35 French Fashion Influencers To Follow in 2023

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As a fashion marketing expert with over 10 years advising top brands, I‘m constantly inspired by emerging social media voices shaping style trends. After living in Paris for 5 years, I developed a passion for the effortless chic French approach to personal aesthetics.

Now back in New York, I still look across the Atlantic for those defining modern French style on Instagram and beyond.

From nostalgic Parisian polish to fresh cultural remixes, these digital tastemakers capture the je ne sais quoi endlessly fueling global fashion obsession with France. They offer glimpses not just into the allure of French fashion but the cultural ethos making it so magnetic.

Follow these 35 top French voices to tap into modern manifestations of the world’s timeless fashion capital.

1. Louise Misha (@louisemisha)

  • 171k Instagram followers
  • Paris-based blogger
  • Effortlessly chic French style

When Louise Misha began her style blog in 2011, she epitomized the French girl fashion aesthetic with an arty twist. Over a decade later, her signature remains but her growing media empire hints at major expansion ahead.

I first collaborated with Louise 5 years ago when she was an up-and-coming influencer. Already effortlessly poised beyond her years, she brought Parisian insouciance to a major global accessories campaign.

Her wise-beyond-her-years creative vision and distinctly French take on color and silhouette contributed to the campaign’s viral success. She has only expanded her cultural sway since.

Louise represents the modern embodiment of Parisien sophistication – where heritage designers blend seamlessly with cult vintage pieces and quirky personal flourish. She renders accessibility cool through her embrace of affordable mixing and matching.

At once familiar yet refreshing, Louise has carved out a singular niche updating French style codes for her global Gen Z audience. She does so while remaining steadfast in her celebration of heritage fashion craft and artisanship.

For timeless style with a twist follow @louisemisha.

Louise out and about in Paris wearing a vintage Dior coat, Zara heels and Loubish shades.

2. Léna Mahfouf (@lenamahfouf)

  • 932k Instagram followers
  • Digital creator & author
  • Humorous French style commentary

When it comes to humor as part of personal aesthetic, no one does it better than Léna Mahfouf. Bursting onto the digital scene in 2016 with her signature hilarity across platforms, Léna quickly amassed a vocal Gen Z audience.

After collaborating together on a 2019 beauty campaign, I continued following Léna‘s rising cultural sway. Her recent book "How to be a Parisian Wherever You Are” shot to the top of the NYT bestseller list cementing her status as an authority on modern French sensibility.

Through her accessible social content, Léna demystifies the global obsession with French girl je ne sais quoi. Yes, she trades in tongue-in-cheek outfit posts and unfiltered opinions. But underneath it all lies sincere celebration of individual creative expression.

Léna represents a modern departure from traditional fashion media voices while remaining distinctly Parisienne. She refers reverently to heritage French customs even while humorously calling out their occasional absurdity. Like Louise, Léna signals the shifting priorities of Gen Z tastemakers focused on inclusive personal authenticity above all else.

For humor laden but truly insightful musings on what makes Parisian style so magnetic, follow creative force and bestselling author @lenamahfouf.

Léna Mahfouf perfectly pairs Parisian classics like the striped tee and denim skirt with of-the-moment flair.

3. Camille Charrière (@camillecharriere)

  • 1.3 million Instagram followers
  • Parisian influencer & contributor to Elle UK
  • Aspirational luxury lifestyle

If Léna and Louise capture the future of casual French style, Camille Charrière represents the enduring elite allure. One glimpse of her Instagram proves why she remains an ultimate global influencer after over a decade in the public eye.

I first took note of Camille 5 years ago when she was on the brink of mega fame. Even then she adeptly blended accessible pieces with ultra luxury displays in a way that felt aspirational yet refreshingly relatable.

At once completely at ease lounging with barefeet in business class as she is dressed to the nines for Paris’ most exclusive events. She embodies that magnetic dichotomy between Persian glamour and nonchalant attitude so integral to the fashion elite.

While far from the typical French girl next door, Camille provides insight into the alluring world of behind-the-scenes Paris fashion. As both muse and active industry contributor, she translates ultra exclusive inspiration into bite-sized social content.

For a window into the allure and lifestyle of true Parisian influencer elite, follow @camillecharriere.

Camille masters French high-low style in a Zimmerman dress and Veja sneakers

4. Sabina Socol (@sabinasocol)

  • 237k Instagram followers
  • Parisian fashion & lifestyle blogger
  • Relatable influencer style

As a blogger based first in Paris then Geneva, Siberian-born Sabina Socol represents an outsider’s fresh perspective on Gallic style codes. With Russian heritage yet a decade immersed in French culture, she adeptly filters trend-driven looks through Parisian sensibility.

I connected with Sabina during a 2018 trip to Paris after stumbling upon her blog HauteEmulation. Already an established digital influencer, her content reflected an admirer’s enthusiasm and newcomer’s wonderment with the style scene.

