24 Best Instagram Helper Apps to Enhance Your Instagram Activities

A Review of the Top Instagram Helper Apps for Managing and Growing Your Account


Do you know there are so many apps that can enhance your Instagram activities? This article will put you through the best Instagram helper apps.

Instagram helper apps are applications or tools that help to enhance your strategies and activities on Instagram to improve your chances and generally help you gain the right results efficiently. The population on Instagram has become staggering as the social media platform keeps gaining more popularity.

Particularly, the app has proven to be a great avenue for businesses and creatives to thrive. This and coupled with its large audience, have led to stiff competition among users who want to see their ideas and brands gain the right exposure and success.

Thus, running a successful Instagram account purely on your own is a hard thing to do. You need tools that can enhance your activities, strategies and ultimately better your chances on the platform. That is what Instagram helper apps can help you achieve.

Instagram helper apps help you keep pace with your competitors or even gain an edge over them. If you want to stay one step ahead or make your ideas appear unique, you will find Instagram helper apps very welcoming.

These apps are so numerous. They include marketing, management, and content creation tools. Below is a comprehensive list in no particular order of some of the best Instagram helper apps available to Instagram users.

Best Instagram Helper Apps

1. Sprout Social

Sprout Social form Play Store

With Sprout Social, you can organize and carry out your Instagram activities from one provided dashboard. You can schedule your content for publishing on Instagram well before time, and the app will ensure you don’t miss a date.

Sprout Social accommodates other social media platforms, too; therefore, you can simultaneously carry out all your activities on various social media platforms all at once from the same organized space. This will save you time and effort in separately conducting your social media activities on different platforms. That is not all; this tool also helps generate unique content for your Instagram account.

2. Boomerang

Boomerang from Apple Store

Boomerang is an Instagram helper app that can enhance the images you post on Instagram. This tool incorporates a looping effect to any image. If you want your Instagram photo to look alive and attention-grabbing, you will find Boomerang to be very helpful.

3. Snapseed

Snapseed helper apps

Snapseed is one photo editing app that has been well talked about. This app was established by Google and has gone on to occupy an enviable spot in the photo editing world. Also, it is one of the highly-ranked apps on both Google Play Store and App Store.

Snapseed comes with 29 editing features that can do a whole lot to any image. The app allows you to adjust any part of your photo that needs fixing. If you want your Instagram photos to stand out, this Instagram helper app will help you achieve just that.


vsco helper apps

With VSCO, your photos and videos are bound to look unique on Instagram. This video and photo editing app come with 10 unique filters which you can use for free. Aside from these, VSCO  hosts fun weekly contests. The app’s free version allows you access to 10 filters, but if you need more enhanced features and filters from notable sources like Fuji and Kodak, taking a paid subscription is the only way.

5. Buffer

Buffer from Play store

First on our list is the management tool called Buffer. This app can help you schedule your content for posting on Instagram. Scheduling your content for posting on Instagram well in advance is a good thing as it reduces your workload and gives you ample time to be more productive. Aside from that, it ensures that you have a consistent posting regimen that will make you appear more dedicated and professional.

With Buffer, you can schedule your videos and photos for publication. Buffer’s free plan allows you to work on three accounts without difficulty. And if you want more features subscribing to Buffer for Business is not a bad idea. And one good thing is that the app works efficiently on iPhone and Android devices.

6. Aviary’s Photo Editor

Aviarys Photo Editor

If you are looking for one of the best photo editing apps to enhance your Instagram photos and make them look attractive to your target audience, Photo Editor by Aviary is the one I will recommend. I know that there are other great photo editors out there, but the reasons why I choose this one are not far-fetched.

Aviary’s Photo Editor is very easy to use. You can easily incorporate stickers, text, and effects into your photos with as much as a single move. This Instagram helper app is compatible with Windows, iPhone, and Android devices. Aviary’s Photo Editor collection of frames, stickers, effects are numerous and awesome. If you want an unlimited library of enhanced features, you can simply make purchases from them.

7. PicFlow

PicFlow from apple store

If you want to quickly create video slideshows of 15-second lengths, PicFlow is one of the best options for you. The process of creating your video is very easy. All you need to do is pick the images you want to use, pick a suitable soundtrack, and set the time you want each photo to last in the slideshow.

The free version is quite limited as it only allows you to make videos of very short length. However, if you want to remove video length restrictions, watermark, and get more enhanced features, you can upgrade to the paid version. The app works efficiently on iPhone and Android devices.

8. Canva

Canva helper apps


Canva is one of the highly regarded designing applications. You can use it to make quality photos to post on Instagram and other social media platforms. There is a vast array of captivating templates for Instagram stories that you can readily tweak and make your own unique content. And that is not all; the app has made these templates in the right resolution and size to fit on Instagram.

