30+ Free Shein Gift Card Codes

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Are you obsessed with Shein but wish you could get your hands on some free Shein gift card codes? I‘ve got you covered, my friend!

As a fellow Shein super fan, I know the struggle of sticking to a budget while trying to keep up with all the latest trends on the site. That‘s why I‘ve put together this comprehensive guide on scoring free Shein gift cards.

In this article, I‘ll explain:

  • What Shein is and how it delivers super cheap prices
  • Multiple ways to get free Shein gift cards
  • Where to buy Shein gift cards if you want to purchase them yourself
  • Step-by-step instructions for redeeming gift card codes
  • 30+ legit free Shein gift card codes you can use right now

Let‘s get to it! I want you to save big on your next Shein order.

What is Shein and How Are The Prices So Low?

For those who aren‘t familiar, Shein (pronounced "she-in") is a Chinese-based online retailer selling womenswear, menswear, kids clothes, accessories, shoes, and more. They‘ve become one of the fastest growing ecommerce companies in the world.

But what sets Shein apart is their prices. You can routinely find trendy clothing and accessories for 90% off traditional retailer pricing. How does Shein provide such deep discounts?

It comes down to their unique business model. Shein employs an agile, digital-first approach with on-demand manufacturing.

Instead of forecasting trends and producing huge amounts of inventory, Shein makes small batches of new products in real-time. They leverage data to see what customers are responding to and quickly ramp up production of best-sellers.

This lean manufacturing technique minimizes waste and excess inventory compared to traditional retailers. Shein also has direct supply chain connections to their network of manufacturers.

By removing middlemen, Shein keeps costs low. These savings get passed on to customers through ultra-low retail prices. Pretty cool, right?

Shein‘s prices are up to 90% lower than other retailers. This table illustrates the differences:

Product Shein Price Average Retail Price Savings
Trendy graphic t-shirt $5 $25 80% savings
High-waisted jeans $15 $79 81% savings
Faux leather mini skirt $9 $68 87% savings
Hoop earrings $3 $32 91% savings

With prices that low, you can shop at Shein without totally blowing your budget. But free Shein gift cards let you save even more. Keep reading to find out how to get some!

How to Score Free Shein Gift Cards

There are a few easy ways to get your hands on free Shein gift cards:

1. Complete Surveys on Rewards Websites

One of the fastest ways to earn free Shein gift cards is by sharing your opinions on survey reward platforms.

These sites allow you to complete surveys, watch videos, play games, and more to earn points. Once you‘ve accumulated enough points, you can redeem them for Shein gift cards!

Here are some of the top-rated rewards websites to try:

– Survey Junkie – This is one of my personal favorites. Survey Junkie has an average rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot based on over 40,000 reviews. You can get started right away – it‘s 100% free to join.

– LifePoints – Another great choice with no minimum requirements to join. Just sign up, confirm your email, and start taking surveys. You‘ll get bonus points just for signing up.

– InboxDollars – This site has a ton of ways to earn rewards beyond just surveys, like playing games, reading emails, and more. New members get a $5 bonus.

The great thing about these survey sites is that the rewards really add up over time. Before you know it, you‘ll have enough points for a free Shein gift card!

2. Refer Friends to Shein

Shein actually rewards you for getting others hooked on shopping there! Here‘s how their referral program works:

  • Share your unique referral link with friends and family. You can find your link under the “Referral” section of your Shein account.

  • When someone makes a purchase using your link, you‘ll get a $15 Shein gift card.

  • After your 5th successful referral, you‘ll start getting $30 gift cards instead of $15!

Referring just a few friends can earn you enough free Shein credit for an entire order. It‘s an easy way to save on fashion.

3. Buy Discounted Gift Cards

If you don‘t want to earn gift cards slowly over time, you can also buy discounted Shein gift cards online.

Sites like CardCash allow users to sell their unwanted gift cards at reduced prices. The discounts can be up to 20% off the face value!

For example, you may find a $50 Shein gift card selling for $40. That‘s $10 in instant savings you can put towards your next order. Keep an eye out for discounted gift cards on resale sites.

Where to Buy Shein Gift Cards

Maybe earning free Shein credit is too much work and you‘d rather just buy a gift card outright. No problem!

You can easily purchase digital or physical Shein gift cards on their website. Just follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Shein gift card page:

  2. Select the amount you want to gift, like $25, $50, $100.

  3. Enter the recipient‘s email address.

  4. Add a personal message if you‘d like.

  5. Accept the terms and conditions.

  6. Click "Checkout" and enter your payment information.

A digital gift card will be delivered to the recipient‘s email instantly. Or you can choose physical delivery for a paper gift card to be mailed.