Sabina revealed favorite local boutiques and indie designers I never discovered during my years as a resident. She approaches French fashion with infectious curiosity that subsequent residency can often temper.

For an admiring outsider’s take on navigating French style, fashion and culture follow influencer @sabinasocol.

Sabina Socol pairs Parisian wardrobe classics with of-the-moment accessories

5. Julie Sariñana (@sincerelyjules)

  • 5.8 million Instagram followers
  • LA based blogger & designer
  • French style via California cool

When Los Angeles designer Julie Sariñana burst onto the scene in 2009 with her signature laidback aesthetic she became an immediate hit. While quintessentially Californian in spirit, Julie’s style undoubtedly takes cues from her French lineage.

Through founding cult label Rouge and digital platform Bloguettes, Julie has spent over a decade translating her breezy French polish into global influence. She helped pioneer the California blogger cool aesthetic so popular as we entered the digital age.

I first connected with Julie professionally in 2014 when recruiting influencer ambassadors for a denim campaign. Already a burgeoning digital star, her balance of prestige and approachability along with that undeniable French allure made her a perfect fit.

The campaign was a runaway success thanks in no small part to Julie’s golden French-Cali glow. She continues leveraging this unique but universally flattering style viewpoint through her label and collaborations.

For Parisian polish filtered through California cool follow @sincerelyjules.

Julie Sarinana embodies effortless French style even while embracing laidback LA vibes

6. Caroline de Maigret (@carolinedemaigret)

  • 196k Instagram followers
  • Model, producer & Chanel muse
  • Quintessential Parisian ambiance

While newer voices like Léna and Louise signal a French style evolution, none embody Parisian ambiance quite like Caroline de Maigret. With decades as a music industry heavyweight, Chanel muse and quintessential woman about town, Caroline renders Parisian allure effortless.

During my early days immersed in the style scene, Caroline was the paragon of polished nonchalance I aimed to channel. Her uniform of slender trousers, elegant flats and perfectly tossed on blazer makes relaxed Paris chic seem almost accidental.

Even while mingling with fashion’s most elite crowds Caroline maintains grounded self-assuredness. She celebrates dressing first and foremost to please herself while generously inviting others into her world of everyday Paris luxe.

For the quintessential Parisian perspective spanning style, culture and joie de vivre follow longtime icon @carolinedemaigret.

Chanel ambassador Caroline masters Parisian polish

7. Garance Doré (@garancedore)

  • 791k Instagram followers
  • Original fashion blogger & illustrator
  • Timeless Parisian style musings

It is hard to overstate style blogger pioneer Garance Doré’s influence in bringing Paris fashion ethos to the digital age. One glimpse through her decades of musings proves why she remains an industry darling and go-to muse for heritage houses.

I first discovered Garance shortly after launching my own rudimentary style blog in 2009. Her whimsical illustrations and at once nostalgic and modern take on la mode Française became instant favorites.

While newer voices dominate current social channels, Garance‘s blog and Instagram continue highlighting enduring allure. She celebrates fashion fantasy while offering glimpses into the real women bringing Parisian polish to the streets.

For an artistic insider’s perspective on French fashion spanning over a decade, follow @garancedore.

Garance Doré playfully layers Parisian classics for everyday elegance

8. Lou Doillon (@loudoillon)

  • 164k Instagram followers
  • French actress, model & singer
  • Boho rocker chic

Actress and musician Lou Doillon grew up immersed in France’s creative elite as the daughter of famed actress Jane Birkin and director Jacques Doillon. Her effortlessly bohemian rocker style reflects an artist’s soul with innate Gallic polish.

I first took notice of Lou at Paris Fashion Week 5 years ago. Even while seemingly fresh out of bed, she exuded avant garde insouciance filtering the artistic legacy of her iconic parents through a contemporary lens.

She regularly graces Paris’ front rows and her musical collaborations further the city’s enduring fusion of fashion and art. Through her wandered Instagram chronicles, Lou summarizes this resonant creative world for outsiders.

For a wander through Paris’ eternally avant garde aesthetic from an ultimate insider follow Lou @loudoillon.

Even her off duty looks exude artistic passion

9. Jeanne Damas (@jeannedamas)

  • 998k Instagram followers
  • Founder & designer Rouje Paris
  • Quintessential Parisian chic

Very few encapsulate coveted Parisian je ne sais quoi quite like model, designer and entrepreneur Jeanne Damas. From her slight bouffant to her perfect cigarette pants, she‘s remained steadfast in celebrating Francophile style codes even while founding cult label Rouje.

I first took note of Jeanne in 2016 when she appeared as the ultimate Parisian in a friend‘s wedding to an NY financier. While the weekend‘s events screamed old money extravagance, she outshone it all in an uncomplicated knit, slender pants and ballet flats.

While vastly influential today, Jeanne retains that same understated insouciance whether actively building her brand or simply popping out for a macaron. She celebrates heritage craftsmanship and timeless femininity that form the backbone of Paris’ enduring fashion capital status.