Thus, all you need to worry about is getting your content right and ready for publishing. When we talk about Instagram helper apps being pretty helpful, Canva is up there with the best. The app is downloadable from Apple and Play stores; thus, it is available for iOS and Android devices. If you want more enhanced features, you can sign up for Canva’s Pro version.

9. Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark

Next on my list is Adobe Spark. It is another awesome application for creating and designing photos. Adobe Spark’s impressive design suggestion is a unique feature that makes it stand out among others. Adobe Spark is a good choice if you want your Instagram stories to appear attractive and captivating. The free version is limited; thus, you can subscribe to their paid version if you want more enhanced features.

10. StoriesAds

StoriesAds overview

If you want to produce awesome Instagram Stories ads, StoriesAds is one of the best apps you can use. This web-based tool can also help you create great vertical videos. You will find different templates that are ready for use. All you need to do is make the necessary changes that meet your tastes and preferences. This is very helpful as you won’t need to waste time making an Instagram video from ground zero.

And one good thing is that you don’t need to be a professional before you can use this application as it provides you with suggestions while you try to make your unique video. The free version is only available for a short length of time, and you may be required to make some payment when the duration ends.

11. Display Purposes

Display Purposes overview

Hashtags are very important on Instagram. If you are well versed in how Instagram works, you will understand what I mean. With the proper hashtags, your Instagram posts have the potential of reaching a wider audience. This is one of the things that Display Purposes want to help you achieve.

This Instagram app will help you determine relevant hashtags suitable for your niche and relevant to current happenings on the social media platform. It also ensures that you don’t use hashtags that have been flagged as offensive, prohibited, or suspicious.

All you need to do is insert some hashtags you feel are suitable with your content in a field provided for the purpose, and the app will generate better and efficient hashtags for you. Display Purposes can make great combinations of hashtags for your posts if you want.

12. Focalmark

Focalmark overview

Focalmark is a downloadable application that also acts as a hashtag generator, just like Display Purposes. The only difference is that Focalmark generates hashtags that come from those you have carefully sorted out. The application is available for iPhone and Android devices. This means you can download it from the App Store and Play store.

13. AutoHash

AutoHash from Play Store

AutoHash is an automatic hashtag generator that is efficient at what it does. It uses its digital intelligence to develop the best hashtags for your posts. Unlike the other hashtag generators I have already talked about, AutoHash uses a different approach in generating unique hashtags.

All you need to do is to pick a photo you wish to upload on Instagram, and the hashtag generator will evaluate the entire content of the photo and come up with relevant hashtags. AutoHash also generates hashtags according to location. But to get this, you will need to ensure that your GPS is active.

14. UNUM

UNUM overview

UNUM is another Instagram helper tool that you would love to use. With this Instagram content planner app, you can turn your Instagram gallery into something captivating. UNUM comes with a visual feature that gives you a preview of your gallery when you upload your next batch of images on Instagram.

UNUM has many uses. The app works as a photo and video editor, caption and hashtag generator, and Instagram post scheduler. However, the free plan comes with some limitations. It provides you with only 18 grids for Instagram posts and allows you to upload a maximum of 500 videos and images in a month.

UNUM has a paid version that opens doors to better and enhanced features. You will get access to more grids and uploads by signing up to any of their two monthly plans, which are priced at $2.99 and $6.99. The app works efficiently on both iPhone and Android devices.

15. Later

Later overview

Later is another distinguished Instagram marketing app. This Instagram helper application serves as an effective post planner and scheduler. The app comes with a feature that affords you the chance to visually preview your Instagram content before you publish them

And one good thing is that the app comes with a free plan that allows you to schedule about 30 images monthly. It also provides you with important Instagram analysis and helps create great content. To get more enhanced and limitless features, you will have to subscribe to its paid version.

16. Hootsuite

Hootsuite overview

There are many reasons why Hootsuite is highly respected among social media marketing tools. They are one of the most versatile and well-grounded applications out there. This is evident in the fact that they accommodate more than 35 social media platforms. Hootsuite provides clients with strategies to successfully run their brands and ideas on Instagram and other social media platforms.

And as a management tool, they provide you with a master interface where you can access and organize all your social media activities ranging from scheduling posts to replying to comments directly from there. Thus, they allow you to have one big space to manage all your social media accounts simultaneously.

17. Repost for Instagram

Repost for Instagram overview

As the name implies, Repost for Instagram is an Instagram helper app that allows you to upload Instagram content that has already been published before. It is a very easy tool, and it also allows you to cite the original poster of the content. There is something I feel some people need not overlook.