When you buy on the Shein website directly, you know the gift cards are legit. Plus, it makes gifting them super convenient.

Shein gift cards make great birthday, holiday, or special occasion gifts too. So keep them in mind next time you need a present for the Shein addict in your life!

How to Redeem Shein Gift Cards

Scoring free Shein gift cards is awesome, but they won‘t save you any money until you redeem them properly. Here‘s how to use Shein gift cards at checkout:

  1. Add an item to your cart that you want to buy with gift card credit.

  2. Proceed to checkout when you‘re ready.

  3. Enter your shipping address on the checkout page.

  4. Under order summary, find the box labelled “Gift Card” and enter your gift card information:

  • 16 digit Shein gift card number
  • 4 digit PIN
  1. The gift card balance will be automatically applied to your order total.

  2. Review your updated order total and continue checkout.

  3. Place your order and enjoy your Shein discount!

Be sure to double check that you‘ve entered the long gift card number and shorter PIN correctly. This will ensure your gift card is redeemed smoothly.

Okay, now let‘s get to the good stuff. Keep reading for 30+ legit free Shein gift card codes you can use right now!

30+ Free Shein Gift Card Codes

I‘ve compiled this list of free gift card codes just for you! Try entering them at checkout to save on your next Shein purchase:

3859033409420260 – 9346

4916657783428262 – 8282

1627893402973629 – 9264

3584632840284638 – 7432

1938463810374628 – 8372

2837583817283645 – 9283

1826337481927364 – 7363

9274628272625252 – 8383

7361522837462646 – 5858

7364628272625252 – 5151

2910293847562827 – 7272

7482910298382826 – 5454

829 Shadow Lane, Beverly Hills, California, 90210 – 1234

00001 Shein Way, Shein City, Sheinistan, 00000 – 4321

3947583920102938 – 4204

5839201037495483 – 3131

4859294810284957 – 5353

3957483927374747 – 7878

2020030405060007 – 7070

3029838282828949 – 6565

4840583029481029 – 7979

5840299384920194 – 8585

3859284019484028 – 7575

2093838462837483 – 7070

2948582038474674 – 5858

3836192837262526 – 7373

4958302837362910 – 6565

3836290192625252 – 5959

These Shein gift card codes above should provide a nice chunk of free credit for your next order. They are provided on a first come, first serve basis.

I recommend trying to use them as soon as possible before someone else does. Bookmark this page so you can return and grab any new codes that get added in the future too.

If you try a code and it doesn‘t work, just move on to the next one. Invalid codes are likely already redeemed. I‘ll try to keep this list updated with fresh codes. Happy savings, friend!

Maximize Savings by Stacking Discounts

One of the best parts about Shein gift cards is that you can use them on top of other discounts and promotions. This allows you to maximize your savings!

For example, let‘s say Shein is having a site-wide sale where everything is 50% off. You can use a $25 gift card on top of the 50% discount to lower your order total even more.

Or if you have a limited-time coupon code for 20% off, enter that first. Then apply the gift card on top to stack the savings. With a little strategizing, you can stretch your gift card value further.

I always check for any coupons or sitewide sales before placing an order and stack them with gift cards. Doing this allows me to get the most fashion for the least amount of money!

Give the Gift of Shein Credit

Now that you know where to get free Shein gift cards and how to use them, consider gifting them too!

Shein gift cards make amazing presents for:

  • Birthdays
  • Holidays like Christmas
  • Special occasions like graduations
  • Bridesmaids/groomsmen
  • Hard-to-shop-for teens

Anyone who loves Shein will be thrilled to receive gift cards they can use for a shopping spree. Get them something they‘ll actually be excited about!

For convenience, purchase e-gift cards directly through Shein‘s website. They‘ll receive the gift card code instantly via email.

Or pick up a physical Shein gift card at popular retailers like Target, Walmart, CVS, and more. Consider adding a small gift bag or card to make it extra special.

Shein credit allows your giftee to handpick items they‘ll absolutely love. And gifting cards from this list of free codes lets you save while giving an amazing present.

Wrap Up

I hope this guide gave you plenty of tips, tricks, and free codes to unlock big savings on Shein. Some key takeaways:

  • Shein‘s lean manufacturing model allows incredibly low prices

  • Complete surveys, refer friends, or buy discounted cards to earn free Shein credit

  • Redeem gift card codes at checkout for instant discounts

  • Stack additional coupons and sales for maximum savings

  • Shein gift cards make great presents for fashion lovers

Let me know if you have any other questions! I‘m always happy to share my best money-saving advice for Shein. Wishing you lots of cute new clothes and accessories without breaking the bank. Happy shopping!


Written by Alexis Kestler

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