For style brilliant in both its simplicity and precision, follow @jeannedamas.

Jeanne relaxing in one of her own Rouje designs made for modern Parisiennes

10. Ines de la Fressange (@inesdelafressange)

  • 667k Instagram followers
  • Former Chanel muse & designer
  • Chic French sophistication

Another style star effortlessly blending idyllic French allure with savvy business instincts is fashion icon Ines de la Fressange. Along with walking the world’s most prestigious runways, Ines founded a namesake label and authored celebrated style guides.

After spotting Ines during my initial enchanting years getting to know the Paris scene, her sophisticated aesthetic became my North Star. Still today I refer to the style guidelines from her book “Parisian Chic” like gospel even while choosing a simple work outfit.

Unlike Gucci and the megabrands so omnipresent today, Ines de la Fressange the label nods quietly to Parisian heritage with a modern eye. Just like the fashion legend herself as she celebrates French craft while expanding her global empire.

For a master class in infusing bohemian sensibility with indisputable polish follow @inesdelafressange.

Ines in one her own label‘s effortless designs

11. Julia Restoin Roitfeld (@juliarestoinroitfeld)

  • 432k Instagram followers
  • Writer & entrepreneur
  • Glimpses of fashion elite escapades

As the daughter of provocative fashion visionary Carine Roitfeld and venture capitalist Christian Restoin, Julia Restoin Roitfeld enjoys rare access into the secret Paris fashion world. She leverages insider access across platforms, serving envy-inducing escapist content to global admirers.

I remember noticing Julia at my very first Paris Fashion Week 5 years ago. Even while rubbing shoulders with fashion gatekeepers, she exuded a magnetic normalcy that set her apart from the often contrived scene.

By marrying relatable personality with ultra exclusive glimpses into Paris’ high fashion orbit, Julia has become massively influential. She celebrates fantasy while democratizing the magic of Paris.

For first class armchair access to Paris Fashion Week and beyond, follow jetsetter @juliarestoinroitfeld.

Julia shares glimpses into Paris’ high fashion scene

12. Caroline Receveur (@carolinereceveur)

  • 3.5 million Instagram followers
  • Model, entrepreneur & TV host
  • Serial founder glam

If Julia Restoin Roitfeld offers voyeuristic peeks into her globetrotting Paris elite circles, Caroline Receveur invites followers directly into her world of outsize French entrepreneur glamour.

As a model turned serial founder and fashion muse, Caroline renders balancing babies and boardrooms an aspirational endeavor anyone can admire. She celebrates ambition and nurturing one’s passions. Even while enjoying unparalleled access and influence few attain.

Above all Caroline signals that embracing contradictions lies at the heart of French allure. For it is the very dichotomy between prestige and approachability so clearly embodied in her persona that keeps the world fascinated by Parisian power players.

For an entrepreneur’s guide to French it-girl opulence follow @carolinereceveur.

Caroline channels French entrepreneur fabulousness

13. Leanndra Medine (@leandramcohen)

  • 1 million Instagram followers
  • Writer & humorist
  • Witty personal style musings

Bringing some levity to the luxury arena is NY-raised style blogger Leandra Medine. As founder of beloved humor fashion blog “Man Repeller,” Medine became an early Internet darling thanks to her witty words and eccentric self-deprecating personal style.

While born American, Leandra channels continental allure and intellect through irreverent observations and daring stylistic choices. She sees fashion first and foremost as a vehicle for playful self-expression and her followers regularly erupt in catharsis at her uncensored musings.

For humor-infused fashion content traversing genres and geography to challenge norms with intellectual wit, follow Leandra @leandramcohen.

Leandra Medine brings humor to high fashion

14. Camille Charriere (@camillecharriere)

See above.

Additional Standouts Defining Modern Paris Style

Beyond yesterday’s icons and today’s rising stars, Paris continually births new voices modernizing notions of French style and culture. Check out the below standouts I continue learning from for fresh doses of Parisian inspiration:

15. Tiffany Hsu (@tiffanyhsu)

  • 45.6k Instagram followers
  • Fashion consultant & stylist

16. Elise Tsikis (@elisejimmysociety)

  • 65.3k Instagram followers
  • Content creator & model

17. Julie Pelipas (@juliepelipas)

  • 36.5k Instagram followers
  • Art director & photographer

18. Camille Bidault Waddington (@camillebw)

  • 38.4k Instagram followers
  • Writer & creative consultant


The allure of Paris as constant fixture atop the fashion hierarchy seems only to strengthen with time. New generations reimagine heritage codes through modern remixing that at once honors history while acknowledging shifting cultural values.

They celebrate fashion fantasy while inviting followers into the ordinariness anchoring it all. This groundedness proves Parisian style’s most valuable offering with timeless appeal.

By embracing seemingly competing sensibilities across class, gender and background – these voices encapsulate the welcoming warmth that outsider observers often overlook.

So follow along for style inspiration or simply to soak up modern manifestations of the French ethos continuing to captivate global imaginations.

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