How Much Does YouTube Pay Per Subscriber?

How Much Does YouTube Pay Per Subscriber

Even in 2019, the term a YouTuber is still popular. People make YouTube channels to showcase their talents and hobbies, and if they’re smart and lucky enough, they make a way to monetize their content online and attract a huge amount of subscribers and views.

However, as Google dictates new searching trends on its engine, the company-owned YouTube also changes its policies, making it much harder to know what’s the exact number that shows your earnings. Fortunately, we’ve created this article to help you learn how much does YouTube pay per subscriber and use this knowledge to grow your channel and build a brand for yourself.

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How much does YouTube pay per subscriber?

Nowadays, nearly everyone wants to become a YouTuber, but as trends change, the techniques for driving success from your videos also changes. Fortunately, YouTubers are communicative and take every chance to talk back to their subscribers and followers so that they can make immediate changes in their approach towards audience and make themselves more likable. However, more often than not, aspiring YouTubers often get discouraged when they hear about the actual pay per subscriber. YouTube gives its pro video creators.

Using YouTube to drive income has been available for a long specter of years, and as the competition grows, more technologies emerge and the whole industry becomes soaked up, it’s becoming harder and harder to create unique and attention-grabbing content, as well as earn respectable amount of money, let alone leave your real-life job for it.

What disappoints most of those who ask is that YouTube doesn’t pay anything their video creators per subscribers. Put, the revenue is driven rather per views that YouTube videos get, which is why subscribers don’t have a direct role in YouTubers earning money. That said, you can have little to no subscribers, but if your video gets over 50,000 views, you’ll generate income (given you’ve optimized your profile for Ad Sense money generation.) Also, you can have thousands and hundreds of thousands of subscribers, but if your videos aren’t getting a sufficient amount of views, you won’t be driving any income.

What is “CPM”

To evaluate revenue on each YouTuber’s channel, YouTube uses a unique method called CPM (Cost Per Impression.) This is a marketing-related term that determines cost of a video that comes from 1,000 views and also takes other things into consideration like impressions.

Depending on how many views, impression, bounce rate and other criteria a video meets, YouTube will reward a video from 20 cents to $10 per 1,000 views. However, as explained by Vlogger Gear, on average this number ranges from anywhere $1.50 to $3 per 1,000 views on a video.

The importance of subscribers in generating income on YouTube videos

While the income on YouTube is generated by views and not by subscribers, there are many ways in which subscribers affect your YouTube income. Subscribers are considered your followers, in away. When you post a new video, your subscribers will see it or get a notification that you’ve posted, which generates one extra view per subscriber that saw it. Subscribers may additionally share the video with their friends making more views and subscribers.

Below, we’ve listed some of the best benefits of having a lot of subscribers in generating revenue on the largest video-sharing network.

Inspiration for more content

As mentioned above, subscribers are your loyal followers, and they’re looking forward to every new video you share. The number between new and leaving subscribers often oscillates. After all, it’s impossible to please everyone. However, the number of these oscillations, as well as their frequency may tell you what have you been doing right or wrong, allowing you to change methods and approaches to keep your subscribers entertained. With the right technique and strategy, you’ll attract more subscribers, more viewers, and that more revenue.

More traffic

Needless to say, if your video gains enough popularity, it will easily hit the Trending and suggested pages, attracting more views and earnings. However, with a greater number of subscribers, the network of your shared videos and their odds of appearing in these sections increases. If you have a website, Instagram account or Facebook page, you can easily share your YouTube videos there to generate more organic traffic and gain more subscribers. Subscribers also help you spread your word and increase the chances of your brand, product or service is noticed. We are visual beings, and we enjoy seeing engaging video content. That said, your subscribers will also notice that and lead to more subscribers.

Personal connection

As mentioned above, YouTube can easily attract more people to notice your product or service that you offer. However, you don’t know what steps of improvement you need to take to make your content better. Subscribers will always follow the content you post and make sure to leave positive or even negative feedback. By communicating with your subscribers, you will learn more about them, what their interests are, what they like to see on your channel, what you truly excel at, and share tips to make things better. If other viewers notice that you talk to your subscribers and have a healthy response to their commentary, you’re guaranteed to get more subscribers and views.

How to increase your subscribers?

Now that we’ve learned the benefits of having plenty of subscribers to your YouTube channel let’s see how we can improve and then greatly increase this number. There are many ways to attract more subscribers to your channel. In this article, we’re going to highlight some of the easiest and most effective ones.

Create consistent content

Consistency is the key to creating a name on YouTube. YouTube isn’t one of the networks where you’ll create one video and be done for the time being. Growing as YouTuber requires skill polishing, having effective marketing strategy, and above everything consistency. Your subscribers need to see the follow-up content to each story you make, and the way you present yourself with it matters. That said, upload new videos consistently, interact with your audience, develop connected content so that your subscribers can better resonate with your content.

Have integrity

Integrity is one of the most important properties, not only in online presence but also in real life. People don’t like when someone can’t stay true to your words and keeps contradicting themselves.

Your YouTube videos are supposed to tell a story to thousands of viewers and new subscribers who will trust your content and keep coming back to it, share it with friends and apply it on their real life. You need to be honest with yourself and your followers, and use a set of effective strategies to help you stay on track.

Provide value to your videos

If your video is going to be just a general guide we’re seeing for the last five to seven years, then you’re not going to get any new subscribers, views, or revenue. The competition is stirring up, and it’s getting more and more challenging to deliver value that the audience will find engaging.

Even finding the right niche is difficult. Both YouTube and blogs have contributed with nearly every niche being explained, overflown and detailed. If you want to deliver true value to your audience, you will need to find a sub-niche that you’re good at, and deliver a value that no one else has previously seen.

Be creative

This problem adds up to the previous one. It’s challenging to be creative on a network that is overflown with a plethora of content. Posting frequently isn’t enough. Even your unique tips aren’t good enough if it’s not packaged properly to meet the demands of your audience. As visual creatures, they are looking for colors and patterns that will grab their attention, and if your presentation is useful and transfers value, it will still not suffice the audience if it’s not creatively made. Aside from content creation, you need to keep up with marketing trends, promoting, and SEO. Make sure that you’re not boring.


While YouTube won’t pay you a penny for 1,000 000 subscriber mark, they are an incredibly important asset in generating new views and improving your existing content strategy. They helped your content get legs and spread across a wide range of other users, as well as people who use different social media networks.

Lastly, they are the biggest view-drivers because they’ll be among the first to check your video out like dislike or share it. They help your videos get views, which are crucial for your online presence. How do you earn new subscribers? Please let us know!


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