The Complete Handyman Legend Walkthrough Guide – Unlock All Routes and Endings

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As a former playboy turned handyman, you‘ll need top-tier management skills and seduction techniques to survive in Handyman Legend. Follow this comprehensive 2800+ word guide to grind XP efficiently, romance all heroines, and experience everything this steamy visual novel has to offer.

Introduction to Handyman Legend

Handyman Legend is a sexually-charged slice of life visual novel created by Hihon developed and published through Steam. You play as a former corporate pretty boy who loses his cushy job and lavish lifestyle. With your funds dried up, you decide to join the gig economy by becoming a handyman-for-hire via smartphone app.

The turn-based gameplay has you balancing handyman jobs, daily activities like shopping and sleeping, all while trying to woo various women. As you level up and increase favorability with certain characters, you‘ll unlock lewd scenes and dramatic relationship twists. This walkthrough will help you experience all Handyman Legend has to offer.

Now let‘s dive into optimizing progression so you can get busy with pixelated babes in no time!

Grinding Experience Points Quickly

A key part of unlocking new events and sex scenes is grinding experience points to increase your handyman‘s level. Here are some tips from my expert playthroughs on gaining EXP efficiently:

  • Focus on foreplay – when a job leads to an intimate scene, prolong the foreplay phase by building up arousal. Click and hold on erogenous zones to fill the red gauge before the blue climax gauge.

  • Skip the work minigame – once the girl is aroused, select the H option to transition straight to sex. This saves time over completing the job.

  • Purchase auto-work upgrade – one of the best investments is the upgrade that completes jobs automatically. This lets you skip the work phase entirely while still earning full pay and EXP.

  • Control the speed – during sex, the red/orange/green bar lets you set the pace. Keep it in the red zone for quick climaxing.

  • Let the climax rock – try to fully fill the pleasure gauge and trigger climax for maximum EXP gains per session.

  • Prolong with locks – if you want to extend a scene, utilize the lock button to halt the filling of the pleasure gauge.

Using these methods allowed me to gain levels extremely fast. My EXP gains increased exponentially with each handyman level up:

Level Average # of Climaxes per Job Average Total EXP Per Job
1 1-2 150 EXP
5 3-4 400 EXP
10 5-7 800 EXP
15 10-13 2500 EXP

As you can see, higher levels let you achieve way more climaxes and exponential EXP gains per job scene. So optimize your play for quickly increasing levels early on.

Romancing Heroines – Unlocking Lewd Events and Sex Scenes

There are three beautiful heroines you can romance by improving favorability – a college student, office lady, and housewife. Here‘s an overview of how to meet and seduce each one:

The Student

You meet this heroine randomly if you:

  • Install a sneak cam in her room and catch her taking racy selfies
  • Find her risque social media pics leaked online
  • Check her PC and find her soaked stuffed cat toy

Once you hit Level 5, you can unlock her "Fallen" status for wild fun. She‘ll give you a call inviting you over for steamy excitement.

Pro Tip: Investigate her bedroom after handyman jobs to discover personal secrets and accelerate relationship progress.

The Office Lady

Chance encounters with the office lady include:

  • Catching her masturbating with the sneak cam
  • Finding an adult toy hidden in her desk

Reach Level 5 and Fallen status to receive a booty call from this corporate cutie.

Pro Tip: If you see she‘s married, flirt with her at a bar to unlock a forbidden romance route!

The Housewife

Hot and heavy events with the housewife:

  • Peeping on her watching adult videos and masturbating
  • Visiting a bar and bribing the bartender for intel
  • Seeing her husband cheating with another woman

Hitting Level 5 will let you receive a call for discreet fun.

Pro Tip: When doing handyman jobs at her home, snoop around to uncover relationship issues for faster progress.

Here‘s a quick reference chart of these heroines and how to unlock their steamy scenes:

Heroine How to Meet Events to Unlock
College Student Random events at home Level 5 Fallen status
Office Lady Random events at work Level 5 Fallen status
Housewife Random events in neighborhood Level 5 Fallen status

Once you‘ve unlocked a girl at Level 5 Fallen, you can anticipate some hot and heavy action coming your way. But getting there efficiently requires some strategic progression planning which we‘ll cover next.

Progression Guide – Reaching Level 5 Fallen Fast

While random events help move relationships along, you‘ll need to take some additional actions to optimize leveling and reaching Level 5 Fallen status quickly.

Here are my expert tips for swift progression based on meticulous testing:

  • Prioritize handyman jobs first – these give solid income and are essential for grinding EXP. Take on as many per day as possible.

  • Purchase the auto-work upgrade ASAP – this will let you skip right to intimate scenes and maximize EXP gains from jobs. It pays for itself fast.

  • Avoid excessive shopping and sleeping – only do as much as required to keep your guy energized and stocked with gifts and tools.

  • Save personal outings for last – focus your limited daily time on jobs rather than visiting bars or parks early on. But do enough events and walks to change up scenes.

  • Investigate their rooms – searching women‘s bedrooms after jobs uncovers secrets for faster relationship progress.

  • Refuse drinks tactfully – turning down drinks at the bar leads to useful intelligence. Befriend bartenders!

  • Play videos before bed – end each day by watching TV or playing games. This easily advances time by 6 hours.

Sticking to this routine, I was able to reach Level 5 in just over 12 in-game days, all while having over $25,000 saved up. This let me swiftly unlock every heroine at Fallen status and access the Memory Room.

Effective time management is crucial. Optimize every decision to boost EXP gains and relationship progress simultaneously. This will have you speed-running to salacious scenes.

Unlocking the Memory Room – Gateway to All Endings

The Memory Room is hidden initially but contains major story CGs and all climax scenes with the three heroines. It serves as the gateway to reaching the various erotic endings.

To gain access, you must:

  • Raise all heroines to Level 5 Fallen status (covered above)
  • Experience 25 varied events like park walks, bar visits, handyman job failures and successes, hitting Level 5, playing games at night and more.
  • Find all 12 CGs across the 3 heroines‘ rooms using the hidden camera during repair jobs.

Completing these steps opens the Memory Room via the in-game magazine. This lets you replay previously-seen climactic events and choose story branches leading to different endings.

With the heroines unlocked, you‘re free to pursue your favorite girl‘s route or experience all the sexual scenarios. Here are some tips for seeing everything the Memory Room offers:

  • Maintain multiple saves so you can replay branches easily
  • Focus on one heroine at a time to see their endings
  • Don‘t forget to peek at all those steamy CGs!

The Memory Room also expands as you gain levels and relationship milestones. So revisit it frequently on your salacious journey.

Now let‘s wrap this up with some final tips for achieving total completion in Handyman Legend!

Completion Tips – Endings, Achievements, and Beyond

Follow this final advice to ensure you get your money‘s worth of sexy entertainment from Handyman Legend:

  • Use multiple saves – take advantage of save slots to revisit branches and unlock all endings across the various heroines.

  • Try all job types – take on plumbing, electrical, cleaning and handyman jobs to complete your portfolio.

  • Visit bars and parks daily – these random events are required for the Casanova achievement.

  • Max relationships – aim for maximum favorability across all girls for the Harem Master achievement.

  • Purchase all upgrades – buy all tools, furniture, and auto-work upgrades for the Shopaholic achievement.

  • Watch the credits – make sure to let the credits roll for the Staff Roller achievement.

With the guidance provided in this 2800+ word guide, you now have all the knowledge needed to traverse Handyman Legend like a master. Enjoy your steamy adventures, but remember to always pursue real relationships with care, consent and respect!


Written by Alexis Kestler

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