Top 10 Best Music Blogs 2023: General,Pop & Rock Music

Music Blogs

Do you want to keep up with the latest music release and news but don’t know which music blog to use? This article is here to help. This article provides you with the top music blogs to keep up with new releases of any music genre.

There has never been a more exciting time to be a music lover since there are so many ways to keep up with the newest albums and happenings in the industry.

However, as is typically the case when presented with a plethora of options, it may be difficult to determine which websites are really worthwhile. We’ve included the finest music blogs, online music magazines, and music discovery sites on this list.

Explore your new favorite music blog in this amazing list of music blogs, whether you like Hip Hop, EDM, Pop, or Indie Rock.

I have tried to make it simpler to locate what you’re searching for by selecting a wide range of blogs, from widely read ones to those covering more specialized publications.

General Music Blogs

1. Pitchfork — Best for any Music Genre

Pitchfork overview

With over three decades under its belt, Pitchfork has established itself as one of the world’s preeminent music publications. With many exclusive mixes, interviews, and reviews, it can serve as the ideal starting point for exploring new music. Pitchfork, however, is more than simply an online magazine; it also organizes annual festivals in cities like Chicago, Paris, and Berlin and holds regular online events.

2. All Music — Best for New Music and Old Classic

All Music overview

A fantastic online music destination that gives equal weight to both new releases and timeless favorites. Here you’ll discover in-depth reviews and interviews spanning rock, classical, electronic, pop music and lots more. The greatest new releases of the month are highlighted in All Music’s monthly Editor’s Choice. You’ll also find some great information on classical music here, which isn’t often easy to locate in “general” music blogs.

3. Consequence (Previous called Consequence of Sound) — Best for Music Daily Reviews and Releases

Consequence overview

The team at Consequence examines new music, concerts, TV series, and podcasts every day. It covers such a wide range of themes that it is a great resource for finding engaging writing on a wide range of issues. If you’re a fan of BTS, you can also check out one of COS’s eight podcasts.

Pop Music Blogs

4. Popjustice — Best Fun Blog for any Pop Music

Popjustice overview

In a nutshell, Popjustice is a great site that covers everything and anything pop-related. They provide information on when the next Rihanna album will be published, as well as news, interviews, new songs on Fridays, and a calendar.

5. The FADER — Best for Music, Style, and Culture

The FADER overview

The FADER delves into fashion and culture in addition to music. This is hardly the kind of magazine where you’ll learn about up-and-coming bands before your peers. However, if you want to stay abreast of the latest in commercial music, you’ve come to the right spot.

Rock Blogs

6. NME — Best for Keeping up with New Indie Music

NME overview

New Musical Express, one of the oldest music publications still in print, now publishes daily articles about new music, radio programs, music awards, and pop culture news. Since its inception in 1952, NME has provided its readers with insightful reviews and early access to unreleased tracks from future albums.

7. Indie Shuffle — Best Song Discovery Blog

Indie Shuffle overview

When compared to other blogs devoted to independent music, Indie Shuffle stands out by not including features like articles and interviews. It’s more like a music discovery blog for indie bands. Indie Shuffle provides a steady stream of fresh releases hand-picked by its editors, with brief annotations on each. You can save songs that you like and subscribe to independent bands if you wish to hear their latest albums.

Trap, Rap, Hip Hop, and R&B Music Blogs

8. UnitedMasters — Best Music Blog for Rappers

UnitedMasters overview

UnitedMasters is much more than just a blog about music. Many companies are eager to work with artists that create new sounds, providing rappers and beatmakers with a chance to expand their fan bases and hone their craft. As an added bonus, UnitedMasters equips producers with the information and opportunity they need to launch their careers via articles and partnerships with entities beyond the music business.

9. This Song is Sick (TSIS) — Best for New Indie Release

This Song is Sick overview

TSIS features brand-new music exclusively from underground bands and solo performers. They just recently implemented a way for musicians to submit their work for review. Since its inception in 2010, This Song is Sick has been a leading figure in the worlds of independent, hip hop, and electronic music. With new content being added every day, TSIS is a must-read for any music fan interested in discovering tomorrow’s big names.

10. Rap-Up — Best Rap and Hip-Hop Blog

Rap-Up overview

Video interviews with industry insiders and in-depth features make Rap-Up an invaluable resource for anybody interested in the rap/hip-hop scene. If you like hip-hop, rap, or R&B, you should visit Rap-Up often since they post many pieces every day.

The Benefits of Music Blogs

1. It Serves as a Platform for New Artists

The discovery of new artists is a major reason why blogs are still relevant. There are others who believe that social media has usurped the formerly dominant position of blogs, but an algorithm can only do so much, and online communities tend to reward those who already have a sizeable fan base or the potential to become popular.

On the other hand, what about the great artist who, instead of producing TikToks, spends all of their time honing their craft? Blogs devoted to music are a great way to spread the word about these musicians and others like them.

Many up-and-coming musicians and performers don’t have official websites, artist profiles, or press kits because they are too tiny. Articles on their blog provide an engaging medium for them to share their tale.

2. Good for Music History Documentation

Blogs about music often chronicle the genre’s history. Blogs can assist lead the emergence of new genres while also offering a time capsule of that genre’s history and progress.

From its inception and gradual rise to prominence, through its subsequent collapse and subsequent revival, a fascinating story unfolds.

The same principle applies to the careers of creative professionals. Blogs are often the first to feature emerging artists, keeping them at the forefront of the scene.

They focus on preferred artists and chronicle their development from their first known releases (singles and flips) to their first studio albums, interviews, and radio play (if any).

View the ascent of your favorite musician in real-time or go into the archives to discover how far they’ve come.

Music blogs are a crucial archive, sustaining the culture and providing a multitude of jewels to be investigated at a time when so much music sounds throwaway and quickly forgotten.

3. It improves SEO and Online Presence for Artists

You don’t want people looking for your name or your current song to come up empty when they do a search. Or even worse, getting Google’s dreaded “Did you mean” prompt.

An artist who ranks well in search results is more likely to create a good impression on listeners, promoters, and record label executives. Searches can also lead to more investigation and comprehension, transforming fleeting admirers into devoted followers.

SEO can also be improved via the use of blog entries, which is very useful for musicians. An artist or record label’s online credibility increases whenever a high-quality blog mentions or links to them on its own or its readers’ social media pages.


Q. Are music blogs still in existence?

Social media and video-streaming websites may have dampened the overall effect, but they haven’t diminished its significance in the slightest. Blogs about music continue to serve an important role in the business, both for musicians and their audiences.

Q. Which music blog is the best?

There are many music blogs to get the latest release. Personally, I love Rap-Up because I am an R&B lover.

Q. Are music blogs good for new artists?

You can let your imagination run wild on a music blog, but it can also serve as a valuable resource for gaining exposure for your musical creations.

Blogs can aid in the development of your personal brand and in establishing you as a key figure in the music business, both of which are necessities in the modern day.

Top Music blogs feed to follow

Alex Ross: The Rest Is Noise


Largehearted Boy


Jimmy Buffett World


Music For Robots


Kenny Chesney World


Kings of A&R




Soundtrack Geek V2



You can see that every site has a distinctive personality and tone and that by visiting them, you will learn more about music and find new musicians you like than if you were to just randomly scroll through your music streaming service’s suggestions.

These blogs give you a chance to learn more about the history and culture of the music you love by delving into the specific practices and methods that have come to characterize a certain genre.

If you are looking to expand your musical horizons into an unfamiliar genre, a good place to start is with a music blog. Many music blogs and websites provide introductions and histories of the genres they cover to help music newcomers understand and appreciate the conversations and reviews.

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