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How to Use Quora to Get Traffic to Your Website


If you never considered Quora to drive traffic to your website, we will try to pursuade you to do it. It is easy, efficient and actually fun!

Have you ever considered Quora to drive traffic to your website? In the sea full of social networks, forums, and web pages, it is difficult to choose where to do marketing, and there is just not enough time for everything. We will try to persuade you to add Quora to your list because it is easy, efficient, and actually fun!

This is a worldwide know question-and-answer website, where you can ask, answer, follow, and edit questions. Or, as they say “a place to gain and share knowledge”. It’s fast-growing in popularity (in 2019. it was visited by 300 million unique people per month) and a great Google ranking of their questions and answers made it appealing to online marketers. To be able to drive traffic to your website in a new and kind of likable way attracts attention.

Joining Quora is relatively easy with your Google or Facebook account. You can create a profile with your email and password, also. It will ask you to choose your areas of interest at the beginning, to better filter the stuff you want to read about. If you joined with an existing account, it will upload your profile photo, but you can change it or add one later. You can add some other things to your profile, such as credentials, description of yourself, and your employment, education, and location info.

How Does it Work

Quora Homepage

Quora will suggest to you how to start your activity. It’s tipping to follow some more spaces and topics, to upvote some good questions, to ask a question, to answer some… etc. If you are familiar with Reddit, it will be easier for you, because it uses the same system with upvotes and downvotes. The difference is about not writing posts and comments, but questions and answers.

So, you can ask a question about anything you can imagine. (They have “be nice, be respectful” policy, though.) And you can get an answer from anyone in the world who’ll see your question. You can follow people, also. Maybe the most important part is your feed. It contains news made from the topics you have chosen at the beginning when creating your account.

There is an “answer” tab, which is made of the questions Quora thinks you would be interested in and also answer to some requests you may have. Another user can send you such a request.

You may answer any question you like, you can comment on someone’s answer and suggest an edit, you can upvote the answer if you like it or downvote it if you don’t. Basically, the more active you are, the better will Quora adjust to your interests. It is a fun site if you are using it to entertain yourself, and not just to get upvotes and followers. If you want to use it for marketing, things change a little bit.

How to Drive Traffic to your Website

We focused on driving traffic to your website, but the tips we’ll give you here can work for social media pages or affiliate links also. If you want to find out more about how to become an affiliate, you can read about it here. Quora gives you the chance to reach people who are researching products and businesses, and they are already in the mood to hear different opinions.

This is what the page is about. It’s not about connecting and gaining friends like social media networks. It’s more targeted, so you can easily answer questions by promoting your brand.

Here are some tips on how to do it:

Put Some Time and Effort in your Profile

your Profile

For the start, fill in your basic information. Quora will show the first 50 characters of it (your name and bio) every time you answer the user’s question. Put your brand name somewhere inside this 50 characters, and put your link/s inside your bio.

There are also credentials you can add, which works great to show your area of expertise. if you fill in the “knows about” field (you can find it by going to your profile page), you will be able to show different pieces of knowledge for different answers. For example, if you add social media as your “knows about”, you can show that for social media answers, and so on. This is calledtopic-specific bio.

Choose Topics Wisely

Choose Topics

You can easily search anything you are interested in on Quora, by just typing it in a search tab. It will give you autosuggestions. So, this is a way to understand what are users asking about your type of business. Let’s look at the example:

As you can see, you can follow the topics, but you can also search for interesting users and follow them. You can set email and notifications to update you about it.

Answer Questions

This is kind of obvious, isn’t it? You can’t just throw around your links, nor spam other users. So, you will need to find great questions that suit your brand and write a good answer also. Note: copying content from the internet will get you nowhere because Google will probably rank the original post higher than yours. You will actually need to take time and try hard about what you write in your answers.

First, choose the topic that fits your website. If you want to drive traffic to a specific post, it will be even easier because it may already contain the answer, so you can smoothly recommend the link. Concentrate on threads that have lots of upvotes, which means it has been observed a lot. Also, if you find questions without answers, or with a small number of them, your chances are higher. If you answer first, everyone who looks at it will see your answer (because it’s first on the list). It’ll be viewed a lot and it has better chances to get upvotes.

Create a Space

good idea

Creating a space that will be concentrated just on your business is always a good idea, also as creating topics. You can attract users to find out more about what you do. Click on the “spaces” tab and you will see an option to do it.

Here are Few Examples

You will connect with people who are interested in the same topic as you are, and a bonus is that spaces are promoted very well. Creating one is since recently not in the BETA version anymore, so you’ll finish the initial setup in just two steps. It will look like in the picture below, so you will need to make some more adjustments later.

If you play this smart and circulate the topics about your business, this can be a great place to send traffic to your website. Or wherever you want it, at that point.

In the end, approach writing answers with the same engagement you do for your blog posts or social media posts. Insert photos, be unique, and don’t be too pushy about the stuff you want to promote. Analyze your statistics and see what you can improve, and what is most interesting to your users. I hope this post was a bit helpful.


Written by Alexis Kestler

A female web designer and programmer - Now is a 36-year IT professional with over 15 years of experience living in NorCal. I enjoy keeping my feet wet in the world of technology through reading, working, and researching topics that pique my interest.