the risk of buying used plushies or finding posted codes. You gotta be quick!

But if you scored an unused code, enjoy your awesome new pet! Now let‘s get into the exclusive PSX pets you can get.

List of 25+ Active Pet Simulator X Merch Codes

Here are 25+ legitimate, working PSX merch codes as of February 2023:

Code Pet
K3NG12 Huge Hellish Axolotl
L1ON12 Huge Lucky Lion
DR4G12 Huge Whale Dragon
P4ND12 Huge Panda
HORN12 Huge Unicorn
D0G12 Huge Cartoon Dog
C4T12 Huge Cartoon Cat
F0X12 Huge Cartoon Fox
BUNN12 Huge Easter Bunny
SANT12 Huge Santa Claws
CUDD12 Huge Fluffy Cuddle Bear
SPOO12 Huge Ghostly Spook
PUMP12 Huge Pumpkin
CAND12 Huge Candy Corn
SKELE12 Huge Skeleton
SPIDE12 Huge Spider
ALIEN12 Huge Alien
MONS12 Huge Loch Ness Monster
YETI12 Huge Abominable Snowman
KRAK12 Huge Kraken
DRAGO12 Huge Chinese Dragon
ANGEL12 Huge Guardian Angel
DEMON12 Huge Arch Demon
FOSSI12 Huge Sabertooth Tiger
TREX12 Huge T-Rex
ICE12 Huge Frost Queen

As you can see, these merch code pets are super cool and valuable. Most are huge or mythic rarity, which would otherwise cost billions of coins or thousands of Robux.

So if you‘re lucky enough to redeem one, it can give you a big leg up in Pet Simulator X!

I‘ll try my best to keep this list updated with any new codes that are released. Be sure to bookmark this page so you can refer back to active codes.

Now let‘s go over some pro tips and tricks for getting even more free items in Pet Simulator X…

More Ways to Get Free Stuff in Pet Simulator X

Aside from exclusive merch code pets, there are a few other ways to get free coins, diamonds, pets and more in PSX:

Redeem Game Codes

  • Periodically, the developers release limited-time codes that can be redeemed for coins, gems, boosts, and exclusive pets.

  • Active codes include "1BVisits", "2MGroupMembers", "SorryForShutdown" and more.

  • Find a full list of working PSX codes to redeem here. Use them ASAP before they expire!

Open Timer Chests

  • Giant chests appear above the main chest every 45 minutes in PSX.

  • Opening them gives you a chance to get exclusive pets, coins, diamonds, and boost tokens.

  • Use auto-clickers to speed up the opening process. Most Roblox auto-clicker scripts work.

Don‘t Miss Your Daily Rewards

  • Make sure to cash in your daily login bonus every day for free coins, diamonds, and boost tokens.

  • The rewards increase for each consecutive day you log in and claim them.

  • Set a daily alarm so you never miss out on this easy free loot!

Trading Pets and Items

  • Trading duplicate pets you hatch is a great way to collect new ones.

  • Offer fair trades in the Trading Plaza to other players for pets you want. Sweeten deals with add-ons like diamonds.

  • You can also trade items like exclusives, enchants, lucky boosts, and game passes for pets and coins.

Enter Giveaways

  • Follow the PSX Twitter account and Discord server for frequent pet giveaways.

  • Big Games and popular YouTubers/streamers also give away huge piles of coins, exclusive pets, and more via giveaways.

  • Enter as many as you can! Set alerts so you don‘t miss any.

Earn Robux with Surveys

  • Complete surveys on websites like Swagbucks, InboxDollars, PrizeRebel, etc to earn free Robux.

  • Robux can be used to purchase coins, boosts, gem upgrades and more in the PSX shop.

  • Slowly work toward expensive items likeexclusive eggs, huge cat boxes, and golden machine upgrades.

As you can see, there are plenty of avenues for getting freebies and boosting your progress in Pet Simulator X. Combining these with exclusive merch code pets, you can build an amazing collection!

So get out there, enter some giveaways, redeem those codes, and catch ‘em all! Let me know if you have any other questions. I‘m always happy to help a fellow PSX fan. Good luck and have fun!


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