I have frequently seen it on different social media platforms, and it is not right. If you are not the source of an idea, courtesy demands that you give credit to the original source of the material. And if it is possible, first ask for permission from the owner before using the material.

Therefore before reposting any Instagram content, endeavor to seek the owner’s consent and credit them when you upload the content. Meanwhile, Repost for Instagram works efficiently on iPhone and Android devices.

18. ShortStack

ShortStack overview

Many things have catapulted Instagram into one of the leading social media platforms. One of those is giveaway contests. Hosting giveaway contests can be fun and could potentially add to your popularity on the social platform. One application that can effectively help you to organize user-generated content (UGC) contests is ShortStack.

ShortStack app will help retrieve and arrange the content generated from the contest. Other users enter such contests on Instagram, and it requires them to upload relevant videos or images incorporating your hashtag. It is a good way to help your business or ideas gain more relevance.

The application has a free plan that allows you to organize contests and receive about 100 submissions from participants. But if you want enhanced features and be able to receive more contests submissions, they have a paid plan that you can subscribe to.

19. Gleam

Gleam overview

Gleam is another Instagram contest hosting app. However, they have a different strategy as compared to others. The app comes with an Instagram widget. If you run a website, you can incorporate the widget and redirect visitors to your Instagram account. Once you tell people to follow you on Instagram or view a post as a way of entering into a contest, the widget will simply serve as a direct link.

Gleam’s free plan gives you access to a limitless number of contests and contests submissions. It also allows you to pick a maximum of 10 winners. However, the upgraded version, which has two paid plans, comes with enhanced features that you will find pretty useful. These plans are the Pro and Business, which go for monthly fees of $39 and $149, respectively.

20. Feed Them Social

Feed Them Social overview

Feed Them Social is a tool that helps you to place your Instagram feed on your website so that your visitors can easily go through your Instagram account and possibly engage with your posts. This is a kind of publicity strategy.

Feed Them Social exists as a WordPress plugin that makes it easy to include on your website. Feed Them Social is pretty easy to use; it requires only a short time to get it up and running on your website. The plugin has a good customer support system.

21. Instagram Insights

Instagram Insights form Play Store

You can only use Instagram Insights if you have an Instagram Business account. This Instagram feature is an analytical tool that helps to evaluate your Instagram photos, videos, and other uploaded content. It also gives information about the habits of your followers, including when they often appear on the platform.

The feature will provide you with useful data to help you develop better strategies concerning the scheduling of content for posting, creating great content, and keeping pace with your competitors. The only downside is that you need to be operating an Instagram Business account before you can access this feature.

22. Squarelovin

Squarelovin overview

You don’t need to worry if you can’t access Instagram Insights because you don’t have an Instagram Business account. Squarelovin is another analytics app that can work as efficiently as Instagram Insights.

With Squarelovin’s analytics feature, you can easily access statistics concerning your engagement and general progress on the social platform. You will be provided with data depicting your posting habits and get fresh suggestions for uploading your content.

23. Prequel

Prequel from Play Store

Another photo and video editing tool worth mentioning is Prequel. Some of the features that endear Prequel to many are its vibrant filters and effects. Features like the Aerochrome filters and palm shadow effects are very awesome when you use them to tweak your videos and photos. If you want a photo and video editing tool that will keep you in touch with the current trends on Instagram, I suggest you rely on Prequel.

24. Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe Premiere Rush from Play Store

Adobe Premiere Rush is a video creation tool that can change your Instagram visual content into desirable pieces. If you want to create quality videos, Adobe Premiere Rush will help you with that. You can mash-up different videos and upload short clips directly on Instagram. The app comes with great features and varieties of templates to make the video creation process easier.


1. Are Instagram helper apps safe?

Instagram helper apps are pretty safe for use. But that does not mean you should not be on your guard when using any of such applications. Ensure you research well and have tangible info on how an app operates before using it.

2. Are Instagram helper apps free for use?

Yes, most of these Instagram helper apps have free versions. However, these free versions have limited features. But if you want access to more features from these apps, you will have to subscribe to their paid versions.


Listed above are some of the best Instagram helper apps. You need these apps to help you in various aspects of your social media life. In truth, you cannot successfully grow a social media presence without using any of these applications.

These apps are numerous and diverse in usefulness. Activities that you can accomplish with these tools include content scheduling for posting on Instagram, hashtag generation, content creation, and more. These apps mostly have free versions, but if you want to enjoy more enhanced features from these apps, you will have to upgrade to their paid versions.


Written by Alexis Kestler

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